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Magic in the Walls by HufflePuff_Blitz
Chapter 2 : HeartBroken
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James Pov


"well why don't you expel them?" said a very exasperated Ginny Potter, "He could be very well dead right now."

"Mrs. Potter, I understand why you are upset, but if I can have you refrain from yelling in the Hosiptal Wing." Headmisstres Sprout Stated, her lopsided hat a little bit more lopsided than usual. With Ginny Potter surprisingly stunned into silence, Heasmisstres Sprout took the opproutinity, "We are doing every thing we can Mrs. Potter, though how incredibbly unacceptable behavior of Mr. Malfoy, and Mr. Nott; it was not enough to expell them. We have given them two months detention as punishment, and have restricted their trips into hogsmede until further notice."

"Well that will do for now, Blake has lost a lot in such a short time and I won't lose him myself."

"Yes I understand, but that is all we can do as of now."

I was listening pretty intensly to my mothers exchange but was surprised at the last thing she had said. Blake hasn't spoken of the accident once since it has happend, not even to me which has me woried for his mental health. I look over at him and see that he has tensed up, looking down at his hands, twidleing his thumbs.

I jumped off the bed and walked over to the two discussing and said in a hushed voice, “can't you two keep it down a little and be more considerative of the people around you. If you hadn't noticed Blakes reaction, you should look now. He isn't taking it well as it is, and you two talking about it like he isn't in the room. I mean come on! You should be ashamed of yourselfs.” Wow did I just rant like nana Weasly?

Shocked into silence for the second time in one night (wow that must be a record), my mom stared at me with a wierd mix of horror and anger. Apparently the anger side won over the horrored side because next thing I know, I get smacked in the side of the head.

“how dare you talk to your mother like that!” she stated, not yelling but not being exactly quiet also, “Would you talk to me like that if your father was in the room? I don't care how noble of a statement it was, it was completly unacceptable.”

“Yes Mum”

“Is that the best reply you can give? 'yes Mum?' I want you to walk out into the corridor and walk back in here and appologize properly, do you understand young man?”

“Yes Mum” I said with a cheeky smile. I walked out of the room waited about five minutes then pushed open the doors, walking in with tears rolling down my face. “Dearest Mother, I am so teribbly sorry for talking to you in such a horrid manner, would you like me to go to the lavitory and punish myself as the muggle parents do to their naughty children by washing my mouth out with soap?”

With a sigh her only response was, “you really are your uncle's nephew arn't you?”

“150% all the way mum.” I winked to her.


Blakes Pov


I was confused at the exchange between mother and son, how could they go from yelling to laughing so quick? Oh wait - I am talking about James here. First they were talking in hushed voices most likely talking about me with the glances they kept sending my way. Next thing I knew James is walking out of the Hospital wing head up high, marching like he is in the military. Is it sad that the only thing I noticed was his ass as he walked out? No? Ok then.

After that last exchange of words Mrs. Potter came over to me and sat down on the chair, “are you ok Blake?”

“I am Mrs. Potter” I smiled, “Just a bit bruised is all.”

“well I'm glad you are being optimistic” she stated getting up and heading to the door with Proffesor Sprout, turning right before she went through the exit, “and Blake?”

“Yes Mrs. Potter?”

“If you ever need to talk about your parents, you can always talk to me.”

“Thanks Mrs. Potter”

“No problem Blake. And James?”

“Yes Mother Dearest?”

“Try to keep the detentions down to once a week.”

“Can't make any promises there.” He said with his devilish grin. Sighing Ginny left the wing, leaving me and James alone again. “Are you ok Blake?” he said looking down into my eyes.

“Yeah of course, no reason not to be.” I manage a small smile.

Looking right into my eyes, his head inches from mine, odly seeming closer “why do you have to be so stubborn?”

Nearly out of breath by his new type of closness I stutter out “Learned from the best I s'pose.”

One second away from our lips meeting for the first time ever, Madame Bones enters the wing from her office. Sadly James hopped up looking ashamed and rushed out of the wing not even saying good night.

Why do I feel so heartbroken? 

<A/N> Thanks for reading this chapter, I lost my motivation for a while but found it again. :) please tell me what you think of chapter and if you notice any problems with it I am more than happy to fix it and work on my skills. ps: sorry for the shortness again one of these times I will get a longer chapter

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Magic in the Walls: HeartBroken


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