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What would you do for love? by beccam
Chapter 4 : HARRY
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       “Morning Mione” I said hugging her after catching up with her in the hallway.




       “Morning” she replied back rather shortly.






       “Rough morning with him I assume?” I tried to say without laughing. I couldn’t help it, she was so adorable when she was mad.




       We sat down at the Gryffindor table. “Morning handsome” Ginny said to me before kissing my cheek.




       “Morning Gin” I replied. I really hated letting Ginny keep thinking I was in to her but I just couldn't break her heart.




      “Are you alright Mione? You look kinda well very angry” Ginny piped up after a few momentsof a very awkward silence.




       Hermione never gave an answer other than a rambling string of, “no good, spoiled, ferret face, arrogant, know it all, pompous, cocky Slytherin” while glaring at her toast.




       “Well that’s too bad considering we have double potions with slytherins next, huh herms” Ron mumbled with food in his mouth.




       Hermione absolutley hated being called Herms and would normally get on to Ron for it but not today. Hermione was so focused on Malfoy to be angry about anything else.




      I kicked Ron under the table as Hermione looked up from her toast to glare at Ron.




      Ginny and I hid our amusement as Ron grumbled and looked down at his food.




       Potions passed slowly, Snape took away points from Gryffindor to the point where it’s the first day back and we were already in the negative. What did he think was going to happen when he put Hermione and Malfoy at the same table?




      He of all people should know they don't get along so why would he think it was a good idea. I can only auume he and Malfoy gossip like little girls when nobody's around.




       The rest of the day passed without incident until a got a note at dinner telling me to meet in Dumbledore’s office after the feast. What could he want?




       Two hours later I left Dumbledore’s office stunned.Dumbledore had just confided in me the information regarding the horcruxes.




       The only way to kill Voldemort was to hunt these random objects down and destroy them, easy right?




       Dumbledore and I suggested me dropping out of school and we came to an agreement. I would be leaving Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry in the morning.




       Hogwarts was my home, the only place I've actually cinsidered a home. Hogwarts is where I met the one girl who meant the world to me, and the girl I would be leving behind in the morning, Hermione.




      I sighed as I entered the Gryffindor common room, looking for Hermione and Ron. Just then someone jumped on my back, their arms wrapping around my neck and red hair falling in my face. “I missed you” she murmured into my neck sweetly.




      “Not now Ginny, really. I need to talk to Hermione and Ron alone” I said colder than I meant to. Her face fell seeing as that wasn’t the reaction she was looking for. She stomped up to the girl’s bedrooms as I sighed, that girl has her mothers’ temper.




     “Hey, follow me; I need to talk to you.” I said as I headed towards the room of requirements. I gave them a rundown of my meeting with Dumbledore, the horcruxes and finally telling them I would be leaving in the morning.




      “You’re not doing this alone Harry, I won’t let you.” Hermione stated very matter of factly.




     “Yeah mate, we’re your best friends, you can’t expect us to stay here while you go off risking your life on your own” Ron chimed in.




      “Exactly, you’re my best friends. All the more reason for you to stay here, to be safe.” I tried reasoning but Hermione’s face didn’t falter.




      “You truly are too noble harry. I’m going, now if you will excuse me I need to go speak to Dumbledore about replacing head girl and packing my things” she said before getting up and walking out. 




      Hermione had such a brave and wild spirit, I knew there would be no reasoning with her.




  “Honestly, did you expect us to just let you go? Not bloody likely” Ron said after she was gone.




     “I gotta go find Ginny… apologize for being so short with her and tell her I’m leaving... meet by Dumbledore’s office at midnight.”






I said before walking out to head back to the Gryffindor common room.


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