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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 5 : Another Attack
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amazing ci by the one and only Lady Asphode@TDA

Chapter 5  - Another Attack


Sirius stared down at the daily prophet in his hands while eating his cereal a solemn look on his face. He sighed and placed the paper down dropping his cereal with it too.

“Another attack” He said to Remus nodding a head towards the paper “I have a feeling Bella was apart of this one though”

“Why?” Remus asked tilting his head slightly and frowning, he never liked it when Sirius assumed things.

Sirius shrugged “Don’t know, I just have a feeling”

“You can’t just accuse things on people Sirius because you have a feeling. I know your cousins bad but do you really think she’d become a deatheater?” Remus scolded shaking his head pitifully, when Sirius nodded he turned away from him and continued his conversation with Mary who was looking blankly out of the window.

“What’s wrong with you?” Sirius asked insensitively.

Mary sniffed, her face paling as she shook herself out of it and turned to Sirius “Oh nothing, just Clarence broke up with me”

Tears began to tremble in her eyes for a slip second before one tiny tear slid slowly down her cheek. She looked like she hadn’t slept in years and her shallow breathing made both the boys nervous, she looked ready for murder.

“Don’t worry Mary, I’m sure it’ll be fine”

“Pfft! I loved him y’know?” Mary cried out snatching the daily prophet of the table and began flicking through it sniffing as she did so “Who got attacked?” Her eyes scanned the paper furiously and when she found nothing she let out a frustrated growl “ugh! They never say who was actually attacked; the ministry don’t want to worry people. It probably means a skilled wizard got killed or something”

“It was the minister for Magic’s cousin” Remus said in a matter-of-factly tone.

Sirius turned a raised eyebrow to him “Really? How do you know”

“Dad was friends with him; he sent me a letter this morning”


Sirius was cut of by the sound of squelching mud from behind him, he cringed suddenly and turned swiftly around to find James there, a glum and depressed look spouted onto his face and his once nice and new captain badge tainted with what Sirius hoped was mud and grass.

“What happened to you mate?” Sirius said looking him up and down.

“Try-outs” He gritted his teeth staring hardly ahead of him “Snape was there and... well let’s just say I hope he enjoys his swim with the giant squib”

Remus let out a long and tired sigh “What happened?”
“He showed up and started putting jinxes on all the brooms to make them dance, while we were in mid-air!” James flew his hands up in the air and plumped himself down on the bench next to Sirius who patted his back brotherly.

“Don’t worry about it mate, we’ll deal with him later”

“What and get a detention! I don’t know, I just really can’t be asked” James said depressed.

“What!” Sirius jumped up and checked James’s temperature his eyes wide and crazy “You can’t be serious”
“That would be you”
“Don’t start that joke on me prongsie”
“Why’s he called prongsie?” The two stopped their argument suddenly turning towards Mary with a questioning stare.

“Inside joke” Sirius said a little too quickly and received a suspicious look in return.

“I wanna hear” Mary said excitedly narrowing her eyes as she did so “Just tell me the gist of it”
“We were outside by the lake one day when Snape jinxed me, causing me to keep saying Prongs. Sirius says it’s the only joke that Snape has ever pulled of well and hasn’t let it go and now calls me Prongs” James finished leaving Sirius gaping at how the lie slipped of his tongue so easily.

“Oh” Mary nodded believing the story and suddenly turning glum again.

“What’s wrong with her?” James whispered to Sirius.

“Boyfriend broke up with her”

“oh” James nodded grinning a little “Maybe you’ll get a chance now”

“What?” Sirius said turning too him his mind racing at what he was on about.

“Oh come on you like her” The two were still furiously whispering in one another’s ears and were starting to gain back Remus’s and Mary’s attention.

“I do not” Sirius said back.

“I seriously don’t!”

“Mary I am so sorry I was not here, I had to go get my divination text book” A soft voice asked from behind them suddenly. The two jumped apart and turned around finding Marlene standing there holding a book tightly in her hands.

 She went round to Mary and pulled her into a tight friendly and warm hug. Her hands stroking her best friends hair, it was the kind of relationship you’d expect from incredibly close sisters. Both James and Sirius stared at them unsure of what to do.

“Where’s Peter?” Sirius asked both James and Remus.

“Detention” Remus answered not looking back from his book he now had grabbed out from his bag.

“Detention? Whoa, this is weird. I just realized I haven’t had one detention this whole year” Sirius eyes widened in the upmost disbelief.

“Really? It’s the third week in school and you haven’t had one!”

“No. That should change though, are you sure we shouldn’t get back at Snape?” Sirius turned to face James who was staring lost in thought at a certain red headed Gryffindor. James pushed a hand through his already messed up hair ruffling it up. Sirius sighed and turned away from him.

“M.M.?” Sirius said to Marlene who looked up instantly at him “Are you coming to divination?”

She quickly nodded and gave Mary a final squeeze and saying her goodbyes before joining Sirius side by side down the hallway, their shoulders casually colliding into each other as they walked along the narrow corridor on their way to divination.

“I suppose you’ve heard about the attack?” Sirius questioned Marlene as they went passed Sir cadogan and mentally noted Marlene going instantly red, keeping her head down.

“Yeah, I heard it was the minister’s cousin” Marlene said “She was head of law, poor thing. Remus told me she barley had anytime to get her wand”

Silence fell between them and the two of them quite suddenly and they racked their brains to think of something to say until Marlene finally broke it.

“Hogsmeade this weekend” Marlene stated tilting her head slightly hating the awkwardness.

“Yeah, I’m going with Vance” Sirius said scratching the back of his head “Emmeline, I think her name was, she’s in Ravenclaw”

“Emmeline? Oh She is really nice, always helps me with her homework. Stay clear of Honeydukes though, she has been known to shoplift in there” Marlene chuckled.

“Honeydukes! How am I meant to survive without it?”

Marlene began to giggle as Sirius grinned, he’d been meaning to tell her that she had a spot of milk around her mouth forming a little moustache but he couldn’t resist how cute she looked with it. He shook his head and began to laugh with her, glad the tension had defused.

“And who are you going with M.M?”

“Me? Oh do not be a fish-head, no one would go out with me I hang out with Mary remember? All boys’ attentions on her” She winked playfully shoving him slightly.

“I bet there are a few good boys in this school who’d love to date you!” He cried out.

Before Marlene could reply they had arrived at the ladder that lead up to the divination classroom. Sirius allowed Marlene to go and then lead after her, the ladder shaking dangerously as they went up.
Finally they arrived up at the top revealing the classroom, with fireplace with a gentle fire licking at the air, crackling. Like usual the curtain was drawn and the room was dimmed only the bright light from outside just peering in through the gaps of the moth eaten curtains seemed to light the room. It was quite, too quite and as Sirius stared carefully around the room he saw all the slytherine students gasping and gaping at something towards the front of the room, where the teacher usually sat up straight and smiling.

Sirius and Marlene turned in canon and were both greeted by the sight of their elderly divination teacher collapsed onto the floor, a peaceful look marked on her face as though she’d simply fallen asleep.

“What has happened?” Marlene spoke her mind looking at all the students doing nothing but a panicked look flashing over their face as she raced towards the teacher collapsing down next to her. Sirius followed, feeling his heart beat get faster

No answer was received.


“She just collapsed” One slytherine spat at them glaring down at them “How would we know what happened. Perhaps you two blood-traitor shouldn’t have been late and you’d have known”

“And you’ve just been sitting here!” Sirius yelled at them ignoring the last part, immediately pulling out his wand and quickly casting a re-awakening spell over her. When the divination teacher didn’t even flinch he sent a panicked stare at Marlene who remained quite holding her breath for hope.

“I’ll go get some help” She murmured, dropping her bag and books before rushing out of the classroom and back down the ladder again.

“What’s happened then Black?” Another slytherine said.

“Like I know. Listen you probably won’t have a lesson today so why don’t you just get your good for nothing arses out of here” He snapped back not taking his eyes of his divination teacher desperate to keep calm, he heard shuffling behind him and the scrapes of chairs being pulled out and then the heavy footsteps making their way towards the door before their was complete silence.

He cast a look around the room and noticed he was alone and only hoped Marlene hurried up.


A/N I never planned this chapter actually, but I think it fits so just tell me what you think :D again thank-you to all my epic and fantastic reviewers and readers 

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