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Trouble by Zyii
Chapter 4 : Curiosity and Annoyance
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Curiosity and Annoyance

Narcissa sat in the blue sitting room, sipping tea and reading the morning post. She knew how lucky she was to have come out of the war relatively unscathed. She had a brain of her own and unlike a lot of Pureblood wives had used it to help her family. She accepted that she had been stupid in her beliefs and she was now paying for her sins.

Most of the morning post was boring and unimportant but she brightened almost immediately after seeing she’d received a letter from Draco.

Dearest Mother,

I know it has been but a week and a half since I saw you but you know how much I miss you. I am happier at Hogwarts this year than I’ve ever been Thank you for persuading me to return. Surprisingly I’ve become part of a Slytherin/meets other houses group. When I say other houses I really mean Gryffindor and Ravenclaw and when I say group I mean girls, they’re; Hermione Granger, Lavender Brown and Luna Lovegood. You are as surprised as I am.

I still find it unbelievable that Hermione has forgiven us for all our wrong doings against her. It truly shows her to be the better person. We are taking the same classes and I am taking extra care to know her properly.

Could you please look into Professor Patrick Shepard’s background? I know you are in need of a project, I might be wrong but there is certainly something fishy about him.

Say hi to her for me; let me know of her improvements.

Love always,


Your son.

Narcissa smiled at her son’s letter, it seemed he was building new bridges despite all their previous deeds.

‘Mistress’ squeaked an elderly elf.

‘Yes Parsnip?’ said Narcissa smiling gently. ‘The young Miss is awake and asking for you’.


‘Very well’ she said and got up gracefully to leave.


Draco P.O.V.

Draco sat alone in his room, stretched out on his bed, hands behind his head as he thought of events and past memories. Hermione’s question earlier had surprised him although he shouldn’t have been surprised – Gryffindor curiosity and all that. Draco should have been more aware that some people would question his change of beliefs rather than just take it at face value.

However with Hermione, Draco was worried about her reaction. It wasn’t often that Draco was concerned what others thought of him. His Pureblood status had taught him that but Hermione blew all his lesson away. It was totally cliché, he knew that. He could have picked any girl, but his mind had settled on the one girl that had always been forbidden. That was the way of growing up when someone told you something was off limits – you immediately wanted it.

There was a knock at his door disturbing his thoughts, ‘Come in’ he said.

‘Oh Hello’ said Hermione unsure at Draco’s state.

He sighed, straightened his shirt and sat up on the bed, ‘I don’t bite Granger’.

‘Of course not’ she said, ‘I wondered if you wanted to continue our earlier conversation’.

Draco gave her a look that clearly stated he didn’t want to talk about it, but he sighed and said, ‘Curiosity killed the cat’.

‘Satisfaction bought him back’ countered Hermione.

‘Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to pry?’

‘I don’t believe in secrets’.

‘And I don’t have to tell you mine’ said Draco.

Hermione took a step back.

‘I think you mean well Granger but you’re insistence to know everything is infuriating’ growled Draco calmly.

‘I’m sorry’ murmured Hermione quietly.

‘I know’ Draco sighed, ‘I’m just not ready to talk about it just yet’.

‘And when you are?’ she asked.

‘You’ll be the first to know’ replied Draco.

‘I am sorry, sometimes I get carried away’ she mumbled.

‘I get it Granger, don’t worry about it’.

At that point a regal looking owl flew through the window and waited patiently to be acknowledged. Draco looked at the owl and then Hermione.

‘I should go’ said Hermione leaving.

Draco sighed before unburdening the owl from its parcel and watching as it flew away.


I looked into the Professor as you asked, nothing seems out of the ordinary but looks can be deceiving. From what I can assess Professor Shepard had an ordinary life growing up in Melbourne, Australia. He excelled in Transfiguration and went on to become a Master in that subject and Potions, Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts. He left school with top marks and immigrated to England. That’s where the trail stops but I’ll keep an eye out.

Perhaps it would be prudent to let McGonagall know of his wavering teaching plan – she may already know but it’s better to play it safe.

With love,

Your Mother.

The letter from Draco’s Mother left a lot to be desired unless you were a Slytherin and knew how to read between the lines. So now Draco knew there was something dodgy going on with the Professor – though it wasn’t enough for any sound claims, it was enough for him to keep his guard up tenfold while near the Professor.

According to Luna – Professor McGonagall had been informed of Professor Shepard’s wandering teaching styles but called it ‘a good demonstration of keeping all skills active’ and recommended the challenges to be set to every year. Personally Draco thought McGonagall had seen too many winters and was off her rocker…but the fact remained, the tasks stayed.

During his early school days Draco had been very good at distracting himself…now not so much. Having read his Mother’s letter Draco could do nothing more in regards to Professor Shepard, Draco’s mind wondered to other things he’d rather not think of.

By other things he meant Hermione Granger. She’d been a bane in his life for seven years now, bested him in every subject, stood for everything he believed he hated, and then become incredibly sexy overnight and he had to remind himself constantly that she was a Gryffindor and therefore forbidden. Oh and he wasn’t even going to start on the actions of Hermione and himself during the war – that was just far too traumatic to think of.

‘There you are mate!’ said Blaise as he sauntered into the room.

‘What do you mean? I’ve been here for ages’ said Draco moodily.

‘What’s got your want in a knot?’


‘Always knew you had a thing for her’ Blaise grinned.

‘Shut your face I didn’t mean it like that’ said Draco, though he was blushing.

‘Sure’ said Blaise, ‘What did you mean then?’

‘She wants to know what changed my opinions during the war’. ‘You haven’t told her?’

‘It’s not exactly something you shout from the rooftop’ replied Draco.

‘How is she?’

‘Better than expected, clings to Dotty like he’s a lifeline, though I rather think he enjoys being so important’.

‘Is she talking yet?’

‘Only to Dotty as far as I know, the main concern is making sure she’s comfortable’ said Draco.

‘That’s understandable, keep me posted yeah’.

‘Keep him posted on what?’ asked Hermione coming into Draco’s room as well.

‘Urgh!’ exclaimed Draco, ‘Nothing’.

‘Well it was obviously something’ said Hermione stubbornly.

Draco took it all back, Granger might be hot as hell but she was still an infuriating know-it-all.

‘Yeah it’s also none of your business! Now seeing as people seem to ignore the ‘do not disturb’ sign on my door, I’ll leave MY room and go elsewhere’ he said making a dramatic exit from the room.

‘What did I do?’ asked Hermione innocently.

‘Please Granger, you’re falling no one with that innocence act’ said Blaise.

‘Fine!’ grouched Hermione, ‘but I just want to know what’s going on’.

 ‘No one’s ever withheld information from you have they’ said an amused Blaise.


‘Well, no but that’s not the point’.

‘That’s exactly the point, Granger. Enjoy not knowing everything I’m off’ said Blaise with a wave, leaving Hermione alone and embarrassed in Draco’s very green bedroom!!


P.O.V. Change – Ronald Weasley

ON the other side of the castle away from hidden emotions, secrets and concerns stood a tall, gangly red haired man. He wouldn’t call himself a boy anymore, he’d come of age, fought a war and got the girl…no wait…he was still working on the girl.

For all the reasons his small head could think of, Hermione belonged by his side, popping out kids left right and centre while he got an outstanding job that paid a lot of money and made him famous. Of course Ron didn’t realise that his view were totally selfish and outdated. It was the way he was raised and the path that his Dear Mother had taken in life.

The astronomy tower was so high up that it was completely secluded and other than a really good make-out spot (not that Ron would know…) it was also a great place to ‘think’ in. That’s what Ron was doing, ‘thinking’. He’d sent Hermione a present that he felt he was a genius for thinking of and he was not to be disappointed. He’d sent a box of chocolate injected with a small amount of lust potion – there was no doubt in his mind that Hermione would ever realise what he had done.

A small fluffy black owl sailed through the window dropping a parcel and letter into Ron’s lap. He knew that writing anywhere. He eagerly unwrapped the parcel containing chocolates and stuffed them into his mouth before opening and reading the letter.

Dearest Ronald,

I’m so happy you feel the same way that I do. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. I can’t wait to touch you, come find me Ronald; I can’t wait to feel your lips on mine.

Oh Hermione! Thought Ron overjoyed before the letter morphed into a howler and shouted in Hermione’s angry voice;

‘Ronald Weasley you absolute arse, did you think I wouldn’t notice that you’d doused those chocolates with a lust potion?!? Of all the despicable things to do, well I hope you enjoy your green hair and pus boiled face – it’ll be around for a while!!!’

‘Oh bugger’ thought Ron as he cautiously reached up to touch his face…

AN: Sorry this chapter has been a long time coming, have had too much on my plate, now that all the stress has gone, I should be updating regularly again ~Zyii

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