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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 7 : A Night at The Pub
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 Ron walked into Hermione’s and his flat, glancing at everything around him. It was so empty, so wrong.

Just a week ago, they loved each other, and then Ron had to go and screw it up by messing around with another woman… his ex, Lavender, because of being drunk and upset about a silly little fight.

“How could I be so stupid?!” Ron screamed, punching his fist into the wall leaving a gaping black hole. He felt like throwing everything and demolishing the house but this was all he had left of his memories with Hermione.

Ron thought he hated Malfoy before, but never really wanted him dead. Now he wants Malfoy slaughtered and the love of his life back. But he would never break Hermione’s heart again by wounding her new relationship, he respected her as much.

He just hated himself so much right now, he even thought about ending his life a couple of times in the past week. But he had too many people to live for, and if he ever got Hermione back, what good would it do to kill himself? And how would his mum react to losing two sons.

All he could really do for the best for him was go to work, try to get over Hermione but he knew it would take a long time and he wasn't sure he really wanted to, maybe he'd find a new gal for backup for now, and act numb when he sees Malfoy and Hermione together and save the falling apart for home. And wait for his chance to snatch her away again from Malfoy's pale, evil arms. Ron just knew that Draco wasn't actually a changed man, he would break Hermione's heart and she would just come running back to him! He would be there, but he couldn't stand waiting...

Ron thought about giving up the lease on their house and move back in with his mother, whom was very upset with what Ron did, but always welcomed him into her loving arms. Or he could just quit the Auror Department at the Ministry and move back in with George to help him with Weasley Wizard Wheezes, but he loved working with Harry as an Auror... he loved being in the spotlight almost as much as Harry now, he wasn't just "Harry's mate" anymore but almost like his actual sidekick, after all, he did destroy one of the horocruxes two years ago and now he's almost as high up as Harry in the Auror department, but not completely. 

But Ron didn’t want to let the one thing that was his and Hermione’s together go, their apartment.

As for tonight, he was going to the bar. He apparated to The Pub in Hogsmeade, there were plenty of women he could hit on as it was a Saturday night and he was ready to drink away his pain for a little while.

Hermione lay in bed, crying and crying.

She hated to see Ron so angry and upset, she still loved Ron. These newly found feelings for Malfoy overtook the feelings for Ron though, and she had the best feeling about Malfoy, she couldn’t explain why the ex-Death Eater suddenly charmed her so much. She was hard to please, but in her eyes if Malfoy really is changed, she'd give him a chance..

 She heard her bedroom door creek open, Ginny must’ve got baby James Sirius to sleep. The red head sat beside Hermione’s head and petted her hair. “There, there, I know my brother has hurt you so bad and I am so sorry. I know you still love him and don’t want to see him hurt either… but ‘Mione, he has to live with his consequences. I’d kill you if you went back to him right now. Of course I wish none of this happened and that you were still about to be my sister in law. But life gets in the way of things we planned sometimes. But remember that everything happens for a reason...”

Hermione smiled at her friend, she loved Ginny so much like a sister, and she was always there. Also, Ginny had the best advice. She was defidently her mother’s daughter.

Ginny and Hermione talked and even giggled a little. Harry came to the door wondering where his wife had run to and also gave Hermione a few words of encouragement. Ginny then followed him out, leaving Hermione alone to think again.

Her phone vibrated and to her dismay it was from Ron I want you happy Hermione, do what makes you happy, I screwed up, and I deserve what I get. Hermione wanted to reply and give him comfort like she always would do in the past. But she couldn’t bring herself to and she felt that was the best way to go. Why did this have to happen?

Ron was drunkenly hitting on a girl he remembered from school who was in the Hufflepuff house and in his year before they left Hogwarts though he had no idea what her name was.

Her name was Emily Riker, and she had long curly black hair and piercing green eyes, she was very good looking and she was all over Ron.

They were both a bit tipsy on butterbeers, and the bartender hesitated to listen when they both kept asking for more, even asking for some fire whiskey.

“I hope you aren’t riding broomsticks home tonight,” the bartender commented as he gave Ron his fifth drink with rolling eyes. "Well mate, if you have been through what I (hiccup) have then you would be (hiccup) drinking too! Leave me alone," Ron snapped back at the bartender as Emily just gazed at him with a drunken smile. 

Eventually Ron ended up leading Emily by hand out of the pub, and they apparated together to what was Ron and Hermione’s downtown apartment.

They snogged for what seemed like hours, and then Ron started undressing the girl. He noticed how pretty Emily was, but as he looked over her body it made him think of Hermione’s perfect figure.

Seeing Hermione’s eyes as he looked into Emily’s made him stop for a moment and feel like he had frozen while looking into Emily’s eyes...

 “What’s wrong?” The girl asked. “N-nothing…” Ron whispered, as he made a move on her to cover up what just happened.

It seemed as soon as they got there, their clothes were off and they were having intercourse. And all Ron could think about is how it felt so different with Hermione. He wanted his Hermione back. But somehow this fake making love with another girl made his wounds not hurt for a moment or two. And being drunk almost took the pain away completely. 

Hermione slept well that night, and woke up at about ten a.m. Ginny had asked if she wanted to go shopping the night before and to cheer up, Hermione decided that she would go.

Once again after getting her bath robe on, she could smell Ginny’s cooking once again. This time it was French toast. The night before she was too upset to eat so Hermione piled up her plate with the toast. She needed to remember to eat...she was getting skinny...

Ginny hadn’t started to cook until she moved out of the Borrow and when they had first gotten married and moved Harry was forced to eat quite alot of burnt meals. But now her skills had increased very much and even Ron would come over occasionally for his sister's cooking. 

Harry had already gone to work by now, and baby James was in his swing, cooing away.

“Feel better this morning?” Asked Ginny, smiling at her friend.

“Yes, though I would like to see Draco.”

 “He was comforting his mum, wasn’t he? That’s what you told me the other night?”

“Yes, she’s really torn apart about Lucius and his life sentence.”

Ginny nodded, “I bet, poor ol’ Lucius, I feel so bad for him,” Ginny said sarcastically and Hermione laughed.

 “Well, we will just have a gal’s day then, sound good?” “Sounds bloody good!” Hermione said, smiling widely at her friend, “I fancy that idea.”

After breakfast Hermione got dressed in a muggle sundress, it was getting even warmer and more spring like today so she thought this would be appropriate. She braided her bushy hair to the side and grabbed her flip flops. By the time she was done Ginny already had James in his car seat and the two were ready to go.

“Ready?” Asked Ginny. “Sure am!” Hermione answered. Ginny made fun of Hermione’s muggle wear, but Hermione didn't care because she was comfortable.

The girls decided to go to Hogsmeade and shop, taking Harry and Ginny’s barely used new Ford Anglia because Ginny was not comfortable apparating with James quite yet with him being so young.

Ron woke up and looked at the naked girl beside him and was taken aback by what he saw, he barely remembered the night before but the memory slowly crept back to him as his headache got worse from the hangover he now had. And he felt angry at himself, isn't this what landed him in the spot he's in now? Getting carelessly drunk?

“Hello Ronny! Good morning,” Emily said, rubbing his cheek. “Hi,” Ron said blankly, the emotional pain from the night before seemed to start to hurt again.

Ron stayed quite distant for Emily but didn't want to be rude, so offered to take her out for breakfast and then hopefully depart from her.

They then got up, got dressed, and decided to go back to Hogsmeade for breakfast.

Ron briefly thought of when Hermione and he used to do that every weekend when he was off on Sundays, like he was today. He shook the thought off with a frown and pretended to enjoy being with this girl who's name he only knew since yesterday. 

Hermione and Ginny went into a little wizarding baby store for James first, and looked for cooler clothes for when it got later into spring and summer.

They had the cutest magical toys there. Ginny got a play wand for James and lots of little toys and even a little broomstick although James would not be using it for quite a while longer. Being done they checked out and headed into the street to continue shopping.

As they turned down a corner, they saw a shocking view. There was Ron with a girl from Hermione and Ron’s year, Emily Riker. They basically ran into each other, and Emily looked at Hermione with a disapproving glare, she knew about her and Ron’s past like everyone else. Ron looked exceptionally embarrassed and his ears and face was pink with shame.

“Emily, this is Ginny, my little sister, and this is my fiancée… I mean my ex-fiancée, Hermione.” “Yes, ex!” Hermione corrected him pretending to smile snidely. “Oh of course I know her,” Emily spat glaring at Hermione, and she nodded politely at Ginny, who glared at her for making this comment about her best friend.

Ginny asked the questions to Hermione’s relief, because Hermione wanted to know just as badly. “So when did you two get together?” Ginny asked, pretending to be friendly to Emily and just innocently curious.

“We just were with each other at The Pub last night and then have been with each other since,” Emily said proudly as she clung to Ron's waist.

“And that was it!” Ron said in a fast pace, causing all three girls to look at him. Emily made a hmmph sound.

“Let’s go, bye Ginny, and erm, Hermy, is it?” Emily said too enthusiastically and giggling stupidly, taking Ron by hand, they could truly see Ron wasn’t willing to go as he looked back at Hermione as Emily dragged him away.

Ron felt so embarrassed, he ran into his ex-fiancée whom he still loved with his one night stand who was rude to her. Now Hermione probably thinks of him as a man whore, great he will never get another chance. At least Malfoy wasn’t with her, it would only have made it worse.  

Ron kept thinking as Emily drug him, he was so hurt that he lost Hermione, he wished he didn’t do what he did and wished there was some, any way he could get her back and be with her instead of next to this girl he barely knew. All he could think about was her. But something inside him felt like he already lost her completely.

Weirdly, Hermione didn’t feel too bothered by her encounter with Ron and his rude one night stand, despite Ginny's remarks about Emily. "She acted like she owned him 'Mione. Ugg, I am ashamed of my brother... I thought he was better than this, you were the best for him, he's just so stupid!"

But Hermione wasn't listening, she was deep in thought...
She must really not be in love with Ron anymore because it only bothered her a little what she saw. 

He really hurt her with his actions by cheating. Or was she just lying to herself? She missed Draco, and wished he could have been here for that encounter with Ron; she would have loved to see the look on his face then. 

Ginny gave her friend a quick everything’s okay hug and they popped into another store. This one had cute clothes and even lingerie in it. Hermione had an odd urge to buy some new panties, maybe for an occasion with Draco if it ever did come up? She wanted to at least look cute, and seeing Ron just now gave her a feeling to do this. She convinced Ginny to buy some too.

Even though Ginny just had baby James she didn’t have one stretch mark on her body and looked fabulous as ever! They both got two new pairs of witch’s lingerie and different kinds of clothes. Hermione was surprised in herself; it was usually Ginny that tried to get her to buy stuff like this. What’s up with me? Hermione thought to herself. Hermione was acting like a totally different person, but what was normal anymore? 

The two girls were finally done shopping by noon and left for home.

Harry was home for lunch and picked up his son and played with him. Ginny kissed her husband and then went and put her clothes away.

Hermione went to put away her clothes as well and she glanced at her phone which had a message. I want to see you tonight. –Draco.

Hermione was happy because she has wanted to see him too. Sounds great, but where? She waited for his response.

This may sound like I am pushing you into something and I promise I’m not. But would you like to come to London with me to Diagon Alley, have dinner, and maybe sleep in a hotel room? We can get separate beds if you wish. I feel like I just want to see you.

Hermione smiled at this and lay on her bed looking at the ceiling and thought about it. She was feeling kind of daring, maybe the pain she felt was a good thing and was making her more daring, maybe it changed her for the better.

We can get a one bed room. That’s okay with me. I would love to see you tonight.

Maybe she would put her new lingerie to use tonight? 

Ginny looked at Hermione questionably when she bounced on her heels into the living room.

Oh boy, what’s gotten into you ‘Mione?” She asked, Harry looked at her as well.

“Okay, don’t judge me, promise?” “Promise!” Ginny piped up.

Harry just rolled his eyes because he knew what this was going to compose of.

“Draco and I are going to dinner… and…” Ginny motioned for her to go on by waving her hand. “Sleep in a hotel room for the night.”

“Merlin’s beard Hermione…” Harry said shaking his head and looking back at the TV he was watching sighing deeply.

“Ooooh boy, Hermione Granger is going to sleep with an ex-Death Eater! Wow, never tagged you as a rebel,” Ginny said, laughing. But her husband didn't think it was funny at all. 

Harry turned the TV off, slammed the remote on the coffee table, and left the room fuming without another word.

“Don’t let him bother you, he just cares about you,” Ginny said, her smile fading as Hermione's did the same.

Hermione then returned to her room and started to pack. She packed an outfit for tomorrow and a night gown for tonight. She cautiously slipped into her lingerie undies after getting undressed and looked at herself in the mirror. Not too bad, she thought as she examined her figure in teh full length mirror.

The rest of the afternoon passed rather quickly, and sooner than she expected there was a knock on the door..

Harry walked out of the room he was in and answered unwillingly, he still wasn’t exactly at all on friendly terms with Draco yet but he was nice to him for Hermione to his face. “Come on in Malfoy,” Harry said, stepping back so he could come in.

Draco stepped in and greeted Ginny. “Where’s Hermione?” He asked. “Here,” Hermione quietly said to him from her bedroom doorway.

Draco was stunned at how she looked, she had a dazzling red dress on with black high heels, and her hair was in beautiful silky waves. Ginny had helped of course, and smiled at her work well done. Harry even caught a look and Ginny noticed and glared at him for a second. 

“You look beautiful!” Draco said, reaching out his hand for hers. She grabbed it and looked at her friends, “Well, see you later then?” Harry and Ginny nodded. “Have a good night!” Ginny yelled after them and Harry just closed the door and Ginny and he went back in the house.

The forever unexpected might happen between them... was Hermione ready to really do this? Or was it just her hurt talking? She didn't care, she wanted to just be with Draco Malfoy tonight...Death Eater or not a Death Eater, tonight she was going to be with him. With that, they apparated into the cool night. 


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