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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 22 : Chapter Twenty Two: Under Attack
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 Ginny searched through the rack of clothes in front of her at the little store in Hogsmeade, looking a few summer tops in a size smaller than she would usually get, and could hear Hermione looking through the rack next to her. Her mum had left them here so she could go to the book store next to them and look for more healing books, knowing that they would be useful sometime. 


"What about this one?" Hermione asked behind her.




Ginny turned around and found Hermione holding a light purple shirt with flower designs, and studied it for a moment. 




"I would buy it, it looks good with your hair. And I reckon Ron likes the color on you, rmember your robes at Fleur and Bill's wedding?" Ginny said to her.




Hermione blushed slightly and thanked her as she added the shirt to their pile of clothes before she continued to look through the rack in front of her. Ginny patted her pocket and heard the gallon's and stickles ring inside, her mother had given it to her after they went to Gringott's. They all almost fainted at the sight of new gold that awaited them. Smiling, Ginny found a green shirt that was close to the shade of Harry's eyes, and picked it off the rack.




"Hermione-" She started, but was drowned out by a loud crash.




"What was that?" Hermione asked in a quiet voice, watching the store owner walk out her door to see what happened.




"I don't know." Ginny answered, stepping closer to Hermione as she left the shirt on the rack.




Out of nowhere another crash came, but more followed after it, screaming mixing in with the noise. Looking at each other with wide eyes, Hermione and Ginny grabbed their wands out of their pockets, and hurried towards the window. Outside they could see people running everywhere, trying to get out of the way of flying spells, and a building at the beginning of the street was caught on fire. The one thing that caught there eye however, was the cloaked and hooded figures of Death Eaters marching down the alley.




"Duck!" Hermione screeched, grabbing Ginny roughly by the arm and pushing her to the ground.




The green beam of a spell crashed through the window, spilling glass on them as the spell soared over their heads, and scorched the wall behind them. Then they heard the door to the shop open, and raised there wands in defense.




"Mrs. Weasley!" Hermione whispered, watching the plump woman hurry towards them.




Molly dropped down onto her knees and sat by them and she vanished everything they had bought back to the Burrow, and lowered her voice to a whisper.




I sent a Patronus to Arthur, so help should be here in few minutes. Try to stay out of sight, girls, but keep your wands out at all times." She told them.




"And what about you?" Ginny asked quickly.




"I'm going to help until the Auror's get here." Molly replied.




Ginny was about to argue, but remembered her mum taking down Bellatrix at the battle of Hogwarts, and closed her mouth. Molly then stood up, and rushed out of the door with her wand raised in front of her.




"Does she honestly expect us to sit here and wait?" Ginny asked sarcastically.




"It's like she doesn't know us at all." Hermione answered back with sarcasm, and helped herself and Ginny to their feet.




Ginny and Hermione hid behind a wall near the door, and Hermione peeked out from the side to survey the street.




"The Death Eater's are heading this way right now, and the Auror's still aren't here." Hermione told Ginny.




Ginny nodded to Hermione, and waited. Then, they felt felt something hit the building that they were in, making them both fall to the ground. Fire licked the walls, spreading rapidly to cover the door, and Hermione pointed her wand at the wall in front of them.




"Reducto!" She shouted, and part of the wall blasted away, leaving them a way out.




Her and Ginny scrambled their way out of the building, and found themselves both face to face with three masked Death Eaters.




"Look what we found," One said to the other two in a deep voice, " A Weasley and Granger."




Hermione was about to put up a shield around them when several 'pops!' were heard close to them. Gawain Robards with his Auror's, Kingsley, Arthur, Ron, and Harry raised there wands as they looked at the scene before them, and hurried into action. Almost right away the Death Eater's spotted Harry and Ron, and started to make them targets of most of their spells.


Harry covered himself with shields, repeatedly having to put more up as the spells broke them, and tried to fire back a few of his own. 




"Hold on, Harry!" He heard Arthur yell, who was helping Ron with three Death Eaters at the moment.




"I'm fine!" Harry yelled back.




But his moment of distraction costed him deeply. A unknown spell broke through his shield and hit him, sending him straight into the book store behind him. Smacking up against the wall, Harry fell down and felt his head hit hard with the ground, making his eyes roll back into his head for a minute. Coughing from the smoke from the building next to him, Harry scrambled to his feet and grasped his wand tightly in his hand. 




"Expulso!" A familiar woman's voice shouted close by.




Harry snapped his eyes to the person of the voice, and found her and Ginny surrounded by three hooded Death Eaters. Anger surging through him, Harry hurried his way over and took advantage of the Death Eater's turned backs.




"Stupefy!" Harry shouted, taking one down.




The two Death Eaters snapped their heads in his direction, and started firing spells at him, ignoring Hermione and Ginny.




"Sectumsempra!" One yelled a the other sent a Stunner at Harry, who blocked it, but was hit with the Sectumsempra Spell on his wand arm.




Harry yelled out in pain, and Ginny and Hermione fired powerful Impediment Jinx's at the two Death Eaters in fury, making them fall unconscious to the ground. Harry grasped his wand arm, not noticing his wand fall out of his hand, and crumbled to the ground. Hermione rushed over to him as Ginny tied the Death Eaters up with her wand, and looked around herself for help. She couldn't help but smile for a second when she looked around, the fight was over, all the Death Eaters were either unconscious or tied up. 


Ginny rushed over and pocketed Harry's wand quickly, then helped Hermione pick Harry up, who was hardly aware of anything going on around him, with a arm hooked with Harry's, and started over toward the circle of Order Members and Ministry Workers. Molly and Minerva, who was buying parchment when the fight began, were trying to heal minor cuts while the severely injured were being hauled up to the castle because a Anti-Disapparition Jinx was set up in Hogsmeade right now.  


Kingsley, along with Gawain and his Auror's, were roughly hauling Death Eater's from the ground and walking with them to the Apparition point to take them to the Ministry and into custody. When Ginny, Harry, and Hermione reached the circle, it took everything Hermione had not to run over towards Ron, who was shaking as he was checked by Molly. Ginny and Hermione set Harry next to Ron, who looked at his best mate with worry on his face.




"What happened to him?" Ron asked shakily.




"He hit his head pretty hard on the ground, and got hit with that Sectumsempra Curse." Hermione responded, "What happened to you?" She asked.




"I got hit with the Cruciatus Curse for a second." He replied.




"I think you'll be fine, just a little unsteady on your feet for a while." Mrs. Weasley told him.




"Thanks mum, can you check on Harry now?" He asked.




Molly had not paid much attention to the conversation before, she had been too caught up in checking her son for injuries to listen. But when she caught sight of Harry, she quickly rushed over to him, and started to run her wand over him.




"Is there anything you can do?" Ginny asked, pointing to the gash on Harry's arm.




"I can try, but there wasn't much I could do when George was hit with the curse." Mrs. Weasley replied.




Ginny nodded and sat next to Harry against the wall, letting his head fall onto her shoulder, noticing part of his head gleamed in the sunlight from the blood that covered part of it.




"Ginny," He muttered, slightly slurred.




"Yes?" She asked, looking at his half closed eyes behind his glasses.




"I'm tired." He told her, sounding like a four year old.




"I know." Ginny said.




"Let's get him up to the Hospital Wing, Poppy will have the potions that we need to fix this." Mrs. Weasley said.




"How come it's always me that ends up in the Hospital Wing, even when school is over?" Harry asked with slight sarcasm in his voice.




Ginny laughed and Molly smiled down at him.




"Fine, if it is any help, Ron can stay there with you. Does that make you feel better?" Mrs. Weasley asked, ignoring Ron who started to protest.




"Heaps better." Harry muttered as he gave Ron a smirk.




Molly and Ginny levitated Harry with their wands as Arthur helped Ron up with Hermione tagging along.




"Thanks, Potter." Ron said with mock anger on his face, looking down at Harry.




"Anytime, mate." Harry answered before he closed his eyes.




Ginny, Hermione, and Ron all laughed, Harry could keep his humor even when it didn't seem appropriate. Ginny looked ahead of her and saw the school come onto her sight, and rushed with the others to get there.








A/N: Thank you so much for the amazing reveiws so far, I enjoy reading about what you think of the story. I believe that there are only a few more chapter's left of the story now, and I was thinking of putting up a sequel, so what would you lot want it to be about? Leave a reveiw and let me know, it only takes a couple of seconds!

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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Twenty Two: Under Attack


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