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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 14 : What the hell?
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 I just want you for my own,

More than you would ever know,

make my wish come true, 

all i want for christmas, is you...

                                      -Mariah Carey, All I Want For Christmas Is You.






Eyes fluttering open, daylight flooded into the bedroom, causing her to squint. Vision adjusting, she opened them fully and looked at the person lying next to her in the bed; his bed. Hermione watched as Draco slept. She studied him, looking at his full lips, his high, defined cheekbones and his white blonde hair that hung over his eyes messily. I'm happy, I'm really happy. I hope nothing ruins this, I hope nothing ruins this Christmas. This time last year I was with Harry, about to go to Godric’s Hollow. She took a quick intake of breath, remembering the events of that night, and turned on her back to face the celling. That whole year was awful. I can’t wait for the New Year, the ball, NEWTS, and finishing Hogwarts. Life after Hogwarts is going to be strange, but a good strange. I wonder what I will do afterwards. Work at the ministry? It does seem like a good path to go down, but I wouldn't want to be an Auror like Harry. I can see why he wants to be one, he wants to carry on fighting the evil that still remains, and he feels like he has to. I told him no, but he is adamant. I can see why.

Hermione turned back to Draco, to see his grey eyes staring at her.

"It’s rude to stare. She said playfully.


"I'm not staring!" he smirked.

"What are you doing then?"

"Simply admiring," Draco winked, "how come you’re in here anyway? Hermione furrowed her eyebrows and he quickly added, "not that I'm complaining!"


"You had it again; a dream, and so I came in, and did what I used to, but it wasn’t working, so I got in under the covers, and you stopped immediately, I guess I fell asleep after that." She smiled a small smile.

"A dream? I remember something..." Draco propped his head up on his hand.

"What happened in it?"

"You were running, and someone was chasing you. I was trying to keep up, but for some reason, I couldn’t. I eventually caught up and he had backed you up into a wall. I heard him say, I’ve finally got you where I wanted, don’t be afraid then something else I can’t quite remember. You disarmed him and tried to get away. I remember not being able to move, I think someone had body bind hexed me. He laughed at you as you tried to escape. He got closer to you...and that’s all I remember." He looked down at Hermione’s frozen figure.

*She was running, running through the halls; running away from him. He was after her. She could see the evil aura coming from him. Grey, it was the same colour as his eyes.

Running through the corridor, she turned left: dead end. He caught up with her and corned her. 

"I’ve finally got you were I wanted. Don’t be afraid; I won’t hurt you."

She could see the the evil in his eyes; she knew he was lying. She couldn’t be near him, she had to get away and stop whatever he was going to do to her before it happened.

"EXPELLIARMUS!" She shouted.

His wand flipped out of his hand and she elbowed him out of the way whilst he was temporarily distracted, before he could do anything. He quickly realised what she was doing and pulled her back, laughing as he did so.

"You think that could stop me?" he asked her, that laugh piercing through her ears.

He leaned in, just a mere centimetre between him and her.*

"Hermione? What’s wrong?" He looked at her, troubled as to why she had frozen that way.

No, no it was the same dream but from a different perspective. What could this mean?

"Um, nothing." She smiled, and quickly got out of the bed, forgetting she had a short nightgown on, and ran to the bathroom.

Draco’s eyes followed her, concerned by her strange behaviour. He got up and walked over to the bathroom door and gently knocked on it. He heard a faint 'come in', so he twisted the door knob and entered to see Hermione sitting on the edge of the bath, tears flowing down her face. He walked over to her and wiped an escaped tear that was about to fall down her cheek.

"Hermione, tell me, what is wrong, please?"

Hermione sniffed, "I’ve had that dream, but from my point of view and I'm scared. He had...the man, in the dream, he had…he had your eyes, but it wasn’t you. They were full of anger, and hatred and disgust, how yours used to look at me."

"What?" he questioned, "Do you think it’s…" he trailed off, to see Hermione nod her head. "I'm here Hermione, I won’t let anyone hurt you, I promise." 
He wrapped his arms around her, as she listened to the beat of his heart, both minds wondering what was going to eventually happen with Lucius.

A while later, Hermione gasped, "I forgot, it’s Christmas Eve!" She looked up at him and he smiled.
"It is, isn’t it?" he looked down, to see more than he should have. He quickly looked away and coughed awkwardly.

Hermione looked down, and noticed that she still had her nightgown on. "Im going to change." She felt her cheeks redden, "I’ll be in the shower."

Thirty minutes later, Draco emerged from his bedroom to find Hermione in dark blue skinny jeans, a green jumper with a reindeer on the front, and hair hanging loosely around her shoulders and down her back. She was holding a silver wrapped present with a scarlet bow on the top.

Hermione looked up to see Draco wearing black jeans that hung on hips, and a black t-shirt- hair still damp, hanging over his eyes.

"What’s with the confused face?" she laughed.

"Well you’re holding a present, but it’s not Christmas yet, it’s tomorrow." He went and sat down in front of her.

"I know, but I wanted to give it to you today." She smiled, handing him over the silver wrapped present.
Please don’t get angry.

Draco looked down at the present. It’s been years since I received a present. Yes, I received them from Mother, but never anyone else, never willingly.

He turned it upside down, and took off the tape that held it together. He then turned it around, and lifted up the paper, placing it on the table. He felt Hermione’s nervous eyes watching him. He looked down, and studied his gift. It was a book of some sort. It was Dark blue in colour, with an intricate silver outline, that intertwined, to form the name Malfoy. The M seemed like it carried on forever. His breathing became heavier. He turned open the first page to see a still black and white picture on aged papyrus with a silver border. It was a baby, dated '30.7.98' and another dated '05.06.80'. Draco’s eyes grew wide as he realised what they were. He flipped the page again, to see moving pictures of him when he was a child. Turning more pages, he was faced with more pictures of memories he had forgotten he had, along with his hospital band, his first toy wand and a picture of his mother with a pregnant belly holding it with love. More and more pictures were there, but towards the end the pages were blank. He kept on flipping till he got to the back, he then saw a certificate, it said:

Certificate of Registry,
Let it be known that the star located at RA 00:00::00212 and declination+ 01:0512:82
Will be known as Scorpius Abraxas.
In honour of Scorpius Abraxas Malfoy,
Never shall you be forgotten

Draco stared into space, then jolted up, picked the album back up, and ran to his room, closing his door before Hermione could come in. He ran to his bed, and he started to shake.
Hermione watched after Draco in panic.  I expected him to be shocked slightly, but not this. Goodness, what have I done? You’ve really done it this time Hermione, well done. I need to talk to him, apologise. I didn’t mean to make him upset. No. No, Ill wait until you’re ready, Draco, I'm sorry.

She closed her eyes, and imagined a cup of tea to her liking, opened them again, and wrapped her hands around the mug that had appeared, watching the fire. Her mind wandered off, thinking of how she could make it up to Draco.

It was another half an hour before Draco emerged from his room, with a present in one hand, and the album in the other. He sat in front of Hermione, a blank expressionless face.

"I'm sorry." Hermione looked into her lap, and fiddled with her hands.

"For?" Draco raised an eyebrow, and set the album on the table.

"The album." She stammered.

"Why are you sorry about the album? It’s an amazing gift." He smiled at her, getting up and moving to sit next to her.

"But you ran off. You were upset."

"I was upset because that was the first time since going with Mother to her scan that I had seen him. And the name-it was always one of my favourite names; I never knew that Mother had named him." He looked down at Hermione. "The star...that’s just an amazing idea. How did you think of it? How did you get the pictures?"

"Well" she took a deep breath. "You remember I went to the bathroom at St Mungo’s?" Draco nodded. "I didn’t go to the bathroom, I went to the healer and told her my plan for your present. She said it would be a brilliant idea. So when we got back I wrote to McGonagall, telling her the idea too, she liked it, and said she would find your aunt, Andromeda, for me. When she did, I met up with her that night. I told her everything, and she thought it was brilliant. I told her my blood status, and the whole situation and the history. She was delighted you had changed your ways. So we went back to Malfoy Manor, as she said she knew were everything that I needed was as she had been in contact with your mother for some time before the curse was placed upon her. She got all that was needed, and gave them to me while I waited by the front door. I didn’t want to go further in..." Hermione trailed off, staring into space, holding the part of her arm where her scar was. She quickly snapped out, and carried on. "I thanked her so very much, and apparated to Diagon Alley, searching for the perfect album book. I eventually found it at three in the morning. I asked the man behind the counter if he could put the name on the front, which he did. I got back to the apparition point, apparated to just outside of Hogwarts, was searched, and came back here to put it all together again. The next day, I collected the certificate from McGonagall. I had told her his name when I was at Malfoy Manor via Owl. Then, here we are. I left blank pages at the back so you could add more memories that you are going to have." She shrugged and smiled up at him.

"All of that, for me?"

“Yes, and him. I thought you should know his name. He is your brother. Draco, you had a right to know, it shouldn’t have happened to you, not anyone."

"You went into Malfoy Manor." It was a statement rather than a question.

"Yes, I did. Are you mad I went there without your permission?"

"No! No, of course not, that’s’ so brave, Hermione."

She simply smiled at him. "Gryffindor courage and all"

"Thank you, Hermione, this is just…words cannot explain." He embraced her in a hug. "Now my gift feels stupid, as you went through so much trouble for my present." He picked up the gold wrapped present, and handed it to her.

Hermione took a deep breath in, she turned the present around, and gently peeled the tape off, leaving the thin paper covering her gift. She unfolded the paper, and saw the bottom of what looked like a dark green box. She turned the present back around and unfolded the rest of the paper. She saw a simple green box on her lap. She took of the lid, and gasped at the present lying on a cushion inside. It was a silver necklace. The necklace was a simple silver chain that joined at a silver tear drop, with a deep red ruby filling in the lower half of the drop. Then interlocking the drop and the chain, was a turned infinity sign, with small diamonds cut in along the the rim of the sign. Hermione beamed,

"Draco, this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It must have cost so much. I can’t take it, it looks really expensive." Hermione said, looking at the necklace she now held with her fingers, glistening in the sun light.

"Hermione, you’re worth it." He smiled.

She stood up, and motioned him to put it on her, he did so and he turned her back around. The necklace sat in the middle of her chest and glistened in the light.

"Thank you Draco, it’s beautiful. I have to do something, I have to go." She quickly kissed him on the lips, and left the common room.

I need to do this, I need to confront Ron, I miss him-as my friend.

She walked down towards the Gryffindor common room, entered it, and walked in, to see Harry, Ginny, Neville, Ron and Lavender sitting by the roaring fire. Everyone looked up at her as she walked in, all smiling apart from two, Ron got up to leave, but before he could, Hermione began to speak.

"Everyone, I just wanted to ask you something," Hermione looked at the faces staring back at her, "I was wondering, if you all wanted to come to mine and Malfoy’s common room tomorrow for Christmas, where you can open your gifts. I just thought our common room would be better, as it’s bigger, and it would be just us." Hermione took a deep breath.

"Yeah Mione, that sounds like a good idea!" Harry said, smiling.

"I'll ask Luna too." Ginny said, smiling. 

"That includes you Ron, and Lavender. Ronald, can I speak to you outside for a moment? Please?"

Ron got up, nodding, and led the way out.

The portrait swung open, and Hermione stepped out first and turned to Ron, as he stood in front of her.

"Ron, I just-"

Ron cut her off. "Hermione, I'm so sorry. Merlin I was a horrible person and I should have said something. I know you didn’t deserve what I did and I don’t deserve your friendship, but I’ve really missed you, and your company. I was such an idiot, still am." He looked down, nervously.

"Ron, I forgive you. I just wish you had told me, I would have understood, I know you can’t help who you like," Hermione looked down, a certain blonde floating into her mind, "and I’ve missed you too, that's why I wanted you and Lavender to come tomorrow too." She smiled.

"Sure, that would be nice, is it too early for a hug?"

"Just a bit."

"Okay Mione."

They headed back in, and Hermione told them that she had to go back, to go over the plans for the ball again, just to make sure everything was organised. 

Hermione said the password to Dumbledore’s portrait, and entered the common room, finding Draco reading a book. She greeted him and then went over to the drawer, pulling over the plans for the ball. She put them on the table and started to check through them.

"Hermione, you have gone over them as many times as Dumbledore ate a sherbet lemon. You know there is nothing wrong with them! I’ve had a look through them aswell, I didn’t find any flaws!"

"I know, im just nervous, I’ve never co-organised a project this big before."

"You will do fine! Where’d you get off to anyways?"

Hermione looked up nervously, "Well, II invited everyone here tomorrow, for Christmas. Since last year everyone was split up, I thought it would be nice for everyone, including you, to get together in here."

"Everyone? In here? With me and you, are you crazy? They all HATE me, why would you do that Hermione?

"Because I’ve missed them, all of them, I hardly saw any of them last year, they could have died. Some did die, I didn’t even get to say goodbye to any of them. Remus, Tonks, FRED, everyone else who I cared for. I want to make the most of the time I have with the people I have around me."

"When you say all of them, does this mean Weasley? Dont tell me you invited Weasley?" Anger rose in Draco.

"and Lavender." Hermione looked down, Draco standing up.


"Yes" Hermione barely squeaked her answer.


"BECAUSE I MISS HIM. WE WERE BEST FRIENDS FOR SEVEN YEARS. SEVEN YEARS, DRACO. Her Gryffindor courage was coming through now. She stood up, shouting back at him.

"AFTER WHAT HE DID? HE CHEATED ON YOU!" Draco’s eyes were full of fury.

"Well, I’ve had worse SAID and done to me. MUCH WORSE."

"Like?" Draco didn’t realise what this comment had done to Hermione.

"YOU, of all people, should know. Or don’t you remember the last seven years?" Hermione looked at him for a second longer. Draco rooted to the spot in shock, tears welling up in her eyes that Draco noticed. She turned around and went to her bedroom, leaving Draco alone with his thoughts. 

Crap. What did I just do? Of course I would know worse things that have been said and done to her. It was me doing them. Still, she thinks that what I did was worse than the Weasel cheating? Draco sat down, knowing he would have to apologise eventually, and put his head in his hands.

Hermione slammed the door behind her and ran to her bed, letting the tears fall.
 I did’nt mean what I said. I honestly didn’t, I was just angry, but…but I forgave you Draco, surely you could understand me forgiving Ron?

Hermione lay down on her bed, facing the celling. She watched as the lion and the serpent snapped at each other, never had Hermione seen this before.

It was a long time before Hermione emerged from her bedroom, Draco stood up, but Hermione didn’t acknowledge him, she just simply walked past, not looking or saying anything his way. She walked out the room and towards the Great Hall- dinner on a Christmas Eve, was always a fantastic feast that not even an angry Hermione Granger could miss. She walked into the hall, and saw everyone sitting together, even Luna had joined the table. Harry looked at her swollen eyes, and red cheeks.

"Hermione, what happened?" Everyone else started to notice Hermione.

"Nothing, it was nothing."

"Mione, were not stupid." Ginny studied her friend.

"Did the nargels get to you?" Luna said, in her usual dreamy voice.
"No, just me and Dr-Malfoy had an argument, that’s all." Hermione started to put some food on her plate, ignoring everyone else's concerned faces. Lavender being the exception, she simply looked bored with the conversation. 

"What did the ferret say?" Ron asked, his ears going pink.

Hermione cringed at the word ferret. "It doesn’t matter, honestly. I'm fine, it’s over and done with." Hermione looked up, and saw Draco walk in, he looked stressed. His eyes flicked over to the Gryffindor table to see many angry faces looking back.

He trudged over to to Blaise and sat himself heavily down on the bench.

"What’s up mate?" Blaise asked his usually perked up friend.

"Nothing" Draco put his head down onto his folded arms.


"Just regretting things."

"Oh alright." Blaise knew to drop it when Draco was regretting things.

They carried on eating their dinner in silence, ignoring Pansy’s desperate calls to Draco.
Occasionally, Blaise glanced at Draco in concern. 

I wonder if this is to do with Granger. She looks pretty fed up too. Maybe me and Weasley should drop the plan, I mean, there is a lot of bad stuff there, a lot. I know he regrets it all but the thing is will Granger ever fully forgive him? It probably made a deep scar. Even if she does, I don’t think she will properly. One nasty comment and I think she will flip. He’s stepping on thin ice, and I think he just cracked it.

Hermione excused herself from her friends, after reminding them they have to be at her common room for eleven the next day. She got up and started to head back to her common room. Walking through the halls, she looked at her surroundings. 

It’s weird, to think that this time last year, Harry and I were searching for the horcruxes, and were trying to defeat a man...Was he even a man? A man that is now dead and gone. Maybe he loved once? His mother? Surely every man has loved someone in their time?

She was now near her room, when she saw a small sliver plaque bearing an engraved message:
Here lies the memory of Remus John Lupin, and Nymphadora Tonks, to their son Teddy, they love you, and are protecting you. Hermione felt tears in her eyes, and gently placed her right hand on the plaque, tracing the engraved of the names.

Feeling worse than she had before, she carried on walking to the common room and entered the room. She cast Incendio and the fireplace was full of flames, warming up the cold room.
Sinking into the sofa, Hermione watched the flames grow. 

What a Christmas Eve this has been, could it get any odder? My first fight with Draco. I'm still angry at him, but I miss him.

It was another hour before the portrait swung open, the clock had just struck ten o’clock when Draco went through the corridor and into the common room. Not saying a thing, he walked up to Hermione, put his hands on her cheeks, and kissed her hard. Hermione responded with equal passion. Draco pulled away. 

"I'm sorry, I didn’t mean it." He said in between kisses. "I was, and still am, an idiot. Do you forgive me?"
Hermione pulled back, looking into his grey eyes. "I'm the one who’s apologising, I shouldn’t have said what I said, it was wrong."

"You didn’t mean it?" He was still holding her cheeks

"No, I didn’t." A single tear escaped her eyes.

Draco reacted by kissing it away, giving her tiny kisses until he found her mouth. They soon found fiery passion in themselves. Draco skimmed the bottom of her lips with his tongue, and Hermione parted her lips in permission. Draco’s hands found her back underneath her jumper and he skimmed her back bone lightly with his middle finger, causing a tingling sensation down her. Hermione put her hands around his neck, and locked her hands; she jumped and wrapped her legs around his hips, Draco backing her against the same wall as they had done before. He pulled away, looking into Hermione’s eyes asking a silent question. Hermione knew what he was asking and she was ready. She nodded her head and kissed him again, tugging on the tuft of hair on the back of his neck. She found the use of her hands, and pulled at his top. Draco knew what she was trying to do and he quickly whipped it over his head, leaving his exposed, buff torso. He kissed the nape of her neck until he found her sweet spot. She let out a small moan, making Draco’s hips lean towards her, and Hermione’s hips responded just as eagerly as his. Hermione slid down the wall, and led Draco to his white bedroom. He got on his bed first, and pulled Hermione underneath him; she quickly wiggled off her jeans, and closed her eyes, ready for the next step in their relationship.

In a tangle of bed sheets, Hermione fluttered open her eyes, she took in a deep breath and smiled to herself. 
I'm now emotionally and physically attached to Draco. If someone had told me this a year ago, I would have told them they needed their brain checked by a healer.

"Why would someone need their brain checked by a healer?" Draco said in his sleepy voice, eyes still closed.

"I was just thinking, and not realising I was speaking aloud, that if someone had told me a year ago that I, Hermione Jean Granger, would be this attached to Draco Lucius Malfoy, I would have told them to get their brain checked by a healer." She giggled.

"Merry Christmas to you too." Draco managed to open one eye, and he looked at Hermione. Her hair was in a mess, her makeup was now non-existent, and her skin was glowing. Wow, never has she looked more beautiful. His eyes then made their way to her chest, seeing the only thing she still had on: his necklace.

Hermione sat up, and wrapped the sheets round herself, "Its Christmas! Merry Christmas!" She bent down and planted a quick kiss on his lips. She then looked at the clock on the opposite wall, which read '10.30'

"It's late!" She squealed. 

Hermione threw the sheets off her, not caring about her indecency and quickly put on Draco’s shirt from the previous day.

"Everyone’s coming round in half an hour!"


"I’ll be in the shower."

"Care for me to join? You do look awfully sexy in my shirt."

Hermione stood at the edge of the bed and raised an eyebrow, then left without saying another word.
Draco then lay back down, replaying the events of last night over and over again in his head.
It was another 20 minutes before Hermione emerged from her bedroom, she magically dried her hair-putting it in a messy curly bun on the top of her head and put on another pair of blue skinny jeans, and a plain red jumper. 

She went back into the common room, and closed her eyes, imaging a glorious breakfast fit for Merlin.

Opening her eyes, she saw it was laid out on the table. She squealed and placed everyone's Christmas presents underneath the tree.  Ah, Christmas is my favourite time of the year, and now, it’s even better.
She and Draco carried on talking about all different things when there was a knock on the portrait door. Hermione jumped up in excitement, and went down to the portrait, and allowed them in, a murmur of 'hellos’ and a lot of hugs were given and she led them down the corridor, to find Draco’s door closed.

"Mione, you sure he’s fine with us being here?" Harry said, joining the others by sitting down on the extended sofas.

"I'm sure." She smiled, taking a deep breath. "Breakfast anyone? I know this isn’t as great as the usual feast"

"No Hermione, this is bloody brilliant." Ron eyed the food hungrily.

"Well, tuck in then." She smiled, and watched as her friends filled their plates with food. 

This isn’t right; Draco should be here, with me, with us. Everyone is enjoying themselves and Draco’s alone on Christmas, that’s not right.  "One second guys."

Six pair of eyes followed her as she stepped up to Draco’s room. She gently knocked on the door, and disappeared inside. She soon emerged from Draco's room, his hand in hers, and she led him next to the Christmas tree: ready to face her peers, 

"Hermione, what are you doing?" Draco whispered.

"This" She stood on her tiptoes, and kissed Draco on the lips, ignoring the gasps and squeal from the crowd before her. She pulled away, to see Harry, Ron and Neville standing with angry faces, Ginny and Luna clapping with delight, and Lavender not really caring what went on.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Were the only words that left Ron’s mouth.




A/N: well Hi there!

Im so sorry guys that i took so long to upload, i was having trouble with the Siruis one-shot, and i cant upload it at the moment, so i need to re-write it, so i made this chapter twice as long! Im now writing chapter 15!

OMR THEY FINALLY DID IT! <3 yaay, what do you guys think? i re-wrote that paragraph so many times!

I missed writing Ron, so i wanted to bring him back, but im still writing Lavender as a little bitch. 

Please rate and review, as it means so much to me, and i hope you enjoyed this chapter,

love you all,

SlightObession <3


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A Bottle Full of Love: What the hell?


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