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Yours by LilyLunaPotter17
Chapter 1 : Yours
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Waking up now feels like torture. To wake up without you beside me. It feels like there’s a part of me missing, the hole in my heart you used to fill.

I used to love you so much. Used to? I still do. I love you so much it hurts. Especially the part of me you touched most – my heart. It still aches for you now. It wishes you were here with me, here to wrap your arms around me and tell me everything would be alright.

I believed you. Whenever you would say that, I’d believe you. Whatever I was worried about would disappear at the sound of your voice and I’d forget everything. All I’d think about was you, the way you could make me happy with your presence, the way you smiled, your hair, your voice, your eyes … those eyes I’d stare into and be lost in, the eyes that could entrap me as easily as your arms could.

There was never any competition. You thought I liked your best friend once, and all those years before we fell in love when you thought I liked my own best friend. But that was before everything went wrong with us. But it was also when everything went right with me and you. When we finally realised our feelings, when I stopped being so stubborn. And that was the best experience of my life.

I remember our wedding day. I remember you looked so amazing it took my breath away. I remember you slipping the ring onto my finger and the light that filled your eyes when we said the ‘I do’s’. I remember the kiss, our first as husband and wife. I remember your lips being soft against mine. I remember how warm your hands were as they held onto mine as if letting go would mean death.

But now that death has come, it is impossible to let go.

I watch the sunrise every day as I did with you. I sit on the roof like we used to. I imagine you are beside me, holding my hand as the sun rises over the horizon. It’s almost perfect again. Almost. Sunset is worse. I wonder how I have survived another day without you. I wonder how I will survive the night without you. I am so used to having you close to me, having your warmth in the bed beside me. Now there is nothing but empty space.

Why have you left me? Why am I still here when you are not? I wish I was with you now, wherever you are. Or better yet, I wish you were down here with me on earth, spending every day with me, watching as the sun rises and sets. I remember sunrise was your favourite time of day. You said it was the start of another glorious day with me. I never wanted those days to end. But they did.

They ended when Remus walked through our door. He said to me he had bad news. He told me there’d been an attack at your workplace at the Ministry. The building had been raided by undercover Death Eaters. Some got away. Some were injured. Some died. Like you. You died, Remus told me, you died fighting. Like the brave person you always were. I knew that, if you died, you’d go down like a hero. But the news still hit me like a sledgehammer.

And now I sit by myself in our empty house. I’ve never tried to move on, nor will I ever. I will stay by myself and die by myself because my heart belongs to nobody but you. I am nobody’s but yours, my sweet, brave James Potter.


AN: This was extremely hard for me to write. At first it was going to be a lot longer but I changed my mind. I’ve never written a story in second person, and I thought it was a challenge. I hope you liked it. I’m sorry I had to do this about James and Lily – I wanted to do a couple that nobody would really mind, but Jily gets me the most and I thought it would be more thought-provoking if it was a ship like them. Anyway, please review and tell me what you thought!

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