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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 6 : The Cat's Out of The Bag
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It had been four days since the unexpected kiss between Hermione and Malfoy and she didn’t hear a word from Draco since. She started to wonder if snogging Draco Malfoy was a mistake..


What was up with not talking to her for four days? Malfoy had been known to mess with people's minds in the past and she was not the type of girl to fall for things like that. All these things rushed through her head as she sat rocking on Ginny and Harry’s front porch, watching the fluffy cumulous clouds rush across the sky on the fair weathered day. 


After telling Ginny about Malfoy and her visit, Ginny felt that Hermione should give their friendship a try, despite the old feelings about the person he used to be. 


“He sounds like he really has changed.” Ginny stated that night, squeezing Hermione’s shoulder in excitement with a smile. Hermione was grateful that at least her one friend approved… 




Malfoy sat quietly in his room, listening to his mum talking to their house-elf in the kitchen about Lucius. She was sobbing again as she had almost every day. 


Draco couldn’t stand to hear his mother crying like this. Every night, every morning, she was so depressed and Draco felt helpless. She only cried for a brief time every day, but it still really bothered him.  


He disliked his father because of the yelling and occasional abuse and didn’t really mind his presence not being there. With this being said though he didn’t like seeing his mum so upset. He never understood how his mum still loved his father after all he had done. 


He thought briefly about the day he and Hermione shared that moment kissing in the Potter house, and he remembered how right and perfect it felt. 


But what would mum think? A mudblood? She would possibly disown me…What about Astoria? Draco thought, playing with his wand in his hands with his eyebrows wrinkled up in thought. He couldn’t make his mum any more upset than she already was. 


But wouldn’t she just want me to be happy? He didn’t know what to do. If he should just tell Hermione he only has feelings about her as a friend and lie, or sneakily date her behind his family’s back. He liked Hermione, but was she worth the punishment he will get from his family? Which would be harsh if his father found out. He had not talked to her for a few days, wanting to think about everything and decide if this is the right thing to do. He would be in trouble for even associating with her. 


Wow, the war did change him. He wouldn’t even look at a muggle-born before now, much less snog one. Especially when a pureblood and beautiful woman like Astoria was in his life, or was. But she left him for another man and he hated her personality and never saw a future with her. He always felt there was something more for him out there despite the person he was in his school days.


He couldn’t just hide his feelings for the muggle-born, so it was either his mum gets over it after he confides in her or he will sneak around her and be with Hermione if they ever did turn into a couple. And he hopes they will even though he knows Hermione is still torn up about Ron. But Draco knows his looks and charm would take over Weasley anyday. If he gets Hermione, Weasley has no chance to get her back.. 


Maybe at this point his mum wouldn’t even care who he's with because of how torn up she is. She didn't mean to not pay attention to Draco but it was like he isn't even there to Narcissa since his father left.




It all happened so fast with Hermione, and he still didn't understand why the feelings developed so quickly with her. Maybe they were there the whole time? It may have just took two years away from her and the rest of her group of friends to acknowledge it and grow up.




Despite his rude remarks all the time, he did always find himself looking at her and he never realized why. He never questioned it because the hate that his family helped drown him in for mudbloods and blood-


traiters since day one had blinded him.  




He had to talk to his mom. After all he barely had anyone else beside his friend Blaise Zabini to talk to whom was still against mudbloods and half-bloods just as much as his still all Death Eater father.




But today is not the day to talk to Mum! Draco thought, imagining himself telling his mother and her reaction with her being upset already.




He had a lot of thinking to do but he already knows what he wants… but can he have her?


This may be the one thing in life he may not get if she doesn't want him as well because he knew how strong willed Granger was. Hermione was not like other girls. Like the ones who threw thereselves at him and swooned everytime he walked past. Hermione always seemed to just look right through him. He didn't blame her after all he was the enemy and treated her like dirt in the past.  




Hermione got up and helped Ginny clean the house. It was just the two girls and baby James. It was a warm day and Ginny had all the windows opened. A breeze made the white, thin curtains in the living room wisp back and forth. 


“Draco hasn’t owled me since I saw him. Maybe I was getting the wrong signal.” Hermione stated, plopping down on Ginny’s loveseat. 


"Hermione don’t worry-” Ginny said with a smile trying to assure her, “has Ronald tried texting or calling you?” 


“Of course, non-stop.” Hermione said looking at her lap. She didn't want to think about Ron.


“He’s really upset you know. He is staying with mum and sometimes George for now. She says he is acting depressed a lot since you and he broke up last week and comes home late acting drunk, he knows he's really messed up. You know how he usually has the emotional range of a teaspoon! This really means things to him.” Ginny said, frowning as she thought of her brother.




Hermione’s heart felt a jab of guilt seeing Ginny's frown for Ron, she still loved and cared for Ron. But she couldn't let herself feel bad because Ron did this to himself. 




“Gin I love and care for your brother, but… I just can’t bring myself to be in love with him and trust him ever again. After all it has just been about a week since I found he cheated on me. Doesn’t he have Lavender?” 




Ginny looked at her and shook her head, “He left her the night after you guys broke up. He told her his love for you will never change and he hated her for making him cheat on you.”




“That's barbaric!” Hermione said angrily, “that git! I read the owl! He brought her on Ginny, Ron is the one at fault!”




“Hermione I believe you, calm it down!” Ginny said feeling offended. Hermione felt bad for yelling at Ginny but was still mad that Ron lied and said that rubbish making him look like the good guy. 


“You are kind of acting like Harry when he was possessed by Voldemort!” Ginny stated. Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at her for this comparison. 




Harry came home from work that evening but except with company. 


Hermione rolled her eyes as she watched her ex-fiancé, Ronald Bilius Weasley walk into the house. 


Ginny piped up and gave Ron a hug, glaring at Hermione as she walked away from him in a be nice kind of way. 




Ron walked over and sat right next to Hermione. 




“Hey there,” he said quietly.




“Hello.” Hermione answered back, looking anywhere but at him.




“How have you been?” He asked.




“Fine.” She answered shortly, not desiring to talk to him.




“Can we go outside and talk?” Ron asked hopefully.




“Erm, I guess so,” Hermione said with an attitude, Ronald did not deserve for her to be nice to him. 




They walked just onto the Potter’s porch and sat down on the wooden rocking bench, Hermione gazed into the horizon watching the sun get lower in the sky, and it was getting toward twilight. 




“I see you took your ring off.” Ron started sadly. 






“Yes I did! Did you not expect me not to?” Hermione answered rudely.






“So… you have been okay?”






“Yes, more than okay,” she spat back.






“Really? Well I have been awful…” Ron told Hermione. 




“Good!” Hermione said raising an eyebrow at him, her brown eyes almost black in anger.




Ron was silent for a good five minutes. He then said pretty fast. “Are you seeing someone else now?” 




For the first time that evening, Hermione looked at Ron in the eyes and her eyes softened seeing his face so sad.




Ron knew Hermione like the back of his hand, and she knew this, there was no hiding. Just like there was no hiding when Ron cheated on Hermione, she could sense his odd behavior. 




“Not seeing, but talking to someone,” she said without hesitation. She observed as Ron’s ears turned red, this was never a good sign. 


He clenched his fists and looked at his lap.“I guess I can’t say anything against that…”




“No Ronald, you can’t!” Hermione looked over Ron, he didn’t look normal, his normally blue eyes didn’t have that sparkle, and he had bags under his eyes.




“Who is it then? Is it that git Krum again? Or is it that McLaggen bloke?!” Ron started to get more aggressive looking as he imagined Hermione with another man mentally. 




Should I tell him? He’s going to find out anyways. “No…” Hermione whispered, looking away from Ron and out at the sunset again, not wanting to look at Ron’s face. 




“Who then? Please tell.” He said gruffly.  




“Malfoy…” Hermione said very quietly in a hushed whisper.




“Who?!” Ron asked again, not believing what he thought he just heard.




“Malfoy!” Hermione said a little clearer. 




Ron’s mouth flew straight open and he just lost it. “He’s fucking dead!” He yelled. 




He was suddenly shaking all over, his ears were now a dark violent purple and he was now standing up and quivering, sweating bullets. 




Harry saw this and rushed outside but was too late, Ron was completely absurdly mad, more mad then Harry or Hermione had ever seen him. 




He grabbed the closest huge rock and threw it across their front yard, impressively far. “HE WILL BURN IN HELL!” Ron bellowed at Hermione.




“Ron! Ron, calm down!” Harry yelled.


Ginny now joined trying to hold her brother down.




Ron pushed them violently away, Ginny fell to the ground even, and then apparated out of nowhere.




Hermione was bawling into her hands sitting near the cornfield still.




“Where did he go Harry?!” Ginny asked in a panic.




“Malfoy Manor I’ll bet…” Harry said shaking his head in disbelief of what just happened. 




“Well… he didn’t take that well at all!” Ginny said with a frown. 




Harry then said, “I need to find him. He may do something stupid.”




Hermione couldn’t believe what just happened either, she just told Ron she was talking to Malfoy! How she managed to get those words out, she didn’t know. 




Harry apparated into the front property of Malfoy Manor at once. He then saw Ron near the front gates, screaming at the guards and demanding they let him in. 


“RON!” Harry yelled, “Don’t do this! You can’t get in there! Leave it be.” 




Malfoy was looking out the window and saw a commotion going on. 


“Who the hell is that?” He asked himself aloud. 




He was home alone and didn’t particularly like unknown company, especially with his past company coming around his home all the time. Luckily there was a protection charm put on the gates after Lucius was taken to Azkaban so no one can get in unlike they used to when the Death Eaters just walked right through the gates. There was also guards now put there in Lucius' absence to Narcissa and Draco's relief. 




He walked to the front door and asked a guard who was standing near the porch, who was there, and who the two men were. Their voices sounded familiar. 


“I shall find out sir,” the guard snapped, and he walked off toward the two guards by the gate to investigate. 


“Malfoy will die!” Draco heard someone say. Then Draco guessed who it was, and he was right, he recognized the raspy, angry voice of Ron Weasley. 


The guard came back. “That is Ronald Bilius Weasley and Harry James Potter, sir.” 




“Thank you. Do not let them in please, Weasley wants to kill me,” Draco told the guard. Hermione must have told him, this will be good, he thought. 


“As you wish!” The guard said fighting a smile. 


Ron was shaking the gates and yelling at the guard’s faces, thinking of nothing but tearing Malfoy to shreds. “That git is trying to steal my fiancée! Let me in damnit! Blimey, you blithering idiots!”


Hours passed by it seemed… Harry just sat on the edge keeping an eye on Ron, Ron was still determined but getting tired. 


“I give up…” Ron finally said, sitting next to Harry finally breathing as though he ran a mile. All the fire was out of him, sadness was setting in.


 “I never would have thought she would ever go that low. I mean, mate, that’s the worse she can go. I’d rather her be doing three sums with Crabbe and Goyle than snogging Malfoy!” 


Harry smiled slightly at this comment but caught himself and put a hand on his friend’s shoulder in comfort. 


“I hate that this happened Ron, but she is her own person and has a right to whom she wants to see. Hate to say it mate, but you did cheat. That's the worse possible thing you could do to her in your relationship-” Harry said, "he's changed a bit and now I guess Hermione and he are friends." 


Ron turned to Harry in disgust, “Changed? That’s rubbish because once a Death Eater always a Death Eater! And when did you chat the other night?” 


Harry paused for a moment, thinking if he should tell the truth or lie. “Well…”


“Spit it out Harry or I’ll strangle you!” Ron said, Harry thought he might mean what he said by the look on his face.


“At Ginny and my house, Ginny gave him permission to come and visit Hermione when she babysat James,” Harry said, preparing for a punch and squinting his eyes. 


Ron put his head in his hands, “My own sister…My own best friend…” he whispered feeling betrayed. “I can’t take this, I need to go home! Our apartment, the only thing that was really ours together!” Ron then without another word apparated leaving Harry alone.


Harry just stood and watched the Manor for a few minutes, wondering if anything was going inside of it and the memories of their last visit thrashing through their head. He absolutely hated that place.  


Draco saw Ron disappear and then decided he wanted to talk to Harry. He walked onto his porch and apparated to the other side of the fence causing Harry to do a double take. 


“Malfoy you scared me!” Harry exclaimed, relaxing his hand from the wand he was holding. 


“What was all that nonsense about!?” Draco asked curiously, “I heard my name many times from Weasleby's mouth.”


“Ron found out about you seeing Hermione, and he was pretty upset. That's all and I need to go-” 




“He cheated on her! How does he have the right to be upset? Can you tell me Potter!?” Draco spat at Harry angrily. 




Harry piped up before departing. “Agreed Malfoy! Everyone is onto me tonight! I know that he did wrong, ok? But he's still my best friend, like Hermione is to me!”




“Potter, I think I really like your best friend, Granger...” Malfoy said, looking at Harry for a response. 




“She is a very likeable woman,” Harry commented as he shrugged, “I am okay with this Malfoy, but if you ever lay one hand on her or hurt her emotionally I shall let Ron kill you and help him myself! We all know who you were, don't forget that!! And there is no one hundred percent proof that you're any different than you were two years ago when you were a Death Eater!” Harry sneered with threatening eyes.  




Draco nodded and said, “I agree with you Potter, I won’t hurt her.” 

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