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Music is Might by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 5 : Interviews and Bird Troubles
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 We were sat in the great hall, waiting for the morning post to arrive. We were ecstatic; we were going to be front page of Teen Witch Weekly. We weren’t the only ones who’d gotten up early to get the new issue, the rest of the student body were impatiently waiting wanting to know more about the mysterious band.


The hall quietened down, as the windows opened. The students stared at it intently, hoping their bird would be the first to come through, it reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only they didn’t want a golden ticket, they want their weekly subscription to teen weekly. I heard Spencer counting from next to me “3…2…1” I heard the beating of the wings, they were off. The birds flew rapidly around the hall dropping off the post to their owners. Each student, grabbed their post like their life depended on it. If it wasn’t for the fact I was probably exactly the same, I would laugh.


I waited for Chucky, my unreliable snowy owl. She belonged to my Mum… Back when she was at Hogwarts, so you can guess the bird has seen brighter days, it’s on its last legs now, or should I say wings. But Mum refuses to get a new one, loyalty and all of that shit. Adam and Spencer had received theirs, first and like the rest of the Hogwarts’ student body they ripped it open and delved into the articles about Music is Might. I watched as Adam’s eyes scanned each article, and picture. He was smiling from cheek to cheek, resembling the Cheshire cat. Spencer too was smiling, I noticed him reading Marcus’ article. I couldn’t wait any longer, I was nearly peeing myself from excitement.


And there she was Chucky, flying wonkily towards me. She pushed her greying wings back to stop herself and prepare for landing, but it wasn’t enough she carried on, no longing flying but crash landing. I watched completely in shock and the old bird, crashed into the back of one of the Slytherin’s heads. My mouth was agape. As the Slytherin screamed at stood up, he turned around but he didn’t need to, I could tell who he was from his platinum blonde hair. Scorpius Malfoy. I jumped up and went to collect my post… and my unconscious bird.


“I’m so sorry” I stated, trying to stop myself from laughing. Scorpius looked furious. “You should get that dumb bird looked at or even better, put down” ooo harsh. Maybe you should get put down, you stupid idiot. Obviously I didn’t say it, he’d probably have me executed, or something. He threw my post into my hands, before storming off, out of the hall. The rest of the Slytherin’s were laughing, either from the rich boy’s hissy fit, or the fact my bird was now, twitching madly. I scooped Chucky into my arms; and went back over to the boys. Dom had stolen my seat, and was excitedly talking to them in a hushed tone. I sighed.


“Hey!” Dom shouted to me “have you read the articles?”


“No not yet, this kind of happened” I nodded towards the useless ball of fluff in my hands. Dom’s mouth made the shape of an o, before she burst out laughing. I shook my head and scooted between her and Spencer, I wouldn’t dare scoot between her and Adam, he’d have my head.


“You should take her to Hagrid” Adam said motioning to my bird.


“What would be the point in that, he’d tell me what he always tells me. That birds past its time, you shouldn’t be using it anymore” I intimated his voice, terribly I might add.


“How long do you think it will be like that for?” Marcus asked, watching it twitch ferociously.

“Not sure, maybe a few more minutes an hour, who knows” I picked up a slice of toast and put in my mouth.


“Can you get it off the table, it’s terrifying” I looked at Dom who was staring at Chucky, with complete terror.


“I don’t know where to put it”


“In the bin would probably be a good start” said the one and only Freddie Weasley, he was standing behind Dom, grinning. I rolled my eyes in disgust.


“What to do you want Freddie?” whined Dom.


“Well you see, my favourite ever cousin” Dom scoffed.


“Get on with it”

“I’ve just happened to read Phoenix’s interview in teen witch weekly” my heart started beating faster, he knew didn’t he. I knew we shouldn’t all sit together, it will draw attention. Oh my merlin, I need to get out of here quick.


“So?” Dom said.


“Well, when she answered what she likes in a guy. I’m pretty sure she described me” I choked. I actually choked. I had to hold back my laughter. How on earth could he think that? Freddie Weasley is the furthest away anyone could get from being my ideal man. Even Adam was struggling to hold back the laughter. I had to kick him from under the table.


“How did you work that one out?” Dom asked, struggling not to laugh herself.


“Well here the interviewer asked, ‘What do you look for in a guy?’ and she replied ‘Someone who’s funny, who can make me laugh, no matter what the current situation is, he needs a good sense of humour, especially to keep up with my dry one. And I need to be able to trust him, with everything’. ‘Including your secret?’ the interviewer asked. ‘Yes including that’ ”


“So what’s your point?”


“Don’t you see, she wants someone with a good sense of humour, I’m perfect for that! And look she even said she liked guys with brown eyes. HELLO HAVE YOU SEEN MY EYES THEY’RE BROWN!” he pointed directly into his eyes, I’m surprised he didn’t poke them out.


“Freddie, I can promise you, she doesn’t like you” I second that I thought.


“Well I think she does” well you think wrong.


“Don’t you think if she did like you, she’d of succumbed to one of your many attempts to get her so far?” Adam asked, always the rational one. Thank you, Adam.


“Maybe she likes the chase” I think I just threw up in my mouth. Eurgh, how can Dom even be related to him? Something went wrong in the gene pool, I swear. That or he was dropped on his head repeatedly, as I child.


“Freddie!” Louis called.


“I’ve got to go, but Dom tell Phoenix, I’ll be waiting for her, when she’s ready” Yep, if that didn’t do it before. I definitely just threw up in my mouth now. As soon as Freddie left, the rest of the guys burst out laughing. I looked evilly at them, before scooping up Chucky and walking out of the hall.


I walked down to Hagrid’s hut, knowing Chucky did need some treatment. His twitching was less regular now, I’m honestly fearing for its life. I saw James standing there talking to Hagrid, as if he was an old friend, well I guess in his case he was. I walked over hesitantly not wanting to interrupt.


“Hallo!” Bellowed Hagrid.


“Hi” I said quietly, James just smiled at me. “Urm, I was wondering whether you could take a look at my bird” I looked down to the fluff ball in my arms. Hagrid looked alarmed. “Oh my, here let me have her”. Hagrid ran back to his hut, bird in hand.


“Is the bird ok?” James asked, sounding slightly worried.


“Ok?” I laughed “It’s twitching and frothing from the mouth, how in anyway could that possible be ok?”

“You could have fed it a fizzy sherbet lemon, I did that to my dad’s once, bird spit everywhere”


I laughed. “No I didn’t feed her a sherbet lemon. She’s just old, and happened to collide, into the back of Malfoy’s head”. Now James was the one to laugh.


“What did he do?”


“Had a go, then stormed off, in his usual rich boy, my father will hear about this manner” He laughed heavier.


“Oh I wish I would have seen it!”


“I wish that I hadn’t of had to scoop the bird from his feet, it was so embarrassing”.


“You don’t sound worried about the bird” he noted.

“It’s not my bird, it’s my mums. She refuses to get a new one. I knew one of these long trips would kill her, but she didn’t listen”

“You don’t know it’s dead yet”


“If it makes it through this, I will buy you a butterbear”


“I’ll hold you to that” Yeah I bet you will I thought. “I have to go, I’ll see you Friday for the tutoring?”


“Yeah” he nodded and walked away. I walked over to Hagrid’s hut. The door was ajar, so I walked in. Hagrid was used to seeing me now, especially with that bloody bird.


“It’s not looking too good this time, I’m afraid Ally. You’ll be lucky if she makes the return flight, at all, let alone if she recovers”  


I nodded thoughtfully.


“I think my mum would prefer, her to be home, if she’s on her death bed”

Hagrid tutted at my bluntness “I understand, special connection, you get with your first bird. I’ll send her home with two of the school ones. Do you want to say good-bye?” I looked at the bird, feeling slightly sorry for the poor bugger.

“Good-bye Chucky” I said while stroking her head. She was a good bird, just old. I felt her move into my palm with my touch, I smiled.


“Thank you Hagrid”


“No worries”.


Chucky wasn’t even dead yet, and I felt upset. Maybe I did like her after all. I left Hagrid alone to tend to the bird, and decided I should probably show up to my first lesson, even if I only have thirty minutes left of it.


I ran up the stairs to transfiguration. McGonagall is going to pleased. I knocked on the door before entering.


“Sorry I’m late Professor” she looked mad. Is it too late to run, I could just walk backwards out of the door and pretend this never happened. Her nose was flared. Shit, abort, abort.


“Miss Lockridge, was there any point in you showing up with only twenty minutes left of lesson?”

“Sorry Professor, it was just I needed to see Hagrid about my bird, she’s dying you see” WOO that’s it Ally play the sympathy card.


“I don’t want to hear your excuses Miss Lockridge, you’ll have detention with me tonight, 8 o’clock with the other three delinquents” Three delinquents, please don’t tell me… I looked over to the direction that McGonagall was glaring at my stomach dropped. Let’s just say delinquents, was an understatement.


I nodded, at took my usual space next to Adam. He was shaking his head at disappointment in me. So I punched him… In the arm.

I took out my parchment, and copied Adam, word for word. It had to be right, it’s Adam.


“Why did they get detention?” I asked curiously. Adam stifled a laugh.


“I don’t think I should tell you”


“Adam Hordan, you tell me this second”


“Well… urm… there was foul language used, photos of you from the photo shoot, and actions involved”


“What?!” I shouted, everyone turned and looked into Adam and my direction. I smiled, guiltily.


“I told you, you wouldn’t want to know” I cringed at the possible of ideas of what they were doing, or what they wish they could do to Phoenix, disgusting and I’m lucky enough to have detention with all three of them tonight. Fuck my life.



I had a free period, so I decided to use it to my advantage, and finally read the article on Music is Might. I couldn’t wait. I decided to read it in the corner of the library; it wouldn’t draw much attention, after all every other student was reading it too. They wanted to know more about the band, I wanted to know if they used my words exactly or changed them.


I looked through the pictures first, like I always do. She looked pretty, Phoenix I mean. I could understand why they liked her. I watched in the photo’s as we blobbed our tongues out playfully at the cameras. We looked like proper band, not some kids pretending. I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. I felt like a proud mum. I wonder if my mum’s read the article yet, she probably wouldn’t even recognise me. I should tell my mum, but I wouldn’t trust her with the secret, she’s a gossiper. Lives on rumours and myths, I think that’s partly the reason her and dad broke up, she cared more for other people’s lives than her own. I still speak to both of my parents, don’t get me wrong. I spend half my time with both, unless my dad’s working away, he’s a wildlife photographer, you see, he loves taking photos of dragons. So he spends most of his time in Romania.


I looked back at the article and began to read Adam’s interview.


[Interviewer]: So you’re going under the name Luke? Am I right to guess that’s not in fact your real name?


[Adam]: Yeah, that’s right and before you ask, no I won’t tell you my real name [he laughs]


[Interviewer]: Your band has a lot of secrecy, care to explain why?


[Adam]: We’re still kids, we just don’t want our lives ruined, we thought it would be better to hide our identities until we could handle or think we could handle the fame.


[Interviewer]: Did you think Music is Might would become this big? From just the one performance?


[Adam]: Honestly no, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think we would have this much success. I couldn’t believe the response we got back at Hogwarts, and even out of Hogwarts, it’s surreal.


[Interviewer]: Could you explain how the masks work? It’s just myself and others are curious, it’s just I can see you, but I can’t.


[Adam]: (laughs) they play an illusion on the mind, yes you can see me, that’s me you’re looking at. But you won’t be able to remember it or picture me, even when you are looking at me I’m kind of blurred so you won’t be able to put a name to my face, they’re genius really. Only people who know our secrets can see through it.


[Interviewer]: Are they an original invention?


[Adam]: Yeah, we bought the masks ourselves, but we put the charms on ourselves.


[Interviewer]: Brilliant! One last question, is there any female interest in your life?


[Adam]: Not at the minute no, I’m single.


[Interviewer]: That’s great! Our readers will be excited to hear this.


I smiled, of course Adam would come off as the charming lad he is and no female interest, I’m pretty sure he has a huge interest in Dom. He should come with a warning, already taken in my head. I skipped through more photos, and skimmed over Marcus’ who was going under the name Phil. Phil, where did he even get Phil from? And then Spencer who chose the more believable name as Dan, he actual looks like a Dan. Maybe I should start calling him Dan from now on…


Dom’s interview was the most entertaining, she didn’t have to lie about anything, well apart from our identities, but that was a given.


[Interviewer:] So do you have any plans this side of their Hogwarts lives?


[Dom:] Of course, you can expect big things to come from them. They actually have a show coming up soon, as long as everything goes to plan, but you’ll hear more about that closer to the date.


[Interviewer:] What do you think about all the secrets in the band? Do you think they’ll last or the secrets will be too much?


[Dom]: I know them as people, and I can promise you if they ever do break up, it won’t be because of secrets, they’re a group of the closest friends I’ve ever met. Closer than us Weasleys [she laughs]. But yes I do think the secrets are good, and I respect them so much for wanting to keep their identities a secret. It takes a lot of guts to do what they do, and the fact at the end of the day they can go back to being their normal selves, is fantastic. You couldn’t ask for anything more.


[Interviewer]: That’s brilliant, you sound like you know what you’re doing. I wish you and the band all the best for the future.


[Dom]: Thank you.


[Interviewer]: Just one last question, we’re made to ask this question, being teen witch weekly, and all. Are you single?


[Dom]: [laughs] Yes I’m single.


[Interviewer]: Ok that’s brilliant, I’m sure a lot of people will be happy to hear that.


Yeah Adam will be ecstatic. And finally, I flipped the page on to my interview. I was surprised. My words hadn’t been twisted, at all. Exactly the way I said them:


[Interviewer]: You’re causing quite a lot of trouble back at Hogwarts I hear.


[Phoenix]: [laughs] Yeah I suppose we are.


[Interviewer]: Did you ever think Music is Might would ever become this popular so quick?


[Phoenix]: Never. This was always something I dreamed of when I was a little girl, I never thought it would actually ever happen, ever. I keep waking up, pinching myself that this is actually happening. And this is all from one performance, I don’t know what I’ll be like in the future. [she laughs]


[Interviewer]: Talking about the future, where do you see the band going?


[Phoenix]: Honestly I don’t know, hopefully really far. We’re best friends, so even if the band collapses, I know we’ll still all be friends. That sounds really soppy actually. But yeah to answer your question, I’m not sure where we’re going, we’re just taking every day as it comes really.


[Interviewer]: No that’s great! So you’re all friends?


[Phoenix]: The best, I don’t know what I’d do without them sometimes. We’ve been friends, since we shared a boat together in first year.


[Interviewer]: I’ve asked the rest this, but the whole secret business of the band, why is it?


[Phoenix]: Is there anything wrong with wanting to keep ourselves private? I don’t want to end up like another teenage idol, that’s been turned to drugs, from the pressure and the paparazzi, I feel like having another life, keeps you inline, and helps you remember who you are. All you have to do is look at how the kids at Hogwarts are dealing with it; they’re desperate to find out who we are. And the fact we’re there right under their noses is hilarious, I don’t think I could deal with being treated differently by them, or having fake friends, who just use me for the fame or whatever this is.


[Interviewer]: Talking about how the kids at Hogwarts are dealing with the band, I hear that you’re currently caught in the middle of a three way bet.


[Phoenix]: Urm... yeah... that… I’m not sure what to think about it to be honest. I feel like I should be flattered but I don’t like the idea of being somebodies prize, I think it’s demoralising and an insult. Sorry I’m going all feminist here.


[Interviewer]: No that’s fine, and completely understandable. But on the topic of guys, what do you look for in a guy?


[Phoenix]: Someone who’s funny, who can make me laugh, no matter what the current situation is, he needs a good sense of humour, especially to keep up with my dry one. And I need to be able to trust him, with everything


[Interviewer]: Including your secret?


[Phoenix]: Yes including that.


[Interviewer]: Well I think, that’s everything, thank you Phoenix, it’s been a pleasure. 




I know I said I wouldn't update so soon, but it was written, so I thought I'd upload it..... So what do you think?

As always I don't own anything, although I'd like to pretend that I do. Rights remain to Roald Dahl for Charlie and the chocolate factory, and anything harry potter related belongs to the wonderful J.K...

lot's of love, feel free to review....



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