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my brothers bestfriend by Candeekiller
Chapter 5 : to close
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Remus Lupin

"dude seriously get your own bacon"

"but your's is so delicious"
Sirius once again stole the bacon from my plate. the kiss changed nothing although i wont pretend that it was a little awkward the next day.
And Remus noticed more then he should have.

i still remember the weird conversation i woke up to a week ago.

"you know you shouldn't go there"

"excuse me?"

"Sirius dont pretend you dont know what im talking about. Dren?"

"nothing happened"
Remus stepped closer to Sirius in a brotherly manner but not brotherly to him...protective to me.

"so you're telling me that wasn't a kiss i saw last night."

"it wasn't like that"

"james would kill you"

Sirius stepped closer to remus speaking sternly "it wasn't like that"
it wasn't like that for him and to be honest it hurt a little to think he didnt really care
*end flashback*

i never told them i heard their little tiff; it's bad enough Sirius didn't think or feel anything about the kiss I dont need to hear Remus' opinion on it.

"I dont care steal her bacon."
i gestured towards emmaline who has taken to sitting with us more then usual since the 'big ask'. Flashing his most charming smile he turned to her.

"emma can i have your bacon?"
she smiles and handed it over. as he scarfs it down she kisses him on the cheek

"see you in potions i have to meet dorcas."
he nodded and turned to me and James with a smile and waved his plate of bacon which i hastily snatched from him

"HEY! that's mine"

"not anymore it isn't."

"you dont mess with a mans bacon" he said with a stern face rising from his seat to take it back

"you take my bacon i take yours"
he smiled. today i win. he got to win yesterday with my waffles; i'll be damned if i let him win the bacon.

"For todays lesson we will be making the Deflating Draught any idea's on what it is used for?"

of course Lily's hand flew into the air much to Slughorns delight.

"the deflating draught is used to reduce swelling of a magical nature often used as an antidote to the swelling solution"

"very good ms evans ten points to Griffyndor."
with a wave of his wand the list of ingredients was posted on the board in the front of our classroom as he continued to tell us about the potion we were to concoct for him. Lily being in a light mood this morning wasn't entirely paying attention to the lesson; a first but i suppose when you have top marks in potions your full attention isn't required.
im so glad she's my best friend if i t wasn't for her i wouldn't even be in potions this year.
"you know potter i cant help but wonder if this potion would work on your ego."

"Are you saying i'm magical evans?"
she rolled her eyes at his presumption seeing as he completely ignored her refrence to his being completely egotistic

"no simply that there's no possible way that you think you're really that great"

"go on a date and find out i promised you wont be disappointed"

"bite me."

"with pleasure" a sly grin was plastered on my brothers face as he left their station to gather the ingredients with Sirius; they laughed as they went into the storage cupboard and i smiled thinking how lucky i am to have them both.

When sirius and i finished our potion we took a vile each and set it on slughorns desk just as he asked with no class before lunch we really didnt have anything to do
except homework that will go ignored.

"So Mister Black anything in particular you had in mind for todays debauchery?"
i ran my fingers through my hair carelessly playing with the soft locks and twirling them around my fingers; he grinned mischievously as an idea popped into his head.

"oh i have few thoughts"

"oh no that look is never good"
so we hexed a few choice people out of boredom. mostly older students that annoy us from other house though i noticed that Alex Wood had managed to get in the way of a nicely done bat-bogey hex form sirius

i really didnt feel like carrying my things around anymore so i told the former i would meet him near the black lake so i could run up to my dorm and drop off the things i dont need for the rest of the day and he could run down to the kitchens because he couldn't wait another hour to eat lunch
but i never made it since i failed to notice a certain Slytherin following me til he pushed me against a wall pressing his body into mine.

"Dren. you've been avoiding me for a week now"

"haven't been in the mood consider it a job well done"
his lips were trailing my neck. warm and soft and tempting.
his hand that caressed the skin beneath my top trailed down to my waist pulling me closer

"Lucius I'm really not in the mood."

"we both know how easily you're persuaded"

"i have somewhere to be"

a hand found its way much further down then my waist i tried to resist his touch but i just couldn't help myself. he knows what gets me after a whoe summer of sneaking around.

my belongings fell to the floor as i wrapped my arms around him and threw my head back just letting him do as he pleased
and wondering if we could get away with having sex right here

unfortunately in the halls people wander and Lily just so happened to wander upon us

"ugh please tell me he's merely passing through"

"fuck off mudblood"

i pushed him off of me in anger "dont call her that!"

i rolled my eyes and grabbed my bag from the floor and began to walk away with lily;a very flustered blond hot on my trail

"damn it Dren i am not finished with you"

"you should leave."

he stopped in his tracks a smirk lingering on his smug face "tonight?"
i nodded with a sigh telling myself i wouldn't go but i know that i will.i looked to lily who had a look of disappointment in her eyes as he took his leave.

"Dren come on they have the map and if they see him with us they'll come running lets go"

"yes i know"

"you need to stop this; he's not as careful as he was before"

"it's fine"

"Dren; we are a mere ten minute walk from the common room and he practically jumped you. Anyone could have seen."

"but they didn't"
she rested a hand on my arm causing me to stop and turn towards her and come to find a look of concern.

"i did and you are so lucky it was only me. what if it was James or Remus. What if it was Sirius?"
i nodded; reluctantly admitting that was she was indeed right. had it been anyone else i'd be screwed. even if it wasn't my brother and our friends there is no doubt in my mind that word would have traveled and i'd be a pariah.

"Dren!" sirius hopped up with a grin on his face and all my hostility melted away knowing

"pads i have so much to discuss with you.. Emma can i borrow him for a sec?"
i turned to Emmaline who nodded as she sat chatting happily with the others not really hearing me. i dragged him away from the group of overly excited girls to sit at the edge of the lake with the marauders and lily

the sun was warm on my back as i pulled out my pack of Camel cigarettes and handed one to Sirius before sparking one myself.

"thank you for that Emma is trying to convince me to go to that new place"

"the ridiculously pink one?"

"Madam Puddifoots where the insanely girly and the whipped venture"

"oh i would pay to see that"

"i wouldnt be caught dead in that place"

"try telling emma that."

"i have"
james laughed heartily at sirius' situtation "pads you my friend are going to have such a wonderful time"

"shut it prongs"
he punched my brother playfully in the arm as remus and i sat chatting idly to one another.

"so..Pads and Emma. who would've thought"

" yeah it's absolutely thrilling." my voice was dry and sarcastic. jelousy rising at the mere mention of their new found relationship.

"You can't do this Dren."

"i'm sorry"i dont want to have this talk.

"i know you like him Dren; its been in the works for ages but honestly its a bad idea. he knows it and so do you"

"should i know what you're talking about?"

i am so busted

"it cant go beyond that kiss in the dorms and your so lucky that is was me who saw and not james."

a heavy sigh escaped my lungs "oh that was nothing. just me looking for entertainment"

"i know you have feelings for him and he has feelings for you but, Dren he and James are like brothers and this could ruin that. its too close to home to risk it."
i nodded pretending to agree with whatever it was that remus was saying to me
i know i should've been listening to the part where it could majorly fuck things up with our little family but in all reality i only heard one thing.

he has feelings for you

A/N so heres chapter five...ive been a little busy with classes and work sorry for the wait hope you like it rate/ review

i might edit this a little later on when i was reading it to myself it seemed off but then again im my toughest critic

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my brothers bestfriend: to close


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