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Unwritten Rules of the Universe by lilylunalover
Chapter 4 : Rule #4
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 Rule #4 Rose and Scorpius belong together, even if they don't see it... yet.

I hate History of Magic.

It's so boring, as well as annoying.  Professor Binns still hasn't left, and I already know everything about most of what we learn.  It was bedtime stories to us!  We were the children of the War heroes!  I am the Chosen One's daughter!

I'm getting an O.

So, today, the day after I had told those who were to know about the thing, I just needed to think.  So for once, I was happy about History.  I could zone out and no one would judge me.  Everyone else did it too.

I was just thinking about everything.

-Lily, you need to get a Healer.  And tell your parents.  And your family.  Rose, at least.


-But, Lily, they're going to find out anyway.  You aren't getting rid of it, which means you are going to grow.

-I don't care.

-Lily!  You have to tell.

-They can firgure it out for themselves!

I then shut off the reasonable part in my brain.  I decided to think about Rose and Scorpius.

Rose and Scorpius have been best friends, along with Al, ever since that day when Rosie's dad told her to beat Scorp in every subject.  And to pretty much hate him.  Rosie, being Rosie, got on the train, went up to him, and said in a loud, cheerful voice,  "Hi!  I'm Rose Weasley.  You're Scorpius Malfoy, right?  My dad doesn't seem to like you or your family.  He said not to get too friendly... Wanna be best friends?"  And Scorp, being Scorp, replied,  "Sure!  My dad said the same thing.  This is gonna be great!"  After the Golden Trio were all Sorted into Gryffindor, Al sat next to Rosie, was introduced to Scorp, and Alscorose, or the Golden Trio Two was created.  They are all really smart, get perfect grades, and are worse pranksters than the Twins (James and Freddie), and that's saying something.  The only thing: no adults realize that.  It was really funny, because they had never been caught.  They were considered the Mystery Twins (after the Twins).  Al was almost a Gryffindor Prefect, but Scorp got it it instead.  Rosie was the other one.

Everyone realized that the two were destined to be together after their first class.  I never got a straight story, but apperantly they did something that made them seem like soul mates.  Even more so, I managed to dig out that Rosie's patronus is a lioness while Scorp's is a lion.  They are literally soul mates, like my grandparents.

Last summer, after years of them flirting and ogling each other, the Peasleys put their foot down and called an All-Family Meeting (plus a few choice friends) minus Rosie and Scorp.  After days of arguing, shouting, hexing, and one trip to St. Mungo's (long story) we came up with Operation ScoRose.  It was relatively easy:

1.  Make them study partners (done)

2.  Shove them in a broom closet until they have snogged (or more, we're not picky)

And after months of planning, today we would get to complete Step 2.  I was to lead Rosie, and Al would lead Scorp.

I glanced up at the clock, planning ahead.  2 more minutes in class.  Then I would be done with lessons for the day and be able to kidnap Rosie.  This was going to be perfect.

The bell rang.

Al's POV

The bell rang.

Perfect, I thought.  Scorp, sitting next to me in DADA, started to get up.  "Hey, Scorp, I wanna show you something.  Wait for me a minute, okay?"

"Sure, no problem."

After getting my stuff together, I led him out of the classroom.  I put a blindfold on him ("it's a surprise") and led him to the designated broom closet.  I shoved him uncerimoniously inside and said, "One minute, I need to grab something.  Stay here."  I then closed the door and locked it.

A minute later, Rosie and Lils came into sight.  They were chatting eagerly about something, smiling and laughing.  Lils led Rosie to the broom closet, and said, "So here it is, Rosie.  Could you grab it for me?  I'm so sorry, I can't stand broom closets.  Too many people shag in them.  It's disgusting."  Rosie laughed and nodded.  I unlocked the closet and she stood in the doorway, confused.

"Scorpius?  What are you doing here?"

At that moment, Lils gave her a huge shove and she fell into Scorp's arms.  The door slammed, and then I locked it.  Lils and I high-fived.

"Awesome!  We did it!  Now we just have to wait."

For a while, they banged and pleaded from the inside of the closet, begging to be let out.  We ignored it.

After a few minutes, people began to join us, asking if we had done it.  When we said yes, they were excited as well.

One of the last people to show up was Alice "Allie" Longbottom, Lily's best friend.  She came running, exclaiming,  "I'm so sorry I'm late!  McLaggen pegged me with ink-splattered pieces of parchment and I had to wash it out!"  She smiled at me, and my breath caught.

For the longest time, Allie was like a little sister to me, much like Lils.  But last summer, I began to notice her change.  She grew up, her acne cleared quite a bit, she wore a little make-up and she now had curves.  I began to feel strangely around her, and before long I realized I fancied her.  She had no idea.

Lily gave me a funny look, and I shook it off.  I smiled back at Allie.

Just then, James shushed everyone.  "Do you hear that?"

I listened.  "I don't hear anything."

James grinned.  "Exactly.  Who isn't banging on the door anymore?"

A silent cheer went up all around, and I tip-toed forward.  I sneakily unlocked the door, and then threw it open.

"Aha!  You two - aaaagggghhhh! That's disgusting!"

Rosie and Scorp were snogging very, very enthusiastically.  She was practically on top of him, and he was running his hands all over her.  At the sound of my voice, they broke apart, red-faced.

Scorpius looked at the masses of Peasleys (including Honorary's) and smiled weakly.  "Hi, guys..."

Rose just squeaked.

For a moment, we all stared at each other.

Then, a giant cheer went up and I ran forward to hug my mates.  "Congrats!  Took you long enough!"

They were escorted like royalty up to the common room.

Operation ScoRose had officially worked.

Well, that went well, didn't it?

Yay!  ScoRose worked!  And now you know... Al and Allie might be having a little drama later :) Be excited!

Reviews!  I love 'em!  Please please pretty please with a cherry on top!

Disclaimer:  Nothing.  Nada.  Zero.  Zilch.  Sorry.  None is mine.  Thank our Queen.

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Unwritten Rules of the Universe: Rule #4


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