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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 9 : Seeing Freya
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A/N: I would just like to say that Kieron Nott belongs to the lovely and amazing Sam, AKA The Heir Of Slytherin. So his awesomeness is entirely hers, even though he's only mentioned in this :p Check out her stories, he's amazing in them!


Louis felt happier than he had done in quite a while when he made his way down the stairs and towards the front room, wondering if anyone was still in the house. No one had woken him up this morning and he was thankful, any amount of sleep was a godsend to him, and there was nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed at home. He hadn’t felt this relaxed in months.

“Hello?” He called out, hearing silence around him.

“Sorry Louis,” Dom said as she rushed out of the kitchen, with a thermos in one hand, that was most likely full of coffee, and a bag that seemed to be overfilled with books and parchment in the other. Louis quickly dodged out of her way as she raced down the corridor and towards the front door, stopping to shove her feet into what seemed to be the first flat shoes she grabbed. “I have to get to class,” she told him, as she opened the door and began to walk out; she blew him a kiss before shutting the door behind her.

Louis gave his sister a smile before walking into the front room, wondering if Victoire was going to be in there. He had forgotten that Dom would have a lesson today, she was currently attending St Golding’s Healer school, which she went to for half of the week before going to St Golding’s hospital up in Bristol for the other half. She chose to apparate from home to these places, instead of going to St Mungo’s as they trained in more specialised parts of the medical career. Dominique had always wanted to work in the spell damage part of the hospital, she wanted to try and help repair the damage that had been caused to their mind, and St Golding’s was the leading hospital for that kind of treatment. It was a relatively new hospital, having only been built ten years ago; it took very good qualifications to get a place at the school, to which Dominique studied very hard for. She had a lot of help from her best friend Kieron Nott, her and Dom had met at Hogwarts and had been best friends ever since. Kieron was currently studying magical law at a school that was also situated in Bristol, a very convenient fact Louis thought when he was told.

Victoire was sitting in the front room, a cup of tea in her hand as she listened to the radio; Louis heard the unmistakable sounds of a Quidditch game commentator coming from it, he hadn’t even realised that there was a game playing today.

“Morning Lou-Lou,” Victoire said with a smile as Louis sat down next to her. She finished what was left of her tea before putting the empty cup down onto the table in front of them; she turned to face him and gave him a smile.

“Hey Vic, who’s winning?” He asked, nodding his head in the direction of the radio, which was still blaring out the commentator, who had told the audience that Jemima Hensworth had just passed the Quaffle to Adrien Adams, Louis had no idea who any of those people were, but Victoire seemed to follow Quidditch games almost religiously.

“Bulgaria,” Victoire said, pulling a face, “France isn’t that far behind at the moment, but it depends on whether or not they manage to catch the snitch. If they do then they’ll play in the finals.” Victoire told him, “then that’ll decide who will win the world cup.”

Louis nodded, he had never really been a big Quidditch fan, some of his cousins were fans of it, but none were as big a fan as Victoire. She somehow knew everything about the players, their stats during the game, and the chances of teams qualifying. Louis wasn’t surprised that she managed to get a job working with their Aunt Ginny, writing articles for the paper about Quidditch, it was the best suited job for her really.

“Where are mum and dad?” Louis asked her, itching the back of his head as he tried to stifle a yawn, how could he still feel tired?

“Dad’s at work and mum has gone around to Nana’s. Apparently some of our aunts and uncles left some things in storage that might come in useful to you.”

“Like what?” Louis asked with a small frown, Victoire gave him a smile.

“There’s some baby furniture in the shed, which Aunt Angelina used when she had Roxie. Speaking of which, she said that if you and Freya have a girl then she’s got quite a few clothes up in her attic that you could have. She doesn’t think that anyone else would be having a kid anytime soon, so you seemed like the obvious choice.”

As Louis’s family was quite big, there was a time when many of his Aunts had children around the same time, or within a few years of each other. So it made a lot of sense for them to give each other any items they weren’t using so that they wouldn’t have to go out each time and buy new things. After Roxie had become too old to use the items anymore, they were just put into storage in one of the sheds in his Nana and Grandpa’s garden, protected by magic of course from all of the elements. They didn’t know who else might need it in the end, which Louis was really thankful for, he didn’t know what he, would have done if he had to buy everything brand new. He was very thankful for everyone for their help and didn’t know how best to let them all know just how much they meant to him.

“So that can all be brought here for when me and Dom clear out the room, we’ve decided that you can have her room because it’s next to yours and mine is big enough to fit us both in there.”

“You really don’t have to do this Vic; I can clear some stuff out of my room and have everything in there.” Louis stated, Victoire shook her head at him.

“I’ve already cleared some space out in my room for Dom, so it’s happening whether or not you want it to,” Victoire told him, sticking her tongue out.

Louis gave her a thankful smile before running a hand through his hair.

“So what are you going to be doing today?”

“I’m going to Freya’s house and try and see her.”

“Would that be a good idea with her dad around?” Victoire asked in concern, she didn’t want her brother to have to face Ted Jackson on his own.

Louis gave a shrug, “I honestly don’t care, and I need to see Freya.”

“Did you want me to apparate you there?” Victoire asked him, Louis gave a nod.

“If that’s okay with you, I would appreciate it.” Louis admitted.

“I’ll take you after the match is finished, it shouldn’t be too long Anderson has seen the snitch three times now so he’ll catch it soon,” Victoire told him, it was remarkable how she was able to keep track of the match whilst talking to Louis at the same time. “So if you want, you can go and get ready to leave.”

“You’re great Vic,” Louis told her, before he stood up and walked out of the room.


Louis was terrified when he walked up the garden path that led to Freya’s house; he was scared of how Freya’s father, Ted would react to him showing up at the house, when he had made clear his decision of Louis not having any contact with her. But Louis couldn’t wait any longer to talk to her; it hurt him too much not knowing how she was, how she was coping, or how their baby was.

He stopped at the front door and looked around the immaculate garden for a few seconds before raising a slightly shaking hand and knocking on the door. He took a deep breath as he heard footsteps making their way towards the door; he wished inside that it wouldn’t be Ted opening the door.

The door creaked open slowly and he saw Freya’s face peer around the corner, hiding her body from view. Her face broke out into a wide smile as she saw that it was Louis standing there, and she moved away from the door and opened it fully. Louis laughed loudly as he held his arms out and Freya rushed into them, he hugged her tightly and kissed the top of her head.

“Freya, I’ve missed you so much.” He told her honestly, feeling an overwhelming urge to cry filling him, tears of happiness at finally being able to see her. It had felt like a lifetime since they had last seen each other, and it had driven him insane. Freya pulled away from him to reach up and pull him into a kiss, that Louis was all too happy to give her.

After a while she pulled away from him and grabbed his hand to pull him into the house, closing the door behind him. Louis looked around the house; he had visited a few times, back when Ted would have let Louis take a step inside the house.

“Where is your dad and mum?” Louis asked Freya, who was pulling him in the direction of the kitchen. Louis looked around the hallway that contained pictures of Freya throughout her lifetime across them, as well as a few pictures of Ted, Diane and Freya all together, it was obvious from seeing them how much they cared for their daughter.

“They’ve gone out to work,” Freya told him with a smile as she made him sit down at the kitchen table; she sat down in the seat she had obviously been sitting in before he knocked at the door. She had been eating a sandwich, which didn’t look that appetising to Louis, Freya picked up the half eaten sandwich and began to eat it again.

“Did you want a bite?” she asked him, holding the sandwich out. Louis held his hand up and gave a small shake of his head.

“No thank you, what is that by the way?” he asked her, nodding down at the sandwich in question.

Freya took another bite before answering him, “its banana and lettuce. It’s really nice.” She added after seeing the face that Louis pulled at her words.

“I’ll have to take your word for it.” he said with a laugh.

“So how have you been?” Freya asked him, a grin on her face as she looked at him, she didn’t seem able to stop herself from smiling. Louis felt exactly the same way, even if she was eating a banana and lettuce sandwich.

“I’ve been a mess without you to be honest, as great as Horatio is he’s not you. School is a nightmare of course, people aren’t nice Freya, I’m so glad that you haven’t been around to hear what they’ve been saying. Horatio is good at making them shut up though, even if it is trying to start a rumour that me and him are secretly seeing each other, just so everyone has something else to talk about.”

Freya let out a laugh, her sandwich was finished and she was resting back on her chair, her hand was on her back seeming to be rubbing it slightly. “Oh Horatio, he does know how to make a scene doesn’t he?”

Freya stood up and picked up her plate, walking over to the sink to put it into it, before holding her hand out for Louis to take so they could walk out of the room. Louis did so and let her lead him out of the room, Freya then led them to her bedroom.

“So how are you doing? How’s our baby?” Louis asked her as Freya began walking around the room, her hand still rubbing her back slightly.

“I’m doing okay, It’s so boring being here on my own, so much so that I’ve been getting ahead with my school work purely because there’s nothing else for me to do. My teacher thinks that I should be able to take my exams in the next two weeks.”

“Wow, that is early,”

“Yeah, but I think I’m ready for them, I can’t wait to finish and be done with it all until I can go back to Hogwarts in September. Other than that I’ve been kept awake a lot with heartburn and my back hurts at times, but other than that it’s all okay.”

“Did you find out what we’re having yet?” Louis asked, looking down at the bump that had become bigger since the last time that Louis had seen Freya; it was definitely noticeable now, even through Freya’s baggy T-shirt.

“Yeah,” Freya said with a smile as Louis took a seat on the edge of her bed. She walked over to the cabinet next to her bed and opened the drawer, pulling out a keepsake box and opening it. She took out a scan picture and took a seat next to Louis, passing it to him.

Louis felt his heart swelling with happiness as he looked down at the picture in his hands; it was nothing short of amazing at seeing a somewhat clear picture of their baby, he could make out a little nose, and its mouth, as well as an arm, he didn’t know that he could feel such happiness before.

“The Healer said that we’re having a girl,” Freya told him, he turned to look at her and saw her face falter for a moment before she too smiled at him; it was like she was happy because he was happy.

“I can’t believe it,” Louis said, looking back down at the picture in amazement, “we’re having a girl.”

He kept the picture in one hand as he turned back to look at Freya, raising the other hand to place on her bump. It felt so strange to know that there was a baby growing inside of Freya, their baby, and that it wouldn’t be long until she arrived and they would finally get to meet her, he tried to picture what she might look like. Would she have Louis’s hair or Freya’s? Louis’s eyes? Freya’s nose? Would she be tall like him?

Freya placed her hand on top of Louis’s and was watching him intently; Louis gave a small laugh before leaning forwards and kissing her again.

“I really can’t wait until she’s here,” he admitted to her, looking back down at the bump again in amazement.

They were silent for a few more moments as they just stayed like they were, an expectant mother and father looking down on the creation they had made and thinking about all of the possibilities that could happen, when they were interrupted by a new voice, that caused them both to jump in shock and fear.

“I think it’s about time you went home Louis.” Ted Jackson told Louis firmly, from his place by Freya’s bedroom door.

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