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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 10 : Standing up for what you believe in
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“Dad, Louis just came over to see me.” Freya told her father, pushing Louis’s hands away from her stomach.

“I thought I made my feelings clear on the subject, I will not be having Louis over here.” Ted stated to Freya, he then turned to Louis. “So I think that you should leave.”

“We need to talk about the baby; you said we could communicate if it was about the baby.” Louis said, a bit more bravely then he felt.

“They were to be strictly in letter form, I don’t want you around here getting silly ideas into Freya’s head when it’s already been decided.”

“Silly ideas? What you mean keeping our baby? I really don’t think that it’s your decision to make whether or not we keep the baby. Plus, how are we meant to be communicating through letters when you won’t even let her send any, or reply back to mine.”

“Have you thought that maybe she doesn’t want to reply to your letters? Have you thought about what Freya wants through all of this?”

“Have you?”

Ted’s face turned an angry shade of red as he pointed to the door, “Get out of my house.”

“If you try to take my baby away from me, I am going to take you to court, you are going to have a big fight on your hands Mr Jackson. I won’t be giving up my right to raise her just because you think it’s the right thing to do.” Louis told him angrily, as he walked from the room and down the stairs, he could hear Ted and Freya following him.

“Dad, please just listen.”

“No Freya, go to your room,”

“You can’t treat me like this, I am an adult.”

“You are a teenager, and whilst you’re under my roof, you are going to abide by my rules.” Ted yelled back at her, Louis turned around to see that Freya was in tears.

“You can’t make him leave, dad, I need to talk to him, we need to sort everything out.”

“There’s nothing to sort out, you knew he wasn’t allowed in my house and you disobeyed my rules.”

“I came around; don’t have a go at her for it.” Louis told him, backing away from Ted as he walked towards him; Ted was ignoring Freya’s tugging on his arm to stop walking.

Louis grabbed for the door handle of the front door and opened it, standing inside the house whilst he stared at Ted, who Freya had managed to stop.

“My daughter will not have her life ruined just because you both couldn’t control your hormones.” Ted faltered slightly in his anger and looked at the boy in front of him, a brave look trying to cross his face, but Ted knew that Louis was just hiding the terror that he was feeling at the prospect of everything.

“Louis, have you thought that maybe this is the best way? That this is the chance you can live your life the way you were meant to. I know you want this baby now, but give it a few weeks or months and you’ll see differently. It’s not all cute smiles and hugs, it’s a lot of hard work, and you’ll have to give up so much.”

“I want to look after my child,” Louis said defiantly, he could see Freya had let go of Ted’s arm and had crossed her arms in front of her. Louis wondered for a moment if she knew that she was slouching slightly as though trying to hide the bump, had Ted got it into her head that she shouldn’t have this baby so much that she would willingly hide any evidence that she was pregnant?

“I’m giving you a way out here Louis, don’t be stupid and think this through.” Ted said, causing Louis to look at Ted again, Louis hated how much he seemed to be brainwashing his own daughter just because he didn’t believe in something.

“I have thought this through, and I am not giving up my baby without a fight.” Louis said, his eyes glancing at Freya again, who was watching him with a sad look on her face, she almost looked defeated. Ted turned to look at Freya as well; she refused to look at her father.

“You’ll be having a pretty big fight on your hands. Can’t you see that Freya’s not ready, that none of you are? You’re going to regret this for the rest of your life, if you cared so much, why can’t you see that the baby will be much happier in a family that can afford to keep it. Instead of a teenager who doesn’t know what the hell his future is going to hold.”

“And do you know exactly what’s going to happen in your future?” Louis asked heatedly, “do you know what you’re going to be doing every day?”

Ted glared down at the boy standing in front of him.

“You may be able to bully Freya, but there’s no way on earth you can bully me. I can stand up for myself, you don’t scare me.”

Louis hoped that he wasn’t going to end up regretting his words.

“Get out of my house.” Ted growled.

Louis rolled his eyes at Ted in annoyance before he turned back to Freya, who was watching him through more tears.

“If you need a break from this prison then you’re more than welcome to stay at my house, then maybe we could finally talk and make a decision that only we can make.” He blew a kiss to Freya before walking out of the house; he heard the door slam loudly behind him as he walked up the garden path, hearing the faint sounds of Ted and Freya arguing. He wished he could go back to stop it, but he knew that he would make it worse, he looked down at his shaking hands and felt sick as the anger flooded through him. He was so proud of himself for standing up to Ted Jackson, as much as his brain was telling him to not say anything and just let Ted get his own way to avoid a confrontation he had never felt better. There was no way on earth he was going to let Ted dictate his life, his father had always told him to not let anyone tell him that he was unable to do something, if he believed that he could then he should always try. He was going to make damn sure that he was going to try for his daughter, she needed someone that was going to go to the ends of the earth to fight for her, and there was no better person than him.


“How was it?” Victoire asked Louis after he had walked into the house, kicking his shoes off at the front door and making his way into the front room.

“Absolutely terrible, Ted turned up and kicked me out of the house. But not after I gave him a piece of my mind, I told him that he may be able to bully Freya but he won’t be able to bully me.”

Victoire smiled at him proudly, walking over to him from her seat on the sofa and hugging him tightly. “Good on you, don’t let him tell you what you can and can’t do. He’ll realise that it’s not his choice to make soon enough.”

“I really don’t think that he will,” Louis said sadly, moving away from his sister and taking a seat on the sofa, running a hand over his tired and weary face.

“Did you get to spend some time with Freya, though?” Victoire asked, taking a seat next to him, bringing her legs up and resting them on Louis’ lap as she leant against the arm of the sofa. Louis crinkled his nose up at her.

“I hope you know how much your feet stink,” he joked. Victoire hit him lightly on the arm and laughed at him, waving a foot in his face. Louis laughed and pushed her foot back down, resting his arms on them.

“Yeah, I got to see her for a while, it wasn’t that long, but it was still better than nothing. She’s got a bigger stomach than last time.” Louis told her with a small smile.

“I think you’ll find that the correct term is a baby bump,”

“Whatever, it’s called, it’s amazing that there’s a baby growing inside of her.” He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the scan picture that Freya had given to him to look at, that he had been unable to give back to her in the argument he had with her father. He handed it to his sister with a smile on his face; Victoire took it in excitement and let out a loud squeal of delight as she looked down at it.

“Oh wow you can see its little nose, this is going to be the cutest little baby in the world,” Victoire cooed.

“Definitely, have you seen Freya? She’s going to take after her mother.” Leaning over to look at the scan as well, he didn’t think he could ever not be amazed by it.
Victoire looked up quickly at his words, her mouth falling open. Louis smirked at her reaction.

“A girl? You’re having a girl?” Victoire asked him, Louis gave her a nod in response. She let out another loud squeal and hugged onto Louis tightly, it was a bit awkward from the way they were sitting and it was beginning to make Louis’s back ache but he didn’t care.

“I hope that Dom, mum and dad come back soon so I can tell them and show them the scan.”

They had arrived a few hours after Louis had come back home, Dom was the last one to arrive home, looking pretty exhausted. But she perked up instantly once Louis had told her that he had something that he wanted to show her. Louis had to admit that her reaction was the best one of the day.

Louis had passed her the scan of the baby and told her that he was having a girl and Dom had replied by bursting into tears.

Louis let out a laugh as he pulled his sister towards him in a hug, he had never seen Dom so much as shed a tear since she had been a child, and here she was, tears in her eyes as she held a hand over her mouth, looking down at the scan in her hands.

“Oh Dommie,” he said, she moved her hand away from her mouth and wrapped it around Louis as they hugged. Still looking tearfully down at the scan and giving a few sniffs.

“It’s just, you’re having a little girl and she’s so small in this picture. She’s already like a whole little person, and we haven’t even met her yet.”

Fleur, Bill and Victoire all let out small laughs as they looked at Dom lovingly. Dom had moved away from Louis and handed the picture to her father, who looked down at it proudly, before she began waving her hands in front of her face as though trying to stop her tears from falling.

“I already love her, as crazy as that sounds.” Dom told them all. Victoire walked over to Dom and put her arm around her, leaning her head onto her shoulder as she agreed with her sister.

“We should share this good news with your Nan and Granddad,” Bill told them all as he passed the scan back to Louis who placed it gently into his pocket. “We should have been at The Burrow half an hour ago.” He told them all.

The others all nodded at his words, Victoire took Dom by the hand and led her out of the room, talking about how she would have to redo Dom’s make up for her. Dom was all too happy to be pulled out of the room by her sister.

Fleur gave her son a hug and a kiss on the cheek before she walked out of the room, to pick up the Easter eggs that she had brought for the family to take with them. Bill clapped a hand on Louis’s shoulder as they were left alone.

“We’ll have to see if dad has a photo frame you can have, then you could put the scan on the wall of the baby’s room,” Bill told him, Louis agreed with him and gave a wide smile, Bill gave him a wink before walking out of the room. Louis pulled the scan back out of his pocket and looked down at it again, still amazed.


“I want to show you something,” Arthur Weasley said to his grandson Louis after they had all eaten their dinner, everyone around the table was feeling quite stuffed and Louis knew that he wanted to take a rather big nap after eating all of that food.

Louis turned to his Granddad and nodded, watching his granddad get out of the chair and walk out of the room, Louis followed him, passing his Uncle Harry who gave him a wink as he passed.

“What is it Granddad?” Louis asked, they had walked out of the house and into the garden; Arthur just gave a smile before opening the door to one of the sheds in the garden. He opened the door and stepped in, Louis following.

The shed from the outside looked like a regular garden shed, painted a faded light blue that was peeling away in places, and there appeared to be a hole in part of the roof. But on the inside it had been magically expanded to be about five times its size, the hole in the roof seeming to be nothing more than decoration on the outside. Arthur walked towards the back of the shed, passing by various Muggle knickknacks and pieces of planks of wood, to an area that seated a work bench, next to that work bench was something rather large covered in a sheet that kept the dust and dirt off of the item it was concealing.

Arthur waited until Louis had walked fully over before he pulled the sheet off and Louis could only look down in amazement at it.

In front of him was a cot that seemed to be made out of Oak wood, it was a dark brown and looked amazing. Louis walked closer and ran his hand over the smooth wood, taking in every detail of it that he could make out.

“I made this, with the help of magic, of course, for Bill and Fleur when they were first expecting Victoire. But by the time I finished, they had already brought a cot. I then thought of giving it to one of my other children, but they too had already brought everything for the baby.” Arthur told him, looking down on the cot, before a look of sadness seemed to cross his eyes, “Besides who would want something made instead of some brand name.”

“It’s beautiful Granddad,” Louis said, running his hand over the wooden cot again, it didn’t look handmade in the slightest.

“You could never tell that it was handmade. The detail is extraordinary; I love the dragons on the headboard.” Louis said, running a finger over the Dragon that seemed to be etched into the wood, it must have taken hours to make. “I just love everything about it. I can’t believe none of my Aunts and Uncles took it.”

“That would be because I never told any of them I had made it, I didn’t want them to feel like they had to take it.” Arthur told him, walking around and placing a hand on his Grandsons’ shoulder,
“I want you to have it, I feel like you would appreciate it the most.”

Louis turned to him and hugged onto him, surprising Arthur, who hugged him back. “Thank you so much, this really does mean so much to me that you would give me the honour of having this. Granddad this is good enough that you could have sold it.”

Arthur gave Louis a smile before pulling away from him. “I’ll get Bill to come in and help me move it to your house. I hear that Dominique and Victoire are going to be sharing so you could have the other room for the baby, so when that’s all done you can put the cot straight in.”

“You’re amazing Granddad, I love you.” Louis said, hugging Arthur again, who let out a small chuckle.


Everyone was amazed by the cot when they had all seen it, after Arthur had got Bill to help get it into the house, helped by Harry who had told Arthur that he was more than happy to help. They had all congratulated Arthur for his fine work and admired the beauty of the piece of furniture in front of him. It wasn’t long after then that Louis, Dom and Victoire had all decided to go home and get started on moving all of Dom’s things into Victoires room, so that they could have somewhere to put the cot.

It had taken them the rest of the night and up until the early hours of the morning to manage to get everything into Victoire and Dom’s now shared room, with all three of them working, and with the help of Bill and Fleur once they had come back. Bill had charmed the cot to shrink small enough that he was able to carry it whilst flooing from The Burrow, and had charmed it back to its regular size once they were able to get it into the baby’s room.

Louis looked around the room as he leant against the doorframe with his mother, looking around the room.

“It’s strange to think that there will be a baby in this room again,” Fleur said, looking around with a small smile, “after all of these years.”

Louis gave his mum a smile as he looked at the empty room, hearing the slight echo of their voices reverberating around the almost empty room.

Bill joined them a few moments later, with a picture frame in his hands, he handed it to Louis.

“I think that you should put the picture into your room until we can start painting this room.” He told him.

Louis gave a nod as he looked around the room again, his parents both bid him Goodnight before leaving him on his own in the room. Louis looked down at the photo in his hands and ran a finger over the glass, just above where his little girls face was. Thinking about how different everything was going to be in a few months time, it wouldn’t be long until she was using this room and that thought made him both excited and terrified.

A/N: Wow a quick update! :D I've planned a lot of chapters for this story so I hope you all continue reading! Let me know what you think, do you like Arthurs gift? Do you all still hate Ted?


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