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Worthy of You by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 1 : The Chase
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The afternoon sun beat down on him, beginning to burn his still tanned skin. Sweat soaked through his shirt and dripped down his forehead, causing a path along his cheek and falling from his chin. But Lysander kept on running.

He pushed his way through the streets of Diagon Alley, knocking people left and right to make room; he was long past calling out apologies. "Move," he shouted instead.

He could feel his wand sliding up and down his left arm, the tip hidden from view in his closed fist; partly so not to scare shoppers while on duty, but mainly to stop it from falling through his sleeve and onto the ground.

He turned the corner on the right, past the Weasley joke shop and Ollivanders, and caught sight of his suspect once again. "Stop!"

The cloaked figure continued to flee and Lysander sped up. The soles of his sneakers hit the cobbled ground with so much force, he could feel the outline of each stone dig into his feet and he swore, but he forced his way through the pain. He unclasped his hand, allowing his wand to slide out, and he grabbed it before it could fall. He side-stepped a young mother, jumping over her daughter's stuffed dragon, and pointed it at his target, the stunning spell on the tip of his tongue. "I said stop!"

Then the suspect turned slightly and fog filled the air, just enough to slow Lysander a little, his vision impaired. He ran, half-blind, through the mist, bumping into more of the crowd, until the he was in clean air, and stopped. Lysander spun in circles, his suspect lost. "Shit," he cursed.

He turned on the handsfree intercom connected to his ear, grateful that, unlike the Muggle device it was based on, George Weasley had been able to use magic to make sure signal wouldn't be lost between people due to distance. They had meant to be toys for kids, "a way for them to continue making plans for their pranks with his merchandise, even at bedtime" George had said, but the Law Enforcement departpant had more than welcomed them as part of the Ministry. He and his partner were able to keep in contact no matter where the other was.

"I lost him," he said.

"Where are you?"

Lysander looked around quickly. "By Flourish and Blotts. What about you?"

"Outside the Leaky Cauldron," his partner answered into his ear. Lysander nodded, though the other man couldn't see, and began to walk to the wall that would take him through the pub. He took slow, deep breaths to slow his heart rate down; he'd been away too long it seemed.

"Get out here now," his partner demanded. "He came through the wall, out the pub and turned left. You do the same, I'll cut him off from the other direction."

"I'm on it." Lysander let go of the device and picked up the pace again. He moved about impatiently waiting for the wall to open, then made a run for it through the pub and into the streets. He turned left as his partner had said and found him not far away. "I've got him."

Lysander scanned the street for Muggles, before pulling out his wand again. He raised it in a defensive position. "Hey! This is the Auror department. You're under arrest, stop running and drop your wand!"

The suspect turned, his cloak falling down to reveal his shaggy, brown hair that fell below his eyes and a sickly pale complexion. He pointed his wand at Lysander, but Lysander was quicker and shouted the Stunning spell before the suspect had a chance to speak. The suspect moved just in time, the incantation missing him by mere inches, and started to speed up again. "I hate it when they run," Lysander muttered, following him.

They ran into a busy street and Lysander hid his wand quickly. He dodged more people, his words a mixture of apologies, demands to get out of the way and directions for his partner to take. He followed the suspect across the road, slowing when a car came towards him. It stopped just in time for Lysander to slide across the edge of the bumper. "Sorry!" he yelled to the driver, thankful Hugo wasn't there to see it; he would throw a fit about his safety when he heard.

He watched the man turn right and, knowing the area, went in the other direction to cut him off, hoping his suspect would go the way he thought. Lysander was right; they collided into each other when the two streets met and Lysander grabbed him by the arms, pinning them to his back while he told the man his rights.

"You just had to make it difficult," Lysander said, panting a little, trying to get his breath back.

"Screw you," he spat. "I bet you wouldn't have bothered if it were your gang loving boyfriend. Tell me, what's it like to be betraying your Ministry by shagging a member of La Oscurità?"

Lysander said nothing, refusing to take the bait, though he did take satisfaction in binding the Muggle cuffs a little too tightly around the wanted man's wrists.

"Nothing to say to that, Auror?" he asked mockingly.

Lysander moved a little closer to whisper in his ear. "I wouldn't try anything if I were you." He looked up to see his partner leaning against a wall, waiting for them. "You ever heard the phrase 'good cop, bad cop'?"

"Yeah," he said nervously. "What about it?"

Lysander nodded his head to the partner, who he recognized instantly, and Lysander was sure he had paled more than he already was. "I'm the good cop."

They moved into the alley and Lysander stopped right in front of Albus Potter, who took the man's other arm, ready to Apparate him to the Ministry's holding cells before Azkaban. "So nice to see you again, Tommy."

"Potter," he acknowledged bitterly.

They landed at the Apparition point and Lysander loosened his grip slightly; he hated the mode of transport, it made him feel sick every time. Albus' concerned green eyes made his way to his Godbrother, making sure he was alright, only taking the prisoner when Lysander nodded his head. "When are you going to learn that if you continue to steal things, I'm always going to come after you and bring you back to jail?" he told Tommy condescendingly. He took the cuffs off once they were in the cell and Albus stepped out, closing the barred door in his face. "If you hate seeing me so much, why don't you try not breaking the law?"

He stepped away smiling and made his way out of the holding cells, Lysander falling in step with him. "Why is he the only one who's buttons you purposely push?"

"Oh, Tommy and I go way back," Albus explained, his arm wrapped around the younger man's shoulders as they made their way to the elevator. "He was my first case, you know. I was his babysitter and we've been like this ever since; he's released, he breaks the law, I bring him back. Though, I figured it was only right that you chased him this time, what with it being your first day back and your first case; you need to get back out there."

"Thanks," Lysander nodded. "I really needed it." They stepped out and onto the Auror department floor. "I was surprised when they said you were my partner. Peasantly so," he added quickly.

They stopped outside of Harry Potter's office and Albus leaned against his father's assistant's desk. "I asked for you personally. After the way you handled yourself on your first assignment, there was no one I wanted more." He laughed when Lysander ducked his head to hide a blush; after all this time, he was still embarrassed when it came to compliments about his job and that case. "Besides, excluding Tommy, we get the good cases. We're the best." He whispered that last part and winked, though he knew Albus only got the important cases because he had proved to be good at the job. Lysander didn't know if he himself was good enough. He hadn't really been an Auror for very long. After Hugo had been arrested, Lysander had taken a few weeks off to recover, spending the rest of that time on desk duty. When Hugo had been released and his record sealed, they'd stayed for Christmas, and then they'd gone on that holiday Hugo had promised, catching up on moments they had missed and celebrating the special occasions with just each other; Lysander's twenty-third birthday, Valentines day. March was almost over now, they'd come back a few days ago, just in time of Hugo's birthday next week: his thirtieth birthday, he liked to add only to make his man squirm.

Lysander hadn't exactly done a lot of field work since he had passed his training last April.

Sensing his thoughts, Albus squeezed his shoulder affectionately. "You deserve this, you've proved you are a great Auror. Dad wouldn't have approved of you being my partner if he didn't believe that. We know better than anyone that he doesn't like favoritism."

Lysander nodded his head. "I know."

"Good." He patted his Godbrother on the back. "Now you go home. You and Hugh have your official welcome home dinner at the Burrow to get ready for. I'll do the paperwork and see you there. Call it your free pass as it's your first day."

Lysander grinned, making his way back to the elevator before Albus could change his mind. "It is worth coming home just for Molly's cooking," he laughed. "I'll see you later."

They said their good byes, waving, and Lysander made his way to the atrium, ready to floo home to his apartment.

Our apartment, he corrected himself happily. He'd been looking for a place for him and Hugo to share during the three months Hugo had been in Azkaban, going through them all when he went to visit. They'd found the perfect place just before he'd been released and while they'd been away, members of their family had been getting it ready for them. It had been perfect the night they came home.

He stepped into the fireplace and called out their address, hoping Hugo was home. "Hugo?" Lysander shouted.

He was greeted by a loud groan coming from the bedroom and he shook his head, chuckling. Lysander crossed the open living and dining area and pushed the half open bedroom door the rest of the way. He smirked upon seeing his boyfriend laying on his stomach with his arms wrapped around his pillow, the bedsheets only just covering his hips. The tattoo occupying his right shoulder was hidden with a glamour charm. His hair was stuck up at odd angles from moving around in his sleep. Lysander rolled his eyes; the man's hair had grown since he'd first seen him in June, falling past his ears. No matter how many times Lysander would tell him to get it cut, Hugo would refuse, reminding the Auror how he liked it when he ran his hands through Hugo's hair.

"You can't do that if I cut it off," he'd say.

Lysander quietly made his way over and turned Hugo on his back gently, before straddling his waist. "You're still in bed, lazy ass," he said.

Hugo ran a hand through his hair, pushing back his fringe, and opened his eyes slowly. "I am never going out with my cousins again," he groaned. "They really know how to have a good time. They also know exactly how to punish a person."

Lysander laughed, ignoring the reasons why the man's family thought he needed to be punished. "Or maybe you're just getting old."

Hugo sat up slowly, his eyes on his boyfriend's lips, and let out a long, deep breath that tickled his skin. He moved closer as if to kiss him and placed his hand on Lysander's chest. Then he looked up into the man's eyes and he was glaring. "Below the belt, kid," he growled and pushed him to the side.

He lay back down on the silk sheets that covered the king sized bed, ignoring his boyfriend's laughter. Lysander got up, pulled off his jacket and plain red t-shirt and stood in front of the mirror. "Get up, lazy ass, and get a shower now if you want one. We have to get ready."

"For what?"

Lysander rolled his eyes at him through the mirror. "Our welcome home dinner at the Burrow, remember?" He looked down at his side to inspect the bruise that formed where the car had hit him.

He saw Hugo throw off the sheets and stand up slowly, his disappointment evident by his frown. "Can't Nan just bring the food here?" he muttered. "That's the only reason you care."

He stopped behind Lysander and wrapped his arms around his waist, his chin resting on the man's shoulder. Lysander winced when Hugo's hand pressed against his side and he moved to look. "What the hell happened?"

"I'm fine," Lysander reassured. He curled his fingers around Hugo's and brought his boyfriend's hand to his stomach instead. "I had a little run-in while chasing a criminal, that's all."

"A run-in with what?" Lysander looked down, ignoring Hugo's question until he hooked his finger under Lysander's chin and made him look back up, their eyes connecting through the mirror. "A run-in with what, Xander?"

"A car," he sighed. "It just hit me, I'm fine," he promised. He heard Hugo groan and interrupted him before he could say any more. Lysander pressed himself against Hugo's chest, taking advantage of the fact that he was completely naked. Hugo buried his head in Lysander's neck and groaned again, for a different reason this time. "Get your shower and get ready. We need to go."

"No fair," he murmured. He ran his hand over Lysander's chest, loving how his muscles contracted under his touch. He was physically stronger now than he had been a few months ago, though still not as muscular as Hugo. "I'm glad you decided to come to the gym with me. It's more fun when we're together."

Lysander laughed softly. "Decided? I didn't have a choice." Hugo bit down onto his neck softly. "In the end," he conceded. "I do enjoy going now. Now get in the shower."

He felt Hugo nod against his shoulder and then push back. Only for him to grab his hand and drag him towards the bathroom. "You stink of sweat. You need a shower more than I do."

"I'll just get one after you," Lysander countered.

Hugo grinned wickedly. "Ah, but this way we have more time to have fun without actually being late."

Hugo's lips were on his before Lysander had time to construct a sentence, let alone actually ask what he meant by 'fun'. Though Hugo would never have explained anyway; he would have just rolled his eyes and told him it was obvious. And Lysander knew, without needing to actually think about it, that it really was.

A/N: Finally posted my long awaited (for me anyway) sequel to Worth the Risk, It's so nice to have my boys back. I hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think. :)

This story is for, Tammi (alicia and anne), for being incredibly awesome and reviewing my whole author page. I hope I've not disappointed with this! *hugs* :D


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