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Rose Weasley and the Hidden Mask by Muggleborn_Forever
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2: The Corridor of Broken Chandeliers
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Rose woke up to being shaken, "Rose, wake up! We only have five minutes to get to our first class!"

Rose's eyes burst open, "Five minutes?!" She sat straight up, "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?!"

Ellie was fully dressed and her hair was pinned back, "I didn't want to make you mad."

"Well, I'm mad now!" Rose was already pulling on her cloak over her new school uniform, "What do we have first, and how long will it take to get there?"

As Rose ran a brush through her auburn hair, Ellie looked at her piece of parchment, "Charms. I think it shouldn't take that long to get there, though, if we hurry."

Rose finally pulled her hair back into a high, curly pony tail and grabbed her school bag. She slung it over her shoulder, so the strap went across her chest, "I can't believe you didn't wake me up earlier!"

"Sorry," Ellie squeaked. Together, the girls sprinted down the stairs into the common room, where only a few sixth and seventh years were. They then ran out the door and down the tower steps.

Rose looked at her watch, "Two minutes. Do you know where it is?"

Ellie nodded, "Um yeah... Er.... This way!" She led Rose to the right.

Rose looked around, this part of the castle didn't seem like the rest of it. It was dark and dreary. Chandeliers were not hanging from the ceiling, but instead broken on the floor. There were spots on the walls that looked as if parts had been singed and places where the wallpaper had been torn. Rose bit her lip, "Ellie, I don't think this is the right place."

Ellie nodded, she seemed frightened, "Y- Yeah."

The girls turned, their paces quickened as they tried to not only find Charms, but most importantly, leave this corridor. Their quick walking turned into a full out sprint. Rose, not really paying attention to what was in front of her, ran right into Faith Garden, the Prefect that showed them the Ravenclaw common room. They both stumbled backwards, some books falling out of Faith's arms. Ellie, who had ran passed Rose when she collided with Faith, sprinted back and began help Faith gather her books.

Once Faith had collected herself she looked at the two first years before her, "What are we doing running about the castle when we should be in class?"

Rose cringed, she was already in trouble, "We were just trying to find Charms class..."

"Yeah!" exclaimed Ellie. "We don't know where it is."

Faith, instead of pulling out a leaflet, as Rose thought she would, smiled and motioned them to follow her.

Rose sighed mentally to herself. Maybe, she won't get detention on her first day. She followed Faith up two flights of stairs and turn right. Three doors to the left of the corridor, Faith stopped and knocked.

A voice from inside the room said, "Come in."

Faith opened the door and inside were many rows of desks where first years from Slytherin and Ravenclaw sat, "Sorry, Professor Flitwick, I found these two lost in the corridors."

A short, white haired man that stood a pile of books nodded, "Thank you, Miss Garden."

Faith smiled and left, leaving Rose and Ellie to sit in the only empty seats left unoccupied. The ones to the left and right of Scorpius Malfoy.

Sighing, Rose took the one to his left. How could this be any worse? She then took out a piece of parchment and a quill. She listened as Flitwick began to explain the class and what they'd be doing in the coming months, jotting down anything she thought was important.

Scorpius was quiet. He was probably planning something, Rose thought to herself as she glanced over at his face. He seemed to be concentrating on taking notes. How stupid did he think she was?

Moments later, chimes rang and it was time to move on to their next class. Rose gathered her parchment and placed it in her bag. She then moved her arm across the desk and grabbed her ink pot, but knocking her new quills onto the ground. She sighed and placed her ink pot inside her bag, but before she could bend down, Scorpius had already fetched her quills and held them out to her. Rose glared and him and snatched her quills away from him and put them in her bag. What is trying to do?

Scorpius smiled, “See you later!” He then headed out the door, to where ever Slytherins were going next.

Rose sighed and left the classroom and headed to History of Magic, in which they shared with Gryffindor. She smiled as she sat beside Albus and took out parchment. The ghostly Professor Binns didn’t even explain what the class was going to be about, but rather began the year drawing on about the history of goblins. Rose took every word in, copying down anything that seemed important. She glanced quickly over at Al, whose head was laying on his crossed arms. Rose gave him a nudge, making him look at her. She motioned toward Binns, but Albus just shook his head and went back to resting his head on the table.

Rose rolled her eyes and continued taking notes until the class period ended. Most of the rest of her classes flew by until it was time to go to her last class. She made her way through the corridors to Defense Against the Dark Arts. As she crossed the threshold, she was instantly amazed. The room was four times the size of her regular classroom and the desks were in two rows that went around the whole perimeter of the classroom. Her parents never said it looked anything like this!

She spotted Albus sitting in a desk to her right and sat beside him. They must be taking this class with Gryffindor, Rose thought, but she couldn’t be more wrong. Soon, several first years from all houses filed in. Rose was confused, “I thought we only took classes with one other house.”

Albus shrugged, “I’m not complaining. Hey! Scorpius! Over here!”

Rose groaned as Scorpius made his way over to them, smiling. He sat on the other side of Albus, “Hey!”

“How are you?” Albus asked.

“Good! Hogwarts is awesome!” Scorpius exclaimed, beaming.

Albus nodded, “Yeah, but History of Magic was really boring.”

Scorpius shrugged, “I thought it was interesting.”

Just then, a tan skinned man walked into the center of the room. Conversations and jokes ceased as the man cleared his throat. He didn’t seem strict, because he was smiling, “Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts! This year we started combining all the houses into one classroom, and we got a bigger classroom so we may do some dueling. In this class you will all learn how to defend yourselves in case the unthinkable happens. And when I say unthinkable, I mean magic that you may have never imagined or thought of. But, once you are done with this class you will all be able to defend yourself against basic Dark magic.”

Murmurs rang throughout the classroom. Out of the corner of her eye, Rose saw Scorpius raise his hand. The professor nodded at him. Scorpius cleared his throat, “Did you say we will be deuling? As in, each other?”

The professor shook his head, “No, those won’t come until your fourth years. In first year, you’ll be ‘battling’ against three cardboard boxes stacked up.” Sounds of disappointment filled the room and the professor smiled, running his fingers through his bronze hair, “Oh, we don’t want anyone to get hurt. Plus, you have to learn some spells first! You also have to know defense tactics, so we will be only reading the book until after Christmas.” The class groaned.

A dark colored Slytherin girl across from Rose’s side of the room raised her hand, “What’s your name?”

The Professor smiled, nicely at the class, “Oh, I have forgotten that, haven’t I? I’m Professor Grant.”

A Hufflepuff boy raised his hand, “When did you start working here?”

Grant smiled, “This is my um...” He paused, thinking how long he had been teaching, “Fifth year teaching this class, the last Professor, Professor Farthings, decided he would rather teach Potions once Professor Slughorn left. Now, let’s take out our books shall we? Does everyone have a copy of Magical Self Defense by Gabrielle McSayers?”

Everyone took out their books and, at Professor Grant’s cue, began reading the first chapter. The room was quiet until the chimes rang, indicating classes were over for the day. Everyone scrambled outside, into the cool autumn day. Rose wandered around the grounds, quietly, watching as everyone met up with friends and were catching up on their summer. First years were either making friends or talking to older sibling. Rose smiled and spotted Ellie. She began to walk towards her, but two other girls beat her. One of them had brown wavy hair and the other had straight blonde hair. Rose walked up to them all, smiling, “Hello.”

All three of them looked at her. Ellie smiled, “Hey Rose!”

The girl with the brown hair looked at Rose intensely, analyzing her, “You have really frizzy hair, you know.”

Unconsciously, Rose touched her ponytail, where her really curly auburn hair was pulled together. She smiled slightly nervous, “Um, yeah.... I got it from my mum...”

Ellie smiled at Rose while the other two smirked. The girl with blonde hair rolled her eyes, “Well, we must be going. You coming, Ellie?”

Ellie looked at the girls and nodded, “Of course!” She looked at Rose, “I’ll see you later!” The girls then walked away, leaving Rose alone. She sighed and continued walking aimlessly. So this is how she was going to spend her years at Hogwarts? All alone?

Suddenly, a voice yelled, “Hey, Rose! Come over here!”

Rose spun around, smiling, and saw Albus waving her over. She ran to him, not even caring that Scorpius was right next to him. Maybe she did, have somebody to spend time with, “Hey, Al!” She finally caught up to them and began walking on Albus’ left, Scorpius was on his right.

“Hello, Rose,” Scorpius smiled. What was he up to? He had to be doing something, hanging out with Albus. Was he trying to to get to her through her own cousin?

Albus grinned, “What have you been up to?”

Rose shrugged, “Nothing really, there is nothing to really study for right now.”

Albus smirked, “That’s all you’re gonna do, isn’t it?”

Rose rolled her eyes, “No, of course not, but if we came here for school we should at least learn something.”

Albus groaned.

Scorpius looked at him, “She’s right, you know. It is important for you to pay attention in classes so you can learn magic.”

Rose looked at Scorpius. Now he was agreeing with her? What was this all about?

Albus groaned again, “And just when I thought you were cool.”

Scorpius laughed, “Oh, I am, don’t worry. Have I failed you yet?”

Albus smiled, “No, but it’s only been two days.”

“Where are we heading, anyways?” Rose asked, as they passed the Quidditch pitch.

Albus grinned at her, “To see Hagrid, of course!”

Rose nodded and they continued walking, side by side, to a hut with smoke puffing out chimney. They made their way up to the wooden door and Albus knocked on it. There was sounds of shuffling around and the door opened. There stood Hagrid, smiling, “Why, hello there, Albus ‘nd Rose.” He then looked over at Scorpius, “Why, I don’ think I have met yeh. Wha’ happens to be yer name?”

Scorpius smiled, “My name is Scorpius.”

Albus grinned, “Yeah, he’s pretty awesome.”

Rose rolled her eyes and mumbled, “Sure he is.”

Scorpius looked at her, “What was that?”

Rose looked up, “Oh, nothing.”

Scorpius looked at her, confused. Rose wondered to herself what he was thinking and more so, what his plan was to destroy her life.

“Well, it’s nice to mee’ yer,” Hagrid said, grinning, “Would yeh like to come in?”

Albus nodded and grabbed his friends’ wrists, dragging them inside. Rose felt that his grip was a little too tight, but she didn’t complain. She looked around at the hut, amazed at how big everything was. She felt as if she was smaller than even Ellie. The three children stood together, as Hagrid sat in a chair at a table.

Hagrid smiled, “Wha’ brings yeh three here?”

Not only Rose, but Scorpius too, looked at Albus, who was beaming, “We haven’t seen you since Christmas and wanted to know how you were!”

“I’ve been all righ’ here at Hogwarts. How was yer firs’ day?”

“Great!” Albus exclaimed.

“How abou’ Rose ‘nd Scorpius? How was yer two’s day?”

Rose smiled, “It was good. I liked History of Magic a lot.”

Scorpius nodded, “Yeah, same here, but I really think that Defense Against the Dark Arts is going to be interesting.”

Rose nodded, smiling, then scolded herself for doing so. He’s trying to get to you, She reminded herself.

Hagrid looked out the window then to them, “Well, I’d like yeh to stay and talk, bu’ you bes’ be goin’.”

Rose looked out the window, too, and saw that the sun was already setting. Where had the day gone?

Smiling, Hagrid ushered the three out of his hut, and together they began to walk towards the castle. Scorpius grinned, “He was nice.”

Albus nodded, “Yeah, he’s really funny too! Dad told me some stories about him from when he went here!”

Albus then launched into story, but Rose didn’t really pay attention. She was too busy wondering whether Scorpius actually like the same subjects as her, or if he was just agreeing with her for some unknown, mysterious cause. Maybe she would never know.

No, she would find out. No matter how much effort it took.

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