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Witch against the World by Pottergirl7
Chapter 13 : The One with a Molly Manhunt
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Chapter Thirteen

Skele-Gro is disgusting. I mean I actually considered pretending to drink it and then spitting it out later but I was trying to get out of there as fast as possible. Sabotage didn’t seem like the best option.

I’d been in the hospital wing for almost two weeks and I was going absolutely crazy. Each day my friends had dutifully visited me and stayed for as long as possible but even they couldn’t save me from the utter boredom that accompanied being a hospital patient. I was so bored that I had counted every single tile in the ceiling.

Three thousand, four hundred and seventy two bloody tiles.

This is hell. Aside from their company the girls had all brought me something which was nice. Nicola was bringing me books, Abi magazines, Jess makeup and nail polish and Molly sweets. Not even they could satisfy my need to get up and do something though. My ribs were pretty much healed and my skull and arm had been fixed by the Skele-Gro (which was disgusting by the way) for a while now. So I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t allowed to leave my prison just yet if I was all healed but Madam Pomfrey had been adamant that I would see out the end of the fortnight. I had been adamant that if I stayed in this pristine and sterilized environment any longer I may actually kill someone.

I was currently lazily flicking through a magazine. I stopped and began reading an interview with Celestina Warbeck. She had been in the music industry for about ten years and everyone loved her. She was one of those people who were never in the papers for anything bad; she gave to charities and hadn’t ever touched a drop of alcohol. I personally despised her, I hated her singing. She howled for crying out loud! When I was an itty bitty first year, there was a seventh year named Molly Prewett who was a Celestina super fan. I mean she was scarily in love with Celestina’s music. I believe Molly is the person responsible for the Celestina Warbeck fan club. Thanks for that.

I scanned the article in disgust. Celestina is the most boring person on the face of the planet. Please someone kill her and put us out of our misery.

“Hey Lily.” I looked up, thankful for my distraction and saw Mol, Niki and Abi; armed with their supplies. They gathered around my bed and spread their things across my bed.

“Whatcha got guys?” 

“We’ve decided that we’re going to have a girly night in.” Abi grinned, taking my magazine out of my hands and placing it on the bedside table. Molly threw herself down onto a chair and sullenly put her feet up on my bed.

“Aw were you dragged here against your will Mol?” I teased. Molly ignored me and stared at her hands. “Molly the invalid is talking to you,” I poked her arm and she shuffled further away from me. I decided to drop it and I turned to Abi.

“Where’s Jess?” I asked, suddenly realizing we were missing a curly blonde head.

“She’s hanging out with Remus and will be coming over in a bit.” Abi replied, pointedly looking at Molly.

“Oh.” I see why Molly is being miserable now. Jess blew us off to hang out with Remus so Molly’s feeling lonely. Well we would need to change that.

“So,” Nicola began, sounding incredibly bored. “I love being with you guys and all but can we get this girly stuff over with? It’s not really my scene.” I stifled a giggle and imagined painting Nicola’s nails and doing facials. That sounds like her version of hell.

“Well guys I have a little mission for us.” I said, looking at Molly. She raised her head slightly and I could tell that she was interested. “I think it’s about time we found Molly a boyfriend!” Molly’s head snapped up and she looked incredibly alarmed. Abi clapped her hands together.

“You know Lily I think that is a positively fantastic idea!”

“I’m alright thanks,” Molly said quickly. “I don’t need a boyfriend.” Abi rolled her eyes.

“Look Molly it’s time to face facts. The last time you had a boyfriend was third year and he kissed Sasha Marley so you pushed him out of a tree.”

“The little creep got everything he deserved,” Molly muttered under her breath. Abi shook her head looking exasperated.

“I’m all for women’s rights and feminism and all but every girl needs a boyfriend at least once in their lives.” Abi looked at Nicola and quickly added to her statement. “Or a girlfriend.”

“But I don’t want nor need a boyfriend. Strange as it may be not every girl yearns for the male population’s attention.” Molly replied sarcastically.

“Molly it’s not about the boy per se, it’s more about having the experience. It’s a milestone and you’re missing out.” I answered. “If you happen to fall for the boy along the way then great but don’t get your hopes up because boys are idiots and-” Abi cut me off rather hastily.

“Okay Lily, erm thanks for that… So Molly where shall we begin?” Molly stubbornly crossed her arms and scowled.

“Fine,” I smiled sweetly. “We’ll pick for you.” I looked at Niki and she shook her head.

“Oh no, I don’t want any part of this scheme because they always end badly.”

I shrugged. “Suit yourself.”


“Shhh! For crying out loud keep it down!” I whispered fiercely. “Do you want to get caught?” So we may have been sneaking me out of the hospital wing so I could help Molly and Abi track down our list of boys. Yes, we had compiled a list of suitable boys and we were going to methodically go through them all. And maybe we hadn’t exactly asked Madam Pomfrey’s permission. We were lined up against the wall outside of the hospital wing and so close to freedom. We just had to get as far away as possible.

“Guys?” We whipped around and came face to face with Jess. “What are you doing out here?” Abi hurriedly put her hand over Jess’ mouth.

“Shut up, we’re on a mission. You make a sound, you die. Clear?” Jess’ eyes widened and she squeaked in reply. “Good.”

“So we have a hostage, what’s the plan now?” Nicola asked. We’d managed to convince her to tag along and keep us out of detention.

“We get out of here as fast as possible and the hostage gets to live.” Jess put her hands on hips and made an indignant sound. I rolled my eyes. “Let’s go.” We crept along the wall and out into the courtyard. I squinted and put my hand above my eyes to protect myself against the pale, autumn sun. I hadn’t been outside in so long; I had begun to forget what colour the sky was. We sat down on one of the benches and Abi let go of Jess.

“Do you mind telling me what the hell you’re doing?” she demanded the minute she was released. Molly narrowed her eyes. Damn… things are about to get ugly.

“Maybe you would know if you were here!!!” Molly shouted. Jess’ mouth dropped open. The two of them never fought and this was new ground for all of us.

“I was with my boyfriend!”

“So you blew off your friends?!”

“I’m sorry that I like to hang out with people other than you!”

“What happened to hoes before bros?”

“Err Molly I think you’ve got that the wrong way round,” I interjected.

“Shut up Lily!” Jess and Molly both shouted, before facing each other again.

Jess’ face softened and she bit her bottom lip anxiously. “Molly I never wanted you to feel abandoned. You’re still my best friend.” Molly’s anger dissipated and was replaced by sadness.

“Well I do feel abandoned Jess. You spend all your time with Remus and none with us.” Jess opened her arms and hugged Molly.

“I’m sorry; I’ll spend more time with you guys from now on.” They continued to hug for a second until Sirius appeared from the direction of the hospital wing and walked towards us.

“Now if only you were both naked.” Jess and Molly turned to him, disgust mirrored on both their faces.

“Congratulations Sirius, only you could ruin a special moment.” Molly said; her nose scrunched up.

“It’s what I do baby.” He lazily swung an arm round Molly’s shoulders and grinned. “So what are we up to ladies?” I considered lying to him but then I realized he had guy friends who he could hook Molly up with right?

“Sirius, you’re a guy right?” I said.

“Yeah thanks for finally noticing.”

“And you have guy friends right?”

“Well I know James and Remus are guys but I’m not too sure about Peter,” he joked. I ignored him and ploughed on.

“No I mean like friends aside from the Marauders.”

Sirius quirked an eyebrow suspiciously. “Yeah I do, why do you ask?”

“Well we’re going to set Molly up with a boy and I figured you would be the ideal person to help us. What with all your male contacts.”

“Cool,” he grinned and then bowed in front of a blushing Molly. “Happy to help milady.”

“Let’s just get this over with,” she muttered.

“Follow me ladies.” Sirius led us back into the castle. We followed him through a maze of endless corridors, ducking every time we caught sight of a professor. I am not going back to that hospital. I haven’t had the chance to truly value my freedom yet.

You know, I’m practically a fugitive. Cool.

“Where exactly are we going?” Abi questioned, as Sirius began climbing another staircase.

“Sirius are we going to the library?” I asked. This is a very long and maybe unfamiliar route but it’s definitely going in the direction of the library; I should know I practically live there. The last few weeks before O.W.L’s in fifth year, I spent many a night sleeping on tables or books.

“You are correct!” Sirius replied, stopping outside of the library.

“Sirius no decent bloke is going to be in the library on a Saturday.” Molly complained.

“Ah just you wait and see milady, just you wait and see.” Molly rolled her eyes but self-consciously ran a hand through her hair. Jess and Abi checked Molly’s face and tidied her hair before they deemed her ready to be seen.

“Are you quite done?” Sirius tapped his foot impatiently, his hands on his hips. Abi stuck her tongue out at Sirius and gave Molly a little tap on her shoulder.

“Teeth check!” Molly grinned at Abi and she examined her teeth. Abi flashed her a thumbs up. Sirius led us into the library and we headed to the back. We slalomed around bookshelves, before we reached a secluded table, hidden from view. Bent over the table and scribbling away furiously; was a skinny boy with mousey brown hair neatly combed into place and thick circular rimmed glasses, perched on the end of his long nose. He was so pale he was practically see through. The boy looked as though if you were to flick him, he would shatter into a million pieces. Now this was a library recluse if I ever saw one.

“Really Sirius?” I whispered. “Are you high?” Molly also looked sceptical, the nervousness she had previously felt, morphed into pure disbelief.

“You’ve got to be joking!” Molly said. We all shushed her and I quickly glanced at the boy to make sure he hadn’t heard. That child was so absorbed in his work that the library probably could have collapsed around him and he wouldn’t have noticed. He’s a library hermit. I mean, I love the library and all but after a while, Madame Pince makes me want to ‘avada kedavra’ myself and the books begin to smell like mould.

“Hey don’t judge a book by its cover; Samuel is a really fun guy. Lots to talk about.” Sirius replied confidently. I raised any eyebrow. Ah, so the hermit has a name? Look at that guy; he looks like a barrel of laughs. Molly took a deep breath, bent her head back and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“If this ends badly so help me god, Sirius Black you will not live another day.” Sirius nodded and Molly continued, releasing her nose and looking sufficiently calmer. “You guys aren’t going anywhere and Sirius you’ll introduce us.”

“Good luck.” I squeezed Molly’s shoulder and Abi, Niki, Jess and I sat down behind the bookshelves where we were standing. This is the perfect place to watch their conversation. I hope this works. From our little hiding place we watched Molly and Sirius walk up to the table.

“Hey Samuel,” Sirius greeted. Samuel looked up from whatever he was doing, in surprise and nodded in reply. Then he went back to his writing and ignored them. Woah, he doesn’t get out much does he?

“And this is my good friend Molly.” Samuel looked up and nodded again but instead on returning to his work, his gaze lingered on Molly as if this was the first time he had ever seen a girl. He continued to stare until Sirius cleared his throat. Samuel snapped out of it and combed his long bony fingers through his hair.

“Pleased t-to meet you,” he stuttered. Molly nodded and smiled pleasantly.

“I’m err going to go… I have chicks to do, homework to ignore,” Sirius grinned. When no one laughed, he slipped away uncomfortably. When he reached where we were hiding I fist-bumped him. Cause I’m down with the kids.


“So you think this’ll work?” I asked him when he was settled comfortably. Sirius shrugged.

“No idea.” Fantastic.

We watched Molly and Library Boy –ahem, I mean Samuel- small talk for a while but it was evident that Molly was beginning to get bored and Samuel was running out of things to talk about.

Then Molly made the fatal mistake of asking Samuel what he had been working on before the interrupted him.


“So you see Samuel, THAT IS WHY I DO NOT GIVE A RAT’S ARSE ABOUT THE GOBLIN REBELLION!” Molly paused for a breath. “And that joke you told me, you remember? Yeah? That joke? IT WAS RACIST AND NOT FUNNY!” Molly stalked towards us, leaving a shell-shocked Samuel behind her. We had been sat for over an hour, listening to that god damn hermit child drone on and on and on about the Goblin Revolution. I swear he’s more boring than Binns. 

Everyone other than me had given up watching the two progress –if you could call it that- and they were all doing other things. Sirius had fallen asleep on my shoulder and was snoring softly. He kept brushing a hand across his face because I think my hair was tickling his nose. Abi and Jess were doing their charms homework. Well, more like copying Nicola’s. The chief of homework herself was engrossed in a think, dusty book titled, ‘How to Train Your Niffler’. What worried me was that she was making notes.

The minute Molly got behind the bookcase she let rip.

“Sirius Black you absolute arse!” Sirius woke up with a start and he groaned when he saw the fuming Molly standing over him.

“Woman please, Sirius can only be fabulous when he’s woken up.” I gave him an odd look.

“How are you not gay?”

“The female population would miss me too much if I was.” Of course.

“That is beside the point!” Molly fumed. “I have never, in all of my seventeen years of life, CONTEMPLATED SUICIDE SO MANY TIMES IN SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS!”

“Okay I’m sorry,” Sirius said sincerely. “Look, I have some other guys in mind if you want to give them a go?” Molly sighed and threw her hands up in the air.

“Yeah okay, I guess.”


“So your name is Jeremiah?” Molly asked, twirling a strand of hair around her finger. We were outside the kitchens where all the bins where kept. I have never been out here before. Molly was talking to a guy with waist-length greasy blonde hair and circular sunglasses. He had a beanie hat on and was eating a plate of what looked like brownies. I didn’t like this guy at all but Sirius had said he was very ‘mellow’.

“Yeaaaaaah bro and your name is Sunshine?”

“Err no Molly-”

 “So Sunshine, do you want a brownie?” Molly’s face broke into a wide grin.

“Sure thing I love brownies!” She took one off of the plate and was about to take a bite, when Jess sprung up and run towards them.

“Molly no don’t eat that!” She knocked it out of Molly’s hand and grabbed her wrist. “They’re not your type of brownies.” Sirius looked over at me sheepishly.

“So there may be a reason he’s so mellow.”


“And you know my family owns twelve large businesses and several mansions. Our estates are the biggest in England.”

“Oh really? You haven’t mentioned…” Molly replied. He had in fact mentioned it. Several billion times. She looked like she was trying very hard not to slap him. To be perfectly honest, if she didn’t I would.

“Father is very high up in the Ministry, it’s been said that if all goes well,” Gerald gave a haughty and nasal laugh. “Which of course it will; he’ll be the youngest Minister or Magic ever.” Molly nodded lazily.


“And did you know we have three holiday homes in Spain, France and Italy. Magnificent place, with columns and arches-”

“Okay bye.” Molly got up and left Gerald sat on the Ravenclaw Table in the Great Hall.

“Cross him off the list.” Sirius got out his notebook and crossed out Gerald’s name.

“Moving on.”


 “One time, I killed a house-elf because it burnt my food.”

“That’s cruel.”

“No-one understands me so I choose to pretend I don’t care that I’m a social pariah.”


“I smoke cigarettes to try and fill the emptiness in my chest.”

“Smoking kills.”

“I set a house on fire.”

“Fire is fun.”

“I like to think I’m an enigma and everyone spends their time trying to figure me out.”

“You’re mean so no one cares,” Molly rolled her eyes at the long-haired, leather-clad Seth Turner. Seth was pushed up against the wall with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of firewhiskey in the other. Molly stood up straight and moved away.


This may take forever.


“Darkness envelopes me like an old friend.”

“I like rainbows,” Molly replied. “Do you like rainbows?”

“I like death.”


“Yeah better cross him off.”


“Don’t you think that cloud is amazing?” Molly nodded enthusiastically. Finally someone who she was getting on with. Graham Colton was the happiest, Huffleypuffleyiest boy I had ever met. And he liked rainbows too.

“And that tree! That tree is just amazing! The life and soul of it, stretches through its branches and envelopes its leaves!” Molly nodded again but this time a little less enthusiastically.

“And the lake! Oh the lake! It glistens in the pale autumn sunlight and shines like a thousand diamonds!”

“Yeah, the lake is pretty cool I guess.”

“And that bird song is just beautiful!”

“It’s actually kind of annoying.”

“But an amazing annoying right?”

“Erm I suppose.”

“And that dead mouse over there-”

“Oh come on! How do you find joy in a freaking carcass?”


Molly flopped miserably down onto James’ bed.

“Why will I never find love?!” I sat down next to her and rubbed her back soothingly.

“I’m sure it’ll work out.”

“I just- UGHH! Who knew there were so many shady characters at Hogwarts?” she replied a little incredulously.

“It is a little surprising.” Sirius knelt down beside Molly and took her hand in his.

“Look Molly don’t feel bad, they just weren’t right, there are plenty more people out there. You’ll find someone someday and they’ll be bloody lucky to have you. You’re smart, beautiful, funny and just a great person. Okay?” Molly sat up and nodded. He kissed her on the forehead and then left the room.

 “Ohmygod isn’t he just amazing?” Molly gushed, hugging her arms to her chest.

“Who?” I asked confused. I thought today was a total waste of time?

“Sirius,” she sighed dreamily.



A/N- OHMYGOD I'M BACK!!!!!!!! 

I'm so sorry for the massive massive massive wait for chapter thirteen!!!!!! I'm a terrible person and totally understand if you want to chase after me with pitchforks. 

I do have a small excuse though. SCHOOL. I'm doing all my GCSE's now and revision is killing me! I have a french writing exam tomorrow and have to memorise two pages of -to me- gibberish. I've had to fill up two sketchbooks and make a final piece for art and I've been dying! 

So again I'm really sorry but from here on, I can start posting normal chapters again!!!!! 

Love you guys!!!!!!!! 


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