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Is it Fate...? by dystanyrose31
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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CHAPTER ONE 2 years after the war

" Ronald Weasley how could you have done this to me? Do you even care that ..." Hermione screaming, with tears streaming down her face.

"Hermione it's not that bad, I mean she doesn't mean anything to me. I love you ! " Ron tried to get close to her to wrap his arms around her.

" I don't mean anything to you!" a high pitched voice issued from the bedroom. She walks to the door and stands scantily clad for all to see.

Hermione shrieking at the top of her lungs, through her tears," Our bed, the bed we sleep in. And you, I thought after all these years you have been my friend ... Padma how could you? " running passed Padma her wand out, hastily packs her things, " You two can have each other. I hate you Ronald!" throwing the symbol of their love back at him. The ring clanged loudly on the wall as she disapperated from the scene.

Hermione landed in Diagon Alley and went straight to the leaky Caldron for a room. As usually the bar was full of a assorted witches and wizards. In the corner of the bar was a group of wizards talking about the latest match of quidditch, as a distraught Hermione walked in.

"Tom , could I get a room please." Hermione asked t the barman as she quickly approached, not looking around. A cool pair of silver eyes watched as she was taken up stairs. He hadn't seen her since the war ended. He was amazed at how good looking she had become. Her hair wasn't as bushy or frizzy, but hung in soft waves down her back her eyes, even with the tears, he was drawn to the sweet , sight of those chocolaty depths. He knew he could never have her back that chance was blown years earlier, but a rage was building deep in side of him that he could not understand. The pain he heard as she spoke , fuelled the rage. If he was any man he would have not let her go back then. He would have fought for what they had, and not fallen the wishes of his father. Oh the time they have lost, would she even want him back? Does she think of him like he stills of her? Running his hands through his hair he stood up frustrated at himself and the pain in her voice, it brought back to many painful memories he had to get out of there.

" Blaise, Grabbe, I will see you guys later. I am heading up to my room" sneered Draco Malfoy.

"But you just got here man. You haven't even finished you drink.What are going you gonna go play hero for that damsel?" came the good natured rumble of Blasie.
"Hey our man here is a master of smoothness, if he wants to play the hero let him. From the back of her I wouldn't mind having your charms,Blaise or Draco's looks for this one." laughed Grabbe.

Draco growled at his friends," I am not going to go play hero, I am tried and the is press tomorrow, have to look my best don't I"
Both men laughed at their friend as they shook their heads and watched him head up the stairs.

Hermione had spent the rest of the night crying into the pillow,pouring out the anguish of the betrayal of her fiance. Thinking to herself " How long had their affair been going on. How stupid am I to not have known. I saw the signs. He was always out late with the team. the away games that he never wanted me to go to."
" WHY? Why wasn't I good enough" she moaned.

Outside in the hall Draco was actually pacing back and forth in front of his door wondering if he should do something, anything. Knowing she needed him but un sure if he should act on it. It had been 3 years, did she even remember their promises? Would she even want him near her? Why is she in so much torment and by Merlin's beard he would kill who did this to her. But when he heard the anguished cries from the room beside his, he knew what he had to do, she was his and always would be. He went to the door and mutter under his breath," Alohamora" and the door opened.

"Mia, please don't cry." as he gathered her up in his arms. "shh I am here just like I promised. "
Hermione was so shocked and relieved as she just clung to him. Her tears soaking his shirt. He just rocked her until she was able to tell him what was wrong.

What seemed like hours later, she was able to slow the flow of tears, small hiccups and sniffles coming from her. She tilted her head up to see the silver orbs looking down at her with a love that seemed to not have died. She gave him a weak smile as she wiped her face.
" Sorry about your shirt. ... Why did you find me , and why are you here...not that I am not grateful, but I am confused. The Daily Prophet said you were on a world tour with you family." Looking at him as she lifted her hands to his face to see if it really was him. She was bewildered. She hadn't seen him since the war ended and his family went away. Just seeing him here brought back hidden emotions for the tall muscled blonde man in front of her. All those hidden feelings from her friend's, acting as though he meant nothing to her. It brought more tears to her already red and puffy swollen eyes, thinking of the what ifs, and what could have been. For they both knew it would never have worked out, and even now it would take a miracle for it to surface. His family would never let it, and by Merlin if Harry ever found out, Ron could go to hell right now. She just wants a time where a man isn't breaking her heart to a shattered million pieces. Please Merlin don't let me fall back in love with him, I couldn't stand it, I would shatter more than I have in the past.
" Come on Mia you are a smart girl you can figure out the why and how's if you just thought about it. What I want to know is why you are crying and saying you aren't good enough?" he smiles down at her with all the love and concern in his heart letting the walls around his heart down with her once again. Showing her the only way he can that time didn't matter to his heart. Stroking her hair and back in such familiar way that if any one was to walk in on them they would know that they had been very close once.
"Drake you don't still have that charm on me do you?" looking deep into his eyes searching for the answers. Just looking there she knows he does. " Why? Why did you keep it after all these years? We promised each other to move on in our last owl to each other?" knowing that she too kept the charm on him, to know when they really needed the other, a bound that was formed years ago back in school. A bound that they swore to never use with another. They promised to always love each other, but move on and try to be happy in there respected worlds.

He just looks at her, the love he has for her showing in his face again, for he never stopped loving her, and at this rate he never will. " Please, my sweet Mia, what has happened? I told you a long time ago I would always love you. I will do anything that you need me to do. " his eyes pleading with her to tell him what has her so broken.

"Okay, I can tell you. But you must promise to stay here with me. You can't hurt him. No one would understand the why behind the attack." taking a deep breath, resting her hear on his familiar chest, " I had to work late tonight, and Ron was home the game is here in London this week, After I locked the doors on the book store, did you know that I own Flourish and Blotts? I stopped get take out for dinner, I got Ron's favourite from The Pig'N'Snout. When I got home there was an open bottle of red wine in the kitchen, with two glasses, drank from, and red lipstick on one of them. At first I just though Ginny had been over to visit Ron. But that thought didn't last long when I started hearing something from the bedroom, I thought Ron was working out so I went and open the door..." choking on her next words,
" He..he was in bed with Padma, their clothes were all over the room. It looked as though it wasn't their first time either. I was so furious how could they! How could Ron have so little care as to where he was! It was our bed..." she started to cry again. Draco wrapped his arms around her more tightly, rocking hear and whispering soothing words to her. " I broke off our engagement, I threw the ring at him." she sobbed. " Why can I not be enough for any one to love?" she wailed into his chest, clinging to his shirt a she let her heart break again.

The anger and rage that boiled inside him for the pain the Weasel has cost his sweet angel. He was to pay. And no one will know he made the Weasel pay for it either. No one was supposed to even know that he and Hermione were ever friends let alone anything else. She doesn't want me to retaliate for her. He just hoped this meant he could help her over her heat break and he could be in her life again...What the hell was he thinking? That would never happen. By all that is magical let there be a reason for them to be together. His one constant wish he makes and pray. How ever subtle the attack will be he will get the weasel for this. If for no other reason then to make him suffer an once of the pain he put her through. She suffered enough at the hands of the so called"pure-bloods" and that does include himself. She is enough for this man to love, but I am strong enough to disobey my family and traditions? There are days I wish I was Gryffindor for the courage.

" Mia you are so worth being loved. I swear I won't leave until you want me to, but know this You will always be loved by me. I will always be here for you, even in your darkest hour. I want to be your light in the dark and hold you up. Please you are worthy of love and so much more." he pleaded with her as he held. He was just trying to sooth the pain away.

Mean while earlier that same day

"Although life holds many mysteries the one mystery that we are looking into here is that of a missing child. She went missing at the age of 5 years old and today would be of the age 20, Her birthday is coming up which incidentally is also the anniversary of the kidnapping we assume. We are hoping this lead will pan out. Potter the lawyer who on his death bed gave us these files links the Granger's in this. How did a pair of muggles have a wizard lawyer? Your friend Hermione may be this child, isn't her 21st birthday coming up near this time?" the head of the Aurua Department asked.
Harry was not expecting hear this for his next assignment. The Granger's? Is Hermione actually a missing pure blood witch? " I would love to ask the Granger's this questions ,sir, however I am unawares of their location at the moment. Wouldn't seem strange if I randomly ask Hermione where her parents are at the moment? " The man sitting across from him gave him a look of are you a wizard or a mouse. "Sir this will be my top priority. And I do realize this is top secret information." standing up and leaving the office with the file. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. How am I going to tell Hermione her parents are under suspicion of the ministry when they aren't even magical folk. Man I need to find them and look around their place to figure a few things out first. I will try their home first then their dentist office. At least I still have my invisibility cloak.

Harry apreated to his place get his cloak, then left for muggle London. He went to where he remembered that Hermione said she lived as a child. With the cloak on he went into the house. It looked like they still owned the place what with muggle pictures of Hermione on the wall and mantel. He wondered around the place looking around for clues. Harry always thought the the Granger's took having a witch in the family gracefully. They even spent time explaining muggle things to Mr.Weasely, and in return they told them things about the magical world that their daughter now lived. Harry cast revel spells in every room looking for anything magically seal or concealed.So far nothing. Once in side the office of the Granger's though he did find a magical safe. Harry having the law behind him broke into the safe for answers.

To his surprise and disappointment there was a file inside, and a lot of wizarding money a muggle money that could be exchanged or spent. It would seem that there is a connection but what he would just have to read the flies and papers to find out. He collected every thing from the safe into a bag with the expandable charm on it, then continued to look around after shutting the safe. He continued to walk from room to room looking anything else that had been concealed, he found in Hermione's room a hidden storage area in her closet. He decided he needed to look around in here, it was part of his job. No leaf un turned or so the saying goes. In the room he found books upon books, the spines creased and worn, there was even one sealed shut that had a fuzzy cover to it. It made him laugh at the memory of his on book of monsters that layed abandoned back in Private drive. Hanging up was the dress she wore to the Tri wizard Ball, and other dresses he didn't know what they held for memories for her. At the bottom of the area was a box sealed with hearts and the words greatest love. Oh he was tempted open the box and find out what was inside but he knew that had nothing to do with his mission. But seeing this room Harry has to the conclusion he doesn't know his friend as well as he though he did. There are so many treasures here of Hermione's past that he didn't about or he even thought to ask about. Like her trip to France that one summer...Man he feels like a dolt for not being there for her when she probably needed someone to talk to about her happy times. He turns to leave all her happy thoughts here and resealed the room behind. He had enough to do with reading the papers from the safe as is.

Back in his office Harry pulled out the files and loose papers to read over. He was surprised to see letters and notes from the pure blood families, and the wizarding lawyers. There was notes from Private eyes both muggle and wizards. But what struck Harry the most was the fact that the notes were all addressed to Frank and Allison Andrews not Granger. He went to go a pull files about the Andrews to see if they were actually a wizard or muggle family. When he returned to his desk after making the request to find out more about them there was on note that stood out the most to him, it explained allot about the current case.

"Dear Sweet Alison

Didn't think we would ever find you did you. Well we did and we need you to do us a huge favour, by favour we mean your duty to your family that you ran from, you disgusting squip of a child. I have no idea how we ever produced such a child as you. However we digress on what is important here. Your cousin stands to gain allot if an other families daughter say disappears. You will make this happen and you will keep quite and you fall off the face of the planet again...go live in the muggle world where you are better suited. And you can keep that squib husband of yours if you do what we want. Otherwise you have been warned. Write to us with your answer the owl will wait for your response. The longer you take in writing the more the bird knows to peck at you have no fear of your eyes if you are quick in response.

Your Most Respected Mother and Father
Pureblood Witch and Wizard
Martina and Lionel Parkinson

Oh dear Merlin what have we here, man oh man. We thought Hermione was a muggle born what is this that I have found out. Harry is having trouble processes that his best friend may actually belong to a wizrding family and was kidnapped and hidden for the last 15 years almost 16 since here birthday is around the corner. He continued to read the letters and piece together what happen all those years ago.

" Frank
By now you are aware of what is going on. The child will arrive tonight. Her memories will be modified and we will transfigure her looks to be that more of you and your wife. I will have a tail on you the child and your wife. No matter where you move to I will know. She will be raised and a muggleborn and that will be your job to settle it. You will be paid for this act in both muggle and wizard money. You will be comfortable but not spoiled as she was. She will be a powerful witch and has shown signs of it already, so there will be a letter from Hogwarts for her in 6 years. This should keep her away from her betrothed long enough for the bonds to be broken and new ones formed with your wife's niece Pansy. I will be the one to contact as I am both a muggle and wizard lawyer. Be prepared I will be there an hour after the owl arrives. I will be doing the magic and it is my word that you have adopted the child. Her name will be Hermione, what you add afterwards is beyond me.

Peter Rawlins


We are glad you are complying with our wishes. The child will not suffer that to is our wish. We know you are having trouble having children of your own think of this as a final gift from us. This will be the last time you here from us. We can't say we miss you in the home but we do miss the extra help in the kitchen preparing the meals, you made an adequate maid in our home. This should be enough to raise the child for the school years.

The Parkinson's"



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