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The Battle of the Survivors by SiriusAura92
Chapter 8 : 7- A Memorable Event
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7- A Memorable Event

Harry made his way through a slightly clearer entrance and ran as fast as he could up the stadium stairs. He didn’t even notice Derek, who called after Harry in urgency. But he kept running towards the corridor that led towards the Minister’s box until he finally saw them. Percy, Kingsley, Naomi and three Healers, one of whom was tending to Naomi’s head wound. He watched as Lavender Brown poured some bright blue potion into Naomi’s mouth and her eyes flickered opened slightly while the other two Healers put the two bodies of the Law Enforcers onto stretchers.
Harry drew his wand as he knelt to Naomi’s level just as Derek, Ron and the young Law Enforcer entered the scene.

“Naomi,” Harry said calmly. “Naomi, what happened?”

“Harry she’s not in the condi-” Lavender started, but Kingsley raised his hand for silence and Harry suspected that he too shared the same fears as Harry. Naomi tried to sit up without the assistance of Percy but slumped back a little as she sat up fully.
She screwed her face as she tried to remember, but it was obvious that her injury, though had ceased bleeding, was still causing pain.

“I… I remember walking down the corridor and then...” She tailed away and screwed her eyes in concentration.

“Maybe we should continue this back at the Ministry.” Kingsley said “Let Naomi rest a bit.” Harry hated the thought of it, but if Naomi was in fact a Death Eater spy, he had to know.

“Fine.” He said eventually and he got up and turned towards Ron, Derek and the young man, who seemed to be trans-fixed on the bodies of his former colleagues which were now been levitated out of the stadium by the other two Healers.

Derek turned to the young man and said “Um, Ethan, why don’t you go back and see if they need any more help with the casualties?” Ethan turned away, nodding, and walked back towards the exit, breathing heavily as Ron approached Harry.

“What was that all about? You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“Listen, as I was following my Death Eater, he called to someone who was on his side. Now the only two people left alive who were here are...” Ron’s face turned to a mixture of shock and anger.

“I'm sorry Ron, but Harry’s right.” Interrupted Kingsley. “Today’s events show that we are not as prepared as we thought we were. We foolishly underestimated our enemy and... paid the price for it.” Kingsley seem to struggle with the last part of the sentence, Harry knew that he had been very close to Albert.

“Unfortunately, Minister, that is an understatement.” Derek said darkly as he joined in the conversation. “You need to come and have a look at what else they had ready.” And Harry, Ron and Kingsley left Percy and Lavender with Naomi and followed Derek down a single flight of stairs and they stopped abruptly in front of two Law Enforcers each of which was on a different side of a small hole in the wall with a silvery shield covering it. “Take a look.” He told Harry and Ron, who both approached the hole slowly. They peered through and Harry nearly jumped back in fear as he saw the familiar sight of an Erumpant horn; a extremely sensitive yellowish horn that proved highly explosive on contact.

“HOW THE HELL DID THAT GET THROUGH!” Cried an unnaturally furious Kingsley. Harry too was looking from one person to the next and back to the horn again. Ron seemed to be shaking.

“I don’t know, Kingsley. I just don’t know.” Said Derek, his voice growing quieter and more unnerved. “But if they had one ready here, I’m willing to bet it’s what they used to detonate the other side of the stadium.”
Kingsley turned away suddenly and looked away from them, then raised his head as if he had just made a big decision.

Expecto Patronum!” He said and several shining silver lynx’s burst from the tip of the Minister’s wand and after sending off his last Patronus, he turned his attention back to them. “I’m going to meet with the Wizengamot. Derek, I'm leaving you in charge here. Get rid of that thing before it does more damage.” Derek nodded and turned to talk to the two Enforcers on either side of the hole. “And as for you two,” Kingsley continued. “Dawlish has been taken to the Ministry, I want you two to interrogate him and...” Kingsley caught Harry’s eye. “...debrief Naomi.”
Harry felt appreciative of Kingsley’s choice of words, but it did not seem to comfort him.
Harry and Ron followed Kingsley and left Derek and the two Enforcers with the Erumprnt horn, over hearing the incantations for a combination of Shield and Hovering charms as they left.

As they walked through the exit door of the stadium, they watched as a crowd of people were being treated on the grassy banks or else being transported by Portkey to Saint Mungos if they were too badly injured. As they walked down, Anthony Goldstein, a lean Auror with short golden hair ran over to them.

“We’ve searched the entire area, but by the looks of it is there were any other culprits, they’re long gone.” He then turned most of his attention to Ron “And… we’ve found them.” He said, breathlessly.

“Who?” Harry cut in.

“Ernie and James. Gawain just found them a few minutes ago. They were pretty close to the blast when it went off so they’re both in a pretty bad way. They’ve been sent straight to Saint Mungos.” Ron and Harry exchanged glances at each other. “The Healers wanted me to tell you that they’re moving the serious cases as quickly as possible and we’re keeping the dead in a separate field, we’ll be moving them when we’ve cleared all of the injured.” Harry turned to face the field full of casualties and his impulse to help them and his determination to find out about Naomi clashed in his mind but Ron made the decision for him.

“Thanks, Ant.” He said putting his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “Keep us posted won’t you.” Anthony nodded and made his way back towards the injured.

Kingsley put his hand on Harry’s shoulder and said “They’re in good hands Harry, we need to go.” And Harry, Ron and Kingsley made their way towards the outskirts of the arena, where the protective charms that were still in effect ended, and Disaparated towards the Ministry.

They walked from the back-alley from which they Apparated, entered the Atrium of the Ministry and a crowd of heads turned towards them. They were then stampeded by what Harry knew to be the press by the number of flashing cameras, quills scratching on pieces of parchment and questions being bombarded in their direction.

“Minister Shacklebolt, is it true that one of your Head of Departments was murdered during the attack?”

“Mister Potter, can you confirm that this is Death Eater activity?”

“Mister Weasley, is it true that you yourself captured a fleeing suspect?”

Harry had no idea of where these reporters were getting their facts from and had no time to find out. But before Harry could get a word in, there was a loud bang and Kingsley stood there, his wand pointing upwards.
“We will be more than happy to answer your questions later, but for now, myself and Aurors Potter and Weasley have jobs to do. If you wish ask questions then I ask you to wait at least an hour to do so.” And the crowd burst into a loud ruckus once again.

Kingsley ignored the ongoing questions and walked straight through the crowd and towards the lifts and Harry and Ron followed suit. They entered through the golden gates of the lift and the noise of the Atrium died as the lift went down towards the second floor of the Ministry.

They went down together in silence. Slowly, Harry began to feel the grief for Albert course through him and when the lift came to a halt, the calm voice of the announcer began “Level Two. Department of Magical Law Enforcement.”

Harry nearly ran out of the lift as Kingsley said “We’ll answer to the press after I'm done with the Wizengamot and you’re done with the interrogations. I’ll send word when I'm done.” And Kingsley walked off in the opposite direction towards the Wizengamot meeting room, leaving both Harry and Ron to continue their silent journey towards the Auror Office. When they entered the almost deserted office, they found Phillipa sitting on a desk. She looked sharply up at them at the sound of their approach. Harry could tell that she had been crying, even if just a little.

“Phillipa, you okay?” Ron asked tentatively.

“I'm fine, Ron.” She said calmly. “I've just heard from Gawain, he’s on his way. They’ve moved Al’s body.” And she stared blankly at them and both Harry and Ron went towards her and put their arms around her and as they did so Harry could hear her deep breathing.

“We need to interrogate Dawlish and the Death Eater and talk to Naomi.” Harry explained. “If you don’t feel up to it I’ll understand-”

“No. Don’t be silly Harry.” She interrupted. And sounding better, she moved their arms off of her and said “They’re all in interrogation rooms.” She looked up at Harry and Ron “I’ll do John. I’ve worked with a lot longer then you guys have, I know him better.”

“Okay,” Harry said. “You and Ron take Dawlish and I’ll take Naomi. Then when Gawain gets here, we can all take the Death Eater.” Both Ron and Phillipa nodded their agreement and Phillipa stood up rubbing her eyes.

“Naomi’s in room three. She’s got a Healer with her.” She told Harry and she put her hand on his shoulder and smiled and the three of them walked towards the interrogation centre.

They reached the thin corridor, with about ten doors on each side each of which with a thick black number on it. Harry placed his hand on the handle of the door with the black number three and heard Ron and Phillipa entering room one. With a deep breath he opened the door and entered the small room.

It wasn’t dark, as light was pouring in from a small enchanted window on the opposite wall, but the room had the air of grimness about it and was near enough empty apart from a rectangular table in the middle and a small wooden cabinet in the corner, which at this moment was open with Lavender Brown making another potion from the ingredients within. Naomi was sat at one side of the table and Lavender was again giving Naomi a vial of blue potion to drink. Once she drank the last drop of potion, Harry looked to Lavender.

“I’d go easy on this one, Harry.” She explained as she put away the empty vial. “She’s delicate at the moment-”

“I’m not delicate!” Naomi said through gritted teeth.
Harry took the seat opposite her and before he could even ask his first question, she started speaking.

“Me, Emily, Rowan and Ashley were doing our patrol on the sixth floor corridor. After about an hour, we heard screaming from the arena but Emily suggested that it was just something happening in the match. So we carried on walking and then we felt the entire stadium shake. I then said we should regroup with you and the Minister. So we ran towards the Minister's box and then this hooded man came running at us and shouted about something being a dud. We all raised our wands but he sent a Killing Curse that hit Rowan and, before I could do anything, someone hit me and then...” Naomi’s voice tailed slightly. “I just remember something sharp hitting me hard in the head and then blank.”

Naomi stared at Harry and after a few seconds he said “Naomi, where was Emily when the hooded man came running at you?”

A combination of shock and realization hit Naomi’s face when Harry asked his question and, eventually, she quietly said “Behind me.” And she looked down, away from Harry.

And then, once again, a dull pain emitted from the top of Harry’s head and forced him to say something that he did not even think of. With his lips and voice box working of their own accord he asked mechanically “Do you know anything about the whereabouts of Lucius Malfoy?”

Harry seemed as shocked at his question then Naomi was. Her head bolted straight back up again and her eyes seemed watery. “Harry,” She said in disbelief. “You don’t- I’m not- I am not a Death Eater.” And they looked at each other directly in the eye, and Harry suddenly decided what he was going to do.

He turned to Lavender and said “Would it be safe to use Legilimency?”

Lavender stared at him. “Harry, I... I have no idea.” She examined Naomi’s head again and said “I guess, as long as she doesn’t fight against it. But do you really want to risk it?”

“Do it.” Said Naomi and both Harry and Lavender looked at her. “Do it, I won’t fight it.” Harry looked back at Lavender, she still looked uneasy but eventually she nodded her head.

Harry drew his wand and pointed it at Naomi. “Open your mind and relax Naomi.” He said and Naomi closed her eyes and seemed to start breathing deeply until Harry cried “Legilimens!” And the small room and Lavender vanished and Harry was watching as Naomi, Emily and the two Law Enforcers, Rowan and Ashley, walked the corridor. He could hear shrieks from a distance and the others seemed to have noticed as well.

“What was that?” Ashley asked.

Naomi quickly turned and replied “I don’t know.”

“Probably the match.” Said Emily, who continued walking. Eventually, the others followed but no sooner had they caught up with Emily, that the walls of the corridors shook and screams seemed to flow through the entire stadium.

“What the...?” Started Rowan but Naomi cut across him.

“We should get back to Harry and the Minister. Now!” Naomi ordered and she and the two Enforcers started their way in the opposite direction, but Harry noticed that, even though the atmosphere was screaming panic, Emily seemed calm and turned to follow her fellows or, Harry thought again, her targets.

Before the four of them reached the same corner that Harry himself saw the Death Eater go round, the tall, muscular man ran round it and once again shouted “Ours was a dud. We need to go now!” And a jet of green light burst from the tip of his wand and hit Rowan in the chest.

“No!” He heard Ashley cry as he ran towards the man and as Naomi raised her wand and aimed it towards the man he heard Emily’s voice and definite proof of what happened.


Harry just saw the spell hit the back of Naomi’s head and as she fell to the floor, a white misty substance covered Harry’s vision indicating that there was no more to the memory and he once again found himself in the small interrogation room.

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