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One of the Boys by jillybeans
Chapter 9 : Parties and Popularity
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(So i have a half-finished fillery thing that goes in between this chapter and the last, so that may be added sometime in the future.)


Some sad news: I have to take a temporary hiatus due to finals and important track meets. plus i procrastinate wayyyyy too much. i should be back soon. to tide you over until then....



“Morning, El!”


“Hey, Chase. Ready to learn?”


“No. I brought food though.”


“You rock!”


“That’s what they all say.”


We spent most of the time reviewing his latest homework and eating sandwiches for lunch. Chase looked attractive and flirted; I taught and reminded myself that I had a brain. Just your typical Transfiguration tutoring session.


“—and this can be proven true by Morgana’s fifth principle of Vanishment.”


“Great.” Chase finished up the last problem. He removed his arm from the back of my chair where, to my delight, it had been resting for the past half hour, and packed up his things. We walked out of the library together.


“So… do you know where the Room of Requirement is?” Chase asked randomly.


“Yeah, who doesn’t?”


“Well there’s gonna be a party there tonight at seven, hosted by a few of my friends and I. You game?”


Chase Davies invited me to a party. That’s like a date. Chase Davies practically asked me out. The Chase Davies. Oh Merlin.


“Sure!” I smiled sweetly.


Chase grinned that perfect smile of his. “Great! Bring as many people as you want!” We stopped at the base of the Astronomy Tower. “See ya tonight.” Chase winked, and went up the stairs to class. I sped off to the dungeons, where I had last period Double Potions. Because everyone wants to spend their entire Friday afternoon in a smelly dungeon. I thought about the last few minutes’ events all through the lesson.


The Chase Davies. He invited me. I am going to his party. His exclusive, upperclassmen party. Oh Merlin.


Gosh, lovey-dovey conscience thing, you’re pathetic.




I told Dominique the news of the party as soon as we got back to the dorm.


“I’m invited where!?!” she screeched.


“Chase Davies’ party,” I repeated nice and slowly.


“Ella, do you realize how big of a deal this is?” Dom was practically beside herself with excitement. “This is an A-list event! It’s hosted by upperclassmen—upperclassmen! And—crap—it’s only in four hours! Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner? I can’t get ready in four hours! Gosh Ella!” Dominique ripped open her wardrobe and began to pull out outfit after outfit, muttering a random mixture of lists, makeup tips, and other unintelligible strings of gibberish as she went.


“What’s this about a party?” piped up Rose Weasley, entering the dorm. “You should talk a bit quieter, you know, or at least cast the Muffliato charm on the door.” She sat down next to Dom’s growing pile of outfits and picked up a flowy teal tunic that perfectly complemented her curly red hair. “Oh this is too cute, can I borrow it?” Dom jerked her head in approval and went back to her wardrobe gutting.


“Well Chase Davies is hosting a party at seven tonight, and he invited me,” I said in response to Rose’s first question. “Plus he said I could bring whomever I wanted, so I asked Dom. Do you want to come too?”


“Of course! Wouldn’t miss it. Hey, Dom, need some help picking out an outfit?” Dom nodded feverishly.


Since I had no desire to wade through a cesspool of fashionable objects, I decided to leave the dorm. I ran into Al almost immediately.


“Oh good! It’s you. Listen, are you doing anything later?”




“Because I was invited to a party tonight, and I’m inviting you and the rest of the team. Spread the word? It’s in the Room of Requirement at seven.”


“We’ll be there. See ya, princess.”




“Outfit check.”


“Dom, we’ve done this five times in the last fifty feet.”


“Our outfits must be perfect!”


Truth is, they needed no checking since we were smoking hot. Or at least, my two friends were.


Dom was decked out in a grey sequined tank top and black body-con skirt. She’d accessorized with a black pair of wedged booties and a stack of glittering bracelets. Her straight, silvery-blond hair cascaded down to her elbows, and her brilliant blue eyes were surrounded by a smoky layer of eye shadow.


Rose wore the teal tunic she’d fetched from the pile earlier and a pair of ripped black skinny jeans that were tasteful, not trashy. She wore plain black heels, a quirky teal cat-eye for her makeup, and had left her red hair free in its crazy curly glory.


Dom conjured a compact mirror out of thin air to check her makeup again. I scooted towards a window to check my own reflection.


I had picked out a flowy coral top with cut out shoulders and wore tailored black shorts over sheer black tights. I’d stubbornly refused heels, instead opting for black converse, and Dom had only gotten a bit of periwinkle blue eyeliner on me. My caramel colored waves floated past my shoulder blades, but I kept a hairtie on my wrist for the inevitable moment when I could no longer stand to have my hair down.


“Everyone ready?” Rose asked. We walked back and forth in front of an empty stretch of wall three times while thinking, I need to get to the party, I need to get to the party.


A pair of heavy wooden doors grew out of the wall. I could hear music pulsating on the other side, with the occasional scream mixed in. The doors swung open.


A chaotic scene met my eyes. Music blared, lights flashed, and people screamed, laughed and danced (with some very, very inappropriate moves). I was immediately greeted by a drunken Slytherin.


“Welcome to the par-tayyyy,” he slurred, sloshing his drink all over the floor. I took the drink from his hand, dumped it into a nearby trash can, and sped off before his intoxicated brain registered what happened. It was only seven-thirty. If people were this drunk now, I shuddered to think what the party would be like at midnight.


“El-la!” I was hailed by Finn, who was waving like a maniac. I ran over to him and tackled him in a hug. Soon we were joined by the rest of the team, Dom, and Rose, and I hugged all of them too.


We chatted, laughed like crazy, danced, and occasionally screamed song lyrics for an hour or so, random people coming over for a few minutes or so, then drifting away.


We were sitting on a couch eating pizza when a newcomer joined us.


“Hi, Ryannnn,” drawled a scantily clad blond Ravenclaw. “Wanna dance?”


“Yeah, sure,” Ryan replied, distracted by the girl’s (lack of) clothing. Boys are idiots.


She dragged him off into the middle of the dance floor. “Make good choices!” I called after them. I couldn’t help it.


Slowly my friends were taken away. Dom went off with a hot Hufflepuff (it wasn’t Thomas Smith, I checked). Nick and Sam were taken by a pair of Slytherin twins (this would only lead to disaster and bad choices).


I was next. “Ella!” called a familiar voice. It was Chase. “I’ve been looking all over for you! Are you having a good time?”


I nodded. “It’s been fun.”


“C’mon, there’s a bunch of people I want you to meet.” He whisked me off into the crowd. I could barely manage a backwards glance at my friends.


Chase poured himself a cup of some mysterious brown liquid, and offered some to me. I politely accepted, but since there was a 99.9% chance that it was alcohol, I made a silent vow not to drink it.


Chase led me all around the room, pointing out his friends as we went. He introduced me to all of them, and countless handshakes and hugs were exchanged. I struggled to keep them all straight. Joe, Brady, Robbie. Between Avery and Kendall I dumped my drink into a potted plant. Monica, Pheobe, Henry, Whitney. Being popular must be so hard—how does he remember all these names?


“And that’s Rosalind and Tommy,” he added with a growl, pointing to a closely intertwined couple in the corner. “She’s my ex.”


“I heard you led her on then kissed Pheobe,” I blurted, inwardly cursing myself. This was not the best place for me to be awkward.


Chase shrugged. “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. Rumors aren’t always true, you know.” His voice was getting a little slurred. I fought the urge to smack his drink out of his hands and became aware of how close he was to me. Flustered, I gulped and edged away from him with little success. I’m just his tutor, I reminded myself.


“Yeah, but my information came from my best friend Dom and she always knows what she’s talking about.” I rambled. “And I should probably go and find her since I…” I trailed off, my back hitting the wall.


I’m just his tutor, I repeated again. I knew what was coming next. I’m just his tutor. I’m just his tutor.


“You’re cute when you ramble,” he whispered. And he kissed me.


I’m just his…


Holy shit.


Is this happening?


Is this real life?


Is Chase Davies actually kissing me?


I can’t believe this. Merlin’s sexiest pants, this is good. Mmmm. This… this is nice. You are a fabulous snog, Chase. Wait, what the hell do I do with my hands? Argh! Uh, there, yeah, that works. Oh, so your tongue is in my mouth now? That’s nice. Mmmm. Please don’t get your fingers stuck in my hair.


My thoughts continued on like this for another minute or so. Chase finally pulled away, a goofy, drunken smile on his face. I felt like I was in a stupor. Everything else seemed fuzzy, though I distinctly heard a Dominique-esque squeal of “Oh my Godric!” and a string of surprised expletives from Finn, followed by him shouting, “Guys, you’ll never believe what Ella just did!”


Finn’s words snapped me back to reality. Mother of Merlin, what have I done? Dom’s girly-girl gossip radar was probably going crazy with excitement. The team will tease me for eternity, after Al kills me for fraternizing with the enemy…err more than fraternizing. I was doomed.


I suddenly spiraled into a whirlwind of feelings. Excitement, pleasure, fear, confusion. I needed to sort myself out.


Chase tried to pull me back in for makeout number two, but I wrenched myself out of his grasp. I muttered something about the bathroom, then ran away. Courageous Gryffindor move, I know, but this was an emergency. I needed Dom. ASAP.


Luckily, she was standing nearby, her mouth still wide-open with shock.


“Emergency!” I yelled at her, snapping her out of her stupor. “Emergency GN, I repeat, Emergency GN right now!”


“Girls’ night, right.” She replied, her usual, organized self again. I could sense how anxious she was to discuss the last five minutes of my life. “I’ll get Rose.”


She appeared a few seconds later, pushing he frizzy red hair away from her face. “You took me away from Ryan Gallagher. He was about to kiss me. This better be good.”


Ryan? I thought he was with that skanky Ravenclaw. Apparently he likes to play the field at parties. And since when was Rose a part of our girls’ night?


“Ella just made out with Chase Davies.” Dom announced.


Rose immediately replied, “I’ll go calm down the team and get some ice cream from the kitchens. Meet you in the dorm in ten.”


I love Rose Weasley right now. Remind me why I questioned her invitation to this Emergency GN?


“Ella Levine, what the hell did you just do?” I spun around. It was Al, flanked by Freddy and Finn. “You were frat—“


I squeaked in fright and ran. Rose began to try and explain what was happening while I pulled Dom away from my murderous teammates and into the dark hallway.







what are your thoughts on this chapter? the party? ella's reaction to Chase? the team's? what do you think of Rose Weasley? She's going to be more involved in future chapters... kinda. more like a minor character instead of an obscure one. don't forget to review!

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