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The Summer Girl by Potter_is_life
Chapter 1 : The Summer Before 6th Year
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Author's Note: I would like to apologize in advance for any factual errors in my story. I believe Ginny and Harry were meant to be, but that he only "dated" one girl before that so I wanted to add to that number. I hope you enjoy.


Savaging through an old box Ginny Weasley came upon some muggle photos. She say a photo of her husband siting alone in his bedroom under the staircase, one of a beautiful sunset that must have been taken from the roof and lastly there were several photo's of a girl. She was usually smiling and seemed almost too happy. She was laughing in some, in the middle of talking in others and even dancing in a couple. Harry was even in some of them, but Ginny had no idea who this girl was. She tried to think of anyone Harry had ever mentioned, but no description fit this girl.

"Harry!" Ginny yelled downstairs, "Would you come up here a second?"

Harry walked up the stairs without much rush. "What is it love?"

"Who is this girl?" She wasn't asking because she was jealous, she was simply curious. Why did Harry have photos of a girl she had never seen before?

Harry took a moment and looked at the photo Ginny held up. He smiled, "She was an old friend from when I lived with my aunt and uncle," he looked off into the distance and his smile grew, " I haven't seen her since ... before sixth year."

Ginny nodded and moved on, this was enough for her, she continued going through the boxes and photos, oblivious to the trans Harry was under. He walked back down to his study where he had been before. He lounged down in his big office chair and staring out the window he thought back to that summer. It was one he would never forget.

Aubrey was her name. She had long brown hair that fell down to her hips. It fell in loose curls that she left natural, never straightened it. Her eyes were a deep green and her skin was a golden brown. The contrast was the most elegant combination that would make any girl jealous and every guy drool. And other than her height there was nothing average about her.

She was born in England but she moved to Australia when she was twelve because her parents got a divorce. There she lived with her mother, but her father had stayed in England. So she would come back to England every summer to see him. Her accent had adapted into a rather odd mix that made every word twice as interesting. She and her father lived at 12 Privet drive, right near the Dursley's. And that's how she and Harry became friends.

Aubrey and Harry had been friends since either of them can remember. They'd done everything together until school had started and Harry had gone off to Hogwarts. After that both of them changed. Aubrey became this rebel who hated love because she hated her parents and Harry became the good guy, the hero, the best friend, but they never stopped being best friends. That all changed the summer before sixth year.

Harry had come back from Hogwarts and Aubrey had come back from Australia. He'd called her the first night back and she'd invited him over to her dad's house since he'd was going to be out that night. So at seven Harry had left the Dursley's without a word, they wouldn't have cared where he would be, and he had walked down the street to Aubrey's house.

When he got there Aubrey opened the door to greet him. She'd been wearing a crop top, giving Harry a great view of her flat stomach and belly button piercing. As well as a pair of leggings that showed off her gorgeous legs and ass.

"Harry! God I've missed you!" Aubrey smiled wide and gave him a long hug. He smelt the shampoo in her hair, it was green apple, and he remembered her telling him it was the best scent and the only scent she would ever use.

"I've missed you too Aubs," he said hugging her back. Aubs was his nickname for her and with his accent it sounded more like hobs.

Aubrey almost giggled hearing her old nickname, she never giggled. "Come on in," she offered and he walk in. She locked up the door and turned around to face him. It was then that he really noticed how she'd changed. He hadn't really noticed her piercings before, now he saw not only the one on her belly button but also the six on her ears, she'd only had two before. He also noticed how much more beautiful she'd become. Every year he saw her become more and more beautiful and every year he thought she couldn't get any prettier, but every year she amazed him. This year however he was sure she couldn't be any prettier.

"So how you been?" he asked as she led him up to her room.

"Good, in retrospect. I still have a place to live and that's more then most people. How about you?" she smiled and he laughed at her sort of twisted sense of humor.

"I've been great thanks." he said and almost automatically asked, "How was school this year?"

She went on to tell him all about the drama; the make up, the break ups, who's sleeping with who and everything that went down. Then it was his turn but being that he couldn't talk about magic or any of that with a muggle all he could tell her was about Ron and Hermione, but only vaguely.

They talked and talked for hours until Aubrey suggested, "Let me get some rum and we can make this a bit more fun."

So that was what she did and they decided to play never have i ever and since they knew just about everything about each other, though they both had some secrets, they used an app to play. they played for a while when it started getting interesting.


They both drank. Harry gave Aubrey a look. She answered with a, "We were drunk and at a party. Don't you worry I'm not a lesbian." And with that the game went on.


They both drank. "Last time I played this hahah," Aubrey laughed and Harry chuckled. He could tell that he'd be pretty tipsy by the end as well. Next question;


They both drank. "Who?" they both asked at the same time. They laughed, "Okay on three we'll say ours together," Aubrey suggested. And once again they spoke at the same time saying, "You." They laughed it and continued with the next question.


Aubrey drank and lifted her shirt to prove she did in fact have a pierced belly button. "Did it hurt?" Harry asked.
"Not too bad," Aubrey shrugged it off. This was something Harry had always loved about Aubrey; the fact that she could just shrug things off because she didn't want to pour her pain onto anyone else. He knew the shrug very well, she did it when they talked of love, her parents and her boyfriends, which was very often.
The next question came up.


Neither of them drank. "We're actually so boring," Aubrey laughs.
Finally one question came up that was the end of the game.


Aubrey drank and noticed Harry hadn't. This became a long conversation and by the end of it Harry would have had to drink to that. They woke up the next morning wrapped in blankets and each other. She had made him pancakes. But it was that one night and all the days of summer that followed that Harry taught Aubrey that love did exist and it forever changed her. The last day of summer Aubrey found out that she was moving to Ireland. She and Harry went their separate ways and never really saw each other again. That summer would forever be remembered as a summer fling that only they would be able to remember and enjoy.

"Dinner is ready!" Ginny's voice brought Harry out of his trans. And with that he got up leaving the past behind him and had dinner with his beautiful wife. She never asked any more questions about the girl in the photos. He had moved on, but her memory would always be a sweet one.

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