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Dear Diary by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 7 : Finder's Keepers
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A big thanks to my reviewers from the last chapter, you guys are what keep me going S2: Magic_Hogwarts, Kristen Messer, and the ever-so-lovely, We Are Padfoot and Prongs!! S2

Disclaimer: I know that I'm no JK Rowling, and I know you readers are smart and know what's mine and what isn't. The characters and this world all belong to the AMAZING JK Rowling!

A HUGE thanks to Madi Malfoy for being the best beta reader ever!! I love you!


The boy entered in, followed shortly by the woman. He gave Rose an odd look before the woman nearly threw him in the chair next to Rose. She sat frozen, unwilling to even glance over at him.

As the tape continued to take measurements, Al stood frozen in horror, his eyes wide. The woman began to circle him like a vulture, making little noises to herself. After what felt like ages to the kids, the tape finally fell back to the table and Al let out a breath of relief.

A few seconds later, fabric, scissors, pins, needles, and thread started zooming in from different sides of the room and surrounded Al. The woman had her wand out and was flicking it around and smiling as if she were conducting a band.

Rose stared up at her cousin in horror, knowing that she would be next, and began to freak out.

She felt a hand on hers and she jumped, turning to find the blonde boy’s face inches from hers. “If we run now, she might not be able to get us,” he whispered and Rose couldn’t help but laugh.

She covered it with her hands, attempting to stifle it but the woman had already heard her. She lowered her wand, causing everything surrounding Al to freeze, a needle mere centimeters from his eye, which was now crossed to look at the needle.

“I don’t think that’ll do you much good, dearies. You still need your Hogwarts uniforms,” she said, winking at Rose and the blonde boy before turning back and resuming her wand waving.

“All done!” the woman said in a singsong voice a few moments later. She took a step and Al was now standing there, wearing a perfectly fitted set of robes. The woman was handing him a folded piece of black cloth Rose assumed was an identical set to those he was wearing.

Al, shaking from head to toe, stepped off the platform and stumbled over to the other side of Rose and took a seat. He drew his legs up to his chest with the fabric between his legs and chest and wrapped his arms around them, his eyes still wide.

“Well, miss Rose, you’re next!” the woman exclaimed, a look of pure joy on her face.

Rose slowly stood up, hesitant to approach the platform. She took a deep breath and stepped onto the platform, trying not to look at the blonde boy. Immediately, the tape measure zoomed up from the table and began its job.

“These tape measures are fabulous. They measure everything possible and can remember every person they ever measure. Then, the next time it goes to measure a familiar person it recognizes them immediately and only needs to measure differences, whether that’s growing or shrinking and it automatically updates the measurements,” the woman said, beaming as if she couldn’t be more proud.

Al and the blonde boy both let out nervous laughs when the woman turned to them as if asking for them to give her praise for her wonderful tape measure. She turned back to Rose who let out a heavily sarcastic, “Fantastic.”

The woman’s eyes grew large and despite what Rose had clearly expected, she smiled at her, “Well, aren’t you feisty?”

Rose blushed but was spared from responding when—just as they had for Al—pins, needles, fabric, and all the other necessities for the robes began swirling around her as if she were in the middle of a tornado.

“You’re that kid we ran into… err… who Rose ran into at the cemetery, yeah?” Al asked the blonde boy, switching seats so he sat next to the other kid as soon as he’d stopped shaking. He was whispering, knowing that for whatever reason, Rose hadn’t been too kind to him the last time and probably didn’t want to talk to the boy now.

The boy laughed, “Yeah that was me. I was visiting my grandfather’s grave. How about you?” the boy asked, looking genuinely curious.

“Our uncle,” Al said, gesturing to Rose.

“Oh. Is she your sister?” The boy asked, looking slightly confused.

Al laughed, “Nah, she’s my cousin and my best friend, though I’m closer than I am to my own sister. And brother for that matter.”

“Ahh… well, you’re lucky,” the boy said, his tone sounding sad.

“Do you not have a brother or sister?” Al asked him and the boy laughed.

“Oh, I have a sister all right. Pain in the butt that one is. We don’t really get along all that well,” the boy said, his voice holding no real emotion to reveal how he felt about that, though his eyes were clearly saying he was sad.

“Has it always been that way?” Al found himself asking, not really aware that he was trying to keep the conversation moving forward.

“For as long as I can remember, yes,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “I mean, she’s a year younger, and I’m supposed to be all big brother on her, and I care about her, but we’ve just never really got along. She’s the golden child and I seem to be the black sheep of the family…” he trailed off and shook his head, clearly not wanting to elaborate.

“I’m sorry,” Al said, not really knowing what else to say.

“All done!” The woman exclaimed and Rose hopped off the platform, grabbing Al by the wrist and pulling him to his feet.

“Oh, Albus!” the woman said as Al and Rose were about to run into the other room. Al gulped before the woman continued, “Be a good lad and send James back here when you go out there. By the time he gets back I should be about ready for him and he’ll only take a moment.”

Al nodded, clearly not wanting to say anything, before Rose pulled him into the other room and the two of them nearly ran to their families.

“James!” Al shouted as they approached their families all sitting around one of the tables tucked away in the front corner of the store. “James, she wants you in there now.”

James nodded and began walking towards the back room, his face stern, looking as if he knew exactly what it was he was walking into.

Rose glanced around the table and noticed it was only her parents and Hugo with Lily and Al’s parents sitting at the table.

“Where’d Uncle George and Aunt Angelina go?” she asked curiously.

“Oh they took Fred and Roxy to the toy store and then they’re heading back home, you know how restless the twins can get,” Ginny said nonchalantly.

Rose shrugged and sat down in one of the empty chairs, just as the bell above the door rang, signaling someone walking in. Rose and Al both glanced up to see a blond man walk in and they both knew immediately he had to be the father of the blond boy they’d run into on so many occasions.

Rose and Al exchanged glances as he walked past their table and sat down next to a tiny brunette woman who was sitting at a small table behind them, though they hadn’t noticed her before.

“Where’s Scorpius?” the man asked, glancing around.

“In the back with the owner,” the woman said, putting down the book in her hand and smiling up at the man.

Al and Rose exchanged looks before turning back to their families. Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Harry were all staring at the man with a look of what appeared to be shocked.

“Draco?” Hermione said, her voice shaky. Rose looked to her mother and saw that Hermione as well as Ginny, Harry, and Ron were all staring at him, their eyes wide.

The man—Draco—looking at them with shock clearly displayed across his face. “Well… hello everyone.”

“Hi!” Lily said, looking very cheery despite the obvious tension.

“It’s wonderful to see you, Draco!” Hermione said, standing up and walking towards him. He stood up and she wrapped him in a hug. He appeared to be shocked and seemed to stiffen before finally bringing his arm up and patting her back, his eyes still wide. Hermione pulled back and looked at the woman he’d been sitting with, “Is this your wife?” Hermione asked.

Draco nodded but didn’t say anything. The woman stood up and offered her hand to Hermione, who took it as the woman said, “Astoria.”

“I’m Hermione, and this is Harry, Ginny, and my husband Ron,” she said, more to Astoria than Draco. “And these are my children, Rose and Hugo and Harry and Ginny’s children, Al and Lily, their son James is in the back,” Hermione said very quickly in what sounded like one breath, pointing to each person as she rattled off the names.

“Pleasure,” Astoria said rather stiffly, looking as if she felt rather out of place.

“Our son, Scorpius is in the back as well,” said Draco, seeming to find his voice at last.

“Lovely! And what a unique name,” Hermione said, smiling.

“Draco’s idea. Sticking to the whole star thing,” Astoria said, seeming to be amused.

“Our daughter, Charlotte is at home. Her name is normal,” Draco muttered and Astoria laughed and looked to her husband with a look of amusement.

“Only because her middle name is Lyra. Plus, she goes by Charlie, but that’s hardly the point,” Astoria said, shaking her head.

“Dad!” everyone heard and turned to see the blonde boy, Scorpius, bounding towards them.

“Hello, son. I want you to meet some old friends of mine as well as their children,” Draco said, smiling as Scorpius made his way over and gave his father a hug before turning to the large group, his eyes wide.

Draco rattled off the names of everyone in the group, including the children, as if he’d known them for years.

“Hey, Scorpius!” Lily said, clearly not picking up on, or choosing to ignore, the tension once again.

“Uhh… hi everyone,” Scorpius said, leaning back against his father’s chest.

A moment later, James appeared and the woman walked over to Ginny, whispering something to her before Ginny pulled out a few coins from her purse and handed them to the woman.

The woman then made her way over to Hermione, who did the same before Ron grabbed Rose’s wrist and pulled her out of the store, muttering a “Let’s go,” to the rest of the family.

Hermione muttered a “Sorry,” to Draco and his family before the group followed Ron out of the shop.

The group found themselves outside, with Ron red in the face, looking as if he were about to explode. “I swear, next time, I’m going to punch him in the face,” Ron muttered, still holding tightly to Rose’s wrist

“Ronald, let it go,” Hermione said soothingly to her husband. “And you can release your daughter’s wrist now, you didn’t need to yank her out of there anyways.”

“But he-”

“It’s in the past, love. I’ve heard he’s quite the renowned Healer now. He’s obviously repented from his old ways and he hasn’t done anything wrong that we know of since we left school. Just leave it for now,” Hermione said in an even tone, the only thing that calmed Ron down when he got angry.

“Well I’ve got my eye on him,” Ron mumbled.

“You always did,” chimed in Harry, earning a half-hearted glare from Ron.

“Where to now?” asked Ginny, clearly keen on changing the subject.

“Wands?” Hermione suggested. “Then books last?”

“Mum, what did Draco do when you guys were in school?” Rose asked and Hermione blushed slightly before looking at her daughter.

“That’s a story for another day, it’s not something that particularly matters,” she said.

“Hermione! It matters! He was-” Ron began but Hermione cut him off.

“No, it doesn’t matter, Ron. Just leave it.”

Hermione began walking towards Ollivander’s, Ron following her and Ginny and Harry exchanging glances before following them, the kids falling in step behind their parents. Al gulped and approached Rose, his face pale, “What if there aren’t any wands that work for me?”

“Don’t be silly, Al. There’s bound to be a wand for you,” Rose said, though she looked nervous herself.

They approached Ollivander’s, a store now owned by the son Ollivander had adopted and trained up after the war. He’d died only a few years previous to now, but his legend definitely lived on with his son.

Harry opened the door and everyone piled in, Rose and Al bringing up the rear.

“Looks like quite the party we’ve got here,” a voice said from behind the rows of shelves that lined the back of the store, though the person it belonged to was nowhere to be seen.

“We need two wands today for a couple of first year Hogwarts students,” Hermione said, though she looked confused as to whom she was speaking as she approached the counter.

“Fantastic!” the voice said again and a moment later a young man sprang up from behind the counter.

Hermione jumped back slightly when he popped up from behind the counter and the man smiled upon seeing he’d frightened her.

“My apologies, miss,” he said, bowing slightly. “And which two of you are getting your wands?” he asked, smiling at all of them and glancing to each of the kids.

“M-me,” Rose piped up, her voice shaking.

“And me,” Al said, both of them stepping towards the counter looking scared to death.

“Well there’s no need to look like I’m going to chop your head off. I’m going to find you a wand, not chop your head off using a guillotine! You should be excited!” he said, looking more than excited to be helping them.

“Step up here to the counter and I’ll grab a few wands for you each to try out,” he said before disappearing among the shelves.

A few moments later, he returned with an armful of wands, looking contemplative as he set the boxes on the counter and read the labels on a few before pulling out two of the boxes and removing the tops.

He made his way around the counter and stood in front of them, holding out an open box to each of them.

They both grabbed the wands that were being held out to them rather hesitantly, Rose’s doing absolutely nothing and Al’s sending out a small jet of sparks, though he looked as if he were about to throw it.

“Well, young man, looks like you’ve just selected your wand! It’s eleven inches, Oak, Dragon Heartstring, and reasonably springy. You’ve got quite the wand!” he said, beaming at Al.

Al glanced at his wand, fairly long, with small, rune-like symbols carved in a spiral from the bottom to the tip, stained an almost black.

The man took the wand from Rose and made his way over to the pile of wands before pulling out another one and removing the lid. “Well, we need to find you one, young lady.”  

He offered the box to her and she took the wand, once again, nothing happening. Rose frowned, clearly growing more and more nervous.

“Not to worry, I’ve had people try more than fifty wands before finding one that was fitting,” he said and Rose’s eyes grew wide. He laughed, “That’s not the norm.”

He repeated the process with a few more wands before Rose picked one up from the box, her eyes growing wide as soon as she touched it. A huge jet of sparks flew from it and the young man beamed.

“THAT is your wand. It seems to really like you. Ten inches, Hazel wood, phoenix feather, nice and supple,” he said, looking quite pleased.

They paid for their wands and made their way from the store, Rose and Al both looking quite relieved and happy to have found wands that worked for them.


            The first store we went to was to get our cauldron and any other Potions supplies and such that we could get there so we’d also have the cauldron to carry things the rest of the day.

            The day was going fairly smoothly until we made our way into Madam Malkin’s to get robes for Al and me and to get James some new robes. The owner of the store was absolutely crazy! She was really quirky and just sort of odd and there was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

            So, when we got into the store, she dragged Al and I into the back room and she put Al up on the platform, and that’s when it got even weirder. First, there was a flying tape measure that started zooming around and measuring Al wherever it could, while I sat quietly in a chair. The woman disappeared for a few moments and guess who she brought back?! THE BLONDE BOY!! That’s right, he came into the room with Al and me and I nearly screamed. I don’t know what it is about that boy, but I seem to run into him far too often.

            The woman practically pushed the boy into the chair next to me and it got to be super awkward. Then, the boy randomly grabbed my hand and said we should run. The woman told us it wasn’t a good idea, but it nearly scared me to death. And there’s something… sad about him, I’m not quite sure what it is. But the excitement was short lived because she finished with Al a little after that and then it was my turn.

            I can’t even begin to explain how terrifying the entire thing was. Scissors, needles, and all the other stuff zoomed around my face, missing my skin by mere centimeters. When she finished, I couldn’t grab Al and run out of there fast enough. Then we were told to send James and we ran back to the families. We sent James and waited at the table when even more stuff happened.

            So, this man walked in the store, and it turns out my mom knew him!! His name is Draco and I’m assuming that he went to school with my parents and Uncle Harry. I mean, Aunt Ginny went to school with them as well, but she was a year behind. So my mom called his name and he kinda looked shocked to see all of them. My mom gave him a hug and then introduced all of us. He then introduced his wife and kinda freaked out and half introduced his son Scorpius, who, believe it or not, is the blonde kid!!

            So now I know the name of the mysterious blond boy… Scorpius. It’s an odd name, but somehow, it’s sort of fitting for him. Apparently his dad has some weird thing with stars and naming his kids after them because it’s some family tradition or something. I also found out that he has a sister, though I’m not sure how old she is or where she was today. But then my dad pulled me away from the store and kind of had a freak out moment. I’m not sure what Draco did, but apparently it was something bad because my dad sounded really angry. I tried to ask, but mum said it was a story for another time. Now I’m really starting to get curious.

            After that whole thing though, we went to Ollivander’s so that Al and I could get our wands. We were both insanely nervous that we wouldn’t find a wand and would be stuck without one forever, but good news, we both found one!!

            My wand is ten inches long, made with Hazel wood, phoenix feather core, and is “nice and supple”, whatever that means. All I can say is it’s beautiful. It’s stained a deep brown, though not as dark as Al’s wand- his is nearly black. It has an intricate swirling pattern along the base of the wand where I hold it, and what looks like vines wrapping from the base to the tip.


The rest of the day passed by without much trouble, the families making their way around Diagon Alley to all the various shops before they made their last stop of the day, Flourish and Blotts to get all of their books.

Rose and Al made their way through the store, Al holding the list and reading off each title as they ventured off to find the books, the rest of the families wandering around on their own. They would find each book, each grab a copy, and toss them in their cauldrons, which were growing progressively heavier as they made their way through the store.

“I want to grab my own copy of Hogwarts: a Histroy. Mum has her old copy, but it’s all battered and worn and I really want to have my own copy,” Rose said as they found their last book. Al rolled his eyes but smirked at his cousin.

“You would, Rose. Lead the way!”

They wandered around some more until Rose spotted what she wanted, a single copy of Hogwarts: a History sat on the shelf and as she reached for it, someone else did as well and she turned to see Scorpius standing there, looking shocked.

“You can have it,” he said, turning away.

“No, it’s fine, you can have it,” Rose said, though she didn’t want him to take it, she did have a copy she could borrow from her mother. “I can use my mum’s copy.”

“A-are you sure?” he asked, seeming nervous. “I don’t mind if you have it, I don’t really need it, I just thought it would be nice to have a copy.”

“Oh for Merlin’s sake!” Al said, grabbing the copy and tossing it at Scorpius who caught it midair. “She can just have her mother’s copy for now, her mother wouldn’t be opposed, that way everyone’s happy.”

Rose glared at him and Al pretended to take no notice and instead waved to Scorpius. “We’ll see you around!” he said cheerfully and pulled Rose down the aisle so they could go find everyone else.

“What was that for?” Rose whisper-yelled as they made it out of Scorpius’ earshot.

“Rose, you just wanted an extra copy, you didn’t need it. You’re normally so good about making friends with new people, why are you being so weird with this guy?” Al asked, confronting her about it before she’d have time to make up an excuse.

“I- I… I don’t know. There’s just something about him, I’m finding it difficult to wrap my head around,” she said, looking confused.

“Maybe you like him?” Al suggested. “But you barely know him.”

“I don’t like him!” she said rather defensively.

“Fine, fine. Figure out what it is, he seems pretty cool.”

Rose rolled her eyes, “I’ll try. But I’m not going to promise you anything.”

“Yes ma’am,” Al said right before spotting his mother near the front counter.

The two of them found their families a couple minutes later, and within an hour they were all back at home, putting their new things in their respected spots.

The busy day had been a success and everything that they needed had been purchased. Everyone made their way to bed, content with the day they’d had, and just about everyone nervous at the prospect of Al and Rose starting school, though for different reasons.


            Well, after we got wands, we made our way to a bunch of the stores and even stopped to get lunch as well as ice cream a little later on. Then, when it was about three in the afternoon, we all made our way to Flourish and Blotts so we could get our schoolbooks.

            Al and I found a system that worked out pretty well. He had the list out and would name each book down the list. Then the two of us would go find it and I would grab a copy for each of us and place them in our cauldrons before we went to go find the next book. We found them all within twenty minutes and then I decided I wanted a copy of Hogwarts: a History so we set off to find one.

            There was one book left on the shelf when we found it and someone reached for it when I did. Guess who it was? SCORPIUS! That bloody jerk showed up yet again! Then, Al had the nerve to give him the last copy! I mean… I shouldn’t be too angry because I can just use my mum’s old copy, but there’s just something about Scorpius that frustrates me. Al thinks I like him, but that’s crazy. I barely know him, and I’m only eleven!

            After that little run in with Scorpius, we ended up checking out and leaving the store. Then we headed home, had a nice, quiet dinner, and everyone went their separate ways. It was a crazy and super eventful day, but overall, it was amazing. I got all my Hogwarts stuff, I have my own wand, and I learned Scorpius’ name… starting school in a week is sort of scary to think about, but I need to stop dwelling on how nervous I am. It’s happening, and that’s all that matters. Plus, I’ll always have Al by my side.

Out for the night,


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Dear Diary : Finder's Keepers


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