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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 52 : The Naked Chapter
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 Warning: This chapter contains scenes of nudity. Just thought I’d make you aware.

Chapter Fifty-Two

“This couple’s night was a fantastic idea Oliver” Lily beamed after I’d fed her yet another Strawberry the next Friday night. The idea had come to me in the middle of one of my History of Magic daydreams a few days before, I’d thought to myself as Binns droned on about the Goblin wars of the 17th century that Lily and I needed some quality alone time together. What with me trying to look after Jack who was in tears every five minutes because of Hugo, revising like fuck for my exams and listening to any worries Louis and Freddie had as well as Lily being a crying post for Rose and Rebecca at intervening periods we’d barely had a minute for eachother the past few weeks. So, I planned a surprise romantic picnic on our rock at sundown which we could do now seen as though it was late April and the warm weather was finally coming

“Well I’m a pretty fantastic guy” I said proudly

“You are” Lily said with a smirk “And am I correct in thinking that I just heard Mr. Oliver Benson of all people boast? Wow, I thought the Prophet was lying when it said hell had frozen over… but I guess, I guess it must be true”

“Sorry” I said earnestly “I didn’t mean to sound like a massive big head or anything”

“Oh Oliver, you are lovely” said Lily stroking my face “At least you have a right to boast about being a fantastic guy. Because you actually are a fantastic guy”

“And you’re a pretty sick girl” I replied

“Will you please don’t trying to sound like an East London street tough?”

“Fine” I grumbled “It turns you on though”

“You’re nice, normal London accent turns me on Oliver” said Lily with a giggle “Your poor impression of a chav however, does not”

We finished our food and for a while we both just sat there thinking to ourselves looking as the sun set for the night. I though back to seven months ago and how we’d been in just the same position, watching the sunset on our rock her head on my lap with my arms around her, and how it’d had been lovely and torturous at the same time. Because I was in love with Lily then but she didn’t know and I didn’t know how she felt about me. I couldn’t believe that we’d gotten to where we were and I couldn’t believe how much I loved Lily, it surely wasn’t healthy. I missed her anytime she wasn’t near me. Even if she only popped out of class for a few minutes to go to the bathroom, I missed her

“I think Roxy has a crush on me” I informed her after half an hour of silence

“What makes you say that” asked Lily sitting up “She better not have come on to you – that slag, I knew no good could come from Uncle George having a daughter. No morals”

“She didn’t come onto me” I assured Lily “But it was just something I could tell from the way she was… plus she blushed like fuck after telling me how amazing I am”

“Dude, everyone blushes around you” said Lily “It doesn’t mean that they fancy you – it’s just that your amazingness makes them feel embarrassed about how shitty they are”

“No, she definitely has a crush on me” I said “I can just tell”

“Whatever” said Lily off handidly “I can’t say I’m pissed that one of my female cousins is jealous of me for having you. But if she does anything to harm our relationship I will knock her stupid half French head off!

“Roxy isn’t half-French babe; Vic, Dom and Louis are”

“Oh yeah, I should probably have known that shouldn’t I?”

“Well they are your cousins”

“Yeah but they suck” said Lily “Well, no, but they’re not that fun at the moment. Then again, I don’t suppose that any of us are”

“Come on” I said squeezing her shoulder “Just don’t think about it all tonight, you’ll get upset and I don’t want that. It’s our night, just us, nobody else”

“OK” she said laying her head back down on my shoulder. I was getting tired and was just about ready to recommend going back in when Lily suddenly jumped up and announced “I know, we should go skinny dipping”


“WHAT?” I exclaimed

“Come on” said Lily as she began to take off her clothes. For some reason I tried not to look even though we’d seen eachother naked a dozen times by now. It felt different outside of a bedroom. Plus, we were actually outside and she was getting naked. Someone could see. Once the deed was done Lily jumped into the water

“Come on you big girl” she shouted as she began to swim around. I gulped

“I don’t want too, I’m shy” I shouted back

“What have you got to be shy about?” Lily said bemused “I’ve seen you naked a thousand times now and you’ve got a great body anyway – just get naked and get in the water”

A beautiful ginger girl was telling me to strip naked and get in the water with her and I was being hesitated. What the fuck? Oliver Benson, biggest wimp to have ever existed ever. Once Lily made a chicken noise that was the final straw. Looking around to check to see if anyone was around I quickly removed all of my clothes before jumping into the water

I’d never felt so free, so happy, so energetic, liberated or full of life. I was cold though. April may have been spring time but it was hardly a Heatwave that day. Lily didn’t seem to care as she swum about happy as a girl could be, I was just glad to see her smile and have fun again for the first time in weeks. After about half an hour Lily got bored and went to put her clothes back on as I swam about for a bit longer finally feeling more at ease


“Oliver” said Lily tentatively now fully dressed “Oliver, I’m not quite sure how exactly to tell you this but…”

“But what-“I asked though deep down I already knew the answer

“Someone, or something, may have taken your clothes” said Lily slowly and wincing as she did so. Great. So I was stuck completely naked in a cold lake on a late April’s night with no clothes to get changed back into when I got out of said lake. It was getting really dark now, I was scared of being left alone naked and defenceless so Lily running back to the castle to get clothes was out of the question. I was utterly stuck.

“What the hell are we going to do?” I asked Lily

She didn’t seem to have any answers either

“Look at it this way” said Lily “At least this means I can be satisfied by ogling your ever improving abs for a bit longer”

“Oh great” I replied sarcastically “I’m stuck completely naked in a freezing lake, my clothes have been stolen, it’s dark and three miles back to the castle. But that’s alright, because at least my girlfriend can objectify my naked body for a bit longer. Just fine. Have I mentioned that I’m naked?”

“Yeah and neither of us brought wands so it’s not like I can just summon you some clothes either” said Lily with a shrug “The way I see it, there’s only one option”

I gulped

“Not that Lil, anything but that”

“It’s the only way” was her dark reply

“Now” said Hagrid as he rapped me in some kind of rug that was incredibly large but itchy and probably covered in animal disease “I’m not going to even pretend I want to know why you was naked in the lake Oliver”

“We told you” sighed Lily “Oliver’s clothes were burnt off by a fire breathing skunk so he jumped in the water to cool himself down”

“Oh yerr I bet that’s wha’ really append” replied Hagrid with a knowing smirk to himself “Lots of fire breathing skunks round ‘ere it’s a real problem”

“Well, do you have a better explanation” asked Lily

“You two were… how you say? Oh yeah… you two was engaging in the orizontal hokey cokee” said Hagrid with a bellowing laugh as Lily and I looked horrified “Don’t worry, don’t worry I aint gonna tell anyone”

“Please don’t” I said. I didn’t feel with it at all. Hypothermia was definitely settling in. Just then there was a knock on the voice followed by the unmistakeably strict and irritated tone of Professor McGonagall. Lily and I tried to hide but there was nowhere to as Hagrid’s hut was so small and in the process of doing so Lily accidentally knocked off my rug/robe exposing my fully naked form to McGonagall just as she stepped in the hut

She screamed

Lily screamed

Hagrid immediately tried to explain why there was a fully naked sixth year boy in his hut this late on a Friday night

And me? I just shut off and went to my happy place

I’m king there

Yeah so this chapter was… interesting. The last few chapters have been very heavy and light on comedy stuff so I wanted to lighten things up a bit here. I know Ollie has a lot of female fans out there so I thought to myself “Why not just get him naked for ¾ of a chapter”. And, because this is my story and I’m in complete control of it, I decided I would do that. Plus, I imagine Oliver to be incredibly hot – so a quick question – how do you imagine Oliver looking?

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