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Roses In A Teapot. by Dobbys_Sock_7812
Chapter 1 : A Final Goodbye.
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Story: J.K has the pleasure of owning these characters, not me.

Title: Title and summary song lyrics belong to Ally Rhodes.

Also, for the purpose of this story, I've made Rose a little older (so her and Teddy could attend Hogwarts together).

October 20th 2033.

Both dreading, and being excited to see someone at the same time is a very strange thing to feel indeed. She had changed and re-changed her outfit more times than she could count for this one day and couldn’t resist the occasional dash to the airport bathroom to check her red curls and cherry lipstick were in place. It was some time before it occurred to her that he never used to care for appearances anyway, and in fact looked down upon those who did. It was not a case of forgetting; the mild OCD was merely an accumulation of nerves.

An entire week she had spent dreading the worst, yet time had passed in lurches and blinks of an eye. Now however… Now all she wanted was for him to bloody arrive already, and yet the seconds turned sluggish. For the suspense that came with being mere moments away from a reunion was far worse than knowing there was time to prepare. The young girl was sure she wasn’t so far from a heart attack either; surely the force of its beating would break her chest apart? In the next few moments she contemplated leaving, running in the opposite direction, but sheer determination kept her in place. Whether this meeting would go well or horribly wrong, one thing was certain.

They needed this.

Trying to keep her eyes fixated on her coffee cup and not the mouth of the corridor where he would arrive, she sat with bated breath.

The 1:15 flight from Sydney has landed.

And a stream of people poured through the entrance. Later on she could say with absolute certainty that she felt his presence before she saw him.

The awkwardness was rife; it took him half a minute to even recognise her, and even she had to double take. But they found each other, and thus began a wonderful week.

It seemed there was some catching up to do. The content of the conversation was relatively mundane between the two people who had been separate for so long they no longer knew each other.

Do you still write?
Do you still avoid people?
Do you still have a death wish?
Do you still think about me?

The last one was never said out loud, and after he left again for Australia at the end of the week it grew to be one of her great regrets, heightened by the sight of his retreating back and the feeling of his hand as it (accidentally?) brushed the side of her body. Yet the sad fact of the matter is that they were no longer children. They had lived in their separate worlds and grown into two different people as a consequence. She had become sensible (which upset him enormously) and he had gone off to see the world and explore and everything that she thought she had wanted at fifteen. Perhaps some part of her still did want it, or perhaps it was just the nostalgia that fell in little drops down her cheeks and caused her hands to quake.

She hated it. She had spent almost her whole childhood depending on him to be happy. She had moved on, and couldn't stand the thought of being back there, however wonderful it was to see him. That’s the thing, she mused later, about childhood sweethearts; they help to make up the past that clings to you , and whatever you might want, will not let go. She had a family now, and would not trade them for anything, but there was no denying what a big part of her life he was. This meeting was silly and stupid and awkward and childish. Undeniably perfect. It brought back all of the adventurous spirit that she had quelled for the sake of staying sane while trapped in her little home town. It was entirely uplifting and so many other things that, despite her eloquence, she could not put into words. But whatever else these things are, they’re not good for you.

Neither was their kind of relationship. Both looking but on different days. Perfect on paper yet never quite working out for real. Perhaps this was why they never told anybody. Was it even a relationship? Certainly not what most would look upon as being so. All they really shared was a kind of mutual, yet unspoken agreement. Even they didn’t know what they were doing, so how could they possibly have told anyone else? 

Rose Weasley and Teddy Lupin.
Teddy Lupin and Rose Weasley.

They were a package deal in their youth, nothing more or less in the eyes of everyone else.

One thing however, that this “relationship” seemed to lack above all else was the closure it sorely needed. Neither of them ever quite knew if they were on the same page, and this week hadn’t changed a thing.

Once again, it was only after he left and it was too late that all the subtle complements and breezing touches began to make sense. She cursed herself for allowing this aspect of their old routine to return. She knew he still loved her after all this time and had loved her all those long years ago, and he… Well…

She imagined he was another one who sort of knew all along.

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