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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 21 : Chapter Twenty One: Auror Talks
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 Harry tugged at the sleeve on his robes, sighing as he waited for Ron at the table in the kitchen. Arthur had told them after his day at the Ministry yesterday that Kingsley would like to see them in his office the next day at around nine, making Ron whine about getting up early. Harry however still got up early as they did for the year they went on the Horcrux hunt, and was still used to getting up at early hours in the morning. Hermione still somewhat was, and Ron never missed a opportunity to catch a hour or two of sleep.

Arthur started work at eight thirty and offered to take Ron and Harry Along Side-Apperation there, and they both agreed. Him and Ron decided to go with Ginny when she had to take her Apperation test next week, as Hermione had gotten hers at the end of sixth year at Hogwarts. Molly and Arthur were talking next to him at the table in the kitchen, eating their portion of breakfast. Harry looked down at his empty plate and took a sip of his pumpkin juice, waiting impatiently.




After another five minutes Harry heard footsteps coming down the stairs, and to Harry's horror and frustration, Ron came down in his Chudley Canons pajamas and messy ginger hair. He sat down muttering a quick 'hello' to Harry as he started to pick stuff onto the plate that sat in front of him. Molly scolded Ron for not being ready to Harry's amusement, and they waited for him to finish eating and get ready to go. As Ron quickly made his way upstairs to get ready, Hermione and Ginny came down the stairs, talking happily to one another.




"Good morning, dears." Mrs. Weasley said, grabbing two plates out for them.




"Good morning." They both replied.




Ginny took Ron's empty seat as Hermione took the other free seat by Harry, and poured herself a cup of tea.




"Hey Harry, what time do you get out of your meeting with Kingsley?" She asked, grabbing herself some sugar.




"I'm not sure, all I know is that we're supposed to be there at nine," Harry muttered, "Why?"




"Because me and Ginny were thinking of doing to Hogsmeade to go shopping with Mrs. Weasley, and maybe after you lot were done you could meet us at the Three Broomsticks." She offered as Ginny nodded in agreement.




"Yeah, sounds brilliant." Harry replied.




Conversation started to flow in the room as they all ate, laughing and scraping their forks on their plates. After they finished George came down, yawning and looking hungrily at the food left on the table. Just as he sat down Ron came running down the stairs, throwing on his black robe as he flung himself onto the landing.




"I'm ready to go." He announced, opening his arms.




"Harry might be blind, but not all of us are." George muttered his breath, making Hermione stifle a giggle next to him.




Arthur stood up from his chair as Harry leaned in towards Ginny and gave her a kiss on the cheek, and hurried to catch with Ron and Arthur by the door.




"See you later." Harry and Ron called, waving to the girls and George.




"Goodbye dear." Arthur called out the same time.




Everyone muttered a goodbye and gave a small wave as the three men walked out the front door. They all walked down the lawn and they headed for the Apperation Point.




"Ginny and Hermione are going to meet us at the Three Broomsticks after our meeting." Harry muttered to Ron.




"Good, I could go for a butterbeer. Merlin knows how long this is going to take." Ron replied.




Harry nodded in agreement, and they all stayed silent until Arthur stopped at the end of the Burrow's lawn, taking his wand out of his pocket.




"Take my arm, boys." Arthur said, holding out a arm to Harry and Ron.




Both of them grasped his arm and instantly they were engulfed in the feeling of being sucked through a tube, and opened there eyes to the Atrium of the Ministry. Arthur then started to quickly usher them towards the Minister's office before anyone took notice of who arrived. After a few minutes of twisting and searching through corridors, they found the Minister's corridor near the end of the Ministry.A pretty blonde witch sat behind a desk in front of the office, shuffling through papers and pointing her wand at them to go into certain files. Arthur cleared his throat to make themselves noticed.




Flinching at the noise, she looked at and was startled to find people standing in front of her. Collecting herself, she put her wand and the papers down.




"Minister Shaklebolt's office, do you have a appointment?" She asked.




"Yes," Arthur said, "He had a appointment to see Harry Potter and Ron Weasley." 




The secretary's eyes snapped over to both Ron and Harry, and lingered on Harry's scar for a moment before she looked down at a clipboard in front of her.




"Yes, I see here," She muttered as she stood up, "Follow me, please."




With that the secretary led them to a dark wooded door with the words 'Kingsley Shaklebolt-Minister Of Magic' written in gold etched on it. She knocked as Harry, Ron, and Arthur moved so the door could be opened.




"Enter." They heard Kingsley answer in his booming voice.




Arthur opened the door for them and Harry and Ron quietly walked in.




"Have fun, boys." He said.




"Bye Mr. Weasley." 




"Bye dad." Both Harry and Ron responded at the same time.




And with that Arthur and the secretary left them standing there. They both went to the black leathered seats that sat in front of a dark mahogany desk that Kingsley sat behind, and looked around the room. Harry smiled as he looked at the dark red walls with gold strips- Kingsley obviously belonged in Gryffindor, his office even looked similar to the style of the common room.




"Good morning Minister Shaklebolt." Harry and Ron said at the same time.




"Please boys, call me Kingsley. Arthur came to see me yesterday and said you both wanted to talk about the Auror Training Program?" Kingsley said.




"Yes," Harry replied, "We want to join, we just don't know much about the program."




"Well, as of now Gawain Robards is Head Auror, and will be in charge of the program. The first year consist of learning about what a Auror does, and practicing everything you need to know, similar to classes you take at Hogwarts. The second year is all about Field Missions; going with a group of Aurors on a mission to get first hand experience. After that Gawain will pick who will or will not be a Auror. It sounds simple, but it takes hard work and skill." He told them.




Harry nodded, he remembered Tonk's telling him about some of her training during the summer before his fifth year at Grimmauld Place.




"When does it start up?" Ron asked.




"Right now were trying to get the Auror Department under control, the Death Eaters didn't leave without a fight. Mind you, some are still running about, so we do need Aurors. I'll have to talk to Gawain about it later, but I would believe it should start up at the end of August." Kingsley responded.




Harry and Ron looked at each other during the middle of Kingsley response and they both looked worried.




"What happened to all the Aurors?" Ron asked.




"We still have a few left, but not enough. Some were killed during the course of this year, but most of them were killed in the Battle. Like I said, the Death Eaters didn't leave easily."




"I thought all of the Death Eaters were locked away in Azkaban?" Harry said, his eye brows creased together.




Kingsley sighed, "Not all them, Harry. Some got away after the battle and we haven't been able to find them. There are Ministry workers that were involved in Death Eater activity, and were working through finding them. For example, right now Dolores Umbridge is awaiting trial for Using Dementor's on Muggle Borns."




Harry couldn't help the smirk that grew on his face, Umbridge was finally getting what she deserved. He looked over at Ron and found him shaking with silent laughter, an evil smirk upon his face as well. Harry heard a small snicker and look incredulously up at Kingsley, who tried to unsuccessfully keep his mouth shut.




"I thought you might enjoy that bit of information, seeing as what she did to your hand." Kingsley told him, gesturing towards Harry's lap were his hands lay.




"How did you-?" 




"Mrs. Weasley mentioned it before the start of your sixth year, she saw it the night Dumbledore dropped you off at the Burrow." Kingsley cut him off.




Harry nodded and unconsciously rubbed the back on his right hand, where the words 'I must not tell lies' was etched into his hand. Ron had asked a few more questions after that, most of which Harry could of told him himself. Finally they both stood up and shook hands with Kingsley, who beamed at them.




"The Auror Department will need you lot, we don't have enough people left that are as good as you two." He told them.




Harry and Ron blushed, and Kingsley told them to wait for his owl on the application form for Auror Training in a few days. They thanked him, and shook hands with him before they made there way out the door. Just as they made it to the doorway the blonde secretary rushed pasted them into Kingsley office looking flushed, and spoke in a quiet urgent voice to the Minister. Harry stepped closer to the door, but he still couldn't hear anything of what she was saying. Then they could heard a intake of breath and someone getting out of their seat in a hurry.


The door opened again and both of them rushed out, Kingsley had worry and shock written all over his face. Dread filled inside Harry, he knew something was wrong, very wrong.




"What is it?" Rob asked Kingsley in high pitched whisper.




"Death Eater attack in Hogsmeade." He replied, rushing to the door ahead of them.




Fear gripped Harry as he looked at Ron with big green eyes, his thoughts turning to Ginny, Hermione and Molly. They were in trouble.




"The girls." Ron whispered aloud with a tremble in his voice.




Harry grabbed a handful of Ron's robes as they broke into a run, they had to get there, to help them. Molly, Hermione, and Ginny needed them.










A/N: I know that this chapter isn't long as I usually write, but I the next chapter I can guarantee will be action packed! Please don't hesitate to leave a review, it only takes a few seconds. Thanks and watch out for chapter 22!

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