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A Long Summer by alicia and anne
Chapter 3 : Chocolate wars
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Hours Ginny has been gone: 2

Injuries acquired: Various

Chocolate ingested: one big bar of Honeydukes.

Harry: 1 Kids: 0 


Ginny had been gone for a little over two hours and Harry had already banished his children to the garden to get them out of the way.

It’s not that he couldn’t handle looking after his own children; it’s just that whenever he was looking after them, Ginny was always within reaching distance in case he needed to use her as a threat against them to make them behave. This time Ginny was out of the country and Harry had no one that was as scary as Ginny to threaten the kids with... and they knew it.

He wondered on many occasions that day if it was a manly thing to try and hide in his office, cowering slightly. He had of course gone in there under the pretence that he was doing urgent paperwork. He was only partly lying, he did need to do paperwork, it just wasn’t urgent.

A loud thud met Harry’s ears, interrupting the peaceful silence that was surrounding him as he sat on a chair at his desk, running the feather of his quill across his face merely for something to do.

He looked over at the window, his hand stopping its movement, as he tried to work out what the sounds were, and where it was coming from.

Another thud sounded, followed by a cry of pain. Harry turned to the open window with a concerned frown, before standing up from his chair the quill dropping to the desk, and walking over to the window. He looked out just as another thud sounded, this time followed by a laugh.

Looking down Harry saw his children all standing in the garden in some sort of triangle shape, a Quaffle was poised in Lily’s hand and she appeared to be aiming it at James, who was attempting to shield himself whilst not moving from where he was standing.

Lily threw the Quaffle at James, and with surprising accuracy caught him in the stomach, winding him.

“That would explain the thud,” Harry muttered to himself before deciding to call down to his kids. “What are you doing?”

James, Albus and Lily all looked up at the open window.

“Playing Quidditch,” Albus said as though it were obvious.

“Quidditch is played on brooms,” Harry called to them, thankful that he didn’t have any neighbours in hearing distance.

“Mum took our brooms, so we improvised. We’re each a goal post, if the thrower hits us they get ten points.” James told him, still sounding slightly winded.

“When does the game end?” Harry asked, actually interested.

“Until one of us is too hurt to carry on,” Lily said with a shrug.

“You want to play dad?” Albus asked.

Harry would be lying if he said he wasn’t tempted to join the game, but he had the urgent paper work to finish.

“I’ll have to take a rain check on that,” Harry told them, moving away from the window and back over to his desk. If Ginny were here then he would be forced to stop the kids playing their own version of Quidditch, Harry was thankful that it was keeping them all out of his way until he was able to get Teddy around here. At least when Teddy turns up then they’ll torture him endlessly, he knew that he shouldn’t have sacrificed his godson but sometimes these sacrifices had to happen.

Harry had almost taken a seat as he thought about the children being outside in the garden, he heard Albus’s let out a cry of pain before laughing, when it suddenly dawned on him that they were pretty distracted. If there was anything that his children were it was competitive, once they had a competition to see who could be silent the longest, it had lasted a blissfully peaceful three days before James fell asleep on the sofa in the front room whilst the family were watching TV and began talking in his sleep. Knowing that this game would go on for quite a while Harry thought about the possibility of him being able to eat that bar of Honeydukes chocolate, he had kept hidden in the kitchen cupboard, undisturbed.

Harry edged out of the room, careful to listen out for the sounds of his children playing their game, from the sounds of it the ball had been accidently thrown down the garden and James was the one forced to retrieve it, by the sounds of his whining about it.
Harry snuck as quietly as he could down the stairs, careful to miss the third step from the bottom as it squeaked and tiptoed to the kitchen. Even though his children were in the garden they had ears like a Hippogriff, and were as nosey as Kneazles, so he had to be as careful as he could.

He opened the kitchen cupboard doors slowly, eyes darting around as he looked to see if any of his children were around. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to share his food, or was depriving the kids of food; in fact they hadn’t long had their breakfast, the remnants of which were still left on the kitchen table waiting for Harry to clean it up, Harry was too preoccupied earlier to get his kids into the garden that he didn’t even think about cleaning. It was just that Harry had been saving this bar of chocolate since yesterday, and he wanted to eat it to himself without one of his children taking it from him.

He was quite excited as he found the perfect hiding place yesterday when he had come home from work to find that Ginny had taken the kids out to get some sunshine, fresh air and some quality time with her before her holiday, it was hidden behind some dusty cans of tinned tuna and sardines, something that he knew they hated eating. Harry gently eased his hand over the cans, trying not to move them or make a sound, all the while keeping an eye out. He hadn’t had a bar of chocolate to himself at home since Albus was born, whether through Ginny eating it or one of the kids wanting some, and he felt that it was high time he deserved a bar to himself.

Harry smiled as he closed the cupboard door, clutching the chocolate in his hand as he looked around and saw that the coast was clear. Turning around he began to make his way from the room, but a sight at the window made him stop and look at it.

All three of his children were standing at the window and had their faces and hands pressed against it, he didn’t even know that their game had ended. Harry noticed their hungry eyes looking at the bar of Honeydukes and Harry felt fear go through him, before he took off at a run, hearing the kids coming through the back door and chasing after him.

He took the stairs two at a time, ignoring the slight pain in his knees as he done so. He just needed to get to his bedroom or the bathroom and lock the door behind him then him and the chocolate would be safe.

“Dad, don’t be mean.”

“Yeah, you’ve always taught us to share.”

“James cut him off, he’s heading for the bathroom,” Albus cried loudly as he followed his dad up the stairs. Harry wondered where on earth James had gone as he rushed towards the bathroom, before darting into the room and closing and locking the door behind him.

He let out a small laugh as he felt his heart racing, feeling triumphant that he had made it as Albus and Lily pounded on the door. He turned around so he could go and sit on the edge of the bath, but saw to his horror that James was sitting there waiting for him with a wide grin on his face. Harry noticed that the window was open and realised that his eldest son had managed to climb up the drain pipe, extremely fast. If he wasn’t worried about the grin on James’s face he would be impressed that James had managed to not hurt himself.

“Dad, dad, dad,” James said with a small laugh, “You know you can never run from us when there’s chocolate involved.”

“How about I buy you all big bars of chocolate? We’ll pop down to the shop...” Harry attempted before faltering as James shook his head.

“No dad we want yours, it tastes better.”

“I’ll buy you two bars of chocolate each,” Harry tried negotiating again, his hands were behind his back and he was trying to open the wrapper without making a noise. It was when James stood up and began walking slowly towards his father that Harry made his move. He brought the chocolate from behind his back, the wrapper falling to the floor, and began to stuff all of the chocolate into his mouth. Harry looked triumphantly at James, who appeared flabbergasted.

It took Harry a while to chew all of the chocolaty goodness and swallow it before he could laugh loudly at the fact that he had managed to eat the entire bar without sharing it. His hands were covered in melted chocolate and he knew that his face probably was as well, but it was a small price to pay for the satisfaction he felt at having the entire bar to himself.

James shook his head at Harry and folded his arms, “you are the meanest father alive.”
Harry just gave him a smile, before beginning to feel a sickness flow through him although he tried to not let it show to his son, why did he think eating the whole bar at once would be a good idea?

“I offered to buy you all your own chocolate, but you turned me down.” Harry said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, melted chocolate spread up his arm.

“Don’t worry, when Teddy turns up he’s going to buy us ice cream,” James said walking over to the bathroom door, unlocking it and exiting the room. Albus and Lily looked in on their father in disappointment; James stood next to them. They heard the front door opening and Teddy coming into the house, calling out a ‘Hello’ before the unmistakeable sounds of him falling over the umbrella stand met all of their ears. Harry and his children all rolled their eyes as Teddy said loudly in the hallway that he was okay, it was only his ego that was bruised.

“Hey Teddy,” James called out, walking away from the bathroom and making his way down the stairs, Albus and Lily following him. “Dad said that you have to take us out for ice cream.”

Harry shook his head at James’s lie as he washed his hands, arm and face before walking out of the bathroom and heading towards his bedroom, knowing that he was going to have to lie down until the feeling of sickness disappeared. At least Teddy would be taking them all out for a few hours so Harry could come up with a plan for activities he could do with the children over the next few days. He knew that he would have to buy some more chocolate to try and bribe them all with.

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