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Trouble by fan of harryhermione
Chapter 1 : I do not have a crush on Al!!!!
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AN: I decided to write a next generation fic. It is not all that nice,  but please please read it.


I groaned and flipped to my other side as I heard Rose and Lily yelling at each other for some idiotic stuff. It was seven in the morning for Merlin’s sake! They are screaming like it’s the middle of the day, when everyone is awake and when no one is getting annoyed at their screaming.


WHY THE FUCK DID I INVITED THEM OVER FOR A SLEEP OVER? My only thoughts were those as I covered my face and groaned. They were oblivious to my groan and continued screaming. Unfortunately we casted a Silencio yesterday night so that no one can hear our shouts and squeals. Now they are screaming and I CAN’T FUCKING TAKE IT ANYMORE!!


“SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU TWO BITCH!” I shouted and smirked to see that I got their attention. Lily looked shocked for a moment then her blue eyes gave a twinkle and said,


“Are you in your happy world, Liz? You usually stupefy us.” She said and both of them snickered. Yeah, I usually stupefy them. But THAT DOESN’T MEAN I AM IN MY HAPPY WORLD.


“Yeah, I thought of making an exception today, but if you don’t shut the fuck up I’ll change my mind.” I growled.


I noticed what they were fighting about which is who’ll go to the washroom first and I ran to the washroom. I flashed my best innocent grin and slipped inside the washroom.


Now they are shouting outside the room, and cursing me very badly. I think we’d be in a great fight when I come out but my mom will probably shout at us and make us eat our breakfast smiling all the way.


I turned on the shower. It was bloody hot this summer. I let the cold water run through my body. A great way to start my morning. I thought sarcastically. What happened to sweet fairy tales like Cinderella where they wake up with twittering of birds? Guess I am not a princess, and my life is not like that.


Shit. I forgot to bring a towel. NOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? I just can’t tell them to pass me a towel; they’ll kill me or worse laugh at me. Ok now I know I am going to kill myself, I am witch for Merlin’s sake. Why can’t I remember small things like this?


Umm… I am witch. Silly me. I can cast a drying charm on myself. Though it is not allowed for underage wizard to cast magic, the rule has been changed. Surprise, surprise. We can cast magic unless it’s not dark magic. I don’t think anyone will ever be dumb enough to cast dark magic. As Rose’s mum Hermione Weasley is in charge of these things.


I cursed really loudly. Loud enough for both of them to hear outside the washroom and snicker. I am a fucking dumb girl, if any of you are interested to know. I forgot I am a witch and I was having a panic attack for not bringing a towel.


I went outside the room and found them messing over my stuff again. That’s what they usually do, doesn’t mean I won’t get angry.


“I wonder how you two are my friends. Best friends?” I said, as I proceeded to put on my usual morning beauty products. Mum forced me to these stuffs when I was a kid, now I have to do these when I am around her.


They just looked at each other and smirked. Uh oh something bad is gonna happen. See, if you see these two siblings in a truce and smirking you have to be ready to find your favorite sundress in the most disgusting color. Or one time all my favorite songs were sung by them and saved on my laptop. They have horrible voices. With a non-deleting charm. I spent all my month finding an anti charm. When I finally found it, I cast it and deleted them. But by that time those songs sucks.


They talked in a hushed whisper and went Rose went to the wash room. My only thought is I don’t wanna be a victim. And especially not by a marauder. Oh well, Lil might be a marauder but I am Lizzie McGivar. I took my wand from the drawer and pointed it at her.


“Lily Potter, if you do not tell me what is going I swear I’ll hex you to next week.” I threatened in a low voice.


“I don’t think it’ll affect me Liz, I am the daughter of Harry Potter.”


“Sure you are, but if you don’t tell me, I swear to God, no one and I mean no one will be able to save you.”


“Are you challenging me a duel?”


“Yeah,” if you are wondering how we can be like this, funny one moment and then dead serious, it’s because we’re we. Deal with it.


“Expelliurmas.” I screamed and her wand fell with a clunk.


I levitated the wand to me and looked at her smirking.


“Now tell me, Lil.” I said as I sat.


“We were planning on making you embarrassing in front of the Great Hall.” She admitted quietly. I grinned. You might think we’re kinda like guys. Hexing each other, pranking each other and all that.


“So how are you gonna do it?”


“We didn’t plan it yet.”


“Hmm. Go and plan it with her. And don’t forget to tell me.” I laughed and slipped to the kitchen. I didn’t forget to undo the Silencio.


In the kitchen mum was making break fast. I went up and hugged her. She seems awfully happy and hugged me back.


“Did you girls have a great night?”


“Yeah mum. Why ask?” I grinned at mum’s little bit of annoyance at me as I sucked my finger which I dipped in chocolate sauce.


“Where’s dad?”


“Still sleeping.”


“My dear brothers?” I couldn’t help but be sarcastic.


“All of them sleeping.”


“Anything new going on around here?”


“You just got your O.W.L results.”


“Where is it?”


“Three parchments of you, Lily and Rose’s.”


“You opened it?”


“No, I want you girls to open with each other.”


“Ok Mom. So what’d you make for breakfast?”


“Pancakes, dear.”


“Umm… mum, today is August 31st right?”


“Yes, love.”


“So today, afternoon, three of us, Lily, Rose and I are going to Diagon alley with Lil’s brothers, to buy school supplies.”


“In which standards do they read?”


“Sixth year, mom.”


I kinda made a run for my room after her last question, but I couldn’t as Lily and Rose came in. I gave them my best save yourself look. They were oblivious to it. I cannot believe it. I know my mum is going to fry us with questions.


I knew my mum really well. She is going to ask us lots of questions about James and Al, then she’s gonna tell me to date the guy who has the most brilliant academic results. I hurriedly ate my breakfast.


“Umm… Rose,” I whispered and nudged her making sure mum doesn’t see.


“Yeah,” I am sure she saw the urgency in my tone.


“Mum is gonna kill us with questions about your cousins, so you guys can’t eat breakfast,” I whispered, and then, “Hey Lil we got our O.W.L results and Hogwarts letters.”


Lily was the first one to go and grab her letter. She then ran straight to my room. Rose was the second one. I know it’s weird, she’ll never pick up results willingly, but I guess it’s better than to answer questions to your best friend’s mum about your cousins.


I smiled at mum and ran to pick up my own letter and made a bee-line to my room. I saw Rose half screaming to Lil about how my mum being a murderer. I laughed at their antiques.


“So who’s opening it first?” I asked.


“Me, me, me,” Lil screamed. She is not a nerd. If you’re thinking she is a nerd, go and fall of a cliff.


“O-kay, Lil you first,” I said, “I don’t think you’re gonna go second are you Weasley?”


“Nope, you’re going second Liz.” She said cheerfully also a bit scared, though she masked it awesomely.


Lily opened it and screamed. I turned to her.


“What happened? Did you fail or something?” I asked, not really caring.


“I failed in divination and in history of magic! I can’t fail.”


I looked at Rose, “Hey, Rose was your mum having a secret relationship with Lil’s dad. And she just happened to be the child of their love?” I asked it all seriously and then both of us burst out laughing. Lil looked like she was having a panic attack.


“I bet you got O in all the others.”


“Yeah.” Lil said.


“So let’s open mine.” I exclaimed and open mine.



Dear Elizabeth McGivar,

                                        I am happy to tell you, you got most of your O.W.Ls.


Subject:                                                                               Grades:


History of Magic                                                                  P


Defense against Dark Arts                                                   O+


Potions                                                                                  E


Divination                                                                             P


Herbology                                                                            A


Charms                                                                                 E


Transfiguration                                                                    O


Care of Magical Animals                                                    E


O = Outstanding

E = Exceeds Expectations

A = Acceptable

P = Poor

                                                                                   Total Percentage: 85%


Congratulations Ms. McGivar, you got 68 O.W.Ls. In the future you have a few options open. You can be a healer; in that case you need Potions, Charms and Herbology. Or you can be an Auror; in that case you need Defense against Dark Arts, Potions and Transfiguration.


The list went on and on and on. I didn’t really care. I could be an Auror! That was my first dream since I read about them. Dark Magic Fighter. Anyway back to the last paragraph


Ms McGivar the educational board of England is also happy to tell you, you are the second person in this century who got O+ in Defense against Dark Arts. The first person is none other than the famous Harry Potter.



         England Educational Board.


“Woohoo, I have enough potential to be an Auror.” This time I screamed.


“I thought, we two are supposed to be professional Quidditch player, Liz.” Rose told.


“That was my back up plan.” I said in a sing song voice. Lil still had that really sad look on her face.


“Lil, even I failed in Divination. The only person who didn’t fail in Divination is Pareeniti Gupta from Hufflepuff.” I said in consoling voice.


“But I can’t fail in History of Magic!” Lily said.


“You are the daughter of Ginny Potter.” I said.


“Yeah, SO? I got my brains from Lily Evans Potter.”


“Umm….. I think I shouldn’t consol you.” I said. “Rose how much did ya get?”




“Uncle Ron would be proud.” Lil said, glumly.


“Mrs Weasley wouldn’t be that proud.” I said.


“Dad will explain my mum.” Rose said.


“Yeah, after all, your dad wants you to be a Quidditch player.” Lil said.


“So which subjects you failed?” I asked.


“Divination, of course. And History of Magic. And Care of Magical Creatures.”


“So, what now?” Lil asked.


“Umm… we are going to meet Al and James at afternoon. So we have free time till then.” I said, then looked at the two of them and smirked. I put away my letter, they did the same.


I slowly took a pillow and then whispered. “War.” Then I jumped on both of them. They giggled and responded like I thought they would. We started tickling and hitting each other with the pillow. It went for two hours, I think.


We are sprawled on our bed, completely exhausted. I had one of my head on one of the pillow which currently had almost no feather. Lil was lying horizontally near my legs. Rose had her back on the wall, and her legs on my stomach. Three of us are grinning like mad.


“So… that was fun.” Lil said.


“Is it the first time, you guys are in a pillow fight?” I asked. They both nodded. Impossible! They are sixteen years old and never been in a pillow fight?! I guess they both were never related with muggle form of life. I shrugged.


We were quiet. All of us tired. It is 10 in the morning. I hope my brothers woke up, because I am going to tell my results in front of them. They are so gonna be jealous.


“Your moms and dads are mental.” I decided.


“Hey,” they both protested.


I got up and brought my laptop. They were too exhausted too even sneak. I turned it on, and played my favorite song. I went online. Oh I forgot to mention one thing. We invented online software for all the Hogwarts student body. We, meaning, Al, Lil, me, Rose and James. It’s almost like the thing most muggles use. Facebook. We can chat, upload our pictures. And all that.


I saw Al online.


Liz: hey, Al


Al: hey Liz

     you got your O.W.Ls?


Liz: YES!!


Al: judging the excitement, you did pretty good


Liz: of course Al, I am Lizzie, remember???


Al: you are definitely being sarcastic


Liz: so how’d ya did????


Al: pretty good, I bet I beat Lil this time.


Liz: you failed divination and history of magic??


Al: I failed divination.

      who didn’t??? except maybe Gupta from Hufflepuff.

      but I didn’t fail history of magic


Liz: wow really??? Lil failed history of magic


Al: so… what are you guys doing?


Liz: lying on the bed


Al: really??????

     you guys are quiet?????


I smiled.


Liz: right now we are, but we were having a pillow fight some minutes ago


Al: pillow fight??? what’s that???


Liz: isn’t your father half-blood?

     or did he never teach you pillow fighting?


Al: I’ll go with the second option


Liz: fighting with pillow. I thought that was obvious


Al: oh. Ok


Liz: we are still on for diagon alley right?


Al: yeah, but I think James is bringing Scorp along…


Liz: since when did Malfoy become Scorp???


Al: somewhere along last year


Liz: you know Lil’ll hate you for this???


Al: don’t tell her, please!!!! I have my ways to tell her


Liz: ok not tell her. Easy job.


Al: James is screeching at me, for telling you, I think he is up for a duel. Holy shit!! He really is up for a duel. Bye!!


Liz: bye


I logged out. Scorpius is now a friend of James and Al. Which means he’ll soon be a friend of us. Okay…. As far as I can tell, the Potter Malfoy and Weasley Malfoy rival ness is still up. That’d make Hugo and Lil super angry. Though Hugo won’t be coming back to Hogwarts.


Oh how could I forget Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley and Mrs. Weasley. Mr. Potter wasn’t all that angry when James was sorted into Slytherin. But friendship between Malfoys and Potters can never arise as Ginny Potter would say.


“I am super hungry.” Rose complained.


“Me too.”


“You guys didn’t have breakfast; of course you’d be hungry.” I said like it was the most obvious thing ever which it was.


“So why didn’t we get to have breakfast?” Lil asked.


“O.W.L results dork.” I said.


“I think Liz you’ll never dare to open your results before breakfast.” Lil said.


I kind of didn’t want to tell her what my mum wanted. It will be a bit weird to see the youngest between the three of the Potter children laugh out loud because of the problem. But Rose thought differently.


“Liz’s mum thinks its cool for her to date your brothers. Her mum was going to compare Al and Jams and tell her to date the best.”


I waited for Lil to burst out laughing. She did after one minute or two.


“That. Is. So. Funny.” She said between laughter. After a few minutes and my glaring she finally stopped.


“Liz and Al or Liz and Jams, it is funny Liz.” She said matter of factly.


“You Ravenclaws are dull. That’s why this small stuff is so funny.” I grumbled.


I have to admit I thought about it many times before. Being Albus Potter so hot. I mean he has Deep Green eyes. Yeah I said it with capital letters. Oh also his abs. He had gotten pretty attractive in 5th year. But it is only till this. I don’t have a crush on him.



We were outside of Florish and Blotts. Yes, the old library is still standing. Merlin, what did the JK women write about the next generation. Anyway this is the place were Al, Jams and Malfoy are going to meet us. I thought Rose would’ve gone to see the newest broom. I would’ve gone with her too. But Lil held us back. Which was like her. You know, she got a lot from her grandma then anyone of her parents would’ve thought. She doesn’t like Quidditch. I mean she plays it and all that but never she had a wish of becoming a professional like her mum. She studies.


I can’t continue the list though. Jams, Al and Malfoy are coming.


“Hey,” Al was the first one to greet us. Lil and Rose didn‘t say anything but I said Hello to all of the three. Including Malfoy. Though it was a cold glare.


“Um... Why is he here?” Rose asked pointing at Malfoy.


“Scorp came here to shop for school supplies.” Said James like it was the most obvious thing in the world.


“Why with us?” I heard Lil ask. I wasn’t paying too much attention to them but I was sizing Malfoy up. If he was to be my friend he’ll have to know some things.


“As our friend.” Al said pointing between Jams and himself.


“HOW? WHEN did he become your friend Albus Severus Potter?” Lil screeched. She had a temper. Good enough temper to be a daughter of Weasley.


“Umm… I…” Al was stammering. Jams saved him quickly.


“We shared a dorm for six years friendship happens eventually.” I smirked at Malfoy.


“But he is a Malfoy. Not to mention a Slytherin.” He gave me the exact smirk back.


“Excuse me Lily Ginevra, I am also a Slytherin.” Ok now he was officially Scorpius in my world.


“You’re my brother. And you are not selfish like him.” Rose was also probably sizing him up, but she looked happy.


“Lil please, let’s give him a chance.” I said smirking at Scorpius, Al shoot me a thankful glance and mouthed ‘thanks’.


“You’re with them too now, Liz. What Al gonna give you an hour of broom closet for this one?” Lil asked harshly. Ouch, that stung.


My face was kinda red I guess. Not kinda, it was redder than Weasleys’ hair. Al was red too. Hmm maybe he has a crush on me too. I didn’t just say I have crush on Al. I DON’T! HONEST! HE IS THE MY BEST FRIEND AND… IS SUPER HOT. Shit! I need to change the topic. I can see Rose and Scorpius smirking. They are too much alike. Maybe I could make them get together… LATER! LATER! LATER!


“Umm… Lil, I think you and Scorpius will look good together.” I said that and I practically ran for my life. Al, Rose, Scorpius and Jams were behind me laughing their heads off.


I thought Scorpius would be a little insulted. After all, He said he hates this girl. Al smirked at me and then winked. Oh this guy has a big ego. I hate this guy. No I don’t. How can I hate somebody if I have a crush on him? Shit! I need to think.

“Hey Liz, you wouldn’t mind staying at our home tonight?” Al asked.


“No, why would I?” I managed a small squeak.


“You too, Scorp?” Al said.


“Mr. P and dad? I don’t they’ll approve.” He said fidgeting a bit.


“I did something about that.”


“I think Lil’s calming down.” Rose said.


Al looked at me and gave me one of his charming smiles, which girls fall for. And it was amazing.


I know what you’re thinking.




~~~~~~~~~~~END CHAPTER 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am sorry for all the stuff I did wrong. And me being me has to do something wrong. I hope the first chapter attracts you enough to read the full story.

Oh I also made a few changed, as you can see. I made Rose, Albus and James of the same age. I hope it doesn't bother.

Please leave a review, since you read it I don't think you'd hate to waste one minute for a review

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