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One True Love: Another Year by DracoGal
Chapter 9 : Together Again
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 We were all rushing into King’s Cross station, late as usual. Ginny and I were the first to run through the wall to get onto the platform. We waited for the twins, Ron, Hermione, and Harry before we boarded the train. Mrs. Weasley gave all of us a hug and told us to have a great year. The entire time we were saying goodbyes, I was antsy to find Draco. As soon as we were able to leave, I hopped on the train and started to walk down the aisle. 

“Nat, where are you going?” Harry asked. 

“To find Draco.” 

“Can’t you wait?” 

I turned around and advanced on him. “No, I can’t. I haven’t seen him since the beginning of summer and I need to talk to him to make sure he isn’t mad at me!” 

“Harry, just let her go.” Ginny said. He sighed and waved me off. Pfft, like I needed his permission.

 I looked in every compartment until I saw one where Rose was sitting in. I opened the door. 

“Nat! How are you?” she asked, hugging me. 

“I’m good Rose, how are you? How was your summer?” 

“It was perfect! My parents went to France so I got to spend it with Blaise. I have loads to tell you!” 

I laughed. “I bet you do. Do you know where Draco is by any chance?” 

“He and Blaise left the compartment a few minutes before you came in. They went to look for your brother and the Weasleys thinking you’d be with them.” 

“I’m guessing they’ll come back when they tell him I went to look for him.”

As we waited for the boys to come back, Rose told me all about her summer with Blaise. They didn’t do much except for being in each other’s presence, something that I was a little jealous of. 

The sound of the compartment door opening and a voice saying, “There’s my girl,” distracted us. 

I turned towards the door and was met by Draco’s smiling face. He came to sit by me and kissed me chastely. Blaise motioned for Rose to follow him out of the compartment. I assumed he wanted to give us some alone time. I leaned into him as he put his arm around me. We fit together perfectly, and I sighed in contentment. 

“I missed you.” he said in my ear. “Are you going to tell me?” 

“Not here, now’s not the right time.” 

“Okay, love.” 

I turned towards him. “Are you mad at me?” 

“No! I’m not mad at you. I’m confused about why you are keeping secrets, but not mad.” 

“I didn’t do it on purpose.” 

“You mean you were forced to keep secrets?” 

“Well, I was forced to keep one so it caused me not to tell you a lot.” 

“Why can’t you tell me now? We’re alone.” 

“I want to be completely alone, where there won’t be any distractions.” 

“Will you spend the night with me?” he asked. 

“I would love to, but I think it’s best if I stay in Gryffindor Tower for the first week of school.” 

“Why? Don’t you want to spend time with me?” He sounded hurt and irritated. 

“Of course I do, Dray! I missed you terribly over the summer, but I just…” 

“You just don’t love me anymore, is that it?” I gasped as he pushed away from me. Tears started to form. 

“How could you ever think that? Of course I love you! Why do you doubt that?” He wasn’t looking at me. “Or is it you that doesn’t love me anymore? Have you found someone else Draco? Is that what this is about? Did you find someone in Rome who is better than me?” I tried to sound angry, but as I talked, I started to cry.

He moved at lightning speed and brought his arms around me. He laid his chin on the top of my head and stroked my hair. “Oh sweetheart, that’s not it at all. No one is better than you. I love you.” 

“Why do you think I don’t love you anymore?” I asked between my sobs. 

“I know you do. I don’t know, I’m just upset, and you know that I sometimes say things I don’t mean when I am upset.” 

“But that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t hurt when you say them.” He tightened the hug, bringing me closer to him. 

“I know sweetie, I’m sorry.” I sniffled and looked up at him. He wiped away the remaining tears from my cheeks and kissed my forehead. 

“I thought this was going to be a happy reunion.” I said. He moved me so I was sitting on his lap and he had his arms wrapped around my waist. I leaned back and rested my head on his shoulder. “I don’t want to be away from you again, Draco.” He squeezed my waist and kissed my cheek.

Blaise and Rose came back a few minutes later, and Blaise told me his story of the summer. It was basically the same as Rose’s. Finally, we pulled up into Hogsmeade Station. I was as giddy as a first year; no matter how old I got, I always loved seeing the first glimpse of the castle at the start of school. Draco chuckled at my giddy state and grabbed our trunks. The four of us grabbed a carriage to go up to the school.

Entering the Great Hall, I gave Draco a quick kiss and told him I’d meet him after dinner. I joined Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny at the Gryffindor table. The food appeared and Dumbledore went into his yearly start-of-year speech and introduced a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Seriously, couldn’t Dumbledore find someone who could be the teacher for more than one year?

In the middle of his talking, a stout, toad looking woman dressed entirely in pink (gross) cleared her throat and stood up. I guessed she was the new DADA teacher, and already I didn’t like her. Like, really, is she so arrogant that she feels the need to interrupt our headmaster like she’s his superior? And to make me hate her even more, the toad opened her mouth.

“Thank you Professor Dumbledore, for those kind words of welcome. The Ministry feels…” * 

Oh great, she works for the Ministry. She works for Fudge (grosser). Harry, Ron, Hermione were whispering and I couldn’t help myself to listen in. 

“It means,” Hermione said. “The Ministry is interfering at Hogwarts.”*

And to think, I thought it was going to be a good year...

A/N: So what do you think? Draco and Nat are reunited!! Yayayay! Well, Nat gets her first impression of Umbridge. We’ll see what transpires throughout the year. Please review! I love hearing from all my fabulous readers! I really do!

*Also, the lines that Umbridge and Hermione say are from the Order of the Phoenix movie. I do not own Harry Potter or Warner Bros. 

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One True Love: Another Year: Together Again


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