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Writings of Nelissa Finnigan - Crime Correspondent by hplover987
Chapter 3 : Three
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Being here really freaks me out now. The flat is practically empty. All of Josie’s stuff is gone and it just feels really lonely. Her dad is clearing everything out because apparently you can get a lot of money for a cream sofa (even if it is stained with nail varnish and orange with vodka). Her dad is also extremely tight despite all the money he has.


I got all my stuff together. It took an hour just to decide what to wear. What do you wear when being forced to shadow your ex? What if all he does is flirt with me, I can’t put that in the paper. In the end I decided on a pencil skirt, frilly blouse, blazer with red lips and curled hair (very Rita Skeeter, I know). I’m also wearing my fab running heels which are only four inches high.

I braced myself to floo. I have to gear myself up for it because I don’t like the taste of soot, and I’ve also always been secretly afraid I’ll pass a fireplace and see a couple having sex in front of the roaring fire. I threw a handful of soot in the flames and got inside. I ordered it to take me to the Ministry and closed my eyes.






I managed to bash my elbow twice and literally fall out into the Ministry. Not a good move in morning rush hour. There are people everywhere and they’re all talking because they have things in common. And I don’t know anyone. I don’t even know where I’m going, there are too many people and no signs or tour guides.






“Nel!” a voice called but I don’t know where from. I’m lost and confused and slightly claustrophobic. I think I have concussion.






“Who said that?!” I called.






“Nelissa!” they shouted again. Why did I turn down Dad’s offer of being shown around?












“Hi,” Greg said and pulled on my arm. I jumped when I saw him, he nearly killed me. “Are you okay?” he asked cautiously.






“No, I’m lost,” I huffed. I feel like crying.






“I’ll show you the way. You have to walk past my desk to get to Chang anyway,” Greg said.






“Thank you, you’re great,” I sighed.






“Anyway, how’s James? You’re moving in together, aren’t you?”






“Yeah, I wasn’t going to. But he begged me,” I said casually.












“Of course,” I laughed. I hope he doesn’t speak to James.






“How’s Vienna?” I asked as we got into a lift.






Vienna is Greg’s little baby girl that is really cute and lovely but unfortunately has the same hair and eyes as her mother, Cassy Thomas. Have I mentioned my dislike of Cassy Thomas? She’s a cow who tried to force Greg to marry her by getting pregnant.






“She’s beautiful, Nel. We were supposed to be having her over this weekend but Cassy cancelled,”






“Whore,” I muttered under my breath.












“Shame,” I shrugged.






“This way,” Greg said and urged me to the auror department. He gestured for me to go forwards and I looked at his hands. I quite like his tattoo’s, they kind of turn me on. Maybe I should talk to James about getting one. Just a small one. Knowing him though he’d probably get a snitch or a quaffle, or something as equally unsexy. “I’ll see you later,” Greg said and I waved bye. I knocked on Harry’s office (Mr Potter’s office? I don’t know) and walked in. He looked up and smiled. Don’t think of the tattoo’s. Don’t think of the tattoo’s.






“Good morning. I hope you’re well?” he asked.






“I’m fine, thank you,” I smiled.






“I’ll sign you in,” Harry told me.






“Great, thanks,” I said. I walked out and tried to do my confident sexy walking to my desk. Han was watching me and I looked down at him. This walk takes a lot of effort and concentration, meaning that I walked past my desk and to the next one. The auror there looked up at me crossly. Oh dear. I turned around and did the old I must have dropped something then hurried over to my desk. I dropped my bag down and turned away from Han.






“Nelissa,” he said smoothly.






“I’m not going kiss you,” I said flatly.






“Okay, that’s fine. But I was actually just greeting you, love,”












“But if we’re talking about that then why not? I’m perfectly desirable,”






“I have a boyfriend,”






“So you said,”






“And I love him,”






“You probably said that as well,” he reasoned.






“And I meant it,” I crossed my arms firmly. You were always a rubbish kisser, Han!






“I think you have an owl,” he commented and pointed to a eagle owl flying towards my desk. It dropped its letter and started again out of the office. I opened the seal and James’s perfect curvy script on parchment.









Hope you’re enjoying your new brief.



I’ve had my last meeting cancelled. I’ll meet you at you office at 5.30 pm and we can start moving things together into mine.



I love you,









He never puts a kiss at the end. He says he hasn’t got time for kisses. Well I’ll remind him that when he’s drunk.






“What’s that?” Han asked.






“A letter from my boyfriend, James. Do you know James Potter personally?” oh, I’m good.






“No, I don’t,”






“We’re moving in together. He asked me of course,”






“I’m sure he did,” Han said. I don’t know if he’s sad or sarcastic.






“He’s meeting me here tonight after work,”






“I can’t wait to meet him,”






“Good,” I replied quickly. I turned around and got up because I couldn’t think of anything clever to say. There was a wanted board behind us and I started looking through. There was a picture of an Asian man and I tapped Han on the shoulder. “Have you caught him yet?” I asked.






“No,” he shook his head. I pointed to a picture of a white woman.






“This one?”












“What about this one?” I enquired and pointed to a picture of a mixed raced man.






“No,” he snapped.






“You’re a pretty rubbish auror department, aren’t you,” I stated.






“It’s not that simple, Nel,”






“It was in Scooby-Doo,” I smirked.






“Is that a spell?” stupid wizards not being interested in Muggle culture. Josie and I both got our Outstandings in Muggle studies!






“Chang!” someone called and he looked up. There was a beefy auror speed walking towards us. Aren’t you meant to be in good shape in this department?






“Yeah?!” Han called.






“Out now! Harrison Vickers has been sighed at an abandoned factory. Here are ther co-ordinates,” the man said and handed him some parchment. Han and three other aurors got up together and started down the aisle. They must be a gang. I wish we had a gang at the Prophet.






“Who’s Vickers?” I asked and started to hurry after them.  






“Wanted uncaught person number three,” he explained.






“Who are you?” one of the gang asked.






“Nelissa. I’m shadowing Han,” I said and they smiled.






“Okay,” one of them said. They stopped out of department and Han held his arm out for me. I took it and he pulled me into side long apparation.






When we reappeared the gang and I were outside an abandoned factory, which is ridiculous in itself. If you’re going to hang out in abandoned factories you’re bound to get captured. You never hear of a wanted wizard being caught during the weekly shop. Obviously they do the weekly shop, even murders need to eat.






“Stay out of the way,” Han warned. Well thanks.






“There he is,” one of the gang said. A mad looking mixed raced wizard was running into the factory. He fired a spell and the gang started to chase after him. I followed with difficulty. So much for running heels.






Halfway down the factory I had to stop for a rest. I spotted a cardboard box and sat down. God, this is hard work. I looked up and saw someone jog past me. He looks as exhausted as me.






But he isn’t one of the gang.









I got up to run after him. But after I stood up I heard a snap. Shit. My heel. These things were bloody expensive as well. I collapsed onto the floor and lay in horror. The gang ran past me and fired spells. I heard the man drop and looked up to see him being bound.  






“We’ve got him!” Han called.






“What are you doing on the floor?” one of the gang asked.






“I fell,” I said and he helped me up. I started to limp due to my heel and he looked concerned.






“Have you twisted your ankle?”






“No, but she’s wounded her pride,” Han smirked. “You were always too concerned about fashion,” he mocked.






“Well,” I said crossly. “that’s why my current boyfriend loves me,”






“Each to their own,” he shrugged.






You prick, Han Chang. 












I’m pissed off. I’ve written my article and owled it to the Prophet. But this place is nearly empty and Han is still here. It’s also half past six. I’ll actually kill him when he shows up.






“What time is he going to arrive?” Han smirked. I’m not even sure he has any work to do, he just wants to mock me. I walked to sit on my desk and sighed tiredly. If he doesn’t come in ten minutes I’m going to leave.






Then James hurried down an aisle. He stopped in front of me and tucked his fingers into his suit pockets. “I am so so sorry, Nel. Big drama at the Club, fight between Poland’s manager and the head of accounts,” he said guiltily. I’m actually really annoyed but Han can’t know that. I need to be a power girlfriend.






“It’s okay, James. I know how hard you work . . . being England’s Manager,” I said sexily.






“Are you okay?” James asked. Oh no, he looks confused.






“I'm fantastic,” I said lustfully. Then I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him hungrily. James was shocked but put his hands at my hips. I leant back onto the desk and pulled him with me. I started to plant kisses on his jaw and neck and heard him moan softly. I let him up for air and grinned. “I’ve just missed you so much!” I explained. James looked around looking ruffled and smirked. “Come on, James,” I urged and pulled him along. We got to the doorway of the department and I looked back at Han. “See you later, Han! We’re moving in together!” I called and grabbed James’s suit jacket again, snogging him roughly.






“Wow,” James muttered and he looked down. “Nel?”






“Yes?” I asked breathlessly.






“Why are you limping?”






“I lost my heel,” I said as if it were obvious, which lets be honest it was.

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