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Lily Luna Potter and the Resurrection Stone by CrazyHPWriter
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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I sat in the car squished between Al and James. The latter had had a bit of a battle with Mum. He had wanted to sit in the front - I think muggles call it shotgun? But Olive, Carmel (Al's tawny owl.), and James' spotted owl Quaffle were in their cages which mum had placed on the front seat. After loosing his small argument, he had settled for a window seat. And, being the youngest, I had to sit in the middle. The tension gone, they were free to be normal and fighting their heads off definitely qualified. I sunk back into my seat and waited for the car ride to be over.

When we finally reached Kings Cross I eagerly slid across Al's recently vacated seat and emerged into - the rain. Having dosed off in the car, I didn't know how wet it was outside. "Gosh!" I exclaimed as tiny streams of water soaked into my hair, turning it a deep auburn. Shaking my head like a dog, I yanked open the car door and grabbed my red Gryffindor hoodie. After I had zipped it up, my mum handed me a Olive's cage. "Aww! Is wittle Wily afraid of water?" James said and I scowled at him, "Lame joke!" Al taunted, and I rolled my eyes.

While my two brothers bickered, I glanced back at mum. She still seemed a bit shaken up, and gave off an aura of worry. "Mum?" I asked, slowing my pace to walk beside her, "Is everything ok?' she tried to smile, but only managed a grimace, "Yes, but I'm going to have to stop by your father's office to tell him what happened.", "Ok, but why?" I asked puzzled why dad would be involved in this, "Nothing." she said nervously. James took the barrier at a run, his broom clattering. The way she said 'Nothing' made me nervous. That type of nothing meant something was wrong. Al prodded me in the back, "Go on, silly!" I playfully elbowed him, "Fine, fine!"

I had gone through this barrier before, but under different circumstances. This time I wouldn't stay on the platform with my parents. I would leave on the Hogwarts Express. I slowly closed my eyes my stomach twisting itself into a big ball of mixed emotions. I took a deep breath and began to run. Olive hooted, not seeing the sensibility of running at a wall. It seems kind of ridiculous. It is ridiculous. I opened my eyes when I felt myself melt through the wall. From the other side I saw a Lily sized hole begin to patch itself up.

Remembering that Mum and Al would soon be coming through I backed up a bit. My back hit something solid. I whirled around and came face to face with a brown haired, surprised looking girl. "Sorry! Are you ok?" I asked quickly, "Yeah." she said. There was an awkward pause. "My name is October Wright, whats your name?" she asked, trying to pick up a thread of conversation, "Lily Lily Potter." I answered nervously. James had warned me with the last name Potter a lot of people would look up to you, but others would laugh in your face. "Lily is a really pretty name. I'm just named after a month." she said brightly. "Lily! LILY!" a voice shouted through the crowd now swarming the train. Suddenly a panicked looking Al emerged from the crowd, "Lil! Come on!" he said, rushing over to us, "We have to go! Mum will kill me if you miss the train and its my fault!" "Al! Its only- OH MY GOSH ITS 10:59!" I grabbed my trolly, swung it around and pelted full speed in the direction of the train.

Al jumped on and helped me get my trunk up and into the train then we both helped October with her luggage. As my new friend and I walked down the train, looking for a empty compartment we talked. I learned that she was a Muggleborn, had a twin brother who wasn't magical, and loved playing sports. I told her about my brothers, cousins, and quidditch. I was all most done explaining the players, equipment, and house teams when we bumped into Hugo.

"Hiya Lils!" Hugo said running towards us, "Hey Hugo." I replied. He looked at October, slightly confused "Hi." "Oh, this is October Wright, I met her on the platform!" I hurriedly introduced her. "Hey Hugo." October said "Um So do you want to go find a compartment?" I asked, "Sure." October said, shrugging. Hugo nodded.

As we walked October and Hugo talked, getting to know each other. I stayed silent, adding bits to the conversation when Hugo needed help explaining the magical world. We were almost at the end of the train when we finally found an empty compartment. I poked my head in, just to be sure it was vacant. "Hey guys! This one's empty!" I called, waving them over.

We piled in and pushed, shoved, and pulled until our luggage was fully on the rack and not in a position to kill us. Sitting down, we began to actually introduce ourselves. I learned that October was a muggle-born, had a younger brother, and loved playing a muggle game called soccer. Then Hugo introduced himself and I didn't really listen because I have known him almost all my life! (I was born on the third of June, 2008 and Hugo was born roughly a month later.). "Ok Lils, your turn!" Hugo said "Umm Alright! My name is Lily Potter, I have two older brothers, Albus and James. I really want to be in Gryffindor, and I LOVE Quidtitch!" "Whats Quidtitch?" October asked, cocking her head, "Merlin! You don't know what Quiditch is?" Hugo went on to babble every little detail about Quiditch, including his own 'feats'. Soon we arrived and flowed out of the train in a stream of chatting, arguing, laughing, and yelling students.

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Lily Luna Potter and the Resurrection Stone: Chapter Two


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