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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 18 : Chapter 18
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A/N: I really hope that you all like this chapter :p Let me know what you think in a review :D


Rushing after Adam and James, Amelia walked across the large front garden of the Potter house. It was the Easter holidays and for the duration of it Adam and Amelia would be staying at James’s house, this was due down to the fact that Adam and Amelia’s parents had gone on holiday to Romania to visit a few family members who had moved out there, cousins of theirs that Amelia and Adam hadn’t seen since they were very young. Instead Harry and Ginny Potter had kindly agreed that Amelia could stay over with Adam, happy to have her in their house.

Ginny welcomed her with open arms as she walked into the house, Lily was walking behind her talking to her dad Harry, who had just picked them all up from the train station.

Amelia would have stayed at Hogwarts but Kelly was seeing her own family and would have been unable to have Amelia over for the whole of it. But Amelia didn’t mind, she was looking forwards to seeing Lucy when they all went to James’s Nana Molly’s house, she was going to be preparing them all a nice Easter dinner and all of the Potters and Weasleys boasted about how it was the finest meal they had ever had during the holiday.

“Now dear you follow James here and he will show you to Lily’s room where you will be staying,” Ginny said beaming down at her, Amelia smiled up at her thankfully. “And you come down after and I’ll fix everyone a spot of lunch.”

James walked over to them just as Ginny turned around to walk back to the kitchen, scolding Adam loudly for eating the freshly cooked cookies that were lying on the side cooling, because they were going to be going to the Burrow with them when they left to go see Ginny’s mum and dad.

“Would you like me to take your bags madam?” James asked putting on a posh accent as he bowed to Amelia who giggled, handing out her bag to James, curtseying once he took it after standing up straight.

“Why thank you kind sir,” she said adopting her own accent; James held his hand out to the stairs, indicating that Amelia should go first.

“After you my lady,” he said, Amelia gave him a small nod before she began walking up the stairs, James following her.

“What a gentleman” Amelia said as she continued climbing.

“What other way would I be able to stare at your arse without you knowing?” James said loudly, Amelia turned around her mouth open in shock, to see that James had stopped almost crashing into her.
He was standing on the step below her and they were practically nose to nose. Amelia felt her stomach flutter at the close proximity they were in and felt her mouth becoming dry. She quickly closed her mouth and licked her lips absent mindedly as she gave a small cough, feeling herself blushing when she realised that she couldn’t seem to form any coherent thoughts or sentences, she noticed that James seemed to be going through the same predicament as her.

Amelia took a step backwards as she shook her head slightly, trying to get thoughts of James out of her head and she managed to make herself turn around and begin climbing the stairs again. James began following her at once; she could hear that he had gone back to his normal self after his momentary lapse as he let out a laugh.

“You do like to wiggle you know, I’ve never noticed it before.”

Amelia felt herself blushing again as she hit James on the arm; she had stopped to the side and let James go passed her as she didn’t know what room she was going in.

“You’re going to get hurt when Adam finds out you’ve been saying this stuff to his baby sister,” Amelia said folding her arms across her chest as she felt herself smiling up at him, he gave her a goofy grin in return.

“Well you’re not so much of a baby anymore are you?” he said, before giving her a wink and walking off. Amelia watched him for a moment in shock before she began to feel giddiness flood through her, she quickly followed him. Wondering just why he was acting this way and flirting with her, just recently she had noticed that James had began to flirt with her more, giving her smiles and winks whenever he saw her and always making sure to talk to her when he saw her in the halls on the way to class or to a meal in the great hall. She realised that every time he did she would feel a sort of fuzzy feeling inside of her that she hadn’t felt for him in a while, not since her crush on him back in her second year at school. Did she fancy James Potter again? And could he be flirting with her because he liked her too?

When on earth did this all happen? She wondered as she walked into the room that was Lily’s and James placed her bag onto a camp bed that had been made up for her. They had been sending each other more letters recently; some of them were filled with nothing but short messages that once Amelia thought about were quite flirtatious, something she wouldn’t want her brother finding out about or anyone else for that matter. Apart from maybe Lucy, she could give Amelia some insight into the situation. But even if they did develop something where would that take them? They couldn’t have anything after a few months as James had made it quite clear that he was off to Romania to work with his uncle Charley, which was strange because Amelia’s mum and dad were holidaying there. Adam liked to joke that his parents were actually just going to work with dragons as well, or were warning the place about James before he got there.

“Well this is it,” James said interrupting Amelia’s thoughts, and she realised that they had probably been standing here in silence for a good while now; the look on James’s face told her that this was the case. “This is the pink hell that you will be living in for the next few days.”

“It’s not a hell,” Amelia said as she looked around the room, which was mainly pink, not a too in your face pink but a nice pale pink. It had teddies here and there on shelves as well as a few ornaments, some of magical creatures and some of cats and horses. Covering the wall was a big moving poster of a wizarding heartthrob called Flynn Newmandle; he was a regular on a radio programme and had risen to fame through his charitable work across the community. Adam and James hated him; Amelia thought that he was actually quite tasty.

“Eurgh,” James said once he noticed that Amelia was eyeing up the poster, Flynn winked back at her and gave her a dashing smile. “You can’t seriously think that he’s good looking!” James cried jerking his thumb towards the poster of Flynn.

“He is quite good looking, I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed,” Amelia stated, James rose his eyebrow at her.

“Really?” he asked a hint of disgust in his voice at the thought that anyone could fancy Flynn at all, to James he was nothing but a slime ball.

“Yeah, why are you jealous?” Amelia asked playfully, raising her eyebrow at him in flirtatious questioning.

“Maybe a little, although would you kick me out of your bed?” he asked daringly a smirk on his face again.
Amelia tried to contain her shock but stood her ground, willing herself not to blush at his words.

“You’d have to get in it first.”

“That can be arranged,” James said taking a small step towards her, Amelia felt her breath quickening. “Or we could go to my bedroom; it’s only right down the corridor.”

“No one wants to see your bedroom,” came Lily’s cry from behind James. Amelia quickly took a few steps away from James as though she had been caught doing something, she felt her face begin to redden and she ducked her head as she pushed her hair out of her face, she dared a glance up and saw James smiling at her.

“I like it when you blush,” James told her before he walked out of Lily’s room, Lily shook her head at James before closing her door and going to sit on her bed.

“You don’t mind sleeping on the camp bed do you?” Lily asked as she looked over at Amelia who was still looking around the room, noticing more and more pictures of Flynn lying around. “Because you can always have my bed and I’ll sleep on it.”

“Nah that’s fine. I don’t mind the camp bed at all, but thank you for the offer though.” Amelia said smiling gratefully at her generosity. “I’ve noticed you have a lot of pictures of Flynn,” she pointed around the room and Lily gave a smile as she seemed to swoon.

“I love him!” she declared, throwing her arms wide as she closed her eyes, thinking about the Adonis that was Flynn.

“He is very dreamy,” Amelia agreed as she took a seat on the camp bed, it was quite comfortable and she knew that she would get a good night’s sleep on it.

“But not as dreamy as Justin Welch though,” Lily added the dreamy look still on her face. Amelia looked at her in shock.

“The Hufflepuff beater?” Amelia asked, thinking of the seventh year from her own house. He was about five foot nine and had almost shoulder length brown hair that had a hint of black in it as though he had previously dyed it and it was growing out, it was swept across his head and he looked like he used a lot of hairspray on it. He was a nice enough guy, but not someone that Amelia herself would be interested in.

“Yeah,” Lily said smiling at Amelia and nodding eagerly, “I’ve had a crush on him since I can remember.”

“If you weren’t only a fourth year I would tell you to go for it with him and ask him out,” Amelia admitted truthfully.

“Yeah I know,” Lily gave a sigh as she crossed her legs in front of her. “That’s what I was thinking; he is way too old for me. Plus mum and dad would have a fit if I ever went out with him and he was that much older than me. But at least I can admire him from a distance, and believe me I admire a lot.”

Amelia gave a small chuckle as Lily laughed with her, she could tell that Lily was related to both of the Potter boys she had traits from both of them, Albus’s sarcasm and stubbornness, James’s tact and friendly nature, it was extremely easy to talk to Lily, just as it was with James. The only one who was hard to talk to properly was Albus, because in the back of your mind you knew that at any moment he could suddenly rub himself against you or get naked. It seemed to be Albus’s main ambition in life to make people’s life’s uncomfortable, and boy did he succeed.


Later that night Amelia found herself sitting with James and Adam in the front room of the Potter house, Harry, Ginny, Albus and Lily had long gone to bed and the three of them were staying up and studying for their upcoming exams. James and Adam’s were a lot more important than Amelia’s as they were their N.E.W.Ts and would determine if they could get into the jobs they dreamed to do.
Amelia was settling for quizzing Adam on the uses of complicated sounding ingredients for Alchemy that she didn’t understand in the slightest, but Adam seemed to be able to answer every question as well as give additional information as to what would happen if those ingredients were added to others that weren’t as compatible. Amelia could only listen in awe at her brother who was without a doubt the most intelligent person she knew, James said it was because all he done was read and make potions like some kind of freak.

Adam reacted to this comment but shoving him roughly, causing him to fall backwards from his sitting position on the floor, where he had a book propped open in front of him on the coffee table.

“You’re only upset because it’s true,” James laughed as he sat back up and went back to his book, Adam just grinned at him before stretching and yawning loudly, he looked down at his watch after he had finished and noticed that it was nearing two in the morning.

“Right you crazy Kneazles,” Adam told them as he stood up and looked down at them. “It’s nearly one and I’m going to bed, I don’t think I’d be able to think anymore soon.”

“Well I’m going to keep studying for a while longer” James said looking back down at his book as he scratched the back of his head.

“I’m going to finish reading my transfiguration notes then I’ll be going to bed too,” Amelia said, Adam nodded before walking from the room with his books in his arms, bidding them both goodnight.

Both James and Amelia sat in comfortable silence as they continued reading for a few more moments before James looked up at Amelia.

“You wouldn’t mind quizzing me would you?” James asked her, pointing down at the book. Amelia set her notes down on the sofa next to her and agreed. James grinned as he stood up, stretching slightly before walking over to sit next to her on the sofa.

Amelia tried to ignore the closeness of him as he threw his arm on the sofa behind her and grinned down at her, handing her the book he had picked up off of the table.
Amelia opened the book and James flipped to the pages that he wanted her to quiz him on. He knew most of them but on a few of the questions he managed to get the answers mixed up. Each time this happened he asked Amelia to show him where in the book the answer was and inched closer every time he looked in it. It wasn’t long before Amelia and James were practically sitting on each other, both huddled up together as Amelia read out questions and James answered her.

Amelia noticed after a while that James’s hand was now resting on her shoulder and she could feel his breath on her hair and face. She felt her stomach lurching wildly as she tried not to look up at him, knowing that she didn’t trust herself in this situation, knowing that she would more than likely let her feelings for him over take her actions.

“Was there anything else you wanted to practise?” Amelia asked closing the book in front of her and keeping her eyes down and focused on her clasped hands, she could feel James’s hand moving on her shoulder rubbing small circles onto her skin, she tried not to shudder at his touch, Part of her wishing that she was wearing a jumper instead of just her t-shirt and jeans.

“Yeah,” James said in a small voice, Amelia dared to look up at him as she wondered just what else he wanted to practise, knowing that he had already studied the other books that he had brought downstairs with him, having been studying since after dinner finished. James’s eyes flickered down to her lips before looking back up into her eyes, Amelia could feel his breath on her lips as she realised just how close they were now. Could he feel her heart thumping wildly? Could he tell that she wanted nothing more than to kiss him? Could he possibly feel the same way about her or did he think that she was just Adam’s kid sister?

Her question was answered by James, reaching out a hand and gently placing it under her chin, pulling her forwards and placing a light kiss on her lips. Amelia didn’t have time to shut her eyes before the chaste kiss had ended and she felt herself longing to kiss him again. James was watching her carefully for her reaction; Amelia swore she could see fear in his gaze.

“Amelia I...” James began dropping his hand slowly from her chin and placing it down onto his own lap, but she didn’t let him finish his sentence before she leant forwards and placed a kiss on his lips.

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