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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve
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"And where have you been?" Dom demanded the minute I stepped through the door into the dorm.

"I told you, I had to see Minnie and I went to send a letter," I replied only half of it being the truth. But I knew there was no way they would trudge all the way up to the owlery to see if I was actually there.

Dom put her hands on her hips. "That doesn't take two and a bit hours Flick? Or were you with Aaron?"

"I wasn't with Aaron and like I said I had a meeting with Minnie," I told her as I went over to my trunk to get my Halloween outfit.

Dom was already dressed in the green and silver crop top with a big 'S' in the middle and it's matching pleated skirt. She was also wearing her blonde hair in a high pony tail complete with a green bow. Not too mention the six inch silver heels and long white socks.

"Well you better get dressed fast because it's nearly twenty to six and Aaron said he was picking you up at six. Plus I still have to get Rose to do your hair and you have to get dressed."

I sighed as I stripped off my hoodie, school jumper and shirt. Picking up the dress and clean underwear I headed to the bathroom. I tried the door but found it locked and I frowned, it didn't seem like any of the other girls were here so who the hell was in there. Just as I was about to ask Dom the bathroom door opened and out walked Rose in her short white nurses dress complete with long white socks which had little red bows at the top and a hat.

"So you're back then, Flick. Were you with Aaron?"

I scowled at Dom over my shoulder. "No I wasn't and I wish you two would stop saying that. I had a meeting with Minnie, to check up on how I'm getting on with lessons and stuff." I told them before shutting the door behind me. I took a quick shower before putting my clean underwear and the dress on and made a start on my make-up.

Dom and Rose were in deep conversation as I went back over to my bed, they stopped talking and Rose came over to me.

"We're sorry, Flick, for assuming you were with Aaron I mean you've know him for all of five minutes and we know you're not like Molly."

I nodded to say I forgave them and was glad that they didn't think I was like Molly. Rose and Dom's older cousin Molly was well known around Hogwarts especially with the boys. She used to sleep with any boy, any where, any time. There were countless times I had heard that Professor so and so had caught her and some boy behind a tapestry or behind a suit of armour.

Molly and her twin sister Lucy were complete opposites: Molly didn't do homework, she back chatted teachers, she once ran through the great hall naked and she still came out with decent NEWT results. Where as her sister Lucy was quiet, shy, worked hard and came nearly always came out top in her year.

They might have looked alike but that was all, they were even in different houses. Molly was in Ravenclaw and Lucy was a Hufflepuff. They're both nineteen now, I think and I believe Dom mentioned that Molly was starting her own clothes shop and Lucy was hoping to go into the ministry, like their dad.

"Rosie, can you do my hair please?"

"Of course," she replied before proceeding to point her wand at my blonde hair which was soon in loose curls.

"Thank you," I said as I placed the hair band on top of my head and attached the tail to my dress.

"No problem, Flick, you look incredibly hot by the way. That common room is gonna be on fire when you enter."

I laughed. "Thanks, Rosie, I must say you make a pretty sexy nurse as you make a fine cheerleader, Dommie."

Dom winked at me. "Oh I know."

We left the dorm and passed a few of the younger girls on our way down who scowled at us just because they weren't going for whatever reason. We found Scorpius who was dressed as a doctor in the common room waiting for us along with Frankie Longbottom who was a teenage werewolf. I was slightly confused as to why Frankie was here since he's a Gryffindor but it became clear when he kissed Dom on the cheek.

Together we left and as we went there were a few wolf whistles. Waiting at the end of the corridor to the dungeons was a vampire and up close I saw that it was Aaron. I smiled at him as he gave me a little bow and kissed my hand.

From the dungeons we came up into the entrance hall and then down to the basement where the Hufflepuff common room is. Aaron was guiding us since he's a Hufflepuff and because we honestly didn't really have a clue as to where we were going. Hufflepuff's were very secretive about their common room, I mean we had a vague idea where it was but that was about it.

Once we got down near the big painting of the fruit bowl in a fancy gold frame Aaron kept on walking and turned into a little nook and stopped in front of a pile of barrels. We watched as he tapped the one and the lid popped open revealing some kid dressed as a pumpkin.

"Aaron Nott, Flick Saunders, Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, Dominique Weasley and Frankie Longbottom," Aaron told the pumpkin child who scribbled something on a piece of parchment and then nodded.

I watched as the pumpkin child left his barrel and took out his wand, I've never been in the Hufflepuff common room so I was quite surprised with what he did next. He tapped a barrel that was two from the bottom and in the middle of the second row. He didn't seem to worried about what he was doing and then the next thing the lid popped open to reveal a passage way.

I could guess what Dom was thinking when she saw it because I was thinking the exact same thing, how the hell were we going to get through there. It was quite a little opening and it looked like we would have to crawl which was so not good since all out outfits were pretty skimpy.

"Um, Aaron, have we got to crawl?" I asked.

"Because if we have I am so leaving, I didn't expect this," Dom added.

"Chill okay, you've just got to climb through the barrel and then you'll come out into the passage," Aaron informed us.

Frankie went first and once he was in I saw him stand up, the rest of us followed suit with Aaron bringing up the rear. What a funny way to enter a common room, I thought as we walked down the passage. I bet it isn't that fun to get out in the mornings when your carrying a school bag full of books.

The Hufflepuff's had certainly gone all out and their common room looked amazing. There were black, orange, purple and green balloons and streamers everywhere. A large skeleton was hanging from the ceiling. There were plants everywhere, trailing along the walls and hanging from the ceiling with spooky decorations. On the window sills there were fake spiders, frogs and a couple of stuffed black cats.

There were vampires, witches, cats, kings, queens and every other sort of costume you could imagine. The Hufflepuff's certainly had quite a nice common room, there were big squishy arm chairs and sofa's in black and yellow and a large honey coloured mantle piece with badgers carved into it, which was decked with fake cobwebs. Even with the low ceiling it felt sunny and warm and outside the high windows I could see the grass moving in the breeze.

"This place looks amazing!" I told Aaron as he pulled me over too the table where there were ice-boxes with drinks in.

"Hey, Flick, are you from Mars?" Aaron asked me as he handed me a bottle of pumpkin juice.

I looked at him funny. "No, why?"

"Because your ass is out of this world," he replied with a cheeky grin on his face.

I couldn't help but laugh and I hit him playfully. "I must say it does look pretty good in this dress," I pointed out as I turned slightly to admire my bum.

Just then I caught sight of Al who like Aaron, was also dressed as a vampire. I had the strangest thought that Bentley would look exactly the same as him at that age, especially since tonight they were both dressed as vampires. Maybe its a sign I need to tell him already.

Hattie looked like a complete slag in a pink bra with a short chequered shirt on top tied in the middle, a very short denim skirt, cowboy boots and a pink cowgirl hat. Not too mention she looked about five with her dark hair up in bunches either side of her head.

"Any bets that when she bends over her ass is on show?" Dom breathed into my ear.

I laughed and then nodded. "If her skirt was any shorter, it would be a belt."

Dom nodded her head in reply before pulling Frankie onto the dance floor aka the middle of the room where everyone was dancing to some rock song which was playing on the wiz-box. I made a mental note to ask her later on what was going on between her and Frankie. It's not everyday your best friend dates the deputy head's son. Then again it's not everyday you have two children at home by the middle son of Harry Potter.

I pushed thoughts of the twins and Al aside, Ria had told me to enjoy myself and that was what I intended to do. Over by the fireplace I spotted Tessa, Lily and their little group of friends. I gave her a wave and she waved back as I was thankful that she was dressed decently. From her outfit I'm guessing she was a ladybug and Lily a bee, at least their skirts came above their knee unlike some people in this room.

A really funky song came on and I guided Aaron to the dance floor after placing our empty bottles on the side, we started moving and soon after Rose and Scorp joined us. On the edge of the dance floor I spotted Rory and Didge who were talking to some sixth year boys. Rory was a hippie and Didge was a cat. Rory waved when she saw me and I waved back, we may have drifted apart as best friends but we're still friends of sorts. More than me and Al are right now.

Crap, why do I keep thinking of Al tonight. I'm here with Aaron and I'm going to enjoy it. No more thinking of Al, I told my brain sternly. Aaron looked at me funny and laughed silently before pulling me closer and spinning me around.

I danced with Scorpius, I danced with Dom and Rose and I danced some more with Aaron. We each grabbed another bottle of pumpkin juice and left the common room, I made sure to wiggle my bum as I stepped through the barrel and I heard Aaron laugh.

We made out way down the corridor and passed the portrait of the fruit until we came to a little alcove. I sat on the window sill, swinging my legs and Aaron sat next to me.

We sipped our pumpkin juice and then Aaron spoke, "Flick, tonight's been great. Do you want to do it again sometime?"

I nodded. "Sure, tonight was fun. What's you favourite colour?" I asked.

"Orange, why?"

I shrugged. "No reason just wanted to know more about you. How come you're completely different to Hattie, why are you so nice where as she's a -"

He cut me off, "A bitch?" I nodded. "When my mother was pregnant with Hattie my father was happy as he thought it was boy to be his heir. When they found out Hattie was a girl at the scan, father wasn't pleased and he nearly divorced our mother. Instead he went and got some other girl pregnant, but she also had a girl, Melissa."

I frowned. "Wait Mel is your half-sister not cousin?" Aaron nodded. "So how come everyone think she's your cousin?"

"It's a lot easier than explaining she's out half-sister as my father wasn't supposed to be unfaithful. And it's not that hard since her mother looks similar to ours."

"Wow," I whispered, completely shocked by this. "What happened then?"

Aaron sighed. "He was pissed off he produced another girl and then my mother got pregnant with me. Dad insisted on finding out what gender I was and he was thrilled I was a boy. Since before I was born he's favoured me, he insisted on my mother being treated privately and he's only ever bought me the best. Hattie doesn't get anything from him, he's never given her a knut and practically ignores her existence. Mel's quite happy with her mother and doesn't really care about dad."

He paused as I tried to take it all in. "How does this explain why Hattie's a bitch?"

Aaron sighed. "She does it for attention, she thinks if she gets in trouble and is mean then maybe our father will notice her. And if she dates the son of the saviour of the wizarding world then he'll definitely notice her and be proud. He ain't so much of a father, Flick, he just wants an heir to take over the family business. He doesn't care about any of us."

"That's awful," I managed to say. "How do you put up with it?"

"Hogwarts, staying with my grandparents and extended family, seeing you."

I felt myself blush as he got up and stood opposite me. Aaron leaned in and I could feel his warm breath on my cheek. He put his lips, which tasted like pumpkin juice, hesitantly on my own and I reacted instantly. His arms snaked around my waist and I put my own around his neck. I didn't feel anything, sure it felt nice to be kissed like that again but it was nothing compared to Al. It didn't feel the same, like there was no spark despite there being heat.

We broke apart and Aaron saw the look on my face. "Nothing huh?"

"I'm sorry, I really am. I do like you it's just I have issues and um well I still think I might-"

He cut me off, "Like Al. I know but I had to try, you're an amazing person, Flick."

I smiled. "Um thanks, how about we give it ago yeah. I do really like you."

That's the truth, I thought, I do really like him now I know him.

"Let's go," he told me as he kissed my forehead and we left where we were standing hand in hand. We bumped into a vampire further down the corridor and my heart jumped when I saw it was Al. Not far behind him was bitch face. "Sorry," Aaron muttered.

Al's face wasn't happy and it wasn't sad either, it was a mixture of hurt and betrayal. I couldn't tell whether he had heard mine and Aaron's conversation or if it was the sight of us together, holding hands. I saw his eyes wander down and glance and our entwined fingers before looking back up.

"S'okay," he mumbled as he walked off leaving Hattie behind.

We ignored her as she bumbled down the corridor after Al. Aaron walked me back through the castle which was quiet which added to the spooky feeling, since the torches on the sides were the only things lighting the way. We spoke about random things on the way to the dungeons such as favourite food, music, dream place to live and what we want to do when we leave Hogwarts.

Outside the wall to my common room, Aaron bent down and kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Night, Flick," he breathed.

"Night, Aaron."

I watched as he walked back down the corridor before muttering the password to the wall which slid open and I walked down the passage. The common room was empty except for a bunch of third years who were sat in front of the fire, all of them still in their outfits from the party. I smiled at them as I walked by and went up the stairs to the dorms.

As I pushed open the door of the seventh year girls, I was glad to see that I was the first person back. Enjoying the fact it was still quiet in the dorm, I changed into pyjamas and got into bed. It isn't often that the dorm is quiet what with Hattie and Dom in here. I looked at my clock to check the time and saw it was nearly midnight. Pulling out my picture of Bentley and Aubri I kissed it twice before putting it back, closing the hangings and shutting my eyes, my thoughts wandering. Today had been a pretty good day since I got to see Bentley and Aubri and tonight was great as well.


I was awoken by a lot of giggling and hushed voices. I didn't dare role over and see who it was, all I cared was that they had woken me up. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I still didn't open my eyes though, thinking it was probably just a drunken Dom or one of the others.

"Flick, are you awake," Came a soft male voice.

I peered though my eyelashes which was hard and saw nothing but a messy mop of hair on a head which lead to me believe it was Al. But what could he want? I thought. I had no idea how long I had been asleep so far, but more that likely in was the early hours of the morning.

"Oi, Albus, what're you doing in here?" Came Dom's voice and the hand on my shoulder was removed pretty quick, my bed hangings falling shut.

"Putting Hattie to bed," Al told Dom as his voice got further away. "I'll see you in the morning. Night."

"Well," Dom muttered to herself as I heard her moving around. "That was weird, my cousin is so strange."

I smiled to myself as I shut my eyes and drifted off once more.

A/N Can you believe Flick and Aaron kissed??? And Flick now knows more about Aaron and the Nott family, including why Hattie is the way she is.

The next chapter is Albus' point of view!!!

Edited - 16.02.2018

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