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Beauty Explosion by QueenOfNargle
Chapter 2 : Here's looking at you kid
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 God, my head hurts. And why is it all dark? Omg please don’t say I’m blind. I’m not dead am I? Oh lord no, I’m only 17 I have a whole life ahead of me.  Oh cruel fate, why me? 



Wait…I can hear something. Is that Dommy? And Madame Patil? Oh phew, I’m in the hospital wing. I guess I’ll just open my eyes now.


 Opening my eyes slightly, I waited a few moments for my vision to become less blurred. I couldn’t see Dom or Madame Patil anywhere but I could definitely hear their voices. Looking around, I saw a few potions and some more beds…yep definitely in the hospital wing. I was just about to shout for them when I heard the doors swing open and shut with an almighty crash, panicking I closed my eyes.


  “James? Freddie?” I heard Dom ask, no prizes for guessing who the intruders were then.


 “Dom? We heard you were in the hospital wing so we came down as soon as we could, are you ok? Please say you’re going to be okay?” Freddie asked, peeking out of the corner of my eye I saw him kneeling on the floor at her feet.


 “Fred, seriously. Be realistic for a moment, if I wasn’t ok would I really be stood here right now?” Dom said.


 “Oh well erm…whose here then?” He asked. What. An. Idiot.


 “My best friend, Ally Wood, you know the one you practically crushed flat this morning!” Dom mutted irritably.


 “I didn’t nearly crush her, I bumped into her. There’s a difference.” Oh I guess that was James.


 “YOU’RE THE REASON SHE’S IN HERE!” Dom screamed, oh I bet she’s doing the whole veela thing right now and probably waving her arms above her head in a crazy way.


 “IT’S NOT MY FAULT SHE’S IN HERE!” James bellowed.




 God Dom, I’m still alive and anyway I’m pretty sure you’re potion put me in here.


 “Actually Dom, this sheet says it was in fact your messed up potion that put her in here.” Freddie pointed out.


 I thought so. Crazy bitch.


 “Oh well erm, yeah I guess. Must of slipped my mind.” Dom muttered.


 “So since we’re here can we see her?” James asked, there was something in his voice, something like hope but probably not.


 “Yeah I guess, but you guys should know…” She whispered something I couldn’t possibly understand before springing the curtains open.


 Okay Ally, you’ve been secretly eavesdropping for the last five minutes. Now pretend you’ve just woke up or whatever. Your time to shine girl.


 I opened my eyes slowly.


“H-hi, what’s going on?” I asked drowsily, smooth Ally smooth, you can do this! I looked up and saw James and Freddie staring at me, jaws slack and eyes wide. There eyes roamed over me and suddenly I wished I had more than the customary hospital pyjamas on. Wait a minute, guys don’t stare at me. Oh god, what the hell has Dom done?


  I noticed a mirror that had been left to the side of the bed and screamed at what I saw.


  Th-thi-this wasn’t me. What once had been mousy brown, limp hair was now a golden blonde and fell in waves…even though I’d just woke up. It fell to the middle of my back and glinted in the light. My eyes had stayed the same blue colour but now was framed by thick lashes and shone brighter. I realised I didn’t have my glasses on but now I had 20/20 vision. My previously bushy brows looked as if they had been plucked to perfection. My skin was left smooth and clear with a slight tan, there was no trace of moles or acne scars. My lips were plump and looked soft as a cloud. Opening my mouth I found a sparkling white smile, the gap that had formed in the middle of my teeth was now closed and gave me an amazing set of pearly whites.




Standing up I looked down at myself, my thighs were smooth and had no trace of fat on them and my stomach was flat but I now had curves. CURVES! I now stood at a slender height of 5ft7 and my body was fully proportioned. But the biggest surprise of all…BOOBS. I had breasts. My flat chest was now inhabited by a wonderful pair of tits. 


  I looked over myself once more before doing the typical thing to do; letting out an ear-piercing scream.


 “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?” I yelled, Madame Patil came running from her office.


 “Oh so I see you’ve noticed.” She shrugged. Was this lady for real? Oh god.


 “Of course I bloody have!” Huffing, I gestured to myself.


 “You might want to sit down for this,” She suggested, I shook my head and stayed standing. I know, how badass of me. “When Dom’s incorrectly brewed beauty potion mixed with your amortentia and the whole batch landed on you. The beauty potion began working its way into you and resulted in this. However mixed with amortentia the potion has made you instantly more attractive and now every boys fantasy. And erm…well…it’s-”


 “It’s what?” I snapped.




 Holy shit.



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