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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 7 : Revelation
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Chapter 7

“Where are you going?” Matt asked as Carla walked out of his bathroom wearing her work clothes from yesterday.

“Home,” she stated walking across his room to her purse which was on his large dresser. She hated staying at Matt’s with a passion. He lived on the twenty-seventh floor of a penthouse on the upper East Side of Manhattan and although the view was spectacular there was something oddly cold about the apartment. Nothing personal lay anywhere, everything was constantly clean, and the odd sculptures and rare paintings on the wall made the place feel like a museum more than a home, and to be honest she felt like she had to be careful for fear that she would break something.

“Why are you going home its Thursday?” he propped his arm up behind his head staring at the ceiling.

“Two reasons one, because I live there and I have got to get some laundry done, and two because I’m tired of being in the middle of this and you need to talk to Rose,”

“That’s not fair,” He mumbled a bit too loudly.

Giving an almost who cares look she stopped rifling through her purse and turned around crossing her arms “Oh it’s not fair,” she mocked “What are you four, grow up.”

Matt pushed himself into a sitting position on his bed, avoiding Carla’s annoyed expression he picked at an invisible piece of lint on his expensive sheets. “Come on Matt it has been two weeks. Not even you can stand to live in your apartment for two weeks.” She argued “I mean seriously even before we started dating you would live on Rose’s couch for weeks at a time.”

Matt smirked to himself. It was true he hated his own home, he used to go out of his way to make up reasons on why he had to crash on Rose’s couch and she never once complained, she would joke about hating it but she never gave him any actual crap.

That was one of the things that he loved about Rose, the fact that she just understood him. She understood the arrangement that he had with his parents, he have a very nice penthouse where all the other trust funded brats of CEO’s and politicians lived, and they would keep their mouths shut about how he chose to spend his life. To them if they couldn’t actually have a perfect family, at least they could have the appearance of a perfect family, and really the appearance was all that mattered in a political family. Also seeing as how he was the middle child and his older brother was a Governor and his younger sister was a Harvard medical student, his parents tended to play blind side to Matt anyways, after all giving birth to a wizard wasn’t exactly something they could put on their everything’s perfect checklist.

Sighing Matt looked to Carla who had walked over to his side of the bed taking a seat, “I hate being mad at her,” he admitted.

“I know you do,” Carla said sweetly, extending her hand to Matt’s nightstand grabbing one of her earrings.

“Do you think I’m overreacting?” he asked.

Carla stopped what she was doing and faced Matt, “I think that she’s your best friend and that she hurt you and that is why I have cut you some slack the past few weeks, but it is becoming a bit excessive and now your only just hurting yourself.”

“I just can’t help but feel that she has been lying to me for nearly three years.”

“And you never once kept anything hidden from her?”

“No,” Matt shook his head “She knows everything. Like the time me and President Ashford’s son snuck away from that convention and smoked a joint in his closet.”

“Why his closet?” Carla interrupted.

“No cameras,” Matt stated simply as if that should have been a fact. “Or about the time when me and my high school girlfriend had sex on my father’s prized George Washington desk,”

“Okay I get the point,” Carla waved an arm not particularly interested in Matt’s previous sexual encounters.

“The point is that she knows everything, if she asked a question I answered it full out and held nothing back.”

“Well Matt if it means anything I don’t think she flat out lied to you, I think she tiptoed around the truth.” She paused a minute before adding “I also think that Scorpius plays a bigger role in her past than she lets on.”

That seemed to grab Matt’s attention “What, you think that they were together?” he asked almost in a protective way.

“That’s the thing I’m not sure, they almost seem too friendly with each other to have been together.” Carla grabbed her other earring and began to fiddle with it.

“What do you mean?” He was now curious.

“Well at first I thought that they were, but this week they have been almost inseparable. I know that they are working on a case but it seems that they are spending every waking minute together.” Carla sighed as she looked to Matt “I don’t know about you but I’m not that friendly with any of my ex-boyfriends, I’m cordial at best and she brought him to that dinner…” She trailed off. “Maybe I’m just overthinking it but that doesn’t seem like two people who have been in a relationship to me.”

Giving a skeptical look “Remember when she was…” Matt paused scrunching his face looking for the right word “What would you call it?”

“Shamelessly screwing my brother,” Carla stated absentmindedly.

Matt gave her a wide eyed expression “Did you really just say that,”

“What, it’s true,” Carla shrugged, not seeming to have had a problem with it.

“It was more than that and you know it but still even when she was in that thing with Rex, she kept her guard up the entire time.” Matt thought “Maybe they just became good friends in school.”

“But then why beat him up?” she pointed out.

“Maybe she found out that he was lying to her for years,” Matt said darkly.

Carla rolled her eyes “Damn it talk to her,” she said getting back to the original point.

“Fine I will after she settles her case,” He groaned.

“That could be months from now,” Carla argued.

Matt only shook his head, “No, if their spending every waking second together and they aren’t sleeping together, than that means that they are about to move in on the catch,”

“And how do you know that?” Carla raised an eyebrow.

“Because I know Rose.” He stated firmly.



“Are you sure this is the place,” Rose asked walking up the third flight of stairs.

“Positive,” Scorpius said coming to a halt at one of the doors in the dingy apartment complex. “Unlike you I actually work in the middle of the night,” he joked.

“Oh shut up,” Rose said noting the fact that every night that week she had been at his apartment until the late hours of the night and in the morning she would wake up to see that he had put her in his bed while he continued to work in the living room. So this morning when he said he finally figured out where Harper Willcoat’s hiding place was, she was pleased to go for a catch.

Earlier that week they had raided the hotel room that Harper had kept himself locked up in that. In doing that they realized that the old hotel room was just being used as a meeting place for Harper, Clark, and Alexander. Scorpius collecting what little information that he could from the raid was able to track down their actual hiding place.

Pressing her ear to the door she listened for the slightest of noises. “I think he here,” she whispered turning to Scorpius.



Harper Willcoat took a long exaggerated breath as he studied the map that was in front of him, following the little red pin points around as if they were the only thing that mattered.

He was grateful for the quiet neither his brother Clark nor Alexander seeing any use for him beyond his ability to track people, which he was grateful for. To be honest he spent a majority of his day wondering what he had gotten himself into and on that particular day he was exceptionally vulnerable.

Carefully listening out the window for any sounds that might seem as if Warwick was coming inside, Harper opened his wallet and pulled out a small picture with frayed edges.

The little boy in the picture resembled him with his sandy blond hair and big brown eyes that any girl would be jealous of. Holding the picture in his hand he had it memorized, the goofy smile the little boy made, as he held a plastic yellow baseball bat in his hand, the slight edge of his wife’s finger in the corner of the picture. For the life of her she couldn’t manage to take a picture without her finger somehow sneaking his way in, but regardless he loved her.

Sighing he hid the picture between two credit cards, he only dared look at it during moments of weakness, for fear that Alexander might somehow use his family over him.

Harper was about to get back to the current map that he was studying when a loud cracking noise came from the outside hall and all of a sudden the door banged open so hard that he was shocked it didn’t come off its hinges.

A Witch with red hair and a tall Wizard both stood in the door way and that was the last thing he remembered before seeing grey smoke fuming from the end of the man’s wand causing him to fall unconscious.



Rose shook Harper roughly to pull him from the sleeping spell that Scorpius had used. Jerking forward so ferociously Rose thought that he would have come clear out of the chair had it not been for the ropes that Scorpius controlled around his body to hold him still.

Harper Willcoat shook his head as he looked to the wizards in front of him almost sizing them up to see who they were, they weren’t part of Warwick’s usual ranks but at this point anything that Warwick did didn’t surprise him.

Scorpius held his wand tightly to Harper’s neck, maintaining his control on the ropes; he could tighten them or loosen them based on how Willcoat decided to cooperate. “Do you know who we are?” Rose asked while letting her eyes gaze over every aspect of the room and then letting them fall back on Willcoat.

Harper only clinched his teeth together holding a tight expression, he wasn’t talking until he had more information.

After the lack of response Rose looked to Scorpius “Are you sure you have those tight enough? I think I can see him still breathing.” Rose asked almost playfully.

Scorpius shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know, I thought so although if you think I should tighten them I always can,” He said the words aimed more at Willcoat than to Rose. He knew that he had a pretty tight grasp on the ropes as it was and eventually Willcoat would give in.

Leaning forward so that she was right in Harper’s face she asked “Once again do you know who we are,”

Harper attempted to breath, although it was becoming more and more difficult, taking heavy breaths he lowered his eyes away from Rose, shaking his head no.

Rose smirked “Well let me make it easy for you. We’re Aurors for the ministry and you have about five seconds to give us a good reason on why we shouldn’t squeeze the bloody daylights out of you.” She bluffed.

Harper still didn’t say anything although Rose couldn’t help but note that a sign of relief seemed to wash over him, which was odd. Stretching his neck Harper nodded to something on the desk, Rose, almost a hundred percent sure that the ropes around him restraining his speech, walked over to the desk she nodded for Scorpius to loosen the Rose slightly, having their only lead die on their watch wasn’t exactly something that she wanted to have to explain.

The desk was messy and covered with maps that had red dots scattered across them, some of them were lighting up every few seconds or so. “Is this what I am supposed to be looking at?” She asked with raised eyebrows.

Harper shook his head “Wallet,” he chocked.

Seeing the bulky wallet to the edge of the desk she picked up and began to rifle through it. Rose had honestly never seen a wallet full of so much useless stuff, he had old receipts along with credit cards that each had a different name on them, the only personal item in it was a picture of a young boy, which she was careful not to tear. Going through it she wasn’t sure what it was that she was supposed to be looking for, starting to believe that he was sending her on a wild hunt she was about to give Scorpius the cue to tighten the ropes again, that was until she found it. The card that Harper Willcoat had wanted her to see, it wedged between about ten Credit cards for security purposes.

Quickly looking to the man he gave a sarcastic smirk along with a scowl as he nodded his head in a you see fashion. “Let him go,” Rose said quickly almost yelling it to Scorpius.

“What?” Scorpius practically hissed as he looked at her with curious eyes seeing the almost terrified look that she was giving Harper for concern that he might be hurt.

Rose shook her head quickly “He’s F.B.I. let him go,”



“Don’t you think it’s a little risky coming here?” Rose asked Harper as he leaned over his hamburger taking a large bite.

Harper shook his head looking at Rose and Scorpius in the seat across from him. He could tell that the hostess of the restaurant was annoyed when he requested a booth instead of a usual table, but a booth offered a more concealed hiding place the backs of them coming up to the top of his head so anyone walking along the sidewalk wouldn’t see him through the window. Swallowing he shook his head “They’ll think I’m out tracking, what was risky was staying there and letting someone walk in and see you two there.”

Watching as he inhaled some fries, Rose sat abnormally close to Scorpius. Harper wiped his hands on a napkin before he scooted the plat out of his way and leaned over the table. “I knew eventually that the Aurors would come looking, I couldn’t have left a more obvious trail for them,”

Scorpius nodded taking the lead on the situation more for his own curiosity. “I’m sorry the F.B.I. is a muggle agency so why is it that they’re involved?”

“As you know in London, there is really only a need for Aurors to deal with Wizard because most of us live in groups and communities together, normally muggle interaction is very slim and if it does occur it’s easy to just enhance their memories.” Rose said turning to Scorpius.

“Yeah, I did go through the same program Rose,” Scorpius said a bit on edge, partially because he wasn’t sure if he could trust Willcoat just yet.

“Alright drop the attitude,” She crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes to Scorpius.

“Sorry,” he mumbled sheepishly.

“Here in the States since Wizards are so dispersed it is easy for,” she paused for the right word “Overlapping to occur.”

Harper shook his head raising his hand to indicate for her to stop, not even he was following where Rose was leading with this “Let me explain. About twenty years ago the F.B.I. started to notice some unusual activities involving unexplainable occurrences and a team was sent out to investigate. Now luckily one of the leaders of the team who was a muggle actually had a sister who was born a Witch, and for that reason the Aurors obviously couldn’t alter his mind because he knew already.” Harper paused to make sure that Scorpius was keeping up although by the very annoyed look on the man’s face he could tell that stops wouldn’t be necessary.

“Anyways, that night they also found half a dozen muggles that had been involved with the unusual occurrences, who deserved to be put in prison for the rest of their life, the only problem was that if they erased their memories then the muggles would get off with no punishment.” Harper suddenly became quiet as the waitress came up beside the table laying the check down and taking the dirty plate with her. “For years there had been a problem with prosecuting muggles under the ministry of magic, because technically they weren’t Wizards so they couldn’t go to Azkaban. So after that case, the leader of the team met up with the head of the Auror department and that was when the department of Intelligence among Unusual Rights was created. So that muggles could be prosecuted under Wizarding law but still remain in the muggle world.”

Scorpius took a sip of the water in front of him “That’s quite a name,”

“It’s quite a job,” Harper stated. “Basically everyone in the department has either a cousin or sibling who was born a Wizard to a muggle family, we also have our fair share of Squibs too. Just like Wizards the ministry keeps our names on the file and when were about eighteen they observe us to see if we would make a good match for the department, if they think you would be a good fit then they approach you. If we choose to join the ranks we go through intense schooling on all things magic, we learn what certain spells do and histories of the world.”

“Why not approach everyone there honestly can’t be that many of you?” Scorpius asked.

“That’s the thing, if they approached every muggle who had knowledge of magic then word would get around through the Wizarding community and dark wizards would kill every muggle they came in contact with. No one knows about us, except heads of the Auror departments and if we choose certain Aurors.”

Harper trailed off a moment. Rose noticed the distant look in his eyes as he gave a regretful smile. “My wife doesn’t even know what I do,” he looked them both in the eye with a sad expression “She thinks that I walked out on her and our son a year ago,” Shaking his head of the thought Harper pulled out a folded piece of paper from his pocket and laid it on the greasy table.

“I bet your wondering why the F.B.I. is involved to begin with?” He said unfolding the paper.

“That was going to be my next question.” Scorpius commented following the edges of the paper that Harper continued to unfold.

“About a year ago Clark approached me, hadn’t heard from my no good brother for years and suddenly he shows up on my door step trying to recruit me for this new henchmen job. I originally told him no, figuring that he was up to no good and I would let the Aurors take care of it.” Harper’s fingers began to trace the lines of the paper.

Rose recognized it as the map that had the red flashes of light on it. “That was until I went to work the next day and realized that everyone in the office had been approached by man with a description that sounded a whole lot like Clark’s, and he was going on and on about how we could be just as good as our siblings, how we could have magic like them and they would hold nothing over us anymore. After that we knew we had to infiltrate this group and seeing as how close I was to Clark and the Warwick psycho twins I was chosen to go undercover.”

“What is the connection between you and Warwick anyways?” Scorpius knew just about everything so he couldn’t place Harper just yet.

“I thought you two would have already figured this out, were cousins.” He said smoothly “His muggle born father is my mother’s brother. Clark was his first henchman after he left Angelica in Azkaban.”

Rose interrupted him quickly not seeming to notice that Scorpius had asked a question her mind in another place. “You mean he is recruiting…”

“Siblings of muggle born’s,” Harper nodded.

“But why?” she practically whispered.

“Think about it?” Scorpius said coming to the conclusion much faster than Rose “They would be easy to recruit most of them feeling slightly inferior to their siblings abilities and if Clark and Alexander constantly reminded them of their inferiority then they could basically willing talk them into joining ranks with them, convincing the muggles that they are as strong as their siblings.”

“If that was the case then why not go after every single muggle, why only the siblings?” Rose asked.

“Two reasons,” Harper said “The first being that most of us have bruised egos to begin with, I can’t count how many time Clark would beat the crap out of me using his wand. Growing up I was his unofficial punching bag and he never took any pity on me.”

Rose nodded remember what Matt had told her about how the Wizarding children in America had the trace taken off of them for a couple of hour each day  because of their awkward schooling arrangement. That way they could go home and practice some of their homework taught from the lessons that day. “What’s the second,” she spoke quickly.

“Bloodline,” Scorpius said suddenly before Harper got the chance to respond.

Harper almost laughed “Exactly,”

“What do you mean bloodlines?” Rose confused how Scorpius could know about something like that.

“There’s a theory that muggles who have Wizarding children must carry a gene somewhere in their bloodline, making them more accepting of magic if they were ever to be exposed to it, the same would go for their siblings I would assume.” He turned away from Rose and gave Harper a reassuring glance.

“Warwick is offering to the siblings the chance to use magic. Those magical artifacts that we’re stealing are each being dispersed among us,” Harper reached into his pocket pulling out a golden cube no bigger than a dice, with black etchings around it. “They’re not as good as wands but they do give us slight power not enough to make us lethal but it can make us dangerous.”

“And he keeps them coming back with the craving for more,” Scorpius said more to herself.

“So that’s his plan to create an army of muggles with power?” Rose couldn’t help but have a slight skeptical tone in her voice.

“Oh believe me he’s already created the army, has over two hundred followers and that’s not counting the wizard numbers he has gained. His army could take out the ministry when he decides to make his move.” Harper clasped his hand around the cube and shoved it in his pocket.

“When is he planning on striking them?”

“Tonight,” Harper pointed to the map, “See the red dots, they represent individual meeting points for everyone, every time one lights up another follower has checked in at the destination, when they all arrive then they are to travel together to Warwick and at midnight tonight they will have enough power in a confined space to be able to create a portal which will take them all to just outside the ministry headquarters in London.”

“He won’t get past the guards that surround the ministry.” Scorpius had a hard tone in voice.

Harper shook his head again “Tell me something if you were a wizard guard what would you think about a simple muggle stopping to ask for directions?”

“He’s not planning on just taking over the ministry; he is planning on mas murdering hundreds.” Rose’s voice became soft thinking about how almost her entire family worked in that ministry.

“Well let’s just say that with their new found power a lot of these siblings are out for blood and the Witches and Wizards related to them most likely work in the ministry.” He had a sly expression on his face.

Rose looked at the flashing dots on the map each one of them like a mocking sign to her. “Scorpius we can’t let that portal leave.” She whispered her eyes still glued on the dots.

Scorpius looked to her the worry and fear plastered across her face, all he wanted to do was comfort her, swearing that he could hear her heart racing beside him, he instinctively reached for her hand giving it a tight squeeze, pulling her attention to his eyes “We won’t,” he reassured.

Turning his head quickly to Harper he said in a serious tone “How do we get in?”

Harper had a devilish grin appear across his face, “I was hoping that you would say that.” Looking down to his watch he grabbed the map and began to fold it, “There is an ally two blocks down,” he pointed it out on one of the still revealed parts of the map, “Met me there at nine o’clock,”

“Why so late?” Scorpius asked.

“Me and Clark aren’t scheduled to leave until nine thirty, if I come any earlier Warwick will know that something is up.” He stood up and eyed Scorpius up and down taking in the partial suit that he had on a pair dark black paints and a tucked in long sleeved dark blue shirt that buttoned up his chest leaving two open so that it revealed the slightest edge of his white t-shirt that he wore underneath. “Tonight wear something a bit more casual,” Harper said turning around to walk away knowing that Clark was going to meet him at the hideout any moment.

Rose noticed that she was holding Scorpius’ hand and for a moment let it stay there “We need to let Cornell know what’s going on before we go, in case we don’t succeed.”

Scorpius nodded “Although we have nothing to worry about,” he whispered inkling his head to her.

“Why is that?” she said pulling her eyes away from the entwined hands and looking up to Scorpius assuring face.

“Because we don’t lose cases,” He had almost a light humor in his voice.

Rose couldn’t help but give a shaky laugh as she pulled her hand away from Scorpius and rubbed her forehead with it. “No we don’t,” she agreed dropping her hand going back to her usual determined self.  

Shaking her head she was reminded of a thought. “How did you know about the bloodlines?”

Scorpius stood up and stretched his arms “Well when I was fifteen I made a deal with a friend that if she read a book on Quidditch then I would read a book called Wizzles that was one of the theories in the book, so I took a guess and was right.”

Rose smiled as she laughed to herself, sliding out of the booth she turned and pointed a finger to him “I told you that book would be useful one day,” she joked.

Scorpius rolled his eyes as he followed her out of the restaurant “I still think I could have lived my whole life without reading it.” Scorpius mocked opening the door for her.


A/N: So… I really hope you enjoyed the chapter and I hope the plot line made sense I tried my best to explain it. Also I know not a lot of Scor/Rose action in this one although I do think you get to see a different side of them in this one a little bit. Please let me know if you agree or if I set them back. The next chapter will be much more action and some Scor/Rose moments. Also I will be wrapping up the case in the next chapter.  See you in two weeks. REVIEW PLEASE I love feedback of any kind.

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