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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 13 : Chapter Thirteen
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Gorgeous chapter image by DangerousDraco589 @ TDA.

Albus' point of view.

It made me feel weird when I saw Flick enter with Hattie's brother Aaron.

There's nothing when I kiss Hattie, no fireworks, no passion no nothing. Well not nothing, I mean I'm a teenage boy after all and she is super hot at times. I did feel things at first but now there's nothing, except those certain times. I'm such an idiot, honestly. I should have split up with her ages ago, but I knew it kinda pissed Flick off.

Ever since I saw Flick again in the summer, all those feelings I once had for her seemed to come rushing back as did the memories. Flick will always have my heart even if she broke it. I've forgiven her for that, I just want her back, she's the love of my life. It's the reason I broke up with Hattie in second year, I realised I was falling for Flick. That a part of me wanted to be more than friends. To me she was, she is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

My eyes followed her as she crossed the room with him and they stopped by the drinks table. It was fair to say that Flick looked amazing in the red dress which showed off her curves, her blonde hair was in waves and all I wanted to do was to go over and talk to her. To tell her how I really feel, that I hate not speaking to her every day.

I wish we could be friends again and I really wish that Flick will forgive me. I don't want to leave Hogwarts knowing that things are awkward and weird between us. I want to stay in contact with her and become friends again, maybe even more. I just want her back. I just want us back to normal.

As I was left to my thoughts, Hattie was doing what she thought was a sexy dance in front of me, I wasn't paying any attention to her as she did it. It didn't make her look sexy and there was no way I could take her seriously when she was dressed as a cowgirl as when I was little James had a cowboy themed party and nearly all of my aunts were dressed up like cowgirls as was my mother.

Never again, Hattie does not know she is bringing back weird and disturbing memories for me, especially of my mum and dad. What seven year old wants to hear their mother asking their father if he wants her to take him on a ride he'll never forget. I shuddered at the memory and changed my thoughts as Hattie stopped grinding near me and went to dance with Mel.

My thoughts were of Flick, how her blue eyes reminded me of looking into the ocean, her blonde hair that always smells like strawberries because of the shampoo she uses. The way she smiles when she's with her friends and family, the sound of her laugh which sounds like an angel. There's nothing about her that I don't love. Rose keeps telling me there's such a thing as soul mates and she believes she's found hers in Scorpius.

I can't believe she made me believe in that rubbish, not that I would ever tell her I believe in it. But I feel like Flick is my soul mate. Like I'm never going to find another one of her ever again, she's one of a kind and I love her for it. I love her flaws and her best bits, that girl is always on my mind and just want to be friends again.

Feeling a hand slide through mine, I  looked up to see Hattie's orange face, which looked like it had been attacked by a pack of crayons.

"Come dance, Albie," she slurred at me.

Is she drunk? I thought as I allowed her to pull me to the floor. I had no idea where Hattie would have gotten the alcohol since we weren't allowed any on school premises. Plus we have classes tomorrow and one of the conditions that we had been allowed to throw the party tonight was that Minnie told us there was to be no alcohol. I scanned the floor and saw Flick dancing with Aaron, she looked as though she was enjoying herself. So I closed the gap between me and Hattie and together we danced, allowing her to grind on me, my thoughts drifting from Flick for the first time that night.

After we finished Hattie dragged me off out the Hufflepuff common room without so much as a backwards glance. Once we were in the corridor Hattie grabbed my hand and guided me towards the portrait of the fruit bowl and she reached out and tickled the pear. It giggled before swinging open and we entered.

As soon as we stepped foot inside a sea of house elves came over to great us.

"Master, Albus, what is it we can do for you today?" One I recognised as Sockie said.

"Would Master. Albus, like something for the strange girl with him?" Another who was wearing a tea cosy on their head, piped up.

I stifled a laugh at that one and nodded. " Could I have a cup of strong coffee and a bar of chocolate, please?"

They nodded and scuttled off, I sat down on a stool and Hattie started doing a weird dance. She really is a strange person when she's drunk.

Sockie soon came back, with chocolate and the coffee."Thanks," I told her.

I managed to get Hattie back from frightening the other house elves with her dancing. "If you drink this you can have chocolate," I told her as I handed her the coffee.

"It looks like sick," Hattie giggled.

"But it tastes like chocolate."

"Nooo. Lets go for a swim," she called and left the kitchens before I could stop her.

I sighed, why is that I have to babysit her. I don't get why she drinks, she knows she can't handle it but yet she does it.

"Thanks," I told Sockie and the other elves before leaving.

Walking up into the entrance hall, I heard the castle doors creak open and I cursed to myself. Reluctantly I followed her outside, the cold autumn air sending a chill through my body as I watched as Hattie run down the slope towards the lake. Great.

I drank the coffee myself to warm up, before making my way down the slope. "Hattie, come here," I called. She didn't reply and I felt like I was chasing a hyperactive dog, which gave me an idea. "Hattie, come and get the chocolate."

As soon as I mentioned the chocolate she turned back around and came running up to me, which must have been hard in those cowboy boots. I'm surprised she didn't fall. Actually she did, just as she got to me she tripped and fell nearly taking me out with her.

"Hattie stop!" I told her sternly. "Here's the chocolate," I said as I handed her a few pieces and then started to walk back to the castle. I could hear her footsteps behind me so I knew she was back inside.

Once inside I decided to go find Aaron, she's his sister and he can deal with her. I've had enough of her for one night. Maybe Flick's right, I'm scared to dump her. I'm scared of breaking a girls heart like Flick broke mine. It's not the most pleasant experience and I certainly wouldn't recommend it but maybe it's the right thing to do.

Walking back  down the corridor to the Hufflepuff common room to find Aaron when I bumped into none other than him and Flick who were hand in hand. It felt like someone had stabbed me in the heart. My eyes dropped down to their hands which were intertwined with one another.

I looked back up and mumbled "S'okay." before carrying on down the corridor leaving Hattie talking to the portrait of the bowl of fruit.

There was no way I could sleep, the cold air had woken me up so I decided to walk around the quiet castle trying to sort my thoughts out. I passed a few ghosts on my travels and Nearly Headless Nick who was quite fond of my father asked me if the party was any good. I simply shrugged and watched as he floated through a doorway. Maybe life would be so much simpler if I was a ghost, I thought.

Checking my watch I decided I should better make my way to the Slytherin common room. It had been a long day and I was tired, tired of Hattie's behaviour, tired of school and tired of being a teenager. Why are your teenage years so hard?

As I came down the corridor to the common room I saw Flick and Aaron stood outside the wall that hid the entrance. I inwardly groaned, I would have to walk between them to get in. So instead of being the bigger person and showing them I wasn't bothered, I did the next best thing and hid.

It was a small alcove and I knew if I touched the torch bracket on the right wall that it would open to reveal a short cut. I had used it many a time and now I was thankful for the alcove it sits in as it made a good hiding place. I was too far away that I couldn't hear their conversation but they were still in eyeline. Watching as Aaron bent down and kissed Flick on the lips, I felt something stir inside of me.

I wanted to rip his head off for kissing her, she's my Flick. Correction Albus, she was your Flick, my brain reminded me. I would do anything to get her back, she was the love of my life and she still is. Flick may have broken my heart but she never left it.

Aaron started making his way up the corridor and I touched the bracket, the wall slid open and I snuck inside. I waited for five minutes before leaving the cobweb covered passage way and checked it was clear.

It was and I went up to the wall and gave the password. The common room was empty except for a group of third years who I had seen at the party and I went over and sat at a table near the window that looks right into the black late.

I don't know long I just sat there and watched the fish and other creatures swim by. It was only when there was a lot of giggling did I turn around. Scorpius was practically carrying Hattie down the passage and when he saw me he motioned for me to come over.

"I think you need to put her to bed, Al, she's been drinking."

I nodded, feeling like bit of a shit boyfriend. I had been stupid for leaving her, sure she had been annoying the crap out of me but I certainly should not have left her in the state she was in. "Cheers, Scorp."

Scorp shrugged. "I wouldn't have brought her in otherwise but she was sat outside the wall singing to herself. Where'd you go man?"

"For a walk, I needed to clear my head," I lied as he draped her free arm around my shoulder for me to hold her upright.

"I'm going to walk Rose up to Gryffindor tower, I'll be back in a bit."

"Thanks again, Scorp."

It took ages to get her up to the seventh year girls dorm. I pushed the door open as Hattie giggled to herself and I saw a sock covered foot sticking out of the hangings in the bed by the window.

"Hattie, shh, people are sleeping."

She giggled again as I pulled back the quilt and blanket on her bed and she crawled onto it before collapsing. I made sure she was on her side and removed her boots before covering her up.

I conjured up a bucket and placed it next to her bed in case she was sick. It took me a minute to realise that the bed by the window was Flicks. I tiptoed over as quietly as I could although Hattie's giggling had probably woken her.

Peering through the hangings I placed a hand on her shoulder, her body twitching slightly and shook her gently. "Flick, are you awake?" I said softly.

"Flick, are you awake?" I said softly.

I could hear Flick breathing and it didn't sound like she was asleep, just as I was about to ask her again I heard the door go.

"Oi, Albus, what're you doing in here?" Dom asked me and I removed my hand.

"Putting Hattie to bed," I told Dom as she picked up her night things off of her bed. "I'll see you in the morning. Night."

She eyed me suspiciously since I was no where near Hattie's bed anymore. Moving quickly I scarpered from their dorm, hoping that Dom hadn't noticed how near Flick's bed I had been. As soon as the door was shut behind me I stopped and leant against it. Would I have told Flick how I feel if Dom hadn't of walked it? It was like when I was about to kiss her the other Saturday morning and Rose fell out of bed. Would it have happened otherwise?

From inside the girls dorm I could hear Dom talking to herself and then it was silent.

Deciding I should better go, I left and went into my own dorm. The floor was covered in clothing, most of it belonging to Joseph and Alex. Neither of them were back I noticed and Scorp was still out walking Rose back.

I got changed in record time and flung my vampire outfit on top of my trunk. I crawled into bed and even though I shut my eyes and I was insanely tired I didn't fall asleep. My thoughts were of Flick, and of Hattie. I heard Scorp come in and go to bed and not long after Joe and Alex came in. They were talking quite loudly about Bridget and Rory, I tired to shut them out but couldn't.

My brain just would not switch off. Hattie, Flick, my thoughts were conflicted. Yes there had been something there with Hattie, but Flick, oh Flick. We had so much history together, yes I had history with Hattie but that was nothing comparing to things with Flick. I had thought we'd be together forever as cheesy as it sounds. She was the light at the end of a crap day, she knew me in ways I didn't think possible. It had always been her.

I knew what I had to do, I guess. I had to end things with Hattie simple as. Well maybe not as simple she'd likely kick up a fuss but it had to be done.

It wasn't until the early hours of the morning did I finally fall asleep.

A/N Was it interesting to see Al's point of view, Thoughts?

Edited - 16.02.2018

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