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To Die For by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 6 : Jealousy
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Roxanne Weasley was an exceedingly good actress, Tristan had to note that with an odd sense of pride. She wasn't the best; he could hear the quickening of her heartbeat whenever she was near him, so strong and clear it was like he could touch it, feel it in his hands. But she certainly knew how to hide it well; she smiled and she talked, asking harmless enough questions as they walked to the Great Hall for dinner. If he wasn't for the fact that he was looking out for any signs of suspicion or that he could hear her heart, he never would have guessed that anything was wrong. She was nervous around him and determined to find out what she could, but she wasn't afraid of him, she just didn't want him to know that she had any doubts. So, Tristan deduced with a relieved breath, she couldn't have guessed what he was and thought that he was just a liar.

Unless she had, or was close, and just didn't care.

Tristan didn't have an answer to that thought. But he really hoped she didn't know, that she'd never know, and would stay at least somewhat ignorant while he was here. He could put up with her questions and handle her suspicious nature as long as her determination didn't rear it's head so far that she knew what he was or why he was here. He'd hate to have to kill a member of Harry Potter's family over this; the repercussions would be too much.

Roxanne and James said their good byes at the door, moving to take their seats with their own house, and he made a quick second decision before grabbing Aidan's sleeve and following them.

"Er, Slytherin is that way," Aidan hissed, pulling his sleeve free and stepping back. "We don't sit with the Gryffindors. We barely sit with the Slytherins."

Tristan rolled his eyes and moved closer to the Gryffindor table, catching the attention of the people around them, who whispered excitedly over the thought of the new kid doing something 'against the norm'. Soon enough, the hall was quiet, watching the two in the middle, waiting.

"They're just tables, Aidan. No matter where we sit, we're all doing pretty much the same thing - we eat, we talk, we leave," Tristan said, a small, but smug, smile on his face. "Now I'd like to get to know the people I'm spending my last school year with, so I'm going to sit at another table. Now you can walk away, sit by yourself because you're following an archaic school tradition based on a rivalry I don't give a shit about, or you can join me and sit with your fiends? Your choice."

He walked away, sitting beside Roxanne in the new space she'd left. She smiled again and he almost forgot that she was acting when he felt some of it melt away, sincerity taking its place. "I've been trying to get him to sit with us for ages," she whispered into his ear, sending a shiver down his spine when her warm breath tickled the sensitive skin vampires were 'born' with.

He kept his back to Aidan, feeling the boy's eyes on him for a few minutes before he sighed and joined them. The other Gryffindors moved to let him sit beside Tristan, leaving a noticeable gap between him and them, but it was smaller than the gap the Slytherins left. "I hate you," he muttered, grabbing some food.

"You're welcome," Tristan grinned, then turned to Roxanne casually. "So, tell me about your house. Is anyone friend material? Is there anyone I need to look out for?"

Still laughing over his little announcement about sitting with them, Roxanne couldn't bring herself to even try to be serious about his question. She usually was, proud that she was the one people went to for information, but right now she didn't care about that. Not when Aidan was finally sitting with them. She just nodded, pointing to a girl in their year, who was sat a few seats away on the opposite side of the table. Tristan could smell her perfume from his place, hear her laugh as though he was sitting right next to her. She was pretty, he thought, with a hint of a tan on what looked like soft skin, maybe even beautiful if she used just the right amount of make-up. Right now it was a little too thick for his tastes. As if she knew she was being watched, she turned. Her smile was now for Tristan, wide and flirty, showing a full set of straight white teeth and lighting up her eyes. He decided he could get past the make-up. She flicked her tongue when he winked, biting her lip in a way that showed she was clearly available, and cupped her chin in his hand to watch him. Her friends were forgotten, not that they cared. They were watching, too.

"Hey," Roxanne exclaimed, nudging him in the ribs. Tristan shrugged, glancing back every so often. "That's Bonnie Kennedy. She'd be doing a lot better in class if she wasn't messing around with the guys all the time. Once she sets her sights on you, you're hers until she's finally had her way with you. And she's a gossip; she talks about all the guys she's been with and all the guys she hasn't had the pleasure of meeting. I thought I'd warn you, but you're already making it easy by showing some interest yourself."

"There's no harm in flirting," he reasoned, another part of his plan coming together. Bonnie would be the perfect person to use; she already wanted him, she would be so easy to talk to without her getting suspicious. Plus there really was no harm in having a little fun. It wasn't like he'd lose control.

"Well, you've been warned anyway," she sighed, giving up on persuading him otherwise. She pointed to the other end of the table, close to the door. "That's my cousin, Hugo; he's a thief and a liar and, well, not a morally good person in general. But he's good with all things Muggle. We have this old classroom on the second floor that is charmed to keep magic out, so Muggle equipment can be used. But the charm that keeps magic out is the reason things still go wrong in there. Hugo knows how to use it well enough, so if you have any of those things, like a laptop or a phone, he might help you. For the right price."

She watched, waited for him to nod, to want her to continue, and after a few seconds and a decision to talk to her cousin, so that he could use his phone every day, he did so. She pointed to the kid next to Hugo, one he recognized from his House. "The kid next to him is his best friend, Skander Dolohov. He has this gift, he can feel everything around him, including people. One look from him and he could tell you your deepest, darkest secrets. People tend to stay away from them both, except our cousin Lily, James' sister. They consider her an ally, maybe even a friend. Don't get too close to him, though. Not if you want to keep your secrets."

"Okay," Tristan happily agreed. He hadn't been around a Sensitive in over three hundred years; they were the rarest of the special abilities, along with Elementals and Deal-Makers. To have one here? Now? It wasn't a good thing; like with Aidan's sense of smell, he hoped that whatever Skander Dolohov may feel around him, the kid had never met a vampire before to make the connection. Sensitives couldn't get into the minds of vampires; Dolohov would certainly get suspicious when the only things he'd feel around Tristan would be dark and cold.

Hopefully, he'd find Hugo Weasley alone.


Tristan left the Great Hall early, with the perceived intention of following Aidan to Slytherin, who left when things became too uncomfortable. He was used to sitting alone at the Slytherin table, used to the stares and the whispers and the space between him and the next person, but the Gryffindor table, despite being in the same room, was considered unchartered territory for the wolf within him. The space was too small, he felt caged in, trapped, and the wolf had run, taking Aidan with him. Tristan had felt it all; the scent of fear was palpable in the air. He was sure that even the Dolohov kid could feel it.

So, he'd followed, saying good bye to the others, but the corridor outside of the hall was empty by the time he got there and Tristan knew he was probably hiding alone in their dorm room or on his way out into the forbidden forest. Aidan liked routine, space he knew was his and the wolf's; he'd figured out that much. Tristan wouldn't disturb him. And the giggling that came with Bonnie Kennedy's perfume distracted him.

"Following me?" he asked as soon as he felt her behind him. He turned around, watching her with a raised eye-brow and a flirty smile. Her own smile widened, her long lashes fluttered over her brown eyes and shrugged her shoulders in a way that made her look innocent.

"I thought maybe it was my turn to welcome you to school." Bonnie stepped closer, enough that she had to tilt her head just to look into his eyes. "Welcome to Hogwarts, Tristan."

"Thank you. It's the best welcome I've had yet," he whispered. "I'd rather not talk in the halls."

The insinuation was clear and Bonnie took his hand, leading the way through halls he knew better than his old home. Oh, he knew where she was taking him - the Room of Requirement obviously wasn't a secret or rumor to the students anymore. In his day, only he and his friends had known.

The door opened and Bonnie pulled him into a semi-dark room, with a king-sized bed. Everything was a deep red, from the walls to the soft silk sheets she pushed him onto. It was meant to be sexy, not romantic, but it only reminded Tristan of blood and hunger...

He could hear her heart beat against her chest as she straddled his waist to kiss him, hard and deep and with enough experience to believe Roxanne's words from dinner. Her blood rushed through her veins, warming her face, her body, and he watched as it controlled her, let her continue to push him down.

It only last as few more moments, then his own instincts kicked in, his own urges and wants. He flipped them over, so that he was on top, his hands finding their way under Bonnie's shirt. He paused only to pull it off, then his. They continued to undress, Tristan's lips moving from her lips to her jaw to her neck.

And he couldn't help himself.

Control was the least of his worries.


Tristan woke up first, sated and relaxed for the first time in a long time. It had been too long since his food source had been a human, fresh and warm, from the vein, just as it should be. Blood bags were not enough for vampires and any who said otherwise were deluding themselves, just like anyone who believed that animal blood was sustainable. It wasn't. It wasn't even an option for vampires; human blood created them and only human blood could keep them alive. And it was so much better when it was taken the way he had; there was no pain during sex, when endorphins were already high.

He had Bonnie now and she'd never have to worry.

He turned to Bonnie, watched her sleep peacefully beside him before turning to the marks on her neck, the dried blood around the wound and coming down her shoulder. He'd have to fix that. He retracted his fangs, pressed his thumb into the sharp point until he bled and covered her wounds with his blood. They healed quickly, and as though one swipe of his hand was a wet cloth, the blood was gone, washed away with his magic.

The feeling most have woken her because she stirred, her eyes fluttering until they eventually opened, and she turned her head his way. "Good morning," she murmured, wiping her eyes.

Tristan turned to lie on his side, his elbow propped up on the pillow and his head in his hands, and smiled down at her, pushing away a stray strand of hair. "Good morning," he copied. "Sleep well?"

Bonnie pushed herself up, catching his lips with a quick kiss. "Never better." She groaned suddenly. "I suppose we should get up; we need to to go to our Houses before class starts."

"Ah, yes. That thing people think we come here to do," Tristan joked, lying back as he watched her get up and dressed. "How did you find this place?"

"The Room of Requirement? Everyone knows about it, ever since the stories of the war." She faced him, grinning cheekily. "Not everyone knows where it is, though. Or how to get in."

"Lucky us."

"Hmm." Bonnie moved to the mirror on the wall, pulling up her hair into a bun, and noticed her neck. "That's strange," she muttered to herself, her fingers poking the skin tentatively.

"What's strange?"

Bonnie looked at him through the mirror, surprised; she hadn't realized he had heard her. "Nothing. It's just my neck; you bit me pretty hard, not that I minded," she added quickly. "I just expected to see a mark when I woke up."

"There was," he answered, mostly honest. "I healed it when I saw it before. You don't mind, do you?"

Bonnie put her hand on her heart and shook her head. "That's so sweet. I would have liked to show it off, though. My friends will be so jealous when they know that the incredibly hot Tristan Chase wanted to be with me last night."

The love she had for herself was almost comical, Tristan couldn't help the grin and hoped she took it in agreement to her. When really, he wanted to laugh at her. If she knew what he was, she'd have probably run by now, wishing they'd never met. "See, now that I know that, I know to keep it there next time."

"Next time, eh?" she asked, feigning curiosity and ignorance. She wanted a next time, he knew. "What makes you think you're that special?"

Tristan stood up, watched her as she watched him, her eyes roaming his body again, and he stopped right behind her. "Trust me," he whispered. He put him arms around her waist. "You shouldn't wear so much make-up. You look so beautiful without it."

"Really?" she asked, now genuinely curious now. He nodded, leaving a chaste kiss in her hair. "You are not like the other guys here."

"I'd be insulted if you said that I was," he told her. "Go on, I'll see you later," he said, promising when she asked him to. As soon as Bonnie was gone, Tristan rolled his eyes, fixed his hair in the mirror and and clapped his hands together, talking to the RoR. "Now to find a different room. I think Bonnie will be a nice distraction for everyone else."


"Hey, Aidan. Where's Tristan?" Janes was quick to ask when he saw their friend.

Aidan shrugged, "Getting showered and dressed. He didn't come back to the dorm until morning, he came in just after me, but I saw Bonnie after him and she looked very happy. Expect to hear about that soon."

Roxanne groaned as James pulled a face; he didn't want to hear about his friend and cousin's love lives. "I warned him, I did."

"He's a big boy, Rox. He can take care of himself," Aidan promised.

"There's something about him," she whispered to him and James. "I've got this weird feeling and when I talked to Skander, he said he had a weird feeling, too. There is something off about Tristan Chase. I intend to find out what."

"Good luck figuring it out. Or ask him," Aidan replied, pointing at the door. Tristan came into the Great Hall, showered and in fresh clothes and somehow looking hotter when the droplets in his hair fell down his cheek. "I'm sure he would love to hear about it."

"Who would love to hear about what?" Tristan asked.

The other two guys left quickly, finishing their breakfast on the way out. Roxanne stood her ground, her arms folded across her chest. She meant business, he realized. He just didn't know what that business was.

"I warned you about Bonnie," she snapped quietly. "And then you sleep with her after the first day."

"Yes, I did," he agreed. "Because I told you that there was no harm. It's just fun, Roxanne. I know that you know what fun is." He leaned down, whispering into her ear, "I'm not the only one who had fun last night."

Roxanne felt her cheeks warm. How could he know? Had Aidan told him? Had he figured it out the same way Aidan had figured him out?

Tristan continued, mocking her slightly. She couldn't control his actions, she couldn't demand he listen to her. "If I had known you'd get jealous, I'd have still done it, but I would have told you first. It would have been so much better knowing how much you'd hate it." He grabbed a piece of toast, started to walk out. "See you in class."

Roxanne was seething. She'd have to make him pay for that. How dare he accuse her of being jealous. He hardly knew her, he didn't know what he was capable of.

No way was Roxanne jealous of Bonnie and Tristan. She couldn't be.

A/N: Finally, a new chapter. I hope you enjoy the way things arre heating up between Tristan and Roxanne. More of that to come. ;)

Please let me know what you think.


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