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Unwritten Rules of the Universe by lilylunalover
Chapter 3 : Rule #3
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 Rule #3 You know your other half too well when you can predict their reaction to *ahem* shocking news down tot he minute.

The first thing I did after I found out I was *gulp* pregnant was try and figure out how to tell Lorcan.  Keeping it from him didn't even cross my mind.  I think I truly, honest-to-Merlin love him, and he deserves to know he's gonna be a father.

After one very fitful night sleep for both me and Alice, we went down for breakfast.  I saw Lorcan already at the table eating his beloved bacon (we share an obsession with the stuff, this baby's gonna be a huge bacon-head).  I walked up to him nerviously.

"Hey, Lorcan!  I need to talk to you really quick..."  I trailed off.

He looked up at me expectantly, swallowing.  "Uh-huh?"

"Alone, please."

His eyes widened in understanding.  "All right, I'm coming."

We hurried out of the Great Hall together.  I slipped inside an empty classroom and he followed.

*Here is what I wanted to happen when I told him:

Really? Oh, Lily, I love you, I'll be with you forever, I love this baby, oh my god, I'm gonna be a father, I'm so excited!

Yeah, not really realistic.  Here's what I expected to happen:

Thump... dang it!  Aguamenti - he wakes up from fainting.  "Are you serious?"  I make bad pun, he laughs nerviously, tells me he wants no abortion, and asks to tell Lysander.  We agree to keep it a secret other than Lysander, Alice and ourselves.

Let's see how acurate I am.*

He turns to me expectantly again.  I take a deep breath.

"I'm pregnant."


Aha, so I was correct in him fainting.

I mutter "aguamenti" and he wakes up with a start.

"Lily, you're pregnant? Are you serious?"

I smile.  "No, James is."

He laughs. "But you are pregnant."

I sigh. "Yeah."

"You do realize there is no way in hell or heaven above that I am going to let you get an abortion, right?"

I smile and kiss him quickly.  "I knew you would say that!  Don't worry, I never considered it."

"Can I tell Lysander?"

I hesitate.  "Well, yes, as long as he promises to keep it a secret.  Alice already knows, she helped me get the tests, and she is in on the whole 'keep it secret thing'.  So if Lysander can be quiet, which I know he can, then yes.  You may tell your twin."  Quick count:  I got everything right.  Merlin, I know him too well.

He smiles.  "No problem.  I love you, Lily, you know that, right?"

I want to cry.  "I love you too."

Then we leave the room hand in hand.

*   *   *

Lorcan went straight to Lysander and whispered something in his ear.  Lysander started, and came over to where I was eating lots and lots of bacon.

"Hey Lily, Lorcan just told me the... news.  Are you okay and everything?"

I smile at Lysander's thoughtfulness.  "Yeah, I'm great, just surprised is all.  Do you mind not telling anyone what you know?"

"Sure, no problem."

And that is why I love Lysander.  No questions asked, no 'you need to tell someone'.  And before you ask, no I don't love him like that.  He's like my brother because he's Lorcan's.  Besides, he came out a year ago.  So that will never happen.

Alice looked between us, realized, and turned back to her food.  Lorcan sat next to me and started eating again.  Lysander went back to his table.

And my brothers jumped me.

"Lily, what's Lysander talking about?"

I glare.  "Nothing that concerns you."

"It concerns us if Lysander knows.  We're your brothers!"

I snorted.  "He's a better brother to me than you guys, and you know it!  Now leave it alone!"


"Drop it."


They finally went silent when I stood up and glared the way Mum taught me.  I pulled out my wand, too, and even hissed a little.  I love hissing.

Apparently, I was a little too scary, because several first years and family members who knew what my Bat-Boogey Hex was like (Mum taught me as soon as I got my wand) ran from the table.  I sat down happily.  Lorcan squeezed my hand.

Alice just rolled her eyes and went back to eating.

Hello all!  So, know that Lorcan and Lysander know, the story will start to really get interesting.  I'm going to introduce other characters, and everything with start to get hectic!

Disclaimer:  Nothing is mine.  Thank our queen.

Reviews please and thank you!  Yay!

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Unwritten Rules of the Universe: Rule #3


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