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The Lily Potter Problem by AHeat
Chapter 15 : When Scorpius Wins, But Doesnít Know it
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Chapter 15: When Scorpius Wins, But Doesn’t Know it

When she woke up the next morning, the first thing Lily thought of was Scorpius.  She lay in bed for several minutes, thinking about how the whole plan to make him jealous had been so silly—she had been hiding from her true feelings for him.  They had been dancing around each other for the past year, and it was time for that to change: today was the day she would tell him how she really felt.

No one else in her room was up yet, so she got up and started getting ready for the day.  It was always nice to wake up before everyone else; it gave her the chance to use the bathroom without anyone else bugging her about taking too long.  After taking a lengthy shower and getting dressed, she pulled her hair into a messy ponytail (she didn’t ever do anything complicated with her hair).

 By this point, the others had started to wake up and start their daily routines.  June walked over to Lily and gave her a hug.

“I hope you’re feeling better today,” she said cheerfully.

“I am. Actually, I was wondering if I could borrow some makeup?” asked Lily.  June looked at her with surprise.

“What for? You never use make-up… who are you and what have you done with Lily Potter?” she asked suspiciously.  Lily laughed—it was nice to be talking this way with June again.

She lowered her voice and said, “I have decided once and for all that your prediction of last year should finally come true. I’m going to talk to Scorpius today.” June smiled at her; so that’s why she wanted makeup.

“Okay, but I am not letting you do your face by yourself. That could only end in disaster,” she laughed.  With that, she pulled out a bunch of jars and tubes and pencils that made Lily start to regret asking for June’s help.

“Erm, I don’t want to go crazy with it,” she said skeptically, “I think he’d notice if I went from not ever wearing makeup to all of a sudden wearing tons of it.”

“Don’t worry.  If done right, it shouldn’t even look like you have any on,” explained June, “of course, your naturally amazing complexion makes the use of foundation unnecessary, but I’m planning on doing your eyes and lips. Keep it simple.”

After ten minutes, Lily looked in the mirror and was impressed with what she saw.  She noticed a difference, but it wasn’t completely obvious that she was wearing makeup.

After getting dressed (this was the easy part, because it’s sort of hard to get creative with a school uniform of black robes…), the girls left for breakfast arm-in-arm.  Lily was disappointed to find that Scorpius was not sitting at the table, but she wasn’t planning on talking to him until that evening, anyways.

All day throughout her classes, Lily was rehearsing in her head exactly what she was going to say.  As the day went by, she became more and more anxious.  What if he didn’t feel the same?

“That’s ridiculous,” said June every time Lily expressed her worries, “of course he feels the same.  He got so jealous of you and Will, right? And he came to your rescue… it’s honestly just a matter of time before you two end up together.”

By the time dinner rolled around, Lily was a bundle of nerves.  She hardly ate any of her stew, and kept searching the table for Scorpius.  Where had he been all day?  Was he ignoring her?  She had so many questions and worries running through her mind.

When she got back to the common room, she saw him sitting with a group of his friends.  After an encouraging look from June, Lily started walking over to the group.  She stopped short when she got a closer look.

Scorpius was sitting with his arm around Alyssa Smith. She was giggling like a schoolgirl and kept looking up at him, obviously love struck.  Lily’s eyes widened and she stood still with shock.  June came over to see what had stopped her, took one look at the new couple, and swore under her breath.

“You have got to be kidding me,” she muttered, “this is becoming ridiculous.  Like something you only see on bad television.”

Lily, without addressing her friend’s comments, turned and walked out the door, headed for the library where hopefully she would not have to see anyone.  When she was out in the corridor, she heard someone catching up to her from behind. Expecting it to be June, she only hurried faster, hoping her friend would catch the hint.  Instead, a strong hand gently grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. It was Scorpius.

“Lily, hey,” he said breathlessly, “are you okay?  You looked kind of upset just now in the common room.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m fine,” she said, trying with all her might to keep her voice steady.

“Okay, just wanted to be sure.”

“Yup. So, you and Alyssa…” she trailed off.  He blushed and looked away, avoiding her gaze.

“Yeah, we actually just started dating last night. I guess we’re not exactly dating yet, but she asked me to the next Hogsmeade weekend, so…”

“Good for you guys,” said Lily dejectedly.  She was beat; and she was only a day late…

“Uh, thanks,” he said, and then their eyes finally met.  There was so much between them, so much emotion, so much that needed to be said...

“Lily, I—” he started, but she cut him off.

“No, Scorpius, it’s fine,” she said, then turned and continued walking towards the library.  This time, he did not follow.  Once she knew he could not hear or see her, she allowed tears to finally fill her eyes.  She did not go to the library, but instead found a secret corridor hidden by a tapestry.  She needed to be where no one could find her, where no one could see her cry.

Ever since the party after the Slytherin win over Gryffindor last year, her life had just been one heartbreak after another. Most of it had to do with Scorpius. She wanted to forget about him, forget about the way she made her feel.  He was sweet, kind, protective, and he was an amazing Quidditch player. But was he really worth all the drama?

About twenty minutes later, she caught her breath and emerged from the tapestry. Just as she did, however, the Gryffindor Quidditch team (minus Will) was passing by on their way back from practice. Upon seeing his sister with puffy eyes and a distressed look on her face, Albus dropped his broom and rushed over to embrace her.

“What’s wrong?” asked Hugo.  Lily looked around at the team, most of which still consisted of her family members.

“It’s nothing, I promise. Someone I liked just started dating someone new, that’s all,” she explained.  She really didn’t feel like mentioning that the guy she was referring to was Scorpius—that could only end badly for everyone.

“Should I bother asking who?” asked Roxanne. Lily shook her head and looked up at her brother.  The two gave each other meaningful looks and ended the hug.  They always had a way of communicating without talking.

“Lily, I know that your not being in our house has made some aspects difficult, but I hope you know that we’re all still here to talk, no matter what,” added Roxanne.  Lily looked around at her family members; they all had similar looks of concern.  She suddenly felt very warm and supported.

A memory surfaced to the front of her mind: the day she left for Hogwarts for the first time.  Her Father had told her not to push people away, to let them help her.  It had finally dawned on her what he meant.  He did not just mean let others help her with her homework and physical stuff like that, he meant to let people help her emotionally.

All year she had been pushing people away. She pushed Scorpius away when he told her how he felt that one night on her way back from the library.  When she didn’t like what June was telling her about Will, she cut her out of her life entirely.  She had hardly talked to her family all year.

“I’m sorry, you guys,” she said to them (the rest of the team that was not related to her had left for their common room), “I’ve been acting really weird this year.  I didn’t mean to ignore you.”

“It’s okay.  We just figured you were going through the typical Potter fifth year angst,” joked Hugo.  This made Lily smile; she had heard many times about her Father’s foul disposition and emotional unease during his own OWL year.

“We thought it was a little weird that you started going out with Will Davies without talking to us first, though,” added Albus, “he is our teammate, you know.”

“Yeah, that was to make the guy I like jealous,” said Lily.  She figured they had the right to know, and she was done keeping them out of the loop.  They looked at her with surprise on their faces.

“Wow, Lils, that doesn’t sound like you,” said Roxanne.

“It wasn’t my brightest moment,” Lily admitted.  “Where is Will, anyways?” she asked.

“I don’t know, he took off in another direction when we got into the school,” said Albus.

“Well, so long as I don’t have to see him,” Lily said, then shuddered with disgust.  She said goodbye to her family and then left for the dungeons.  At this point, it was getting late and she was sleepy from the evening’s events.

Walking down the stairs to the dungeons, Lily heard someone walking in front of her.  Upon closer examination, it was Alyssa Smith, the girl who Scorpius had just started dating.

“Hey Alyssa,” she said as kindly as she could.  Alyssa jumped and turned to glare at Lily.

“You scared me, Potter!” she scowled.  Lily raised her eyebrows and took a closer look at the older girl’s appearance; her hair was mussed, her makeup was smudged, her clothes were slightly disheveled… it was clear she had just been snogging.

Lily was about to say the password to get into the common room when the wall suddenly appeared.  She was slightly surprised, but even more so when Scorpius walked out—she had figured Alyssa had been on her way back from kissing him.

“Oh, hey Lily!” he said cheerfully.  Then he noticed Alyssa behind her. “I was just coming out to look for you! Where have you been?  You just said you were going to go get us some pumpkin juice from the kitchens,” he said.

“Yeah, I, er, ran into a friend,” replied Alyssa awkwardly.  Lily gaped at Scorpius.  Had he seriously not noticed that his new girlfriend had clearly just been snogging someone who obviously was not him?

“Okay, well no use hanging out here in the corridor.  Come in, it’s late, we should all probably go to bed,” he said.  The three walked inside, and when they split off to go to their prospective dorms, Scorpius gave Alyssa a kiss goodnight.  Lily hurried away from the new couple, not eager to see the boy she loved in the arms of some other girl.

Something made her look over her shoulder, however, and the look on Scorpius’ face was one of suspicion after their kiss.  When he caught Lily’s eye, however, his face brightened and he gave her a warm smile.  She gave him a sad one in return.

It looked like he would never know her true feelings for him.

A/N:  Don’t worry, they’re so close to getting together! Only two more chapters left! Keep reading, we’re almost done!

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