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Another Life, Another Time by Ravenpen
Chapter 3 : A Lion In The Snake Pit
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“Okay, Pansy Parkinson or Miranda Osborne?”

“Definatly Miranda.”



“You sure?”

“Might pick Pansy on a night out. But if I’m right of head and sober then Miranda.”

Blaise looked around the hall for more options. “Okay, erm, Draco or Pansy?”

“Pansy. Draco’s ugly.” I kicked Cyrus under the table.

“I’ll have you know I’m a catch.” I waved my fork at him.

“For a fish.” Rhianna said over her plate of high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Everyone chuckled through their mouthfuls, a very light hearted end to the first week. Professor McGonagall stood, waiting till the last few bits of chatter died from the hall.

“As you know, the first trust test will be tomorrow, starting at 1-0-clock. I’m going to read off the list of classrooms that you’ll each be using. Those in a group with Mr Longbottom, will be in the first charms classroom on the second floor of the East wing. Those in a group with Mr Potter, will be in the Transfiguration classroom on the fourth corridor. Those in a group with Ms Granger will be in the Potions classroom…” I focused on my potatoes, my stomach felt faint. I’d spent most of last night worrying about Bellatrix’s alive and free husband… 

Merlin what are they going to make us do?

Nothing bad or unreasonable obviously, but still. How much worse can it get? What if they turn on me? My stomach did a forward roll, putting me off my food.

“Draco, you gunna eat that or can I have it?” Blaise’s fork was already hovering above my potato.

“Get your own.” I quickly brought up my knife, countering his fork. If I let him take it he would know something was wrong.

“I would, but McGonagall doesn’t like anyone getting up during her talking.”

“Dare ya.” We looked at Rhianna. “I dare you to get up and go get some potatoes.”

“No way, dare you.”

“Al’right.” She shifted to the side, lifting one knee above the bench, merlin she’s skinny. Blaise grabbed her arm and dragged her back down on to the bench. Half the teachers had seen her attempt to rise and were glaring from the top bench.

“Are you insane?” She grinned, Cyrus laughed from behind his hand to muffle the sound, but Birdy was grinning from ear to ear. They really did look alike, you could tell they were brothers.

“Cyrus, when’s your birthday?” He hesitated. Almost like he had to think about it, wonder what he’d like as a present…

“August 10th.” We nodded, ages away then.

“February 13th.” Blaise paused to listen to where in the list Professor McGonagall had reached, she was half way through sixth year groups.

“Unlucks chucks.” Rhianna leant over and stole his chip. “When’s yours Draco?”

“October 31st.”

“No way, seriously? Ah ha-ha!” Blaise stole a sausage off Birdy’s plate. “True sign of evil that.” I stuck my tongue out at him. Birdy bent over the table to steal a bit of his brother's pasta. “Not that we didn’t know that all ready.” Cyrus went for my potato.

“So not long till your birthday then?” I nodded, had to admit I was excited. Even if it was for simply giving me the excuse of a lie in and as much cake as I could get my hands on. “We should have a fancy dress party. Slytherins only, in the common room. We could bring up food from the kitchens…Cyrus, where’s the kitchen?” He paused between mouthfuls of pasta.

“Couldn’t tell you where but I can show you how to get there and in.” Blaise nodded, grinning with pride at his plan coming together.

“Right, we need to spread the word so the younger ones have time to get costumes. Rhianna, spread the word around first years that we’re having a house meeting in the common room at nine tonight. Birdy, you do second years.” Blaise looked around, the number of Slytherins compared to the other houses was both funny and saddening. Yet it meant that it was very unlikely for anyone to miss getting the message of a rather rare house meeting. “Draco you tell third years. Cyrus, get your brother Sean to tell the fourth years.” He nodded. “I’ll tell fifth and sixth years. Cyrus you can tell your year. Remind me how many there are again?”

“Six, including me.”  Blaise nodded.

“I will also take the, incredible hard mission.” He leant over and snatched my potato. “I deserve that, for my mission is to tell eighth year Slytherins. That we have a house meeting at nine. Be there, or be square!”

“What does that even mean? Being square?”

“No idea.” I kicked him under the table. “Ow! What was that for?” I smiled.

“Revenge for my potato.” He grinned.

“Yo, guys. McGonagall’s finished.” Rhianna was already up and walking towards the other first years, Cyrus reckoned she only sat with us because Birdy did.

“Sweet, who am I telling again?” I rolled my eyes, stuffed the last few potatoes in my mouth and marched out. “I love muffins.” Blaise had picked up three, he was stuffing his face with a plain, chocolate chip muffin. “Oh good Merlin’s moustache!”


“Melted sticky toffee caramel centre. Oh its heaven in my mouth!” I want one!

“Gimme!” I lunged for the one in his left (non-eating hand).

“Get your own!” Blaise twisted, trying to put himself between me and the muffins.

“You’ve got three?” I pinned him against the wall, trying to reach around to grab the muffin.

“Never!” Blaise pushed, all the wind in my chest went as I hit the floor. Blaise was struggling on top of me.

“What the?” Cyrus had just come out the hall.

“Cyrus, Blaise has three muffins with a melted sticky toffee caramel centre and he’s not sharing!” This is ridiculous, but I really wanted one, they looked so good. I hadn’t had a muffin for so long.

“Oh no you don’t!” Cyrus ran, jumping on top of both me and Blaise.

“Oh, merlin Cyrus you weigh a ton!”

“I don’t care! Muffin!” I laughed, Cyrus and Blaise were proper wrestling over the muffin now, crumbs were flying everywhere. I picked myself up, brushing down my trousers.

“You guys are taking that too far.”

“You do realise there’s more in the hall.” I turned, Luna Lovegood was standing with Weaslette

“Yeah, but what’s life without a bit of silliness?” She smiled.

“Having fun is good for the soul. The more childish the better.” She spoke in her own soft, gentle, dreamy way. Her face was older after her trip to that Manor, every evening if I wasn't locked up or too badly hurt to move I would sneak down to the kitchens and put extra on her and Ollivanders plates. I could have asked the elves but if they got questioned on the extra food they'd have been punished when they were just doing as they were told. I got away with it.

Didn't get away with sneaking blankets down to them during the winter though. They had them for a day before Fenrir came charging into the lounge, brandishing the blankets like gold. I shuddered from the memory of what father did to me as punishment that night. Luna's face whilst older gave her a very pretty mature look, she'd grown slightly taller and her hair had the last few inches cut off making her look like a very pretty mature woman and not one mocked for having to walk around with no shoes. I had thought that was cruel at the time but couldn't help.

“Yeah, but I don’t think Professor McGonagall would agree.” She smiled faintly. Weaslette however was looking furious.

“Why are you talking to him? After everything he did to you and your family last year.”

“No. I blame the Death Eaters for that. If Draco was truly a Death Eater he would have made my time in their basement a lot harder. Actually he was the nice one.” I felt blood rushing away from my cheeks from embarrassment.  “No need to look like that Draco. I forgive you.” Really? That’s, nice.

“Thank you Luna, that, that means a lot. Erm, I’m, well I’m sorry for everything you and your, Dad went through.” I had to force myself to make eye contact instead of simply sneering and walking away. An apology was the least she deserved. “I’m not very, well, good at this.” She smiled.

Okay, now take the apology and leave me alone! I don’t want to talk to you people, I want to live my life away from you all.

“You’re better at apologising than being a Death Eater. Thank you Draco.” She smiled and walked past me, Weaslette followed close behind. Her face impassive.

“Well handled mate, you deserve a muffin.” I felt a squishy, sticky lump get pushed into my hand.

“Cheers.” I sunk my teeth into it. It still tasted fabulous. “Oh for cursing out loud!” My hands were sticking to the muffin and everything else. Blaise and Cyrus ran giggling down the stairs. “Girls.”

Something large smacked into my side, knocking the wind out of me and the muffin from my hand, I braced my neck and shoulders for the impact but my head smacked the floor all the same. Dirt was sticking to my hands, well that muffin’s no longer edible.

 “What the?” I shifted around, trying to keep my sticky hands off the dusty floor. A huge bush of brown was covering my face. I could hear snuffling from within the hair. All I wanted was a muffin! I pushed with my elbow, keeping my hands curled into my chest to keep more dirt from getting stuck to them. I hated sticky hands.

“Hermione? Hermione!” I could hear Weasley thundering towards the corridor. I quickly drew my wand, cleaned my hands and pulled her onto the stairwell to the Slytherin common room. The steps were quite well concealed from the rest of the corridor. Granger was an utter shambles, hands were scuffed and her hair completely covered her face. Whatever happened I suspect it involved Weasley. How am I meant to handle this?

Should have left her in the corridor.

Really? I'm sure that's classed as mean or something.

Well too late, can't back out now. You've committed to helping her.

Dam, I'll do it quickly.

“Granger, its Draco.” I pushed her hair back to see her face. Her eyes were red, filling with tears. I glanced out on the corridor. “Granger, are you okay?” From the way she was acting she wasn’t in physical pain but she was an emotional wreck. I know what that feels like. “Erm, would you like, to clean yourself up or?” She looked up. Instinctively I lifted my hands. Don’t hurt me, or yell. Please don’t yell I’m only trying to be nice. Oh merlin if she yelled everyone will think I did this, she ran into me for cursing out loud!

“Where, where am I? In the castle?” Hmm.

So much for quickly helping her, stupid mudblood.

Stop it! I am not using that word it is meaningless, degrading and I don't have to use that anymore.

I couldn't help the smirk on my face though

“Well that way is to Slytherin common room. You ran into me out there.” I nodded towards the corridor. What am I meant to do now? “Erm, do you want to clean yourself up?” She was just staring, cold emotionless staring. “Okay, er Gryffindor’s that way." I turned slightly and pointed.

She knows where it is idiot.

Well, why isn’t she doing anything?

Should I leave? “Or would you rather me leave you to it?” To what?

Crying? Please don’t yell.  She blinked, rubbed at her eyes. Smile.


Smile, I’m doing stone face, make it look like this isn’t me being mean.

Oh. I smiled. She still wasn’t doing anything. “Erm, hello?” She jumped slightly. My smile slid back into a smirk, I couldn't force a smile very well.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. This isn’t me, I’m just going through a lot. Erm, please, I’d love to clean myself up.” Alright.

“Well, you’ll have to come into my dorm, it’s the closest bathroom. Don’t worry no one will walk in or anything.” She smiled.

“Am I allowed in?” I shrugged.

“You wouldn’t be the first.” She didn’t have to know about Arabella, but then again she probably wasn’t the first either.

“How did you?” She was staring with surprise. Wait, who has been in our common room? Or my dorm?

“What?” She regained her composure again. Has she been in my dorm! No fair!

“Sorry, forget that.” She’s been in my common room before, so long as that was it and she didn’t go in the dorms… I walked down the steps and held the door open so she could get in.

“Just through here.”

“Yo D! Remember House meeting at nine!” A sixth year waved his hand in my direction, completely ignoring Granger.

“I remember.” Three second years including Micheal were playing Gobstones in the corner and Blaise was hunched over a pile of books and a large piece of parchment with barely any writing. I opened my dorm door so Hermione could go in front of me.

“Hey Draco. Which bed, this one or this?” Cyrus bounced from one bed to the other. I pointed Hermione towards the bathroom. Cyrus went quiet.

“Thank you.” She walked quickly, hiding her face from Cyrus. I watched the bathroom door shut. I breathed and flopped on to the bed.

“Brought the lioness into the snakes’ lair? That’s either Gryffindor bravery or stupidity.” I chucked a pillow at him.

“It’s neither, she wanted to clean her face up.”

“So you brought her to our dorm?” Cyrus bounced on the bed, checking the mattress.

“What else was I meant to say? Hey, wanna clean yourself up? Gryffindor common room's on the other side of the castle in that direction, see you tomorrow!” Cyrus shrugged. I smirked grateful in the fact that there wasn't a simple alternative that I'd missed. I might be good with women after all...

“Anyway, back to the more pressing matter at hand, which bed shall I move into?”

“Middle one.” Cyrus grabbed his suitcase and stuffed it under the bed. “So, know what your gunna wear to my birthday party?” Cyrus laughed.

“It’s a Halloween party Draco, nothing to do with you.” He threw back the pillow.

“You kidding? It’s all me! Especially the jelly.” I grinned. “Chocolate éclair?”

“Ah, yes mate!” I walked over to my drawers, pulled out the small tightly wrapped sweet and chucked it at his head. I pulled out one for myself, would Hermione want one? I picked another one up and put it on my desk. “What’s that one for?” I gestured towards the bathroom. “No! Slytherins only no Gryffindor’s allowed.”

“You’re not allowed in the kitchen but it’s never seemed to stop you.”

I jumped as the door shattered to pieces by Blaise's foot, his hands laden with books.

“Hello Blaise didn't hear you knock.” Cyrus said as I fixed the door.

“I HATE giants. Grawp’s nice but for the life of me I can’t find one thing.” He slammed six books down on the floor in the middle of the room “That could qualify for my stupid homework.” He pulled his wand out like a weapon. “Accio Books!” I watched as book after book flew in through the door. “I mean, it’s all myths! There’s no cursing fact in here for love nor money and I’ve got neither!”

“Well then write your essay by cross-referencing them and what potential unproved fact can be stored within the myths.” Blaise stood, in the middle of the room, surrounded by books, bright red faced and fuming. Cyrus hadn’t witnessed one of Blaise’s homework rages before. He’d drawn his legs up onto his new bed and stayed very silent. “No need to rage Blaise. It’s only giants.” He laughed, I stuck my hand into my draw with the éclairs. Thankfully Hermione had stayed in the bathroom so she didn’t get scared by Blaise. Would he scare her? Dunno. I grabbed an éclair and chucked it at him.

“Cheers” He wandered out.

“Hey aren’t you going to work?” He nodded. Might as well use them myself, he won’t be using them all at the same time. I walked into the middle of the book island, settled down and picked one up. “Accio parchment, accio quill, accio ink.” I loved my old quill, my mothers, white in the middle and going black as it fanned out. Okay, ‘Giants, Trolls and all things ugly’.

Giants, the earliest known history is of them living high in mountains. It still remains a mystery as to what their main food source is. Local farmers suggest that they live off stolen sheep. But due to their immense size this theory is simple not plausible, however the concept that there are other animals in giant size proportions that are the Giants main source of food…

“Malfoy?” I looked up, Granger had sorted herself out. Her hair was brushed back, her eyes and face dried and her clothes no longer skewed everywhere. “Thank you for letting me use the bathroom.” She had a slight pink flush to her cheeks. Blaise stormed back in again.

“Curse it. I’m changing.” Granger’s eyes went wide and she turned her head away.

“No, you’re not Blaise.” He glanced at me, shirt already half off. I nodded at Hermione.

“Oh!” Blaise pulled his shirt down. “Lioness in the bed of snakes, would have thought you prided yourself above us.” Her blush vanished. Nice pun.

“Play nice.” Blaise's glare switched from Granger to me. Then back to Granger.

“Why should I? The Gryffindors treat us like diseased rats, why should they have it all.”

“Because we’re the worst, play nice! I’m managing it.” That silenced him “Here.” I handed Granger the éclair. “You’ve already had yours.” Thankfully it seemed to distract him from a potential impending battle in a confined space.

“Think I deserve another one for getting the books in here.”

“You used magic!”

“So? I deserve another one!”

“No! I didn’t get a proper muffin you don’t get an éclair!” Blaise grumbled, “You’re blocking the doorway.” He glanced at Granger, who was watching the interaction with a cold hard expression and a defensive stance. She does have nice legs.


Don't sweat it, there's nothing wrong with a compliment. Blaise stuck his hand out. She just stood there.

“Truce.” She thrusted her hand out and they shook. Glaring, almost daring the other to say something first. I put the book down.

“Would you like me to show you to the door?” I watched Granger regain her pride.

“No, I can find it.” She marched past Blaise, her shoulder barging his elbow out of the way. Blaise shut the door behind her, not quite slamming. Turned round and began changing into his pyjamas. I picked up the giant book again and tried to find my place.

That went well.

Shut up

No really.

Trying to read

Trying to make friends with a lion?

No, trying to make up for what I’ve done over the years.

Failing, you can never undo the past. Your Mother tried and look what Lucius did to her.

No I will not remember.

No, don’t remember, but take it as an example. You’ll be hated by these people for the rest of your life and there’s nothing you can do to change that, you mean nothing.

“Nine-o-clock.” Cyrus walked to the door, Blaise walked out still looking stony. Great. I dragged myself up onto my feet and followed them out, looked like I was the only one not in pyjamas. “Okay everyone.” Cyrus stood up on the coffee table. “Quick idea, Halloween is a while away but as the younger years would need time to organise as they can’t leave Hogwarts we're telling you now."

"We are going to be having a fancy dress party this Halloween.” A small excited mutter went through the small year groups, all standing slightly apart. “There will be food from the kitchens and drinks. As we have quite a small house, if you have good friends in the other houses you want to invite feel free but keep it quiet. Wear what you like but boys keep it decent.” A couple of the older years smiled slightly. “So, yeah, sort yourselves out if you want to do it and trick or treat!” Cyrus clapped his hands to signal the end of the meeting and clambered off the table. Blaise still looked stony. I wandered back into my dorm, grabbed my parchment and carried on reading. Blaise walked back in and started pacing. I put the book back down again.


“Gryffindor!” He fell back on to his bed. “You were always the head of ‘let’s curse Gryffindor’s’ Then you go and become ones agony aunt!” This was out of order. Look at his face, something else is bothering him.


“Why? Why not send her off somewhere else?” He stood and began pacing again. “Hell!” He kicked the bed frame.

“What’s this really about Blaise?” He grabbed his cloak and marched out the door. I stood and went back in to the common room as the door slammed. I sighed, walked over to the sofa and sat down, my eyelids got heavy, I relaxed into the sofa, giving into sleep's sweet hands.




“Draco” Five minutes “Draco!” I said five minutes "Draco Malfoy!" What? I peeled my eyelids back, instantly annoyed. Cyrus’s face was white, in nothing but pyjama shorts. This guy ever heard of shirts? His dirty blond hair was stuck to his face and his blue eyes pale bright in the dark. “I can’t find Blaise.”

“What’s the time?” I rubbed the pain from my eyes. Not working. “Talk to me, what’s going on.” Cyrus sat on the table.

“Okay, I saw Blaise storm off, then you came and fell asleep on the sofa pretty quick. I went looking for Blaise to see if I could calm him down because I think there’s something he's not telling us. Couldn’t find him so I went to bed, thinking ya know, he’ll come back when he’s ready. I woke up at one, went looking for him again because his bed looks like someone's used it but he's not here. I can’t find him. So can you come help me?” He was panicking. I nodded, he’s probably fallen asleep behind a tapestry.

“He probably did come back but when he's stressed he has a tendency to sleep walk so that's probably what's happened. Get a shirt on then.” He dragged his jumper on, I shoved my feet into my shoes, grabbed my wand and heaved up onto my feet. Blaise this better be worth it. I glanced up at the clock that was built into the stone wall, 2:30. Oh merlin it was early. I shoved open the dorm door. “So where have you looked?”

“I’ve gone through all corridors and classrooms.” Merlin that was fast.

“What did you run?” He nodded.  “Lumos.” We walked up the corridor, shining our lights onto the floor and round the back of all the tapestries, encase there was a secret tunnel behind them. We didn’t talk so we could hear any on coming teachers, or peeves. “How didn’t you get caught?”

“No, idea.” We marched towards the staircase.

I could see the stairs outline in the moonlight. “Dam, duck” I grabbed his collar and dragged him behind a statue.  A teacher was wandering up the corridor. “Nox.” We both whispered at the same time. I could feel the light from the professor’s wand pass over my cheek. Thankfully he failed to notice us crammed behind the statue. We waited till all the light from his wand had faded and we were crammed together in the pitch black. “Since when have we had a ginger teacher?”

“What’s up with Blaise and you?” I squeezed my way out from the statue.

“Why would you say that?” I heard Cyrus shift his legs out from the statue. I could vaguely see the outline of his body.

“We found out who the new Potions Professor was on Thursday. That was him.” Well I never did actually turn up in the end, I can't help it if no one tells me things.

“Well who was that?”

“Percy Weasley” Oh Merlin! How on earth did I miss that? I mean, who, who freaking misses that!

Really have to pay more attention.

When did he even get good enough at potions to teach it?

I miss Severus, he tried to help.

“Oh, merlin.”

“Yep, you’re potentially screwed.” We lit our wands and carried on down the corridor.

“What was it?” We waited, light from the moon and stars from the windows were lighting up the stairs enough for us to see anyone coming down before they saw us hiding in the shadow of the wall. There was no one. I tapped Cyrus on the shoulder, held a finger to my lips then crooked it to tell him to follow. We slipped along the wall, listening for oncoming footsteps and trying to muffle ours. We reached the entrance hall.

“Hello lads.”

“Who the?” Cyrus twisted so fast I heard his neck crick.

“Hello Professor Dank.” A portrait on the wall of a Professor of Transfiguration, who was the first to teach how to correctly become an animagus, was smiling down from the wall. “How have you been?”

“Good thanks.” He smiled, it was an incredibly old painting, but he always preferred helping students to professors,

“Hey, sir. Have you seen Blaise Zabini?” He frowned.

“I’m afraid I haven’t. I only just woke up because I heard something just now, but as to where this Mister Zabini is, I couldn’t help you. However if it’s the Hall your checking out, then I’ll come and tell you if there’s a professor coming your way, from the portrait of Lady Silverton.”

“Thank you sir.” Cyrus echoed me. He tipped his wizard hat in reply and shifted his head to look up the corridor, we turned and walked down to the doors of the great hall.

“What if there’s a teacher in there? I paused.

“Then we’re screwed.” I pushed the door, the rough splintered wood digging into my palms. Cyrus slipped inside, I followed and gently shut the door behind me. The hall was completely silent, very well lit by the outside sky through the huge windows. I pointed Cyrus to the right and I went to the left, down the centre of the two tables on both sides. “Blaise?” I got on my knees to look around the floor. There was a small dark lump under the very end of the table. “Blaise?” I stood and quickly walked down to the end table. “Blaise.” I reached through the bench and shook his shoulder. “Blaise Zabini.” He was wearing his pyjamas with no slippers. Must have sleepwalked here.

Better make sure no one finds out.

Still don't know why he wanted me to keep quiet that he's a wanderer.

This is getting worse, he's never wandered this far before.

Question him in the morning.

“What?” He lifted his head, dark eyes groggy and unfocused. “Go away.”

“No.” I beckoned to Cyrus. “You’re asleep in the Great Hall. Come back to our dorm.” I gripped his arm and dragged him out.

“Ow! And what the hell do you mean, I'm in the hall!” Whatever. I swung his arm over my shoulders and tried to lift. "I'm in our dorm in my bed, I sneaked past you asleep on the sofa and went to bed!"

“Oh, Merlin, Cyrus, help!” Cyrus gripped and lifted his other arm.

“Lord Blaise, what have you been eating?” He mumbled into his chest, his head bopping as we staggered across the hall.

“Right, no. I’m not doing this.” We both dropped him.

“What was that for?”

“Get up.” I kicked him in the side. “Up! You lazy good for nothing. I want to go to bed and I am not carrying you.

“Same.” Cyrus kicked Blaise’s back. He moaned and rolled over.

“Up!” Creepy. We’d both yelled at the same time. I kicked him in the chest. We were using enough force so he couldn’t ignore it but not enough to actually hurt him. We’d leave him if it got to that. Eventually Blaise dragged himself to his feet.

“There again!” Okay, I heard it this time. Something had shuffled down by the doors, a very quiet bang and a muttered curse. Peeves? Even Blaise was wide awake and had his wand out. Silence. I heard Cyrus whisper something, a flash of light and something heavy hit the floor. At least Blaise has accepted he's in the hall now.

“Remind me next time we’re arguing to watch my back.” I said. Please let that be a vase. “What spell did you use?”

“Petrificus Totalus.” I nodded.

“What did you two say?” Blaise was rubbing at his eyes. “What was that then?” Only one way to find out. I walked up to the doors.

“There’s nothing here." Potter has an invisibility cloak. Blaise already had his hand on the door.

“Yeah. Come on lets go.” I stayed still. Cyrus grumbled.

“Cyrus, where did you aim that spell?” He pointed at the statue head to the left of the doors. I walked towards it, using my feet to feel the floor. My right foot hit something soft and wouldn’t go any further forward. “Found it.” Cyrus came over, I put my arm out to stop him walking on him. “So, following me again Potter? Someone might call this stalking.” I went to my knee and gentle lowered my hands, trying to feel for his cloak. I felt his head, I lifted the soft invisible folds of fabric. I twisted it round my hand and pulled it off.

“Merlin. Weasley?” I frowned, both Potter and Weasley were lying flat on their faces, the cloak was still underneath the pair of them so I wiggled my foot under his stomach so as to get the delicate fabric free. Blaise and Cyrus bent down and rolled them both onto their backs by their shoulders, they both drew their wands and smirked down at the pair. Weasley had a large piece of parchment clutched in one hand. I crouched on my heels and pried it out from his fingers. Although fixed solid their eyes could still move, they were both staring quite intently at the parchment in my hand.

“I’ll be a woman.” Blaise's mouth fell open. "Look at the Great Hall." It held the five names of everyone in the room. "Look there." Footsteps showing Percy Weasley going along the corridor away from the hall two corridors along. I moved slightly so I could spread the map out fully on the floor. Blaise gave a low whistle.

“Now. I would have loved to have had this.” Blaise moved a fold of the map to reveal Professors McGonagall and McEvan in the Headmistress office. “What do you reckon their talking about?” I shrugged.

“Don’t get attached Blaise, this doesn’t belong to us.” Blaise snorted.

“Why not? We could take it. Leave them here.” I shook my head. For one thing that plan wouldn’t work. For another thing it was stealing, I didn’t want to go down that route.

“Draco’s right, we can’t.” Cyrus was pacing up and down. “Can I just check something.” He unfolded a couple of piece of the map. Micheal and Rhianna were both in the astronomy tower. “Knew it.” We grinned.

“That girl doesn’t believe in patience does she?” They made a good couple. “Keep watch for oncoming teachers.” I turned back to Potter and Weasley.

“So let me guess, you two thought you’d come and see if you could catch me breaking the rules?” I smirked. “Well, you caught me, you caught me and my mate Cyrus here, looking for our friend who went for a midnight walk.” Potters face relaxed slightly, but Weasley still looked furious. “Believe it or not Weasley but I’m not lying.” I flipped a rather ude hand gesture at him.

“Anyway, we’ll go and you can go back to your dorm.” Blaise crossed his arms. “Oh, and please stop spying on me,” I tapped the map, “It’s creepy.” I stood up. Refolding the map. Cyrus frowned.

“Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs, are proud to present the Marauders Map.” He scratched his head. “Who do you reckon they are?” I shook my head.

“No idea.” I stepped over Weasley and Potter and looked for a pocket. “I'm going to leave this next to your shoulder probably wouldn’t want the teachers finding it. It would be confiscated in seconds.” Potter was looking very confused. Weasley on the other hand had gone blue. Can he breathe? “Weasley, if you can breathe blink twice.” He didn’t.

“He’s gone blue.” I stepped back, pointed my wand and muttered the counter charm.

He was on his feet and flying at me, fists clenched. I ducked to the right, he swung knocking my wand out of my hand. I twisted and pushed him back. He kept coming, Blaise grabbed his elbows and dragged them behind his back.

“Get off me!”

Cyrus drew his wand. “I know every curse used for torture ever known. One more move and I won’t hesitate.” His face was stone and his eyes emotionless. Whether Weasley believed him or not he stopped fighting and allowed Blaise to hold him. Okay that was pretty cool, remember to thank Cyrus and find out if that’s true or not. Wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of that. I picked up my wand.

“Petrificus Totalus.” Weasley fell face first again, Cyrus moved out of his way so he’d hit the deck.

“So tempting to leave him there.” Is kinda. Blaise was rubbing his knuckles. I went back to Potter, pulled out the map and quickly checked the noise hadn’t attracted any teachers.

“Can you see Peeves on this thing?” I flicked it. Potters face was stony. I sighed. “Our way to Slytherin common rooms clear. Potter can keep his map and cloak and we’ll leave him to undo Weasley.” I pushed my wand to his cheek. “I may have a questionable past. But push me and I will show what I’m actually capable off.” I pulled the sleeve on my left arm back. His face drained off colour and his eyes showed the disgust behind them. Not as pretty as yours is it? “So you and your friends back off. We mean no harm and I want nothing to do with you and your friends. You hear me?” I yanked my sleeve down, put the map back and stood up. “Give me the cloak Blaise.” He was holding it, looking at the colours in the folds.

“Maybe we should keep this? Go fifty-fifty. They can’t argue with that, they probably stole this anyway. During last year?” I shook my head.

“No, we’re not going to do that, because we are not thieves, even if they are.” I yanked it out of his hand, dropped it on Potter’s knees “Now, I don’t know about you two but I want to go to bed.” Blaise left first, I followed and walked to the stairs. Cyrus stood at the door. We waited till he was done undoing the charm and jogging back up to us before carrying on. We walked quickly down the corridors to the stairs taking the steps three at a time and bundled through the common room door.

“I'm so tired.” Blaise fell down the steps and through the door to our room. He collapsed on his bed and was immediately snoring. Cyrus staggered past, me pulling my shoes off, his foot hit the bed frame and he just fell, face down half off the bed. Let him wake up in agony. I turned, pulled the covers over my head, feeling the bed frame dig into my side and my head hit the carpet. Oh well now I’m covered and the floor's quite comfy.



It's long! I know I know the rest will be shorter I promise! Reviews are always welcome :)

x Ravenpen x  

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