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Twenty-Six Stories by fluffball
Chapter 11 : K is for Kreacher
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any characters in this


K is for Kreacher

Masters Sirius and Regulus is rolling down the stairs. They is fighting again. Kreacher is thinking he should be stopping them, but he is not knowing how. Besides, Mistress Walburga is telling Kreacher to set the table, so that's what he is doing. Master Orion is saying it is Christmas and is making Kreacher's pillowcase shirt red and green. Kreacher is not thinking Mistress Walburga likes that he is doing this, but Master Orion is not changing it back. He isn't always listening to his wife, but Kreacher is still liking Master Orion. He is nice to Kreacher.

"What're you doing? Get off my face!" Master Sirius is pushing Master Regulus off. "I'll get you now!" He is now chasing his brother around the table. Kreacher is not liking this. They is getting in Kreacher's way. Just as Kreacher is getting the last plate on the table, Master Regulus is tripping and grabbing the tablecloth.

Kreacher doesn't know what to do! All the plates is falling on the floor and breaking. Kreacher is not stopping it, so Kreacher is having to punish himself. He is hitting his head against the table while Master Regulus is crying on the floor.

"Regulus! It's okay, Ref. I'm sorry!" Master Sirius is helping Master Regulus to his feet. Then, he is turning to Kreacher. "You! Clean up this mess!" He is kicking Kreacher! He is hurting Kreacher!

"T-you shouldn't huwt Kweachew," Master Devilish is whimpering as he is hugging Master Sirius.

"He's just a house elf, Reg," Master Sirius is grumbling. "But are you okay? I didn't actually want you to get hurt." His voice is much gentler when he talks about Master Regulus than when he is talking about Kreacher.

Kreacher is cleaning the mess because his master is telling him to, even though he is not wanting to. Kreacher is a good house elf.

"Sirius Orion Black!" Mistress Walburga is screaming as she is coming into the room, pushing Master Sirius away from Master Regulus. "What on earth did you do? You are absolutely not getting away with this!" She is pulling out her wand and shoving Master Sirius through the door. Kreacher is not seeing what is happening, but he is hearing Master Sirius yelping in fear. "Mum! It was an accident! I didn't mean--"

"Go! Just go to your room before I decide I'm being too gentle with you!" Mistress Walburga is yelling at Master Sirius often. Kreacher is glad. Kreacher is not liking Master Sirius. Mistress Walburga is coming back through the door and turns to Kreacher, "Kreacher, finish cooking as soon as this mess is clean!" Kreacher is knowing he is lucky not to be punished so he is obeying as Mistress Walburga is spring on Master Regulus, who is insisting he isn't hurt.

It is hours later that Kreacher is done with the food. Master Orion is Carrying Master Sirius in his arms as he is walking to the table. "Kreacher, will you please get Regulus' silly cup for me?" Master Orion is requesting. Kreacher is obeying.

As Kreacher is getting Master Regulus' cup, he is hearing screaming about how Master Sirius is in trouble. "Walburga, he's only five years old," Master Orion is saying.

"Regulus is only three!"

Kreacher is filling the cup with juice and putting it in front of Master Devious as Master Orion is saying, "It's Christmas and I will not have supper without my son."

"Regulus is your son! That little monster in your arms--" Master Sirius is making snuffling noises as he is burying his face in Master Orion's chest.

"Both of my sons. And that's final, Walburga." He is gently setting his older son in a booster seat. Kreacher is filling Master Sirius' glass with juice.

"Can you fill it more?" Master Sirius is asking instead of demanding. Kreacher is knowing he is only doing this because Master Orion is doing it, though. Really, Master Sirius is a nasty boy. Krwacher is hearing Mistress Walbirga talking about it all the time. "Daddy, I want to sit in a normal chair. I'm a big kid, not like Regulus."

"You wouldn't be able to dine in a dignified way," Master Orion is answering.

"What's dig-nuff-eyed?"

"Kweachew," Master Regulus is leaning over as Master Orion is answering Master Sirius. "Kweachew, come hewe." Kreacher is walking over. Oh how Kreacher is surprised when Master Devilish is giving him food off the table. Kreacher is never, ever being treated so well. His young master is whispering, "Thanks fow being so gweat."

"Regulus! What are you doing?" Mistress Walburga is snapping. "Kreacher is your inferior, don't treat him as your equal!"

"Kreacher's in what? What's a fer-ee-urr?" Master Sirius is asking. He is asking many questions. Kreacher is not thinking he is very smart. Mistress Walburga is not answering him.

The rest of Kreachers day has more work. Kreacher is cleaning the drawing room when Masters Regulus and Sirius is coming in. Master Regulus is giving Kreacher a hug and saying, "Happy Chwistmas, Kweachew." This is making Kreacher much happier.

"Regulus! You heard Mummy! Kreacher's in a fer-ee-urr! Maybe he'll make you sick!" Master Sirius is looking afraid.

"Nuh-uh nuh-uh! I didn't fall in the few-ee-eww!" Master Regulus is tackling Master Sirius. They is rolling around on the floor, fighting again. Kreacher is thinking he should be stopping them, but he is not knowing how, so he is going back to cleaning like he is being told to. Kreacher is a good house elf.

That is why Master Regulus is giving him a good Christmas.

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Twenty-Six Stories: K is for Kreacher


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