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A Broken Jigsaw by Yayy im a Hufflepuff
Chapter 16 : The Wedding
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          “Cissy are you ready?” Hermione called through the door to Narcissa’s room. “Draco get out here now!” Hermione then yelled towards Draco’s door. He had been a pain in the ass all morning and was now taking forever in his bedroom. Hermione however, was already dressed in the blue and white one shoulder gown she was to wear so she fit in with family of the bride as Draco’s date. Draco was also in blue and white with a dark blue suit and a white shirt and blue tie and as Hermione huffed in annoyance and strode to his door intent on blasting it down, he appeared.
          “Hey I’m ready, calm down,” Draco smirked. Hermione rolled her eyes in annoyance and whacked him on the arm.
          “Took your bloody time didn’t you,” Hermione smirked. Then the door opened and Hermione and Draco suddenly looked at the bedroom.

Out of the open door stepped Narcissa, with her hair curled in a way Draco had never ever seen it and her deep sapphire dress form fitting on the bodice and flowing down her striking form like water and flowing across her bodice to her left hip was a delicate pattern of tiny white flowers embroidered on. Hermione gasped as she looked at Draco’s mother, the woman looked beautiful and as she tentatively smiled she looked radiant, then her smile slipped as she looked at her son.
          “Draco close your mouth,” Narcissa said and Draco closed his mouth with a snap.
          “Mother you look beautiful,” Draco murmured as he walked forwards and embraced Narcissa softly. Hermione followed shortly after and embraced Narcissa softly.

          “You really do look beautiful, Carlos is a lucky man,” Hermione murmured. She went to pull away but Narcissa held her firm.
          “So is Draco,” Narcissa breathed then she let Hermione go and handed her the cloak she that she discovered was Draco’s favourite cloak. Then she collected her own cloak, one she had magically turned white and Draco collected his other cloak before wrapping his arm around Hermione’s small waist and then taking his mother’s hand. Narcissa smiled and then twisted away taking Hermione and Draco with her.

Hermione and Draco appeared by the gates of a modest sized, white manor that by the sounds of things, was not too far from the sea.
          “Are we still in England?” Hermione questioned. Narcissa started forwards through the open gates and down the stone pathway to the door.
          “Yes, somewhere in Plymouth I believe,” Narcissa answered as she reached the door. Draco quickly followed after his mother where he waited for Hermione who had glared at him as he marched past her. Narcissa didn’t seem to approve either as she glared at him.
          “Draco, Hermione is your date, now stop being a bitch and go and help her,” Narcissa growled in his ear harshly. Draco widened his eyes at his mother’s language and quickly hurried over to Hermione. Hermione however raised her head and ignored Draco like he wasn’t there.
          “Can you stop?!” Draco hissed, Hermione suddenly stopped and faced him, her milk chocolate eyes becoming hard brown rocks as she stared into the grey eyes that eventually warmed to liquid silver. Despite this Hermione refused to let herself melt.
          “You know what. Just for today I’ll stop, because apparently it’s all me, I’m stopping just for Cissy. She does not need us bickering like pathetic children. So if you decide to man the fuck up, today would be a good day,” Hermione hissed etched quotation marks around the word stop before she placed her hand in Draco’s and hitched a smile into place and allowed him to lead her to the door, where he held the door open for both ladies. As they reached the room where the wedding was taking place Hermione set their cloaks to the room they were to be stored in and  conjured a set of blue and white flowers in her hand before taking her position behind Narcissa, who hooked her left arm into Draco’s right while holding a stunning white bouquet in her other hand. Just as the clock rang 2 o’clock the doors opened magically of their own accord and Narcissa began to walk and Hermione followed a few steps behind until she reached the front of the aisle and curved off the side where she proceeded to smile and watch.

The wedding ceremony passed quickly and Hermione, although happy for Narcissa, found herself relieved that the serious part was over, or so she thought. Draco then spent the best part of an hour leading her around on his arm introducing them to Carlos’ family as they followed Narcissa, constantly reminding her to smile and look happy and keep quiet aside from a pleased to meet you and a graceful curtsey. So by the time she reached Pansy and Blaise, Hermione was set to cry.
          “God Pansy how I’ve wanted to see you,” Hermione whispered as she embraced her friend tightly, shortly followed by wrapping her arms around Blaise as he hugged her tightly.
          “The first one is always the toughest; it’s just unfortunate for you that you didn’t grow up with this. We’ve all been doing these since we were old enough to walk, talk, use the toilet and keep our mouths shut,” Blaise smirked. Hermione growled something under her breath but then let out a long sigh and felt Draco’s hand around her waist, gentle for the first time that day, and she tried not to react other than to look up at him.

When they locked eyes they were slightly shocked at each other as they noticed the softness in the other’s eyes. Draco could clearly see her distress at the event, yet if he, the son of the bride was not seen introducing himself and his “date” to Carlos’ family, the old purebloods would all take up arms against him for improper conduct.
          “Hermione, do you want some air?” Draco murmured into her ear and he could clearly see the shock in her eyes as he used her name for the first time in weeks. Thankfully he had stunned her speechless so she simply nodded mutely and Draco gently lead her in the direction of the open glass doors, fetching a glass of water off a nearby house elf as he did so. Once outside Draco lead her to a bench that was in an empty area.
          “I thought this event was supposed to be small,” Hermione gasped out after a while. Draco chuckled lightly and then relaxed back in the seat.
          “Small by pureblood standards usually means between 100 and 200 guests, now if I was to get married there would probably be around 400 to 600 guests just for me,” Draco sighed. Hermione chuckled and then noticed the water he was holding in his hand but wasn't drinking.
          “Is that for me?” Hermione asked. Draco looked at the water as if he’d forgotten he held it then nodded and handed it over.
          “Look. I’m sorry for everything,” Draco murmured as he made eye contact with Hermione. He saw her eyes darken and her mouth open but before she could say anything he covered her mouth with his hand. “I know it’s not enough, and I promise I will apologise properly, profusely and as often as I have to when we get home. But for now we have to dance together and appear happy at least, if not for anyone’s sake but my mothers. So I’m hoping you can accept my apology for now despite the fact it’s pretty damn pathetic,” Draco spoke quickly. Hermione frowned slightly but then she eventually nodded and removed his hand from her mouth.
          “We should head back inside,” Hermione smiled as she stood up and waited for Draco to stand up also.

Narcissa saw Draco and Hermione appear out of the corner of her eye and she smiled slightly at the fact they seemed a lot happier now than when they had arrived. She then realised that Hermione had not met Carlos and Draco was still to talk to his step father in public. She quickly pointed this out to her husband and he lead her over to the pair who were standing by Pansy, Blaise and Harry and Ginny who had just arrived.
          “Narcissa, congratulations,” Harry greeted her and he shook Carlos’ hand while Ginny air kissed both of Narcissa’s cheeks before she beamed at her.
           “Yes congratulations Narcissa, and to you too Carlos,” Ginny smiled.
           “Thank you, Harry, Ginny. Hermione I should probably introduce you,” Narcissa smiled.

Hermione looked away from Harry and Ginny to meet Narcissa’s eyes and then she looked to her right and saw Carlos. Every single aspect of the man was the opposite to Lucius. While Lucius had been fair and pale, Carlos was tanned with dark hair and pea green eyes, not quite the emeralds of Harry though. He was around the same height as Draco and while Lucius had been a tall man, he was of small stature with a thin face and pointed features. Carlos was built like Harry with Draco’s height and his face was softer, fuller, and his features were more rounded. Add all that together with the laugh lines around his eyes and the dimple he obtained whenever he grinned, which was often, Carlos Captonia was certainly a handsome man, and Narcissa suited him so well that they both managed to look stunning without over shadowing the other.
           “It’s good to meet you,” Hermione smiled formally. Carlos grinned and then hugged Hermione tightly.
           “Don’t be so formal, your family, no need to be formal to my step-daughter in law,” Carlos smirked. Hermione jumped aghast and Carlos laughed heartily. “I’m playing, I know you’re not his wife, but you’re a closer friend than half the fake purebloods I’ve encountered today,” Carlos added in an undertone.

No one had anything to say to Carlos’ words. Hermione, Harry and Ginny started laughing, while trying to keep their volume down. Blaise and Pansy smirked widely, Draco looked genuinely shocked while Narcissa looked at her new husband as if she wanted to scold him but it only took the slightest of eye contact for her ice façade to melt and her face broke into a wide grin. Carlos leaned down and gave Narcissa a chaste kiss and a wink causing Narcissa to blush. Draco then gawped and Hermione gently reached up to close his mouth as she chuckled weakly. Narcissa smirked as she caught Draco’s eye and the slightest of smiles graced his shocked face before he rearranged his expression into one of formality at the recent addition to their group.

          “Cissy?” The woman hesitantly called. Narcissa froze then she pivoted on her heel and came face to face with her only remaining sister.
          “Dromeda?” Narcissa gawped. Andromeda Tonks smiled slightly before Narcissa pulled her sister into a tight hug. “Merlin it’s really you. I thought you would never speak to me again. I’m so sorry for everything. I knew you disapproved of Lucius but I didn’t listen, I just wanted to do Mother and Father proud. I’m sorry. It wasn’t until later that I realised you were right,” Narcissa gushed. Draco could only stare as he saw his mother offload on his aunt but Hermione thankfully noticed the tearful atmosphere and quickly cast a non-verbal spell over Narcissa to keep her make-up perfect despite the tears.
           “Cissy, it’s alright. I understand now. But maybe we can go back to how we used to be, I want my sister back and I am glad to see her happily, lovingly married,” Andromeda smiled at Carlos then pushed her sister away and looked at her. “Honestly I wasn’t going to come, but Harry convinced me to come, partly for our sakes, but mostly for Teddy’s sake,” Andromeda said quietly.
          “Teddy?” Narcissa questioned with a frown as she vanished her tears. Then she saw Harry crouch down and pick up the blue haired toddler.
           “My grandson, Teddy Lupin,” Andromeda smiled as she looked at the toddler in Harry’s arms.
          “Nymphadora’s son?” Narcissa whispered.
           “Yes. Harry thought Teddy should know his family and I should get to know my nephew,” Andromeda said with a tight smile. There was a few seconds of silence as Draco simply stared then his mother turned around.
           “Well. Draco, at least great your aunt,” Narcissa commanded. Draco appeared to shake himself then he relaxed into a smile.
           “Sorry, I’ve had a few surprises already, pleased to meet you,” Draco smiled.
           “And you Draco,” Andromeda grinned.

           “Love, the music has started… I believe it’s time for our first dance,” Carlos then said. Sure enough a space had cleared in the centre of the room and Carlos took Narcissa’s hand and led her to the centre of the room where he began to lead her in a graceful waltz in which the couple moved like their feet weren’t touching the ground.
          “Wow,” Hermione whispered.
           “I’ve never seen mother move like that,” Draco murmured as he watched the graceful twirl Carlos led Narcissa into before pulling her close and smiling at her.
          “What do you mean?” Hermione asked.
          “I’ve seen her dance before, but only with Lucius and she never moved so relaxed. No that’s a lie, the only other time I’ve seen my mother so relaxed was when she taught me to dance,” Draco said, smiling at the distant memory.
          “You can dance?” Hermione snickered.
          “Well of course I can.” Draco smirked as he watched his mother on the floor. Hermione was silent for a while simply watching then Draco turned to her with a grin on his face and Hermione suddenly felt very nervous. “Can you?”
          “Can I what?” Hermione questioned.
          “Dance?” Draco asked. Considering Hermione hadn’t danced since her fifth year she paled. “I guess we’re about to find out,” Draco smirked. Hermione growled at him and took his hand, allowing him to lead her onto the floor where he placed a hand on her waist while taking the other in his hand. Hermione looked around and noticed that not only was Narcissa and Carlos and herself and Draco on the floor, Carlos’ sister and her husband were there as well all standing still and waiting.
          “Draco what is this?” Hermione hissed quickly.
          “Just follow the lead of the guy, you’ll get it,” Draco whispered as the music started and guided Hermione. Thankfully the steps were as simple as the ones she had learnt before going to Hogwarts and she was able to match and follow him as easily as if she had never stopped classes.

Draco held Hermione in his arms and marvelled the way she moved taking everything in her stride, never once stepping on his toes or stumbling, she moved as well as his mother was, so she obviously wasn’t angry with him. Then he remembered the next move of the dance and he cast a pleading gaze over to Carlos who was watching him carefully, before turning to make eye contact with his step-uncle.
          “Mione, you’re going to Carlos now, relax,” Draco hissed.
          “Figured,” Hermione said as he handed her over to Carlos and accepted his Aunty. His Aunt Carelle was not as fluid a dancer as Hermione and his mother, but good all the same and he smiled politely as he took her into his arms.

Hermione was quite comfortable with Carlos and she found moving with him as easy as moving with Draco.
          “You dance well,” Carlos complemented after a while as he twirled her.
          “You’re not so bad yourself,” Hermione grinned, when they came back together.
          “So what’s going on with you and my step-son,” Carlos asked.
          “At the minute, I’m angry with him, we’re getting along only for Narcissa’s sake today,” Hermione answered simply.
          “Ahh, in the dog house already is he?” Carlos smirked and Hermione chuckled.
          “He wishes he had a roof over his head,” Carlos then let out a loud laugh, attracting the eyes of most of the people there.
          “I like you… You’ve got fire, it’s good,” Carlos then murmured. Hermione laughed and shook her head before looking over and meeting Draco’s step-uncle’s eyes as Carlos met the eyes of his sister.

The second transition was a fluid as the first and Hermione suddenly found herself in the arms of a dancer she felt she had to lead. While she watched, slightly jealously, the fluid movement of Draco and his mother, but she smiled and stuck it out, making polite conversation until she was handed back to Draco.
          “So how do you like my step-father?” Draco smirked.
          “I like him. He says I have fire,” Hermione smirked back.
          “That you do Miss Granger,” Draco smiled. He seemed in a more cheerful mood now and he was being freer with his movement as he held Hermione closer. Hermione, glad of the change smiled as she let herself be held close. Then as she expected to be passed onto Carlos the song ended and other dancers joined them on the floor. Hermione wanted to take a break but Draco quickly twirled her away to the centre of the dancers.
           “Why?” Hermione asked as she glared at him.
           “Unfortunately being family of the bride, you have absolutely no choice but to dance as long as the bride is, and yes although you’re not family, you’re here as my date and apart from the traditional meet the family dance between the bridge groom and their closest relatives and dates, I cannot be seen with anyone other than you and my mother. Unless you wish to feed me to the dogs,” Draco murmured apologetically. Hermione narrowed her eyes and Draco suddenly felt scared. “You’re going to feed me aren’t you?”
          “No,” Hermione answered as she leant closer to him. Draco visibly relaxed and pulled her close as he began to enjoy the second waltz she danced with him.
          “How well can you dance Draco?” Hermione suddenly asked.
          “I can dance a good waltz and rhumba, but mother taught me how to tango. It’s one of her favourite dances. I can see you can dance too, so care to share?” Draco answered.
          “I attended ballroom dance classes up until I left for Hogwarts. Then I would go back every holiday. I learnt to do a waltz, quick-step, rhumba and a tango. Tango and waltz are my favourite to dance though,” Hermione smiled. Draco looked at his dance partner impressed.
          “The question is how well can you dance a tango?” Draco smirked as he saw his mother wink at him as the waltz ended. Hermione looked up at him with a challenge in her eyes as Draco suddenly pulled her tight to his chest.
           “I guess you’ll find out right,” Hermione smirked as the opening notes of the tango began to float from the live band.

Harry and Ginny quickly retreated from the dance floor as a tango started, but many other dances did as well, leaving only two couples still on the floor.
           “Harry is that?” Ginny questioned as she watched a black-haired girl move around the floor in the arms of Draco with the other couple that was the bride and groom. Harry trained his eyes on the face of the girl and gawped.
           “I believe so Gin. That is definitely Hermione,” Harry whispered. The couple fell quiet as they watched Carlos and Draco dip their dance partner close to the ground slowly before pulling them back up and dancing them away in their own private routines, yet every move fit with the other regardless of whether it was a kick or a hug or a spin. As the song progressed the music suddenly became faster causing the couples to incorporate the passion and fire of the tango into their movements.

Most of the crowd were watching Narcissa and Carlos move as if they weren’t in their finest and most constricting clothes, but Pansy, Blaise, Harry and Ginny had their eyes shamelessly glued to their friends. Draco and Hermione were so engrossed in the other, maintaining eye contact the entire time which caused a real anger in their movements but also made the passion and sexual tension between the two, manifest into something almost tangible. They moved with such flawless grace that their friends could only stare for the duration of the dance.

Finally after a dead silence where Carlos span Narcissa quickly and Draco dipped Hermione low as he brought his mouth close to hers the band struck one more harsh note, calling both couples to a straight position, the only difference being, Narcissa was clutched tightly in Carlo’s arms with her face to his chest while Hermione was held equally tight with one of Draco’s hands at her waist, the other one on her leg which he had pulled around his hip through the slit in her dress. While in that position Hermione had her hands to Draco’s face and her lips brushed his.

          “Wow,” Hermione breathed. Draco dropped her leg and pulled away as he widened his eyes at her, then he saw his mother smiling at him over her head as she clapped her hands towards him as people politely applauded.
          “Wow indeed, come on, I think mother is taking a break. We should get one while we can,” Draco smiled and Hermione gratefully walked over to their friends hand in hand with Draco.
          “Where in the name of merlin’s saggy arse did you learn to dance like that Mione?” Ginny questioned as soon as Hermione was within grabbing distance.
Hermione felt laughter bubble up out of her as she took in the four stunned faces of her friends.
          “Dance classes… yes the bookworm dances,” Hermione answered with a chuckle. Then she felt Draco’s eyes on her and looked up to find herself lost in that molten silver gaze of his.
          “When you two finally take things to the bedroom, remind me to leave the country,” Blaise snickered crudely. Draco punched his friend on the arm as Hermione blushed heavily.
          “You live in Scotland mate, that’s already out of the country. Don’t be a prat,” Draco snapped as he wrapped an arm around Hermione’s shoulder.
          “But he’s right. You two were hot out there,” Ginny said tactlessly, causing Hermione to hang her head in further embarrassment. Then Narcissa walked over with Carlos in tow.
          “Sweet Merlin, where did either of you learn to dance like that?” Carlos questioned with raised eyebrows.
          “Dance classes.”
Narcissa raised her eyebrows at Draco.
          “The tango was never your best dance Draco,” Narcissa said.
          “It’s amazing what a good partner can do for a man’s dance skills,” Hermione then smirked as she cast a doe eyed gaze up at Draco. Carlos laughed as he shook his head.
         “Like I said, she’s got fire,” Carlos then muttered.


The end of the evening saw Draco and Hermione saying goodbye to Carlos and Narcissa as Narcissa conjured her belongings from Draco’s flat after whispering something to Draco. Then holding tight to a tired Hermione Draco apparated back to his flat.
          “Home,” Draco sighed happily. “Without my mother,” he then added in an even happier voice. Hermione simply chuckled and unwound Draco’s arm from her waist and walked to her bedroom. She changed out of her dress using magic to undo the zip and then went and sat on the couch in some jogging bottoms and a hoodie which she used to cover her hair. Draco emerged soon after and sat next to Hermione on the sofa and she leant into him comfortably. Yet as she leant into him she felt electricity zing through her body and she looked up at him and met the dilated pupils of the man she had grown to rely on. A sudden movement in both of them allowed Draco to press his lips to Hermione’s.

The kiss was pure magic, intense and passionate and filled with a fiery lust and Hermione felt herself melt against his side. Draco manoeuvred them into a position where he was lying on top of her on the sofa with her legs around his waist while he continued to attack her mouth with his own. The electricity he could feel when he was dancing with her was back in full force and he tore himself away.
          “Mione?” Draco whispered roughly as he moved his mouth to her neck and found the sweet spot that caused her to let out a mewl of pleasure. “Come to bed with me?” Draco gasped as his mouth hunted along her neck to her collarbone while he skimmed his hands along her flat stomach. Hermione let out a sigh but didn’t answer him, but as he paused to hear her answer she froze and pushed him away.
          “No,” Hermione breathed.
          “Yes, No. Why should I after how you’ve been the past few week?” Hermione suddenly hissed as her eyes darkened. Her pupils were still dilated and Draco could tell she was struggling to say what she was saying, he knew if he played his cards right he’d be okay. If he didn’t he would be in trouble, so he decided to start with the truth. Best foot forwards and all that.
          “I’m sorry,” Draco whispered.
          “Why’d you shut me out?” Hermione asked as she shifted to another chair.
          “I… I was mad at you for… for friend-zoning me… publically,” Draco choked out.
          “Friend-zoning you? That’s all we are! Friends!” Hermione yelled as she jumped off her chair.
          “No! We’re more than that!” Draco yelled back as he stood up to match the infuriating witch.
          “Are we?” Hermione asked dangerously quiet.
          “YES! Merlin woman I’m in love with you! I have loved you for years!” Draco yelled as he took several steps towards Hermione, stopping only when she held her hand out.
          “No you don’t,” Hermione whispered with an almost pleading look in her eyes.
          “Yes I do,” Draco whispered back as he tried to reach out to her but she suddenly pushed him away with a small magical blast from her hand.
          “No you don’t! You can’t! You’re lying!” Hermione screamed at him. Draco flinched back as if he had been slapped and he froze.
          “You know what?” Draco suddenly said coldly. Hermione felt chills run over her body and a sudden sense of foreboding as she stared into the cold grey depths of Draco’s eyes. “You’re right,” Hermione felt something inside her snap and she could only stare.
         “What?” Hermione whispered.
         “I don’t love you, how could anyone love you. Annoying, know it all bookworm that you are,” Draco suddenly hissed after a few minutes of standing there facing her. Hermione flinched back and ran to her bedroom door. “No wonder Weasley left…” Draco then whispered the final words to hurt her as much as she was hurting him.

He loved the silly chit and all she could do was refuse him, but as she spun and ran into her room, slamming it behind her, he knew he’d crossed the line and all the anger suddenly fell away replaced by a deep sense of self-loathing and horror at what he had said.
          “Hermione,” Draco called through the door as he rested his forehead on the hard wood. “Hermione open the door please,” Draco begged, but still the door did not open and all he could hear was quiet noises as she moved around the room. “Please… I’m sorry,” Draco begged. The door suddenly swung open and Draco almost fell forwards. Then he realised why he almost fell over and looked at the girl in front of him. “I’m sorry,” Draco whispered.
          “Ronald Weasley is a liar and a cheat. I stood by his side for years and I loved him. He cheated on me and betrayed mine and Harry’s trust. He lost all my love and respect when he did that… He cut me so deep…and to have it all reopened by you…” Hermione left her words hanging in the air. Draco paled even more so that he already had.
          “Mione I’m sorry.”
          “Don’t call me that, you have no right to call me that! Now leave me alone,” Hermione hissed as she made her way to the front door. Draco then took in her appearance and noted she was wearing his long black cloak, seemingly by mistake, and was wearing a rucksack over one shoulder, complete with warmer clothes.
          “Where are you going?” Draco questioned as he kept pace with her, coming to a stop in front of the front door.
          “What does it matter to you?” Hermione hissed.
          “I told you I love you, I meant it,” Draco said earnestly as he tried to take back what he said.
          “OH FUCK OFF!” Hermione screamed. “I AM DONE WITH YOU DRACO MAFLOY NOW LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!” Draco jumped a mile and then felt exceptionally worthless.
          “Mione please, I’m sorry,” Draco begged, but she suddenly snapped out her hand, moved him with her magic and opened the door.
          “You know for a moment you had me going and I actually didn’t hate you…,” Hermione whispered with a venom and malice that stunned Draco where he stood. Then she was gone and the door slammed after her. How had he managed to mess up so badly?

Author’s note

So both of them threw a bit of a wobbly at the end, and although things should be on the uphill for them I just love throwing spanners in the works. Seriously, my thoughts just contain bags full of spanners just to throw in at random happy points ;)
I had this bit planned from more or less the beginning of the story, but I promise (kind of) that there shall be NO MORE TEARS maybe, kind of… well it depends on what comes out of my head…
Now anyways I hope you enjoyed this chapter… I really have no idea where the tango came from, I wanted Narcissa to have a spontaneous and interesting hobby and dancing the tango happened to be that ;)
Anyways, leave me a review please, every single one puts a big smile on my face and the criticism lets me make more sensible choices in my writing. Like the no more tears ;)

I’ve said anyways way too much in this… Hope you enjoyed it :)

~ eden xxx


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