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The Moons Force by CauldronCharm130
Chapter 1 : The Scar
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Hello everyone, and welcome to my new story. This has been in the works for a while now but i wasn't sure if i wanted to post  it or just keep it for myself. Anyway as you can tell i decided to post it, i hope you enjoy :) p.s. I regretfully inform you that i do not own Harry Potter.

 “Come on guys, time to get up. You need to be in Diagon Alley in an hour to meet Fred.” Ginny called from down stairs in the kitchen. Ever since I meet Mrs Potter when I visited for my first Christmas five years ago back in first year, she insisted that I call her Ginny. I heard James stir next to me and he moaned as he sat up and stretched. With a disgruntled groan I pulled my pillow over my head in an attempt to block out the sunlight and noise that now awoke the room. I am not a morning person; it comes with the territory. A great weight was suddenly compressing me as James took a flying leap from his bed to mine and landed on top of me. Yes I have my own bed at the Potter house, it was added last year when Ginny and Harry both agreed that it was no longer suitable for James and I to share his double while I stayed over- which was most of every holiday away from school.

“Come on Corry, rise and shine, it’s time to get up.” He shouted gleefully, jumping up and down my bed, trying to wake me. James was a morning person and I hated it.

“Nooooo, five more hours.” I moaned into my pillow only to be shocked out of my sleepy, blissful state as my duvet was ripped off me exposing my bare skin to the colder air of the room. Considering I was wearing a sports bra and soffe shorts the sudden change in temperature was enough to validate my lashing out at James. Rolling over I managed to dive onto James and knock him off the bed, straddling his hips and pinning his hands to the floor. I grinned mischievously as he struggled against my strength but I was too strong for him- which was impressive considering he was significantly taller and had the strong chasers build that made most of the girls at Hogwarts swoon.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?” I snapped threateningly and he smirked at me. That stupid irritating smirk that he knew annoyed me and I sighed exasperatedly.

“Guys come on, breakfast is on the table” Ginny called up to us and my head snapped towards the door. “Pancakes!” I shouted excitedly as I bolted for the door, not bothering to grab my house coat, with James chasing after me. He caught up to me in the hall, grabbing me around the waist and twirling me around as he pushed through the kitchen door.

“Kids these days... Barely wear enough to cover what they need to.” Ginny laughed as she placed a mug of coffee down in front of a very tired looking Harry. His hair resembling James very much in that moment; jet black and sticking up at all angles although Harry’s was beginning to grey slightly. I looked at James and then at myself only to realise that I was only just covered and that James himself only wore his red pyjama bottoms with the golden snitches on them, his chest completely bare.

“Sorry Ginny, do you want me to go grab a jumper” I laughed, wrestling to free myself from James’s arms that were still wrapped tightly around my waist.

“Don’t worry Cora, I was just joking” she smiled sweetly as she set down a large plate of pancakes on the table. James finally let go of me and began spooning scrambled eggs onto his plate. I sat down next to him ruffling his hair and placing copious amounts of pancakes, bacon and eggs onto my plate.  I may be slim but I can eat like a cross between a pregnant woman and a two hundred pound body builder and not put on a single pound. The Potters have grown used to this and tend not to question about where I put it all anymore but in the beginning they had been quite shocked at the sheer volume of food that I could put away.

“Hungrier than normal this morning aren’t you Corry?” Al joked as he and Scorpius walked into the kitchen, both sporting a severe case of bed head, and sat down at the table opposite us. I shot him a sarcastic smile paired with a “Ha ha, your funny Al” before getting up and making myself some tea. I’m always hungrier at this time of the month.

“Corry, here” Albus called as he pulled off his shirt and threw it to me. I stared at him with a quirked eyebrow and he shrugged, “You looked cold”. I smiled at him as I pulled the baggy shirt over my head. It fell to just below my bum hiding, my shorts from view and making it look like the shirt was all I was wearing. I turned away from the counter holding my tea and walking back to the table to thank Al who seemed to have just elbowed Scorpius in the stomach while James stared at him with a disbelieving look and said “Dude?” I rolled my eyes and nursed my tea as the boys ate and we talked about the coming quidditch season. After my tea was finished I got up from the table, rinsed my plate and mug in the sink and walked to the kitchen door before remembering Al’s shirt. I lifted it over my head and tossed it to him before heading upstairs for a shower. Turning left of the stairs and walking into James room I grabbed my clothes for the day before walking through to our bathroom that was attached to the room.

When I came out the shower I looked at myself in the mirror, my chocolate brown hair dripping wet, my fingers wrinkly and prune like from my long shower, and my porcelain complexion perfectly clear if not slightly red from the show, but the most noticeable, the large, ragged, red oval shaped scar, a three inch wide five inch long mark that wrapped around my right hip. A permanent mark and reminder of the attack that happened six years ago two summers before I came to Hogwarts. I try not to think of the event but seeing the scar every day was not something I could avoid however, the location and size of the bite was thankfully of that that I could easily hide with any shorts , skirts or trousers, though swimming costumes posed problems.

As it was still warm in England I pulled on my bleached, ripped denim shorts and my baggy, cropped mint green jumper. I roughly towel dried my hair and decided to let it air dry into its natural beachy waves and applying mascara and lip gloss before James started pounding on the door.

“Come on Corry, we’re meeting Fred in half an hour and I need to shower” he shouted through the door. I rolled my eyes at him as I opened the door, “Yeah, you do ‘cause you stink. Be fast, like you said we only have half an hour” I smiled sweetly, knowing that he seen straight through my pretence. I walked into the room and plopped down on my bed as I slipped on a pair of floral print plimsoll flats. Grabbing my shoulder bag from the desk I walked to the door.

“James, I’ll be downstairs.” I shouted at I walked into the hall. I found Ginny in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast.

“Hey Ginny, are you needing any help with that?” I asked as she set aside a large soapy frying pan.

“No thanks Cora, I’m just being silly not doing it by magic. Oh don’t you look nice today, all set for getting your school supplies today? I know fifth year is when the books start to get heavier and the work gets harder for O.W.L.’s. I don’t miss it.” She smiled as she flicked he wand and the dishes started washing themselves in the sink.

“Yeah, but I’m excited about going back,” I smiled as she began to look around the kitchen. “Ah, here it is,” she said handing me a letter. “This came for you about ten minutes ago.”  I looked at the letter and instantly recognised it. Without another word I folded the letter and shoved it in my bag. “It’s from my uncle, I’ll read it later.” I smiled at her sadly and pushed away from the counter and walked towards the living room trying to find Al and Scorpius. As I reached the living room door I was turned around in a complete one eighty by James grabbing on to my shoulders and steering me back to the kitchen.

“James what are you doing?” I laughed as he drove me straight to the fire place.

“Floo powder is only in the kitchen Corry and we’re going to be flooing to Diagon Alley, so what do you think I’m doing?” he said smugly, popping out his hip, crossing his arms over his chest and tapping his toe.

“Ok, one. You don’t have to manhandle me. And two, Could you pull a more feminine pose you dork?” I giggled as I grabbed a handful of floo powder and threw it in the fire place. James made to grab for me and I jumped into the fire place, shouting the “The Leaky Cauldron” and was engulfed in emerald flames. The fire place was unusually tight as James had managed to squeeze in with me; I pulled myself tighter to him trying to avoid the ruff inner wall of the fire place as jutting bricks swirled past us. The Leaky Cauldron came into view and I lost my balance as I tripped over James’ large feet. We both fell from the fire place; I was sprawling across the floor on my back with James sprawling across me on his stomach, crushing me. The pub went silent until Freddy’s booming laugh was all that anyone could hear.

“James…” I struggled, “Can’t breeeaaath” I wheezed before Freddy pulled James off of me. He then turned his attention back to me still lying on the floor, offered me his hand and pulled me up too. Freddy was a beater on the Gryffindor quidditch which meant that he had a similar body mass and build of a bear. He was roughly the same height as James with cappuccino skin and rich chocolaty brown eyes. It was no wonder that James and Freddy where two of the most stalked – Yes stalked- boys at Hogwarts.

“Hey Freddy, how’s your summer been?” I asked as he pulled me up into a hug, lifting my feet of the ground and he chuckled into my ear. Only I could call him Freddy, it had been that way since first year. Anyone else who tried to call him Freddy never got away with it, not even his mother.

“Good Corry, but I only seen you two days ago” he laughed as we walked toward the back of the pub and the entrance to Diagon alley.

“I just felt like saying it” I smiled at him coming to a stop at the large brick wall that James was now prodding with his wand.

 “So where to first?” I grinned as we walked through the archway and Diagon alley opened up in front of us.

“Gringotts, I need money.” Freddie sighed dramatically as we took the main street to the bank. The place was swamped today considering that Hogwarts letters came out yesterday and the school goes back next week. The long, winding cobbled streets were flocked with people; stressed parents trying to hold onto their small children, teenagers catching up excitedly with friends they hadn’t seen all summer, a few couples dotted about holding hands and reporters milling around in our wake, snapping the occasional photo of us as we walked towards Gringotts. For the first few years of our friendship they were really only taking pictures of James and Freddie- what with being the sons of the famous Potter-Weasley’s and all- and I was just sometimes in them, but now they tended to follow me around just as much even when I’ alone, Famous By Association James had called it. Whatever it was, it was still a pain in the arse for me sometimes but James and Freddie were used to it by now. They had never known anything different. James hadn’t even batted an eyelid when they starting printing front page editorials of us, pictures of us out in public together just goofing around, and spinning it into this whole massive story of how we were dating and planned to get married when we left Hogwarts. We were in third year. Married really? “They’re just trying to sell magazines. No one really believes that stuff anyway, it’ll blow over as soon as someone else in my family does something remotely interesting.” He had laughed.

“Corry, snap out of it. Hellooooo?”  James pulled me from daydream, clapping his hands in front of my face.

“Sorry, what? I must have been away with the fairies.” I smiled sheepishly and he rolled his eyes at me.

“When are you not Cor? Do you have your key?” he asked with an amused smile as I rooted through my purse to find my small silver key.

“Here you go.” I said politely handing over the key to the tiny goblin that began to lead us to the vaults. We visited Freddie’s first and then James’s both of whose were large and piled high with shiny Galleons. After they had filled there coin pouches and some of their pockets to bursting the goblin took us deeper into the bank. We stopped in front of the large double doors and the goblin placed his placed the key in the lock before giving it a sharp turn. The doors swung open to reveal my vault. I stepped quickly inside and stuffed as many coins as I could into my purse and a few in my bag before turning back to James and Freddie who stood with googly eyes at the door. They had never visited my vault with me before. They knew I had money and they must have assumed that it was a fortune the same if not slightly smaller than theirs. They had never assumed that my vault would be deeper, larger and filled not only with Galleons but with jewels and Goblin made furniture and swords, jewellery and fine clothes. I came from old money, not many people knew that and I had inherited it all when my parents died six years ago.

“Cora, what in Merlins name is all this?” James flounder and Freddie had still not been able to pick up his jaw from where it was situated on the floor.

“My inheritance.” I stated simply as I stepped out of the lavish vault and pulled the vault shut. “Are you coming?” I called over my shoulder as I headed back for the cart.

“Let it go Freddie” I groaned as he asked for the hundredth time.

“But Corry why didn’t you tell us?” he looked curious but also slightly hurt and I groaned again. Only Freddie and James could make me fell remorseful and guilty.

“It’s not something that I advertise. The last thing I need is for people hanging around me for money. And besides, it’s not like I didn’t tell that I had a lot money in the bank, I just didn’t specify how much or what else I had in there.” I reasoned and he thankfully let it drop though not before dropping his his shoulders and heaving a dramatic sigh of “Fine!” and slouching of behind one of the bookcases in flourish and blots. Nothing in Diagon alley had changed over the years; the shops were the same as were most of the owners, though Olivanders daughter Charlotte had taken over the shop when he had died. It was around two and the last thing on our list was textbooks. We had decided it was best if we get them last because, well, Ginny was right- those things weigh a tonne.

“Corry?!” an excited squeak asked from behind me and I spun around on the spot to confront the ambush of black hair that was flying towards me.

“Jen!” I gushed as she flung herself at me, knocking me into James who was standing behind me. He caught us both from landing on the floor and laughed at us for acting like such girls. Well me at least, Jen always acts like that.

“So, how was your summer?” I asked as she smiled after James. I rolled my eyes at her and started dragging her through the store and picking up the books I needed. Jen didn’t have a crush on James per say but on anyone that was good looking and or fit. She was a little shallow sometimes but I still love her to pieces.

“I spend most of it with boring conversations with my parents and an annoying little brother running around. The same as it always is. Have you been staying at the Potters for the last few days?” she asked as she looked at James again curiously.

“All summer actually.” I told her as I placed my books on the counter.

“What? I thought that you were spending the summer with your uncle.” She stated sadly as I handed over the money to the boy behind the counter. He started wrapping up the books as I turned back to Jen.

“He had to work. Look it’s no big deal, like you said. The same as it always is.” I said softly as I took the parcels from the table and set out to find James and Freddie at the front of the store with similar parcels. “Look, we’re finished for the day. So I’ll see you next week ok?” I smiled, giving her one last hug and walking out the store.

“Is everything ok? You seemed kind of defensive back there towards Jen.” James asked as he shifted his parcels into his right arm and wrapped his left around my shoulder.

“Yeah, everything’s fine, I just hate it when she tries to pry stuff out of me. I know she’s my friend but she doesn’t need to know everything in my life you know?” I replied as we walked back to the Leaky Cauldron.

“Yeah, I know. You eating with us tonight Fred or will we see you tomorrow at the Burrow?  James threw over my head at Freddie who was walking on my other side. He nodded his head to say he was eating with us and we all walked into the pub.

“We should probably shrink these down so we don’t lose them in the Floo.” I said as I headed off to the bar to get Hannah.

“Where you going?” Freddie called after me and I turned to smirk at him.

“We’re not allowed to do magic outside of school Freddie, I’m going to ask Hannah if she would so it for us.” I smiled smugly as his mouth dropped into an ‘Oh’, his whole expression embarrassed. I walked toward the bar and found Professor Longbottom talking with his wife.

“Hi Mrs Longbottom, Professor Longbottom. How has your summer been?” I smiled sweetly as they greeted me.

“Cora, I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that out of school it is just Neville.” He nodded as if to emphasis his point.

“Likewise, I am Always just Hannah” what is it with adults not wanting to feel old by being addressed with respect.

“Well, would either of you mind shrinking down our parcels? It’s just that we can’t use magic out of school and we don’t want to lose anything in the Floo.” Frank walked down the stairs behind the bar and stretched sleepily.

“I’ll do it for you Corry” he yawned sleepily, his sapphire blue eyes dropping slightly from sleep.

“Thanks. Are you just up? It’s like half two in the afternoon.” I chastised mockingly placing my hands on my hips. He laughed as he walked around the bar, took out his wand and shrunk our packages.

“Yeah, well its back to Hogwarts next Saturday so I need to make up for all the sleep I am going to miss don’t I?” he winked at me cheekily and I rolled my eyes at him. Frank was almost two years older than James, Freddie and I, seventeen and sixth year at school because of where his birthday lies. He was a Gryffindor just like is dad and like family to the Wotters.

“Whatever you say Frank. Will we see you tomorrow?” I asked as I started putting my parcels into my bag.

“Yeah, I’ll see you guys then ok?” he yawned again before walking back over to his parents. I stepped into the fireplace and threw down my Floo powder. “Potter House, Godrics Hollow.” and said clearly and was engulfed in the emerald flames.

Dear Cora,

               I am sorry that I have not had the time to spend with you over the break. As you know my job can be very demanding. I am regretfully writing to tell you that I will not make it back to send you off of the train on the first as I will be travelling to Russia for an important conference. I know you will understand. I will also be paying for the trip out of your account in Gringotts as mine has been running low of late and as my older brother left all my family’s belongings to you, you have more money than you know what to do with. I trust that you won’t mind as you never have before. I hope you have a good term and that you study hard to ensure a good career. Your O.W.L.’s are important Cora and if you have no O.W.L’s then you won’t be able to support yourself when you move out after you turn seventeen. I trust that you will be spending Easter at your friend’s house at always as you know I attend the spring refreshers course every year, though I may be able to spend a few of the first days with you before I leave for France . Did I mention it was held in Paris this year? Thank you for being as understanding as ever.

Your uncle

Alexander Edward Brady


I ripped the letter down the middle and threw the crumped remains into the fire place before slowly walking over to the couch and sitting down next to James. I wasn’t disappointed, faith in my uncle leads to disappointment and I have no faith in my uncle. I was just tired of his excuses by now and to put them in a letter was futile. We both knew the reason why he never wanted to see me and that the only reason he did on occasion is so that he could live of my inheritance, like the low life my parents had known that he was, and not feel bad about it.

“He’s taken more money hasn’t he?” James sighed as he rubbed his eyes with heels of his hand in frustration.

“Yes, and he’s not coming back on the first to see me off like usual, although I honestly don’t see why he has bothered for the past four years.” I grumbled, crossing my arms over my chest. James didn’t say anything. He learned a long time ago not to say it was because he loved me, he learned to just let it die and change the subject. I was getting late, Freddie had left an hour ago and Al and Scorp were already upstairs, Lilly was staying over at Roses house tonight and I was getting tired sitting next to James by the fire in the living room.

“It’s getting late. We should probably head up to bed.” James yawned as if he could read my mind. He stood up from the couch smiled cheekily before throwing me over his shoulder and spinning around a few time before carrying me up to our room, all the will, with me banging on his spine with my fist and screaming at him to put me down. He threw me onto my bed before walking around his with a chuckle.

“It’s too easy to get you annoyed Corry” he chuckled again as he rooted through his drawer for his pyjama bottoms. I got up from the bed and walked to my trunk, pulling out a sports bra and some soffe’s before sitting back down on my bed and waiting for him to go into the other room so I could change. When the bathroom door clicked shut I took off my shorts and jumper and put them in the hamper before tying my hair back in a braid and deciding to throw the bra that I was wearing today in as well. I walked over to the bed again pulled on my soffe’s and picked up my sports bra and began untwisting it so that it was right side out.

“Hey Corry I think it’s going to be cold tonight can you pass me in a shirt?” James shouted through the door as I finally untwisted the sports bra. “Sure, just a minute.” I called. The sound of the bathroom door clicking open made me fumble with the top in shock as James walked into the doorway.

“Never mind I’ll get i…shit. Sorry….i..i.. never mind!” James stuttered as I turned my back to him in embarrassment. The bathroom door slammed shut and I quickly yanked to sports bra over my head as my face flushed a deep crimson. My best friend just saw me topless. James had seen me in a bra before, I mean we changed in the same locker room for quidditch, I slept in a sports bra, but this was different. First, I was topless but second, my shorts had been sitting slightly low on my hips and the top side of the red, jagged scar could be seen. The mark left by the right half of the werewolf’s narrow top and bottom jaw that had snapped around the bottom of my right hip on that horrible night and marked my skin for life. No one knew about the attack and now James might have seen it. He might know I’m a werewolf. The full moon was tomorrow night and if James had any suspicions, then he certainly wouldn’t tomorrow as the moon rises higher, my bed stays empty, and a faint howl sounds through the blackness of the night.

Ok, so hello again. So i know this is a bit different to what i normally do in some respects and very similar in others but i have alway loved werewolf fanfics on here and wanted to try one out. This chapter is just really a setting the scene kind of the story chapter but i hoped that you liked it. i would love it if you could leave a reveiw, so i could tell how the characters are being recieved and maybe develope them later if they are not coming off as i had intended, plus i just love hearing from you all.  Until next time,

CauldronCharm130 xx

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