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Always Yours by anissamalfoy
Chapter 2 : Long lost fiancée
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and co.

Draco took a deep breath as he entered one of the empty compartments of Hogwarts Express.

He could not believe this day had finally come. The day he would be back at Hogwarts to repeat his seventh year.  This seventh year was a year of firsts: first year without the threat of the Dark Lord, first year with his family disgraced, first year with himself disgraced... The list went on. 

The Slytherin actually didn't feel excited about it. If he had to choose, he would definitely have opted not to go back to the school again. He was changed by the war, especially by the Dark Lord’s defeat. All he had put his faith in, all that his family had ever put their faith in was wrong.  They were the bad guys, and now wizards that had once held his family in high esteem treated them like scum.  Going back to Hogwarts would make it even worse.  He didn’t belong there.

Unfortunately for Draco, his parents didn't allow him to just quit after his sixth year. They thought it was crucial for Draco to finish his education despite all that had happened. Narcissa and Lucius required that he return to school. Hence, here he was, on the Hogwarts Express.

"Draco, mate, it's good to see you."

The blonde smirked when he caught the sight of Blaise Zabini standing near the door. "Hey, Blaise."

"Excited to start another year at Hogwarts?" the Italian asked as he took a seat next to his blond friend.

"You know me, Blaise. When did I ever feel excited to start another year at this pathetic place?" he scowled, making Blaise let out a chuckle.

"Lighten up, mate. I heard there is a new girl joining our year. An exchange student. Theo saw her earlier and he told me that she's bloody fit."

Draco barked out a laugh at his Italian friend. "Blaise, Blaise, still looking for a right girl, I see?"

"Well, this time I’ll just let you have her. See how good of a friend am I to you now?" Blaise grinned before standing up from his seat. "I'm gonna go back to my compartment. Pansy, Theo, and Greg are there, why don't you just sit with us?"

"Nah, I'm perfectly content here. You go on then."

Blaise left, after telling Draco which of the seventh years would be returning to Hogwarts.  The group would include Potter, Weasley, and Granger, as well as the Patil twins, Longbottom, Finnigan, and several other names. Fucking brilliant.

Ten minutes later, the compartment door was opened again.

Draco, busy reading a book his Mum bought him, snapped his head toward the door, annoyed. However, when he saw the person behind it, the feeling was gone.

A young woman, probably the same age as he was, stood in the doorway.  Draco stared at her for a moment.  Fucking brilliant... he thought.  She was possibly the most attractive girl he had ever seen.  Is this the girl Blaise had mentioned?  If so, then he owed Blaise a strong apology.

Amazed by her beauty, Draco didn't remember he was about to snap at this girl.

The girl smiled sweetly at him as she took a step inside the compartment. "Sorry to interrupt, but do you mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full."

Draco gaped at her. Who was she, to think that she had the right to sit with a Malfoy.  Furthermore, didn’t she know that he was disgraced?  He simply nodded.  “...Yeah.”

"Lovely! Thanks," she grinned happily before closing the compartment door and taking a seat in front of him. He nodded and went back to his book. "I don't know whether you already know who I am, but I'm Cleo. And who are you?" she said confidently, now extending her right hand to him.

Draco looked curiously at her from behind his book. Who was this girl?

He stared at this beautiful creature before extending a hand, "Malfoy. Draco Malfoy,” he answered, before taking her small hand and shook it.

Merlin, her hand was bloody soft.

He expected her to be surprised upon hearing his name, but what she did next in the end shocked him.

She smiled. Bloody genuinely smiled at him.

Draco didn't see that coming. Come on, he was a death eater! His family were the loyal servants of Voldemort! A lot of people despised him and his family. Only God knows what was Narcissa Malfoy thinking when she lied to Voldemort about the "death" of Harry Potter. Thankfully, what she did in the end saved her family from the trial.

Then why in the name of Merlin she didn't seem to be disgusted and hateful toward him?

"I've never seen you before. Are you new?" Draco finally asked her. His book was now completely forgotten.

"Yes, I am." she nodded. Her smile was still there. "I'm actually completely new with magic."

He stared at her, wide-eyed, taken aback by this. What was that supposed to mean? Was she a fucking muggle? "So... you are a muggle then?"

"Oh, no no! I'm not a muggle. To be honest, I have no idea what I am. It's just complicated," she murmured softly, her smile gone. "You see, I'm actually a pureblood as my parents are both wizards. Or.. they were is probably the correct word.  Unfortunately, my parents are no longer magic-users. They stopped when I was born because of this guy named..." she furrowed her eyebrows, trying to remember the name. "...Voldymore or something. They didn't want to take the risk in case he came back, so they cut themselves off from the magical world and we lived as a muggle family ever since. I don't even remember how to use magic anymore."

He didn't know whether he should be amused by her lack of knowledge or disgusted by the fact that she was technically considered a squib. He may have changed but still. He was a Malfoy. Malfoys weren't supposed to sit with muggles or squibs, let alone become friends with them.

Draco suddenly recalled his father had mentioned several times about a family he used to know who decided to leave the wizarding world years ago. In fact, they were really a good friend to Malfoys at that time. His father always said that Draco was destined to wed their daughter after Hogwarts years, but due to their disappearance, the engagement was cancelled, much to Lucius Malfoy dismay.

Then realisation hit him. He knew this girl.

This is Cleora Lafayette Ramsey. His long lost fiancèe.

Cleo noticed this Draco Malfoy's expression had changed after hearing her confession. Did she say something wrong?

"Is there a problem?"

"No," he shook his head. Before she could ask again, he hurriedly opened his book then started reading it again. But still, she could tell that he didn't really paying attention to the book, judging by his puzzled expression and his frown.

Shrugging softly, she took out her mobile phone and earphones from her bag. While plugging the jack into her phone, she took a glance at this stranger again.

He actually looked pretty attractive with his pale skin, shaggy platinum blond hair, and his cold grey eyes. Truthfully, she didn't really fancy guys with pale skins as she often thought that they looked ill. But this man... Maybe she would make an exception for him. There was something about him that kinda made her feeling slightly intimidated yet still curious. Plus, his black suits that hugging his slender figure made him looked even hotter.

He was effing attractive!

There, she said it.

And just like that, Cleo found herself feeling self-conscious all of sudden. Did her hair look good? Was there something on her face?

What's wrong with you, Cleora Ramsey? she scolded.

"What in the bloody hell is that thing?" she heard Draco's voice again.  She looked up to see him pointing his finger at her iPhone.

"You don't know what this is?" she raised an eyebrow.

He chuckled humorlessly, "Should I?"

What a prat. Cleo gave him an unladylike snort, which rewarded by Malfoy with an amused smirk.

"This, Malfoy, is called an iPhone. It's a smartphone. The muggles use this to communicate with people, like calling people or sending emails. We can also listening to music, take pictures, or whatever we want with this. It's cool, right?" she explained, giving her white iPhone to him which he hesitantly took.

Cleo couldn't help but let a small giggle when she saw Malfoy checking out her mobile phone. Seriously, this wizard... Did he know about any muggle things?

"Smartphone? iPhone? Email? What the fuck are those?" he asked again, dumbfounded. Now he appeared to be more confused than before. "It doesn't look smart as it sounds."

Cleo groaned inwardly. Oh dear... This was going to be hard. With a sigh, she let out her hand again, as if asking him to hand over her phone back. "Just forget it. Now, give it back."

He didn't do so. "Ah, ah, not so fast, Ramsey. You still have some explaining to do."

She furrowed her eyebrows after hearing what Malfoy had called her. "Wait, how do you know my name? I don't recall I gave you my full name earlier."

He froze. Damn it, Draco. Way to make things more complicated, he thought. But Draco was able to pulled himself together and flashed his famous Malfoy's smirk. "Oh, believe me, love. I know everything about you. You are Cleora Lafayette Ramsey, daughter of Stephanos and Luisa Ramsey. You were born on 4th of July 1993 in London. You are part Greek, part English. What else, hmm? Oh yes, you are an only child. Well, I'm not sure with that actually, do you have any siblings?"

He tried hard to hold back a laugh when he noticed her staring at him. Her cheeks were flushed red. She was gaping at him, clearly appearing to be embarrassed and annoyed at the same time.

But seconds later, his smirk was completely wiped off when he found himself getting slapped repeatedly on his arm.

"Ow! What the hell was that for?!" he winced, trying to scoot away from his former fiance.

"How did you know all of that? Have you been stalking me? What magazine do you work for, huh?" she bombarded the blonde with questions, her round eyes still glaring at him.

"What the fuck are you talking about? Stalking you? Are you bloody mental? Why in the Merlin's name would I do that?!"

"Don't play dumb to me, Malfoy!"

"I'm not lying to you, woman! For fuck's sake, stay away from me, you abusive girl!" he exclaimed.

Cleo swatted his arm for the last time. But this time was much harder than before, making Draco winced in pain again, surprised at the arm strength that Cleo was exhibiting.

After rolling her eyes and huffed in exasperation, she crossed her arms around her body. "At least I'm not a stalker like you."

It was now Draco's turn to roll his eyes. "Whatever," he said, nonchalantly. Knowing that they would never end their little bickering, he finally decided to change the subject. "So, did the old bat let you to bring this to Hogwarts?" He was now gesturing to the iPhone that he was still holding.

"Old bat? Who?"


She suddenly giggled, recalling the old woman who was now the new Headmistress of Hogwarts. Cleo actually had met Professor McGonagall twice. The first was at her house a month ago when she came to offer the exchange program to Cleo and her parents, which Stephanos and Ramsey gladly accepted. And the second was when she accompanied Cleo to Diagon Alley to buy some stuffs for school, like a wand, her school robes, a pet (Cleo decided to buy a white long haired Persian cat, who she named Tybalt), a cauldron, some textbooks that she would need, et cetera.

"You call her 'the old bat'? Why? She seems nice to me."

Draco shrugged, "I just don't like her. She also used to be the Head of Gryffindor house, which is Slytherin's long time rival. So I don't like her."

"Ah, the house rivalry thing. My parents has mentioned about it before." she nodded, then added. "I take it you are a Slytherin then."

He snorted while looking away to the window, "Well observed."

Cleo secretly cursed the man in front of her. God, he was such an insufferable git! If she was able to perform magic perfectly, she would gladly hex this guy into next year.

"So, have you decided what house do you want to be placed in?"

Cleo pursed her lips for a second. "Nope. Don't know, don't care. But, I know that my mum was in Ravenclaw and my dad was in Slytherin. So I'd probably get sorted between those two.  Hey, you haven't answered my question before. How did you know about me and my family?" she asked as she slapped his arm again.

Merlin, she really is strong. He sighed before answering, "Because, Ramsey, our families were friends back then."

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Always Yours: Long lost fiancée


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