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A Very Weasley Camping Trip by Harrysavesme
Chapter 5 : A sunrise and a Scream
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                The sun rise was perfect; it was framed by the mountains and reflecting off the lake.  The sky was a clear blue and it was promising to be a perfect day.  The silence of the morning however was broken by the quarrelling Weasleys. 

“Arthur this is absolutely ridiculous!” 

“Now Molly dear you’re overreact…” 

“Don’t you tell me I’m overreacting Arthur Weasley!  Why on Earth can’t I cook with Magic, this muggle obsession will be the death of us all.  First the Wus…” 

“It’s actually a Bus Molly dear.” 

“First the Bus, and then the fire and now breakfast, I love you dear, but if you don’t stop this foolishness I shall tie you to a tree and let the animals nibble on you.” 

Arthur Weasley nodded at his wife and backed away from her so she could begin cooking with magic.  He noticed the trio and baby Teddy had been woken up by their disagreement.  He went to join them by the lake.  He would probably be safer over there anyway. 




                Arthur sat down next to Ron and looked over his youngest son.  He was holding hands with Hermione and making faces at Teddy.  Arthur looked at the faces of his children, Molly may not have birthed them, but Harry and Hermione were as much his children as Ron was, their eyes were hollow and they had dark circles under their eyes.  Though all three young people were smiling at Teddy’s antics the look did not reach their eyes. 

                Arthur thought back to when his children were little.  Sometimes they had nightmares.  Whenever that happened other than talking to his children about their fears the best way he knew to avoid nightmares was to exhaust the kids so much they fell asleep as soon as they hit the pillow.  Arthur smiled to himself, between the woods and the lake he could easily exhaust the trio so they slept well tonight.  He excused himself and went to look through his muggle camping books in the tent. 




                Ginny woke up to her parents arguing, as this was a regular occurrence it took her a moment to remember where she was.  Then everything came rushing back.  She remembered Hermione’s screams and the haunted looks in Harry and Ron’s eyes.  Ginny sighed; she didn’t know how to help them.  She threw a jumper on over her night clothes and went to find Harry.  She saw him sitting by the lake with Ron and Hermione.  Teddy was trying his hardest to grab Harry’s glasses and Ron appeared to be egging the toddler on while Hermione just looked disapprovingly at both of them.  Harry caught sight of her and smiled, this momentary distraction was all Teddy needed, Ginny giggled as she walked over to where Harry was prying his glasses out of Teddy’s  little fist. 

                Ginny kissed Harry on the cheek and reached over to straighten his glasses on his nose.  She took in the hollow look in his eyes and the dark circles that ringed those green orbs.  Ron and Hermione decided to go for a walk around the lake before breakfast.  Ginny bumped Harry’s shoulder with her own, “Okay spill Potter.”  Harry looked at her in confusion.  “You know what I’m talking about, what happened last night?”  Harry’s eyes darkened and he looked down at the toddler who was trying to eat a rock.  Pulling the rock out of his godson’s hands Harry replied, “It was just a nightmare, it’s been a while since any of us have been in a tent.  The last time was right before Hermione was tortured at Malfoy Manor.  It was just hard to remember that, and everything that happened that year.  You know how it is; you had the same problem when you went back to Hogwarts.”  Ginny nodded, she remembered how it had felt to be back at school after the battle.  It had been horrible at first, everywhere she looked had reminded her of the people they had lost, but it had helped her heal.  Maybe this week would do the same for Harry, Ron, and Hermione. 

                Ginny smiled at Harry, “Okay, but you have to promise me something.”  Harry looked at her; she was pleased to see some life was coming back into his eyes, “what am I promising?”  Ginny tried to look reassuring, “don’t worry it’s nothing horrible, just promise me you’ll talk to me if you start having problems again, you don’t have to do this alone.”  Harry nodded as he once again pulled the rock away from his godson.  




                Molly set about making breakfast; she knew Arthur was up to something.  He had that look in his eye again.  No doubt he had some plan to help the trio sleep nightmare free tonight; Arthur really was a caring father.  She smiled at her four youngest, still trying to get used to the sight of Teddy on Harry’s lap.  Molly dotted on Teddy he was like her first grandchild, but it was odd to see her two youngest with a baby.  Molly could still remember when just days after the battle of Hogwarts a terrified Harry tried to help Andy with Teddy.  She had to give him lessons on babies, and it had been a wonderful distraction from her grief.  Molly smiled to herself, she wouldn’t be surprised if there were even more grandbabies in her future.  She had a feeling that Ron and Harry would both propose soon. 

                Molly was shaken from her reverie by the sound of arguing.  Percy came barreling out of the boy’s tent.  “Honestly George, that wasn’t funny!”

“Oh come on Perce, live a little it was a laugh.”

Molly noticed that Percy seemed to be soaked to the bone and in girl’s pajamas.  She held back a chuckle as an irate Percy marched up to her.  “Mother do you see what George has done to me?”  Molly couldn’t resist a little chuckle at the sight of her Son close up Percy looked even more ridiculous.  “Now Percy dear, it really isn’t so bad, go dry off and change your clothes breakfast will be ready soon.”  Percy walked off in a huff, and she turned to a still snickering George.  She wacked him on the back of the head and told him to apologize to Percy.  George walked off still chuckling to do as she said; Molly didn’t have the heart to really yell at him anymore.  She was too happy to see him acting like himself again.  The yelling seemed to have dragged the rest of her family from their tents, either that or the smell of Bacon. 

                She smiled at Audrey, who hurried over to see if she could help.  Then she received a hug from Bill, who plucked Victoire from Fleur’s arms and headed down towards the lake with Harry and Ginny.  Fleur smiled at her husband’s retreating back and turned to help Molly.  The young French woman really had grown on Molly.  Soon she had everyone gathered and eating their breakfast.  Arthur finally emerged from the tent.  “Okay Weasleys, today we are going to go for a hike in the woods.  While we are out there we will catalogue plant species and gather fire wood.”  Molly caught sight of the book he was waving around; it was the Boy Scouts of America Guide Book. 

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A Very Weasley Camping Trip: A sunrise and a Scream


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