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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 14 : Chapter Fourteen
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A/N Can I just say a huge thank you to all of you who read this, favourite and review because you are all amazing!!!

It was Wednesday morning and I was at the Slytherin table along with everyone else.  I was expecting it to be the same as every other breakfast and was totally surprised when an owl dropped a scroll in front of me. I looked around and saw that I wasn't the only person with one: Dom, Scorp, Hattie, Rory, Didge, Alex and Joseph all had one as well, and that was just on our table.

From over at the Gryffindor table Rose came skipping over and gave Albus a hug.

"Cheers, Al, I have an excuse to go shopping now."

"Of course, Rosie, I couldn't not invite you could I?" Albus laughed.

I frowned as curiosity got the better of me, so I unravelled the scroll. It a neat script it said:

Flick Saunders,

You are invited to Albus Potter's 18th Birthday.

On Friday twenty-ninth November.

At The Three Broomsticks Pub, Hogsmeade.

Seven pm until late.

R.S.V.P before the twenty-sixth to Ginny Potter.

Hope to see you there!

I looked up and caught Al looking at me, I smiled. "Thanks, Al."

He shrugged like it was no big deal and I helped myself to bacon and eggs. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Aaron heading this way and I smiled to myself.

"Morning beautiful," he told me as he kissed my cheek before sitting next to me.

I swear the look on Al's face dropped and he muttered something about going to the library to do some work as he has four free periods and hasn't got any lessons until after lunch. If I was him, I wouldn't have bothered getting out of bed until at least eleven. Although I get to stay in bed until ten tomorrow morning, so I'll be happy unless I have to go do work in the library before then.

"Hey, Al, wait up, I'll come with you since I've got two free periods," Rose called to her cousin. "Bye, Scor," she added and kissed his cheek before running to catch up with Al.

I ate my food happily and once I was done I noticed Aaron was talking to Scorp quite happily about Quidditch so I motioned for Dom to follow me. We left the table and crossed the entrance hall, went down the corridor and entered the girls bathroom.

"Huh?" Dom asked me.

I shrugged. "I needed to pee," I told her as I went into a cubicle. Once I was done I came back out to find her filing her nails. "Dom, do you think Al would mind if I asked to bring Aaron to his party?"

Dom snorted as she watched me wash my hands. "Mind, I think he'll mind, Flick. But he'll probably say you can because it's you."

I ignored her last comment and said, "Come on, lets get Scorp and head to class."

We went back to the great hall and collected the boys. In the entrance hall  Aaron kissed me on the lips before going to his common room. I made my way up the grand staircase to catch up with Dom and Scorp who had gone on ahead.

Me and Aaron are official, I guess. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. He's great and I really do like him but that's the thing I like him, I don't love him. I know you can't really love someone this quick, but I always think it depends on the person.

The only problem was that it didn't feel like fireworks when we kissed, yes he was good at it but there was no major spark. I mean I liked it, a lot, as did he but there was always a nagging little voice in my head. Knowing this could never really be anything serious, I have the twins to think about. And Al to some extent.

We've been official for nearly two weeks now, I thought Al was going to go nuts when I told him but surprisingly he was quite calm about it. But then again, at least I had the guts to tell him I'm dating Aaron where as Al didn't tell me about him and Hattie and I found out from reading it in the paper. Coward, I thought.

Outside the Muggle Studies classroom was the four Hufflepuff's, two Ravenclaw's, two Gryffindor's and then us three from Slytherin. I love Muggle Studies and after Charms it's my one of my favourite lessons. I think another reason I like this subject is because bampa David (my mum's dad) was a muggle and because mum grew up with muggle stuff she wanted us lot to have the same upbringing as her.

I wasn't the only one who was surprised when Scorpius took Muggle Studies back in our third year. A Malfoy associating with muggles, sounds like a joke but its not. Scorp wants to work within the muggle world, he wants to prove to everyone he is nothing like his father who is now a changed man, or even his grandfather.

Once the bell rang we entered the classroom, Hermione Granger was stood at the front of the classroom leaning on her desk. She looked pretty smart in her black trousers and red shirt. I sat in between Dom and Scorp and got my things out.

"Today class, we will be..."

I blocked Professor Weasley out as I tired to think how I could ask Al if I could bring Aaron to the party.


It was lucky that I had a free period fourth lesson, and that Al also had one. After leaving Herbology along with Rose and Scorp, we made our way up to the castle. I stopped by the dorm to freshen up and met up with Rose before going to the library.

"Hey," I said as I took a seat at the table he was sat at.

"Hey, Flick, Rose."

I pulled out some of my homework and got started, the time seemed to drag and I was starting to get nervous about asking Al. I got so distracted that I stood up and went for a walk around the library pretending to be looking for a book. I could see Madame Pince, the old librarian watching me and I quickly pulled a book of the shelf and opened it.

"Enjoying your book on the male body, Flick," A voice said behind me causing me to jump.

I turned around to see Al glancing down at the book I had chosen, the page it was open on contained a detailed picture of a male body. I blushed as I shut it and shoved it back on the shelf.

"Certainly not. Did you want something?"

Al leant past me to reach for a book on the shelf behind and whispered in my ear, "Just you."

My heart jumped and I felt a funny feeling in my stomach. "What?"

Al smirked at me. "Nothing. Can you help me with our Defence homework, please. Rose told me you know what you're doing."

I nodded as I calmed myself. "Uh huh."

Al walked away, taking the book he had picked with him. As he went I couldn't help but stare at his bum. Did that really just happen? I sat down and took his essay from his hands and read through it.

"You just to explain about the uses of the spell more," I told him as I handed it back. As I did, I noticed his hand lingered on mine before he took his work.

"Thanks, Flick, you're a star."

Rose was looking at us and I saw her smirk as she scribbled away. Dom came in shortly after my strange moment with Al, looking pretty happy for herself.

"What's got you so happy?" Rose asked her.


"Oh really?"

"Has this got anything to do with you and a certain Longbottom?" I asked her and the minute I mentioned his name she smiled.

"Yes!" she squealed which earned us a glare of Madame Pince as she walked by.

"So you and Frankie huh?" Al asked and I could tell he was about to get all over protective on Dom.

"Before you say anything, Albus, you leave Frankie alone and do not get all overprotective cousin on me because I don't need it," Dom announced.

"Frankie's nice," Rose piped up, as the two are friends what with being in the same house.

I checked my watch and was glad to see it was nearly lunch time."

Um, Al, can I talk to you, please?" He looked up from his work and nodded. "I'll meet you two at lunch," I said to Rose and Dom who looked at me curiously.

We both packed away our things and I left the library with him not far behind. Once we were down the corridor I stopped.

"Um, Al, you know your birthday party, well I was wondering if I could bring Aaron with me. Y'know as my date," I blurted out.

I swear if a teenage boy can look like a sad puppy in the space of two seconds then that was exactly how Al looked right now.

"Sure thing, Flick, you can bring Aaron," Al told me with a hint of sadness in his voice.

I gave him a hug which startled him a bit. "Thanks."

"I've got to go meet Hattie," he mumbled.

"See you in Defence."

I felt quite happy as I went down to the great hall for lunch. If only I could have told Al about Bentley and Aubri like that, it would be so easy. I wondered what Ria might be doing with them at home right now, would she have taken them to the park to feed the ducks or taken them to soft play?

The great hall was quite busy, all the students were chatting away filling the hall with a buzz of noise. I slid in next to Rose at the Slytherin table. Dom was opposite and was already eating.

"Flick, is it really a good idea to bring your new boyfriend to your ex-boyfriends birthday party?" Rose questioned me as I helped myself to a jacket potato and some salad.

I shrugged. "Probably not, but at least I don't rub the fact that I've moved on in front of Al's face, now do I."

She nodded in response as I began to eat my lunch.


That night as we got ready for bed I asked Dom about Frankie because something about the way she said it earlier made me think she wasn't telling the whole truth.

"What's going on with you and Frankie?"

She came out of the bathroom, her blonde hair flowing down her back, she sat on her bed and crossed her legs before answering.

"We're sort of friends with benefits but not those benefits just yet."

"You mean you're snogging and stuff but you haven't had sex."

Dom shrugged. "Pretty much."

"So how come you don't look so happy about it now?" I questioned as I got changed into my blue pyjama bottoms and my white top.

I heard her sigh as I went into the bathroom, through the door she said, "It's just I like someone else and have for a while but it's complicated. I mean I know I shouldn't like him but there's just something there." She sighed, "He's with someone though and has been for some time."

I frowned to myself as I brushed my teeth, it sounded like Dom was speaking about me. I left the bathroom and sat on my bed.

"So your saying you're with Frankie even though you like someone else." she nodded. "So who do you like?"

Dom's eyes widened. "I can't say."

"Dom, it's me. You've known me for since we were little. Who is it?"

"I can't say, Flick, and please don't make me say it."

Pulling my quilt up over I rolled onto my side to look at her. "Why is is some spotty boy or is he younger than us?"

She shook her head as she crawled into her own bed. "Leave it, Flick, please and don't tell anyone else."

I frowned but said, "I promise, Dommie. Night."

Guess I'm not the only one around here keeping major secrets.

A/N So yeah this was just a filler but the good news is I've spent time working out chapters and stuff and I've planned up until the very last chapter which will be number 50!

Edited - 16.02.2018

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