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Bewitched by bearclaw
Chapter 3 : Encounters
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“Up the stairs and it’ll be the second door to your right.”




Bugger. Bugger. Bugger. Bugger. Bugger.




What had I just gotten myself into?! 26 clients for me to handle alone. And not just any clients, bloody Wotters. No one, and I mean no one, signs 26 sodding high-profile celebrities in a day. BUGGER.




Alright, mental breakdown out of the way? Check. Time to get myself to work. I walked up the stairs and attempted to calm myself down. It was my first day on the job and I had to make sure everyone was dressed and in the foyer in less than an hour.




I opened Lily’s bedroom door and if I had to choose one word to describe the scene in front of me, it would be hysteria. Two words, mass hysteria. There were 6 girls in various states of undress shrieking at each other.




Having dealt with my share of crazy dorm mates at Hogwarts, I knew there was only one way to settle this.




“Alright ladies, what seems to be the problem here?” I heard myself ask. Thanks right Vi, just jump right in. Show some damn authority.




“This wench ruined my hair!” Screeched a tall girl with disheveled strawberry blonde tresses; I recognized her as Lucy Weasley.




“Please, if your hair hadn’t been in the way of my side of the mirror, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.” Another girl coolly replied, while flipping her dark auburn locks and narrowing her Weasley-blue eyes. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the golden girl, Rose Weasley.




With a flick of my wand Lucy’s hair was instantly smoothed down and silkier than ever. Kudos to a spell I invented way back when. Everyone’s awestruck gaze drifted from Lucy’s hair to my wand. I smiled, “Crisis adverted. Does anyone else need anything?”




“Me next!!! But first, let me introduce you to the girls. This here is Roxanne; she prefers to go by Rox or Roxy. This blonde here is Dominique or Dom. Then there’s Lucy, whose hair you just fixed. That’s her sister Molly. And that there is Rose.”




After half an hour of tedious spell work I found myself in my knickers in a guest bedroom trying to figure out what dress to put on. Red or black? I was about to make the decision when I heard voices and a bang.




The door was blown open and suddenly there were about 10 very handsome men piled into the room. I recognized a few of them, having worked for their families and attending school with them but I was sure they were trying to figure out who I was.




“Well, this definitely is a turning out to be a happy birthday.” Albus Potter said stepping forward. He hadn’t changed too much. He his shoulder had broadened a bit, probably as a result to all the physical strain he endured through auror training but he still had that messy black hair, those startling emerald green eyes, and that heartbreaking grin. “Started the striptease without me, love?”




Merlin. He thought I was a stripper. I tried desperately not to blush, these blokes had to take me seriously so I turned quickly turned around and put both gowns in front of my body and casually asked, “Which one?”




“I quite like what you have on, love. But if it were up to me everything would be coming off.” Answered another boy. Tall, very fit, and very blonde. Louis Weasley, he had been a year above me and it looked like age agreed with him. He was easily one of the most beautiful men I had ever seen.




The boys were still chuckling as I shimmied into the backless black dress. I picked up my wand and quickly sent a powerful spell at them causing their tuxes to straighten themselves out causing a few of the younger ones to stumble.




“Mrs. Potter is expecting you all to be lined up in the foyer in 15 minutes. You will receive further instructions then.” I said and with my head held high I made my exit.



“Who the bloody hell is that? She’s right scary but she’s fit, mate. She’s right fit” I heard one of the Wood boy’s exclaim. I smiled to myself. Still got it

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Bewitched: Encounters


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