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Advanced Potions for the Pathetically Dimwitted by NaughtyLittlePotato
Chapter 4 : Four
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“Pretty please?”

“Piss off, Cass. I’m not doing your essay for History of Magic. We’ve been back a week. It’s your first one. How can you not know what you’re doing?”

I groan childishly and slump down into a chair next to her. “It’s too haaaaaard, I can’t concentrate, I feel sick, I don’t want to get behind because if I do it will be the start of a long line of events that will lead to my eventual premature death.” I rile off in one breath, what is probably too many excuses.

“Are you kidding me? Bollocks to that, you’re a lazy bugger is what it is.”

“Sapphire. Please. I’m begging you. I just need this one favour from you.”

“What happened to that guy who used to do your Magic essays before?” She turns to look at me curiously.

What? I can’t write essays! It’s easier if someone else just does them for me.

“He has a girlfriend.”

“What does that have to do with it?”

I tilt my head to the side and raise my brows at her. There are a few seconds where she just stares at me, blankly. Then her soft strawberry brows shoot up behind her full fringe.


I shrug.

“Ew. You’re disgusting, you know that?” She shakes her head.

“It was only kissing, Saffi.” I try to justify this.

Come on.

“I’ll be honest it’s barely even kissing. It’s a peck if anything, now, please can you do my essay?”


“Fine, fine. Just know I hate you, bitch.”

“Yeah, sure you do.” I begin to walk away when she shouts, “And stop stealing my owl treats! I know its you!”

I chuckle and run off to the great hall, where everyone else is having dinner, in the hopes of finding someone who will write my essay for me, seen as my best friend wont.


I check out the Slytherin table before scampering over to the Gryffs, “Where’s dear Alvera?” I crash into Dom when I sit down, because Alvie isn’t at the Slytherin table or here.

She grunts at the force of my body hitting hers, “I don’t know. Isn’t she with Saffi?”

“Nope.” Alvie wouldn’t miss a meal, “I need someone to help me do my Magic essay.” I change the subject.

“I’m not helping you.” She answers my clandestine question.

I click my tongue, “I wasn’t asking.”

“Freddie,” I call but he’s too concerned with the food in front of him to pay attention to me. “Fred!” I say, louder and wave a hand in front of his face.

I groan and look at Dom who just shrugs.

“Fred? I’m going to take my top off.” His head shoots up so fast I worry that he’s snapped his neck.

“Where are James and Alvie and will you help me do my History of Magic essay?”

His face stains with disappointment when he sees that I’m still fully clothed, “Don’t know, quidditch practice, no and you lie.” He answers all of my questions in one quick breath and then gets back to munching.

“You shouldn’t do that, poor boy will snap his neck one of these days.”

“You’d have thought he’d have learnt by now. I’ve been saying that since Mother Nature granted me the wonderful power, that is to use my breasts to get what I want.”

“Well it’s Fred isn’t it?” She dismisses the second part of my sentence because she knows I’m kidding.

Sort of.

I grab a muffin and stand up, “Well I’d best go and get this essay done. I might even try to do it myself!”

“That’s what I like to hear!” Dom says enthusiastically and I laugh.


I consider sending my mum an owl because I haven’t written her yet, it’s only been a week but I know she’ll be waiting for a letter from me. I come to the conclusion that this letter takes priority over that dumb essay and head to the Slytherin common instead of the library.

I pull my headphones out from deep in my pocket and stick them in my ears, blocking out the chatter and the sound of footsteps.

I walk slowly, partly because I’m procrastinating and partly because I haven’t had much time to myself lately.

To just think.

I guess that’s good though because my mind can be a dangerous place sometimes.

I look around me and imagine when mum and dad were here. They’ve told me that they hated each other at first but then they gazed deep into each other’s souls, blah blah blah. They fell in love and eventually I was born.

I don’t think much has changed here, a few new teachers, countless new students, but other than that I reckon the building is exactly the same.

In essence, old as shit. But still pretty cool.

I draw away from reality, imagine mum and dad walking here, did they know they’d be together forever? Did they want to be? Maybe they just stayed together because dad knocked mum up.

I doubt it though; sometimes it’s sickening to be around them when they’re being all cute like teenagers.

The song in my ear ends and in the silence between I hear someone’s feet pounding against the stone. They shout my name and I turn round, pulling out my headphones so I can hear what they want to say.

It’s James.

Since our talk things pretty much went back to normal, normal being his man whorish ways, ignoring my ‘I’m going to the library’ lies when I’m actually meeting with Miller and of course, breaking Alvie’s heart into a million pieces without even knowing it.

“Where’ve you been?” I ask, sounding like Ginny Weasley, hands on my hips. I guess he senses this too because he gives me a strange look.

“Merlin, mum, I was under the impression that we stay out of each others business.” He smirks that wicked – sexy – smirk of his and I respond with a tight wry smile.

“Where have you been, though?” I press because I’m dying to know.

“With Aaaa…” He trails off like he’s trying to remember something.

I pray with everything I have that he’s going to say Alvie because his lips are stained red and I can’t help by hope.

“What’s her name?”

Shrug. I deflate a little because from this I grasp that it’s obviously not Alvie.

“Amy? Amanda? Alice? Ally?” He shakes his head like he doesn’t know, and then seemingly has a light bulb moment, sticking his finger in the air, “Ashley! That’s it. Sixth year Raven. Nice girl, bit sloppy.” He bears his teeth a bit in a grimace.

Honestly I’d expected him to exclaim “EUREKA!” the look on his face when he’d thought of her name.

“Alright, Archimedes.” I roll my eyes at him.

He raises a brow. I don’t bother to explain my joke to him.

“What did you want?” I ask, turning to continue walking.

He slings an arm around my shoulder and I shrug it off, I want him to get used to not touching me and also because I’ve seen Ashley and I don’t think she’s innocent, or clean.

“Party tomorrow night. Gryff common. Be there or be square.”

“More like be there or Dom with throttle me.” He laughs.

“Yeah, that.”

“On a school night, are you sure, James? Bit risky wouldn’t you say?” Who has a party on a Tuesday night anyway? Oh yeah, James Potter.

“Hm. You’re right. Better make it Slytherin common. They’re a lot more liberal down there, I hear.” I ignore his double meaning.

I groan. “James you better not be planning anything cruel. Especially if it involves Alvie.”

Cass! Cassie, baby. Why would I do something cruel to Alvie?”

“I’ve been asking that question since I met you.”

“Right. No, just a party, you know to start the year right. I mean it’s my last and I want to enjoy it.”

“You want to pull.”

“That would also be a plus.”

We reach the Slytherin common and James pretends to shudder.

“Better keep your wand on you, Jamsie. There are no rules down here. Its snake eats lion.” I joke and he pushes me.

I tumble through the portrait hole and glare at him.

“Oh! While you’re here, could you-”

“I’m not doing your homework.” How the hell did he know? “I’ve already been roped into being your potions tutor and that’s bad enough.”

“Hey, Shrug.”

“Hey.” I look from Miller to James so he knows he’s there.

“I’m going to see Albus.” He grunts and runs off up the stairs.

“Where’ve you been?”

“Trying to find someone to do my essay for me.” I flop onto the couch that he’s on with a sigh. The old couch sighs too like it’s tired, either that or I’ve been eating too many muffins these days.

“James is having a party here tomorrow night.”


“Because he’s James Potter and he can do whatever the hell he wants.” I reply and this obviously isn’t the answer he wanted to hear. His usually gentle green eyes sharpen, turning darker at the mention of James. I lean up to kiss him, which is more difficult than I thought it might be. It doesn’t last long because I can’t hold my weight up while I’m also resting on his lap.

It’s probably a good job though because James and Albus come in at that exact moment that my head falls back into his lap.

His fingers wind around my hair and he twirls it around his fingers, playing with it.

“Right, well we’re off to practice so we’ll leave you two love birds alone.” James says in a less than savoury manner.

“Piss off!” I sit up sharply; a few strands of my hair are still around Miller’s fingers, no longer attached to my head.

“If you see Alvie tell her to come back here, please!” I shout after them hearing Al shout back something that isn’t clear but sounds like an agreement.

I stand up, “Come on. I have an essay to write. You can help me.” He smiles, and stands up towering over me.

“Hop on, Shrug.” He bends down in front of me to hop onto his back for a piggyback.

He grabs my thighs before he practically sprints to the stairs to the girls’ dorm and I start to giggle. I shut my eyes because I always worry that he’ll fall when he runs up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

He pushes open the door to my dorm, me giggling on his back and him chuckling slightly too.

He walks over to my bed and drops me down onto it. The bed provides a soft landing and I lie back, my head dangling off the other side of the mattress.

Something not so soft, lands on the bed next to me then pulls me up onto his chest.

The blood has rushed to my head and I continue to laugh which is pretty embarrassing but I just can’t stop.  I sit up, straddling him.

“You’re so beautiful when you laugh.” I blush but I don’t think he’d have been able to tell, mostly because he was staring at my lips and also because my cheeks were already red.

“Just when I laugh?” I joke, pushing his shoulder.

“Yeah, the rest of the time I have no idea what I see in you.” He shrugs.

“Shrug.” I laugh and he sits up, his hands on either side of my face.

His eyes search mine before he soaks up every detail of my pale face.

It seems like just seeing isn’t enough and he suddenly needs to commit the feel of his lips on my face to memory. He kisses everywhere.

I mean, it’s a bit weird at first but I just let him get on with it.

He kisses the side of my mouth and I move so his next kiss is on my lips.

His hands slide down my body to hold my thighs, it would appear this is his favourite place to rest his hands.

I slide mine into his soft hair, force of habit, playing with the soft bits at his nape.

In a moment of madness I forget to care that we might get caught and pull his shirt over his head, throwing it to the floor.

I push hard on his shoulders so he falls back down onto the bed.

Pushing the hair out of my face I lean in to kiss him properly this time.

I cant help the soft moans that I make as his tongue explores my mouth.

His hands are on the hem on my shirt and in a moment its off and joins his on the floor. I take a moment to praise the Lord that I wore nice underwear today.

I gasp as his cold hands touch my bare skin and he smirks at me.

He captures my lips again when suddenly there’s a lot of shuffling and then someone is stood over us shouting, “FOR FUCK SAKE! I’M LIKE RIGHT THERE! COULD YOU TWO LIKE STOP TRYING TO FUCK EACH OTHER FOR TWENTY SECONDS AND CONSIDER THE FACT THAT OTHER PEOPLE LIVE HERE TOO!” Somewhere during Alvie’s screeching I’ve rolled off of Miller in shock and am now groaning on the floor. Alvie is breathing just as hard as we are.

I peek over the bed and give her some massive puppy dog eyes, noticing that her own eyes are red rimmed and her face is puffy.

I crawl back onto the bed and Alvie stalks away, dropping onto her own bed and pulling the curtains back over.

“You’d better skedaddle, home skillet.” His eyes travel down to my chest and I slap his arm. “Perv.” I say but I’m smiling, I lean over the bed and grab our shirts. I pull mine on and take one last look at his beautiful abs before they’re covered by white cotton.

“Perv.” He mimics before placing a soft peck on my cheek and leaves the dorm.


“Knock knock.” I say, drawing back the curtain on Alvie’s bed. “Alvie, I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have brought him up here if I knew you were here. I’ve been looking for you. Freddie said you were practicing.” I prattle on, sitting on the corner of her bed like a concerned mother.

I place a soft hand on her ankle, “Al.” I say because she’s been sniffing but staying silent.

I lie down next to her and act as the big spoon.

She takes a big sniff, “James, the bloody prick.” She wipes at her eyes, “He was practically shagging that slaggy Claw in the corridor.”

I stay quiet waiting for her to say more. She doesn’t turn around and I know it’s because she doesn’t want to see the sympathetic look I’d give her or for me to see the tear tracks running down her face, burning in like acid.

“I’m wasting my time. He’s never going to like me. He told me to fuck off when I caught them. I was on my way to practice but I just…”

I close my eyes and take in a deep breath. I am going to hex James sodding Potter.

Bane of my sodding life.

It doesn’t sound so bad, what James has done, but I can imagine his sharp tone, his backwards glace over his shoulder, and his indifference to her when she retorted. The shattering of her heart when he said it, the tears building in her eyes, pretending she didn’t care and trying to laugh it off, making a joke despite the fact that she felt like one.

“I feel so,” Sniff, “stupid.”

“He didn’t mean it.” I reassure her because I honestly do doubt that he did.

“Kind of sounded like he meant it.”

“He was thinking with his penis. He’s a boy; it’s what they do. Anyway, here’s something that will cheer you up. We’re having a party tomorrow night.”

I coincidentally forget to tell her who was organising it, oops.



“JAMES!” I growl because he’s trying to make Potions fun by singing about it.

“But there’s so many things that you can do,

  If you just put in an ingredient or two.

  Some pixie wings and the eye of a newt,

  Two dead bats and potions is a hoot!”

“James I swear, I can think of a word that rhymes with cat and I’d use it to describe you right now.”

“So, what are you not going to add to a potion with toad venom in?”

“I wont add lizard saliva because they’ll react badly and ruin the potion.” James has drilled that into my head. I mean it’s the only thing I’ve learned but at least it’s something.

“Good girl. Now for a song about slugs and their uses when ground, dried, squashed, halved, whole and pickled!” He starts off another song he’s made up about slugs and I begin to bang my head against the table, hard.

“No, Cass. It doesn’t require a drumbeat. Just the sultry sound of my voice.” He coos, putting his hand in between my forehead and the desk.

“I can’t do this anymore. We’ve been at it hours.”

“Is that what you said to Oreo last night?”

“Shut up.” My head snaps up because he has a habit of doing this these days. “Don’t call him that, either.”

“Why not? Is it your special name for iccle Milly?” He pinches my cheeks.

“Piss off.” I scold gathering my things because I’ve had enough of him for one day.

“Oh come on. You’re not leaving, are you?”

“No. I’m just not going to be in the same space as you anymore.”

He raises his brows at me. “Sit down, I’m sorry ok.”

“Of course you are.” I sit down anyway because despite everything I really do need to pass potions this year.

“And anyway, I need a favour from you. Think of it as helping me out considering I’m going to tutor you.”

I pretty much had to do it now. I’d definitely fail if he weren’t helping me.

“Fine, shoot.”

“I need to borrow you for a potion I’m making for class.”

“You need to borrow me?”

“Well it involves you, so yes.”

“What is it?”

“A pregnancy potion.”


“Chill out. I’m not going to use it on anyone! Shit. I just need to brew it, show that it works by testing it in powdered unicorn horn and I’ll have some great marks for my coursework this year. Come on, Cass. Please?”

“Ok, ok!” I slam my head down into the table and groan as James starts to sing again into my ear.



Mum and dad,

            Having a great time, as per, James is grating on me already, can’t cope.

Alvie had pink hair because of him; honestly he’s a nightmare! Hope you’re not missing me too much, Maddi and Nate should keep you company. Classes are going well, James is tutoring me for Potions so don’t worry.

Missing you,

            Your favourite offspring, Cassie xxxx


I send a short message to mum and dad using my fat, stumpy owl – Awkward.

She got her name after she accidentally sent a note meant for Alvie to Albus.

Awkward because it was a discussion about James, luckily he wasn’t named on it though so Albus was left in the dark about what we were talking about.

“Can I wear your black dress?” Alvie asks, flicking through my clothes.

“Yeah, sure.” I try to ignore the fact that Alvie is blatantly trying to make James jealous. Not that I’m saying it wont work, shit, he’ll be pissed, but probably not jealous.

“You two need to hurry up!” Dom snaps, clicking her fingers in a lame attempt to make us hurry. Alvie and I share a look and she rolls her eyes while I take off to put my dress on.

Obviously Dom looks fantastic. She’s got on this orange shift dress covered in orange lace that I couldn’t pull off in a million years. Her hair is up in a messy bun, one that on my head would look like I’ve just rolled out of bed.

But on her head it makes guys want to roll her into bed. How this works is beyond me.

“I’m going to see if the boys are ready.” I say, needing to get out the way of Dom before she starts casting hexes in my direction.

“RAVEN!!!!!” Is the last legible thing I hear her screech before I leave the room with a sigh of relief. Poor Raven.

I hop down the stairs into the common room where the boys are already waiting.

Freddie is chatting with Miller, and Albus, Hufflepuff Chris and James are chatting about quidditch. There are some other people there too but I don’t know the names of most of them.

“Hey,” I walk over to Fred and give him a kiss on the cheek. I do the same to Miller but linger a little longer and I can feel James glaring at me.

“Where’s everyone at?” I ask James, walking over to him.

“Party starts at 9:15.” He says and I give a curt nod because he seems a bit huffy.

I check the clock on the wall; it’s 9:09.

There’s the click of heels and all eyes turn to the stairs to see the 4 girls walking down.

Alvie is last down and I notice both Albus and James’s eyes linger on her.

What is she wearing?!” James hisses in my ear.

“A dress? I loaned her it.” I add because he’ll be more pissed at me than at her.

“Why would you loan her that?” His eyes flicker back to me and narrow, “Why do you own something like that!”

“It’s cute.” I shrug.

Right on cue Alvie appears and places a hand on Albus’s chest, “Hey.” She kisses his cheek then looks at James. Albus's face says it all. His mouth has dropped open a little and his eyes are raking up and down her body. 

“I’d give you a kiss too James, but you seemed pretty involved with Ashley yesterday…” She purses her lips and looks him up and down judgingly. Albus is oblivious to the exchange.

Someone starts up some music and the latest song from Cauldron Smoke comes on, defusing some of the tension.

“Alvie,” I say looking at her with raised brows, “Can I talk to you for a moment?”

I take her aside, dragging her by the elbow.

“Don’t do this.” I warn.

“Do what?”

“Don’t ‘do what’ me, I know what you’re doing.”

“What? So I’m not allowed to peruse Albus now?”

“No.” I shake my head, “Because we both know you’re still head over heels for James and although you’ve been too ignorant to see it, Albus is totally in love with you. Has been since day one and believe me now, if you do this to spite James it will rip his heart to shreds. Like what James does to you every time he gets with one of those girls.”

She regards me with a look of disbelief, “Yeah, ok.”

She starts to walk away and I grab her arm again, sighing, you can’t argue with her. Nor can you tell her there's a wonderful, cute, funny boy standing right there, just waiting for her to say the word, “Just be careful.”

Somehow while we’ve been talking the common room has packed out somewhat and there are now people dancing, drinking, kissing, whatever.

I push through the crowd and grab a drink from the table, I sniff it; Firewhiskey. I neck it back, ignore the burn in my throat and start to search for Saffi, because I can count on her not to have her tongue down a boys throat.

“Saf,” She looks up to me and smiles.

“Hey!” She has to shout a little. “Why are we having a party on a Tuesday night?”

I shake my head and point through the crowd at James, “Sir James requested a party.” I pretend to bow.

“Wonder who’ll be in his bed tomorrow morning.” She laughs and I do too.

“I really do dread to think.”

“Do you want a drink?” She grabs a cup from the table beside her.

“No.” I say, mostly because I don’t know where that’s been or what’s in it, “I’m being a good girl, classes tomorrow and all that.”

“Well shit.” She says looking into her cup, she looks at me, shrugs then necks her drink back.




Through the crowd which is now dwindling, I see a beautiful, half cut girl in heels too high, a glass of clear liquid loosely clamped between her fingertips dangling at her side as she staggers though the slew of people.

“Dom,” I say, catching her as she wobbles.

“I broke up with Chris!” She leans up to my ear and slurs too loudly.

“Come on,” I decide I should walk her back to her dorm before she makes a big mistake and given that I’m the more sober of the two of us I conclude that I know best.

It takes longer than it should to walk her back, this is for 4 reasons:

1.     Dom takes a detour for no apparent reason

2.     She needed to pee and couldn’t wait till she got the Gryff tower.

3.     She couldn’t walk, with or without her heels. I had to practically carry her.

4.     We had to keep jumping into empty classrooms so we weren’t caught by the people who were woke because of Dom’s singing.


“Dominique! What’s the damn password!” I shout at her because she’s just giggling at me. “So help me, Weasley, I’ll slap you if that’s what it's going to come to.”

She giggles again, burbles, “Pixie wings!” excitedly, and then drags me into the common room when the portrait door swings open.

I manage to get her up the stairs, more or less unharmed and into bed.

She breathes noisily which worries me, it always does, and drunken people make me nervous. “I don’t think he was the one.” She says, on the subject of  Hufflepuff Chris, I assume.

“Probably not.” I look at her with her eyes half closed, still in her clothes.

Merlin knows I’m not going to undress her; I’m not her mother.

“Dom,” I decide to tell her, “I’m going to tell you something and I don’t want you to react.”

“Oh my God. You’re pregnant!” She sits up too sharply and I watch her throat bob, worried she’ll vomit but it passes, “I knew this would happen! It’s ok, don’t panic! Oh my God! Merlin! Cassie! Shit.” She starts to ramble about how she’ll support me and I let her do it, mostly because it’s hilarious but when she’s on the verge of tears and I am too, from laughing, I stop her.

“Dom, come on, I’m not pregnant you loony.”

“Oh.” She relaxes and smiles drunkenly. “What is it then, chicken pie?”

Chicken pie? What did James put in that punch! I shake these thoughts from my head, “You know Orion?”

“Ugh.” She groans and before she can rant I cut her off.

“I think I like him. Like, like like him." I decide to bend the truth a little, I’m not going to tell her we’re secretly snogging, she’d have a seizure. I come to the conclusion that it’s best to ease her in gently… while she’s drunk and probably more understanding.

“Oh.” She tilts her head and hair falls out of her already messy bun, “Weeeeell, can’t help who you fall in love with.” She shrugs then falls back onto the bed. Wise words if ever there were any. 

I suppress a laugh and shut her curtains before I leave and make my way back to the freezing dungeons.


There are still a few people there but not half as many as there was before.

“James,” I say grabbing him from a conversation with some of his quidditch buddies who eye me lustfully. “Best be wrapping this up soon, ok?”

Thankfully he’s not that drunk so he understands, he nods.

“I’ll be wrapping you up soon, darling.” This comes from one of the less attractive guys.

“Nah, you’ve got no chance mate, she's all for Jamesie Poo. But between me and you, Jamie boy, I’d wrap it up. I’ve heard more than a bit about this one.” Another guys adds and I actually gasp.

Total jaw on floor moment.

I look at James and he looks ready to kill.


His hand itches towards the pocket on his jeans and I grab it before he can reach his wand.

“James, he’s not worth it. Come on.” I try to drag him away and suddenly he seems drunker then before.

His body like a sort of unmoveable lump.

“Get out.” He snarls at the guys. “Now.” They all scarper with their tails between their legs.

We sit down on a vacant couch and everyone, sensing the atmosphere, leaves.

“You’d best be going.” I say and James nods.

His hand is on his wand.

“James. Promise me you won’t do anything you’ll regret.”

We look into each other’s eyes, his pupils dilate a little and I watch them changing, it’s sort of mesmerising.

“Ok.” He promises. There’s a sort of electricity between us and I shiver a little, not from cold but from some outside force.

“Do you…” He trails off and I nod, already knowing he’s going to ask if I feel it too.

Not breaking eye contact he begins to lean in and stupidly, I follow his lead.

There’s a spark that I wish I could deny, but I can’t.

His lips, like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Gentle, careful, precious almost.

In the strangest of ways I feel drawn to him.

But my head starts to scream because there are a million and one reasons why this can’t happen.

And my best friend is one of them.

I pull away.

“Come on.” I smile and grab his hand, I can feel my heart racing and I’m sure if I got close enough I’d hear his doing exactly the same. I drag him up to my bed, not trusting what he’ll do to the guys on his quidditch team, but also not fully trusting myself to have him so close.




I can’t cope. I-I… Oh wow.

Tell me what you think? I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

Toodles! (: xo

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