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The Power of Being Vulnerable by AccioTeddyLupin
Chapter 5 : The Power of a Difference
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After I walked away I had two thought processes that went back in forth until the next morning.

Proceso número uno:

Why in the actual fuck did I do that? I always have to ruin everything!

Well not everything because I’ve never actually messed anything up in my life...

i.e. poster child for a pureblood family

Proceso número dos:

Who in the hell does he think he is?

Just because your father saved the wizarding world 20 years ago doesn’t mean you can push around people! Especially since Harry Potter is literally supposed to be the kindest person on the planet and if Ron Weasley can manage not to punch Draco Malfoy, I think the Wotter&Co Clan can not antagonize the child of a forced-former death eater.

Not to mention James and his family do not have one legitimate reason to pick on Scorpius. Scorpius has never, not once retaliated.  


I tossed and turned the whole night just replaying the scene in my head. To just see if I missed anything, anything at all, but there was nothing different.

James’ face, Fred’s attitude and how horrible Scorpius looked when they had taunted him.

I sat up straight, pushing my very wild bed head out of my face. I was right, right? Why the hell am I tossing and turning when the Wotters&Co clan have some explaining to do.

And I know Scorpius better than I know the Wotters!

Though I never actually had any sort of relationship with Scorpius, we had sat together at parties!

Have you ever been to a pureblood party?

All they do is chat about their jobs and how they make so much money, then they laugh at the failures in wizarding society.

Translating to a child's worst nightmare. Meaning all the little pureblooded children snuck away from the parties and talked about their dreams of going Hogwarts.

Anyways, I could consider Scorpius a little bit more than an acquaintance and they had no right to jeer at Scorpius for his father's faults, faults his father corrected in time.

I mean, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy actually acknowledge one another now. They nod at each other and occasionally they can be seen saying hello. Not to mention what I said about Ron Weasley before.

And thats 20 years in the making guys.

By the time their 100, they might even be friends.

Who knows right...

I got ready as I had this little chat with myself, which is totally and completely normal.

Brushed my teeth and hair, check.  

Wearing all the necessary clothes, check.

My school bag containing my notebooks, pens (I hate quills), Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott, check.

And roommates still sleeping, check.

I managed to slip out of dorm, up the stairs and out of the Hufflepuff dormitories without being seen or heard, that is until I was about 20 paces from the Great Hall when I was run into, my bag spilling everywhere.

Fucking great.

I crawled all over the floor reaching and stretching, so I didn’t have to move (mostly because I’m lazy. Hey it’s 7:30 in the morning).

“Look at what you did Rose.” Wait, I know that voice “We come to talk to her and you manage to jump her and empty her bag right in front of the Great Hall.”

Molly Weasley, everybody.

Hold the applause until the end, thank you.

“Oh, It’s alright.” I smiled.

Actually it’s not.

But, eh, gotta live up to the Hufflepuff code.

I’m not joking, there is a code.

“No, it’s not. I’m sorry Arielle. I just really wanted to talk to you.” Rose sighed momentarily, but soon recovered with a bright smile, handing me the brick (if you don’t get that reference, I’m going to hit you with a brick).    

Ahhh, I love that book.

“What did you really want to talk to me about?” I questioned, placing the novel against my chest, under my crossed arms to protect the book, rather than myself.

Yes, I value my books more than my life.

Sad isn’t it?


“We wanted to thank you for sticking up for Scorpius yesterday.” said Rose, lowering her head a little.

Molly, obviously still angry at Rose, continued with a bite, “and, we wanted to thank you for putting our family in place. They all think that they have a right to be higher in stature than someone like Scorpius. It’s completely mental.”  

“Also we were wondering if we could sit next to you at breakfast because we, kind of,” “Sort of,” continued Molly “Blew up on our family when you left.” finished Rose.

“Kind of?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Have you ever heard of the Weasley temper?” I nodded “Well it kind of escalated into an explosion of monstrous proportions.”  

“Monstrous proportions? Perfect.” I smiled, crossing my arms. “C'mon you can sit with me at the Hufflepuff table. We can sit directly across from where your family sits so they can stare at you the whole time in anger.”

“I really like this girl.” said Rose  

“Me too.” added Molly as she and Rose linked arms with me as we walked into the Great Hall.



Okay, so I do not own Les Mis, Victor Hugo has those rights and Little Women belongs to Louisa M. Alcott. If you haven't read these two novels, I highly recommend them! Also, sadly I do not own Harry Potter. The Queen, J.K. Rowling does(:





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The Power of Being Vulnerable: The Power of a Difference


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