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Falling Star by Lioness06
Chapter 21 : Brewing Storm
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Chapter 20 – Brewing Storm

Severus Snape was the first to enter the Potions classroom. Professor Slughorn greeted him, albeit not as warmly as usual. Snape suspected it had to do with his involvement in the attack on Sirius Black several days ago. Snape recalled Slughorns carefully worded lecture, especially when Slughorn had told them sternly:

“Boys, the halls of Hogwarts are not the place for pureblood politics.”

It wasn’t lost on Snape and he doubted on the others that Slughorn did not seem to have a moral objection against the punishment of a blood traitor. Slughorn was only concerned that it might harm his reputation as Head of Slytherin House.   

Professor Slughorn had always focused on those students he deemed a worthy investment. And Snape had a feeling Slughorn hadn’t quite decided whether it would be politically wise to invest in the future of those aiming to be Death Eaters. For now Snape, Lestrange, and a good number of the Slytherins were part of his Slug Club.

Looking up at the blackboard, Snape saw Slughorn had written Invigoration Draught in big block letters. Severus flipped open his Potion’s book until he found the correct page and immediately read the instructions carefully to see if there were any modifications to be made. He was so absorbed in his work that he was startled when Lily took a seat beside him.

“Hey Sev,” Lily greeted, though she barely spared him a passing glance.

“Hello, Lily,” Snape replied frowning slightly. This was the first time they’d interacted that week, so it was unlikely that she was angry at him. Perhaps she’d tried to write that Muggle sister of hers, still hoping after all this time to get a letter back.

Severus decided his best bet was to wait for her to tell him if something was bothering her.  This was now the only class they still regularly partnered up for. They were both top of the class in Potions with the next student far enough behind their skill level that it was easy for both their housemates to understand their need to work together. Snape thought wistfully back to their first and second year when they’d partnered quite often together.

As they neared the start of class and the room began to fill up, Lily remained pensive. Predictably the last students to file in were Potter, Petteigrew, and Lupin.  The warning bell rang as the Gryfffindors stepped into the room.

“Come on boys, take a seat,” Professor Slughorn stated waving them in. “Is Mr. Black still in the Hospital Wing?”

“Yes, sir,” Lupin answered taking a seat by himself on bench in the back of the room. Black was his usual partner for Potions.

“Now if only we could whittle down the number of mudbloods in here we might be able to be rid of the stench in this room,” Mulciber muttered behind Snape.

Mulciber had raised his voice just enough so that Lily and Severus could hear the words clearly. Snape stayed still, his eyes glued to the page he was reading, pretending to be completely immersed. He felt Lily’s eyes on him, but he pretended he didn’t notice, pretended he hadn’t heard Mulciber use that slur. He was in a precarious position. He could not afford to anger Lily or Mulciber.

“Mr. Lupin, you can join Ms. Evans and Mr. Snape today,” Professor Slughorn instructed.

Lupin stared dumbly at Professor Slughorn, frozen to his seat.

“Is there a problem, Mr. Lupin?” Slughorn asked brushing a nonexistent piece of dirt off his expensive robes.

“No, sir,” Lupin said finally getting up and moving to the front of the room, though with no enthusiasm.

“Good. You will learn a lot from working with these two. Your Potions grade will need it if you expect to take my NEWT class next year.”

Lupin colored slightly at the mention of his Potion’s grade. There was some snickering from the Slytherins. Snape smirked, and glanced back to see Potter and Petteigrew glaring in his direction. As much as he didn’t want to work with the werewolf, he knew Lupin would dread this even more.

“Be nice,” Lily muttered to Snape. She had seen the look he’d given Potter. “And budge over.”

Snape moved his things over a bit, and Lily slid closer to him so that her shoulder was almost touching his. He could smell the flowery shampoo she had used. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad he thought. Lupin put his bag down and went back to drag his chair over.

Lily smiled warmly at Lupin. “Don’t worry Severus promises not to bite,” Lily said lightly.

“Only if Lupin extends us the same courtesy,” Snape said back icily, satisfied as Lupin tensed, losing the color that had returned to his face.

The Whomping Willow incident was never far from Severus’s mind. Every time he received an opportunity to ‘out’ Lupin it was like sand being rubbed into a raw wound. His last chance, of course, had been a few days ago. He’d seen real fear in Black’s eyes those few seconds when he thought Snape would reveal Lupin’s true nature to the Slytherins. It would have been sweet retribution to watch Black’s life go up in flames once the Slytherins made Lupin’s secret public. For the time being he could only imagine it.

He had somewhat gotten back at Potter. Snape had been the one to use an altered Confundus Charm on the Gryffindor. He’d found that version in an old book that Lucius Malfoy had given him. Unfortunately Snape being in detention meant he’d missed Potter fainting at the end of the Quidditch match. It would have been even better if it had affected Potter during the game, but it was even beyond Snape’s ability to time the effects of the magic so precisely. Snape knew Potter suspected him, and since he didn’t fancy another detention he didn’t mind not taking public credit for it. Severus had told Lestrange, but the older boy had not been impressed, instead echoing once more that if Snape wanted to prove himself, it was the mudbloods not the blood traitors he was to go after.

Slughorn spent fifteen minutes going over the history and background of the draught before allowing them to begin brewing. Lupin was sent to get the ingredients they needed from Slughorn’s cupboard. Snape watched out of the corner of his eyes as Potter swiftly joined Lupin, and they spoke quickly, Potter gesturing wildly. “Let’s stick to the instructions in the book today,” Snape whispered.

Snape had the fire under their cauldron going and Lily was setting out the ingredients found in their potion’s kit in the order they’d be added.  

“Why?” Lily asked furrowing her brow. “I’ve already thought of some changes that could help us out.”

“I’d rather Lupin not know about our…adjustments.”

“It isn’t against the rules,” Lily argued. “What harm could it do for him to know?”

He couldn’t answer that, but he was sure if Lupin found out, he’d tell Potter and Black. And those two couldn’t be trusted. He didn’t know how they’d use that information to make his life worse, but he had a feeling they would. “If you do change anything just do it and don’t mention it to Lupin,” Snape insisted.

Lily sighed exasperatedly, but when Lupin returned she assigned him to tend the stirring of the cauldron and time keeping for addition of ingredients.  This allowed Severus and Lily to be in charge of ingredient preparation.  If Lupin noticed any differences in their preparation, he did not say so.

Lily did the best to keep some sort of conversation going. The first part of the potion brewing required diligent, careful watch so the bouts of silence weren’t very noticeable.

“We’ve got a fifteen minute break,” Lupin announced.

Lily sighed again. “Do you think Slughorn’s going to assign us a lot of homework?” she pondered. “I don’t know where I will find the time to do it if he does, especially with the added prefect patrols.”

“I hope not,” Lupin mumbled. He was keeping careful watching of the bubbling potion, and glancing at the timer constantly as if the fifteen minutes they had to wait would suddenly fast-forward and he’d miss the next step.

 “Why do you have more patrolling?” questioned Snape.

“Because of the increase of attacks on students,” Lupin answered.

Snape narrowed his eyes at Lupin. He had been speaking to Lily, not him.

“He’s right…especially the Muggleborn students,” Lily added. “Make sure to keep stirring it. Once or twice every few minutes. The book doesn’t say so, but I think the airflow will help.”

Lupin nodded, not questioning Lily’s instructions.

“And this increase in patrols has nothing to do with the attack on the Pureblood?” Snape asked dryly.

“You think it is just because Black was attacked?” Lily asked.

“I’ve heard of no other attacks this past week,” Snape stated. “One of Dumbledore’s favorites is in the hospital wing and suddenly we need more patrols? What’s next Aurors at every entrance and every floor?”

“That’s utter nonsense,” Lupin said placing the wet spoon on the desk, having just stirred their concoction. “Sirius has been attacked several times and nothing was done. I think they’ve just realized how out of hand it has all gotten.” Lupin took a breath. “And the injury was caused by very Dark Magic according to Madam Pomfrey and Professor Keenan. Using that sort of magic would never be overlooked by the Professors.”

“I wouldn’t think you’d be so frightened of Dark Magic, Lupin,” Snape interjected.  Lupin’s eyes hardened fully understanding the implications that as a ‘dark creature’ he would have penchant for the Dark Arts.

“Severus thinks magic is magic,” Lily said, rolling her eyes slightly.

Snape shrugged. “It’s all about control. There’s no reason to be scared of it; Dark Magic just requires more control.”

“If that were true we wouldn’t have a whole class devoted to the defense of the Dark Arts,” argued Lupin.

“There are some wizard schools that do teach it,” Snape replied.

Their conversation was halted as Professor Slughorn passed by to see how they were coming along. Slughorn inspected the color and consistency. He appeared satisfied, and so began speaking to Lily about his next Slug Club event.

Snape didn’t bother listening. He’d hear about the event eventually.  He was more interested in the news that Black’s injury was a result of Dark Magic. Snape had witnessed it, but Black had flinched in pain in the same way a student might have to Stinging Hex.  Of course, often dark curses took time for full effect to be felt by the individual.

He’d surmised Black was milking the injury and that was why he was still the in hospital wing after several days.  If Lupin wasn’t exaggerating than Lestrange’s attack was more successful than Snape had given him credit for. As much as Severus liked to think he was in the ‘know’ with Lestrange’s group, he obviously wasn’t. He’d heard Jackie Wagner had taken responsibility, but she wasn’t known for dabbling in the Dark Arts. He wondered if she’d tell him the spell if he asked her. He was always looking to add magic to his arsenal.

Snape waited patiently for Slughorn to finish speaking, and the moment Slughorn went on to check the group behind them, Snape leaned in so he was closer to Lupin.

“I haven’t heard. What did this dark curse do to Black?”

Lupin look affronted. “It’s none of your business.”

Lily threw him a look. “You aren’t curious?” he demanded.

“I don’t see why it matters.  It obviously causes a severe injury. It isn’t as if you’d use the curse.”

Snape forced himself not to laugh. Oh, he’d be more than willing to use it on Potter and Black. He was working on his own curse…he was aiming for a sword-like injury, but he was still tinkering with it. It wasn’t quite ready. He couldn’t tell Lily any of this, so he lied. “Perhaps I want to learn how to defend myself against it.”

“This discussion about the Dark Art is over,” Lily commanded.

“Fine,” Snape muttered. He stayed quiet for the rest of class except to instruct Lupin and ensure he wasn’t missing a step.  Snape was relieved when the class period ended. At least Lupin could take direction and Snape was satisfied the potion was just as good as if he’d only been partnered with Lily.

Lupin carefully filled up a medium sized empty vial, handing it over to Lily to scrawl their names on the outside. Slughorn had a tray set up on his desk which Lupin placed their vial in. While Lupin was doing that, Lily had gotten up to put away the unused ingredients back in Slughorn’s cupboard. Alone at their table, Severus glanced sideways at Lupin’s open satchel.  Seeing several rolled up parchments, an idea struck Snape.  He rummaged around in his own bag and extracted his recently filled ink bottle.

Snape glanced around the room. No one was looking his way busy cleaning up their own spaces. He quickly poured the ink into the opening of the three rolled up parchments, and flipped Lupin’s bag closed. He closed his hand around the empty ink jar bringing it back underneath the table keeping an eye on Lily and Lupin. He waited a few moments and bent down to put the empty jar back in his bag. As he looked back up, his eyes fell on Potter’s looming figure with Pettigrew shadowing him.

 “Snivellus,” Potter said under his breath. He was eyeing Snape suspiciously, but Snape knew if he’d seen anything he would have announced it to the class. Severus scowled in return.

Lupin bounded over in that moment. He gave his Potter and Pettigrew a hard look. “Ready to go?” He slung his bag over his shoulder not waiting for a response. Lupin waved to Lily as he passed her. Potter and Pettigrew followed him slowly out the door.

Severus held his breath as he watched the Gryffindors leave. As most school bags were charmed to be water resistant, he didn’t believe the bag would start leaking and alert Lupin to the damage being done to his assignments and other possessions. Both Gryffindors and Slytherins had their morning break next, so there was a good chance Lupin wouldn’t look in his bag until next class.

“You look cheery all of a sudden,” Lily remarked rejoining him.

“Being rid of Potter is always a cause for celebration,” Severus replied. He was picturing Lupin’s shock later at his ruined assignments. At least some of the Professors would be sure to give him zeros for not turning his homework in on time.

“I saw him over here. He wasn’t making trouble, was he?”

“I took care of it,” Severus answered cryptically.

Lily raised her eyebrows in question. “I don’t want to know.”

“Lily, are you coming?” Mary McDonald called from the doorway. She was beckoning Lily towards her.

“Be right there.” Lily looked over at Severus and he could see sadness in her green eyes. Several strands of red hair had fallen over her eyes and he had to physically stop himself from brushing them aside. “I know Potter makes it difficult, but I really wish you’d be the bigger person and end this feud.”

Severus watched Lily leave, and his good mood faltered. He had planned to ask her to meet later in the week, and instead he missed his chance by speaking about retaliating against Potter. He should have never said anything. She’d be there when Lupin found the mess of ink in his bag, and she would put two and two together.

Severus was the last one to leave the room. He’d never given his housemates reason to wait for him. He would be allowed to join them, but unless he was needed for something, his company was never sought out without reason. So he trudged alone through the hallways. With the dark, brooding mood he was in, it was better he was alone anyway.


The pain was intense, knife-like, rippling through his body. He gritted his teeth to prevent himself from crying out, though he could not stop the tears from forming in his eyes. He twisted and turned, the white sheets tangling around him.

As always the pain eventually subsided. He lay there, eyes closed, trying to catch his breath. He felt a damp towel being placed on his forehead. He opened his eyes to see Madam Pomfrey beside him, and behind her his friends; their faces a mixture of concern and fear.

The nursed looked back towards his friends. “Perhaps now is not a good time for a visit, boys,” she advised.

“No,” Sirius croaked. “Let them stay.”

Madam Pomfrey handed him a cup of water, which he sipped eagerly.

“It’s best you rest, Mr. Black. Your energy is drained each time this happens.”

Sirius had been in a sleep-induced state for two days, and since he’d woken up, he’d been having these sudden bouts of pain several times a day. The pain lasted anywhere between 30 seconds to 15 minutes. This was his fifth day in the Hospital Wing, and no one had figured out a way to stop it from happening. The wound in his leg usually opened up as well, requiring a redressing. Madam Pomfrey suspected it was another effect of the curse, rather than it reopening from his thrashing around in pain.  He’d been told the person responsible had come forward, but he was given no other information.  

Sirius knew it was always tricky dealing with an injury caused by Dark Magic. Instead of giving him a high dose of pain medication when these strange burst of pain occurred, Madam Pomfrey had him on a steady dose of potions. She felt it was best to keep the levels of the potion constant in his system.

 “I have all night to sleep, Madam Pomfrey. Please let them stay,” Sirius begged. He’d already spent most of the day alone. He’d been looking forward to a longer visit from his friends. Tonight they were also to bring their notes on the Map, so Sirius could work on it during the day. Between working on his schoolwork, of course (at least that’s what he had promised Remus).

Sirius needed something to keep himself occupied because the long hours in bed were giving him too much time to think. He thought about his parents and brother. He thought about Lestrange and the Slytherins attacking him. He should have been more vigilant. He’d known he’d be targeted again.

He knew the purebloods wanted him and the other students to believe there was no escape for a blood-traitor like him. It didn’t matter that he was clever and talented. It didn’t matter that he was popular, and had a group of friends that always watched his back. As a blood-traitor he was the enemy, he would always be the enemy, and he would spend the rest of his existence waiting for the next attack.

 “We won’t stress him out,” Remus assured. “We promise. I’ll keep them in line.”

Madam Pomfrey frowned, but Sirius could tell she was already caving. She’d grown a soft spot for Remus over the years of caring for his injuries after the full moon. “Ok,” Madam Pomfrey relented after a moment and turned to Sirius. “Let me check if your bandages need to be changed first.”

Sirius tensed anticipating more pain as she unwrapped his bandage. “Just the gauze needs to be changed. The wound has barely reopened this time.  Looks like you might be on the mend, Mr. Black.”

That was good news to Sirius. He’d been worried that if he didn’t start improving that Madam Pomfrey would have no choice, but to admit him to Saint Mungos.  Outside of Hogwarts walls his parents and family members would have full access to him, and he wasn’t ready for any sort of reunion.

After fussing a bit longer, Madam Pomfrey eventually left them alone. His friends filled the three chairs available for visitors, surrounding his bed. Remus handed him the folder of notes they’d been making on Map Charms, and Sirius placed it on the small table beside the bed.

“Are you sure you are up to us visiting?” James asked.

“I look that awful?” Sirius pondered. Even though it was the first time his friends had witnessed one of the pain episodes, it was unlike James to ask something like that. 

“Worse than Moony before a full moon,” Peter admitted.

“I’d like the company…though I don’t think I’m up to working on the Map tonight.”

“I brought cards, if you lot want to play,” Remus stated nonchalantly, but there was something off about his tone. Remus produced a deck of cards out of his robe pocket, which was odd. Remus often carried his school bag with him so he could grab extra moments of studying in.

“Did something happen?” Sirius queried.

“No, nothing’s happened.” Remus smiled in assurance, but it was forced.  Remus began shuffling the cards nervously. “What do you want to play? Rummy?”

Sirius was about to protest, but James coughed loudly. Sirius eyed his best friend curiously. James gave a barely discernible shake of his head.  Of course, this only made Sirius more curious, but he relented for the moment.

“Rummy is fine with me,” Sirius replied casually.

“Can I deal?” Peter asked, and Remus handed him the recently shuffled deck of cards.

Staring at the cards in his hands Sirius tried not to feel too hurt that he was being excluded. With only his gut to go with, Sirius concluded the ‘something’ dealt with Remus. And if it involved Remus and they were trying to keep Sirius out of it then in all probability Snivellus was also involved. Perhaps Remus had a run-in with Snape or maybe all three of them had.

Still they shouldn’t be keeping anything from him, and that included incidences involving Remus and Snape. He was a bit peeved thinking further about it, even though he didn’t know if his thoughts had any bearing in the truth. He knew what was at stake. Even if he wasn’t confined to a hospital bed, he knew better than to go gallivanting after Snape even if the git deserved it.

Yet his thoughts recently had taken a more dangerous turn. He’d begun musing about possible reasons why Snape had not taken the chance to spill Remus’s secret to a group of prejudiced pureblood Slytherins. He knew what Remus would say if he brought it up. He’d tell him to leave it alone and be thankful Snape was keeping his word. James would probably say the same thing, but there was a sliver of possibility that James would find the information as interesting as Sirius. On second thought if he was thinking like this his friends were probably right in keeping him in the dark.

Sirius shook the thoughts out of his head. It was best to focus on the present. They played several rounds with Peter winning three times and James twice.   After they grew tired of that they discussed in low voices (so the nurse wouldn’t hear) about ideas for their next possible prank. Sirius was thrilled that James was still in agreement that hitting the teacher’s lounge should be a priority. They threw around ideas and Remus wrote down some of their more realistic suggestions to be further looked into.

The night went by quickly and before Sirius knew it, Madam Pomfrey was warning them that they had only fifteen minutes left before she was kicking them out. James and Peter stood up stretching their limbs.

Remus still seated turned to Sirius. “Listen Padfoot, if you do get a chance to work on the Map tomorrow…”

“I plan to.”

“Well I was thinking instead of focusing just on the tracking spells maybe we should look into the Homonculous Charm? I copied some pages from two books yesterday, but I haven’t had time to read it. It’s up to you, but I left the pages in the folder- on top- if you want to have a look.”

 “Hmmm,” Sirius answered. “Sure I’ll read it over. It would be worth looking into.”

“Good,” Remus replied jumping to his feet. “Do you have any assignments completed you want me to hand in?”

Sirius opened his mouth to answer and was interrupted by a loud, jingling noise, followed by the Hospital Wing door swinging open.  Regulus Black stepped into the room looking as surprised to find the three Gryffindors surrounding his brother as they were to see him.  Madam Pomfrey rushed out. “Mr. Black, are you hurt?”

“No, I – uh – wanted to check on my –“ Regulus paused unable it appeared to say the word brother aloud. The younger Black shifted uncomfortably, but quickly composed himself. Using a more authoritative and slightly condescending voice said, “My parents informed me despite several inquiries that they have not received one report on Sirius’s state of health.”

“It will only disappoint them to hear I haven’t perished from my injuries,” Sirius muttered darkly.

“That’s odd, I was just speaking to Professor McGonagall earlier and she told me she had owled your parents late this morning,” Madam Pomfrey explained.

Regulus colored. “I suppose the letters just crossed,” he mumbled.

“Well it’s a bit late for a visit, but you are welcome to stay here for the next eleven minutes,” Pomfrey said in a kinder voice than Sirius thought his brother deserved. “Let’s keep this cordial, boys.” She moved back to her quarters to give them privacy.

A sudden silence loomed over them all. Sirius waited for someone to say something only realizing that they were in fact all waiting for his reaction; for him to speak.  

“Why are you really here? If you wanted to know extent of my injuries I’m sure your fellow Slytherins would have gladly explained to you the effects of the curse.”

Regulus faltered, suddenly looking every bit of his thirteen years.

“Well?” Sirius demanded.

“I’ll tell you, but they need to leave.”

 “No, they’re staying. They’re my brothers.”

There was a flash of something in Regulus’s eyes; a mixture of hurt and anger. Sirius had used the word brothers mostly because it was true, and partly to hurt Regulus. In all honesty, he was surprised to see Regulus show any emotion towards the word.

Without preamble, Regulus began speaking.  “Mother and Father – they haven’t touched your room since you left.”


“I know Father gave you an ultimatum. I know Mother burned you off the tapestry. Your room though, it hasn’t been touched. And Kreacher told me he’s to dust it every other week.”

“Are you mad?”

“Sirius, they didn’t want you to leave. The days after you left were horrible. It was like someone had died,” Regulus said quickly, desperation in his words.  “It’s too late for you to be reinstated as heir, but they could give you back the gold and-“

“Stop,” Sirius shouted. He stared at his brother in bafflement. Regulus was delusional to think it would be that easy. He’d never be allowed back in the house without some payment or humiliation – probably both. “Mother cursed me. Father left me penniless.”

“Yes, but you aren’t listening. They had to do that to keep face. They could do so much worse. Father has barely used a knut of his political power.”

“Even if any of that was true the only way I’d ever step a foot in Grimmauld Place is if I was dragged there in chains after being tortured for hours.”  This had to be some sort of trick. Sirius could not - or perhaps would not - see sincerity in his brother’s words.

“You don’t mean that,” Regulus protested, taking a step closer and causing James and Remus to tense.

Sirius let out a humorless laugh. “I don’t mean it? I ran away in the middle of the night!”

“Yes, but you’re a Gryffindor! You’re rash!”

“You’re wasting your breath.”

“You will regret this,” threatened Regulus.

“I certainly regret telling you to speak,” Sirius spat, holding onto his anger. It was the only thing stopping the other emotions swirling around his mind to surface.

Regulus shook his head in disgust and defeat. “I don’t know why I even bothered. There’s no reasoning with blood-traitors.”

“I think you’ve outstayed your welcome, Black,” James cut in.

Regulus scowled at James. “I’d tell you to be careful Potter, but it wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying to rub Slytherin’s slaughter of Gryffindor for the Quidditch Cup if you weren’t playing.” Regulus turned on his heel, robes whirling around him, and exited the Hospital Wing in a purposeful manner.

“Idiot,” James muttered after him.

“Yea,” Sirius agreed halfheartedly. He tried to smile, but he suddenly felt an overwhelming sadness. He didn’t understand it. He hated his family, and by extension his brother. He’d accepted the fact he could no longer be part of them. He hated them. I hate them, Sirius repeated silently to himself. He looked around at his mates who were all watching for some indication on how they should react.

“What was he playing at?” Sirius asked and he could hear the hollowness of his own voice. He knew there was no answer to it.

“I suppose none of you noticed?” Peter asked casually.

“Noticed what?” James questioned gruffly. He looked just as ruffled from the confrontation as Sirius felt.

“Regulus will find later that his shoes have mysteriously turned red and gold,” Peter announced proudly.

“You’re going to jinx him?” Sirius looked in puzzlement at his shorter friend.

“Going to? I already did! I know everyone always overlooks me, so-“

“You jinxed him? While we were all here? In this room?” James asked doubtfully.

Peter nodded.  

“Wormtail! That’s brilliant!” Sirius exclaimed. “Nonverbally?”

Peter seemed to grow a head taller with Sirius’s praise and he glowed with pride. “I don’t know if it was fully nonverbally…I did sort of move my lips.”

“Still brilliant,” Sirius said looking at his friend suddenly in a different light. It wasn’t often Sirius felt such genuine affection for Peter. Sirius grew impatient with him almost on a daily basis, but it was times like these that he was reminded why Peter was a true Marauder.

Madam Pomfrey re-entered the room carrying a tray of potions ready for Sirius to take. “Ok gentlemen, time to go. Best to head straight back to Gryffindor Tower if you don’t want to be caught after curfew.”

James, Remus, and Peter left chorusing good byes and good nights to Sirius and Madam Pomfrey.  The nurse began measuring out the different potions and Sirius grimaced already anticipating the strange flavors and textures that he’d have to endure. The mixture of potions always left him drowsy and by the time Madam Pomfrey pulled up the sheets to tuck them neatly in around him, he was fast asleep.

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