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The Life of Anni Powells by LilyLou
Chapter 5 : The Life of Tyler Nott
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Amazing CI by TheWallflower2.0 @ TDA!


A/N: Well, there’s a flash back in this one!  It gives a little more on Alice and Ty, who I know haven’t been mentioned since the first chapter, but will be around as the story continues. Give them time.  Pay attention to the details!  It’ll help! Please, enjoy!





The sun beamed down across the Black Lake.  The bright rays reflected off the water and blinded me, causing me to squint my eyes even more as I laughed at Ty, who was trying to catch the Giant Squid.  Scorpius was next to him, yelping in pain as he held his foot in an over dramatic way, crying to Dominique as she laughed over his shoulder.  Alice was lying next to me in the grass, our swimsuits on as we tanned on our towels.  It was a beautiful day in May, just a week before exams, and the weather was just warming up for the summer. It was the first day in months it hadn’t rained or snowed, so the whole student body was out on the grounds, soaking in the warmth of the sun. 


“Anni!  You have to come down here and swim!” a deep familiar voice called out to me.  Lysander.  Smiling, I propped myself up on my elbow, lifting my sunglasses onto the top of my head.  It was the happiest I had been in months.


“What if I said no?” I tease, smirking up at him as he approached me.  He was now standing over top me.


“Then...” he smiles devilishly, “I’ll just have to make you.”


In one swift movement, he had me flung over his shoulder.  I screamed and punched his back as Alice dropped her head in laughter and my scream caused Ty to fall into the water.  Scorpius continued to whine over his foot, but Dominique’s clear blue eyes were fixed on Lysander and I the whole time, none of the other chaos grabbing her attention, a look of redemption and hatred deeply set into them.




The sound of the door slamming shut shook Anni from her thoughts.  She had been sitting at the kitchen tables for hours, trying to write a paragraph on the player’s names and positions, but writers block deemed itself a definite problem. Her mind had drifted far off into memories, and she was smiling giddily when Scorpius walked in.


“Do I want to know?” he asks, brows puckered.  Amusement glittered in his eyes.


Anni rolled her eyes, happy mood draining, and she looks up at him. “How was training?”


Scorpius raided the fridge as he spoke. “Same as usual.  Learned some drills, practiced some spells, arrested some criminals.  The norm.”


He turned back at her with the milk jug in his hand, pointing it at her.  “But your day, on the other hand, is bound to have been even a bit more interesting than mine.  Spill.”


Anni set her quill down on the table next to her half empty glass of pumpkin juice and went through her day in detail, telling Scorpius everything.


Almost, everything.


In the end, he nodded, thoughts etched into his features. “This is bound to be interesting, Anni.  You’re in for a hell of a ride.  Good luck.”


Anni glares at him. “Thank you, Scorpius, for the amazing confidence booster.”


Scorpius shoots her a cheeky smile. “Any time, love.”


Scorpius had always been there for Anni, even when Dominique had begun to cause chaos.  He was her closest friend, who didn’t have to move between the two friends like Alice had.  He didn’t have to pick.


He knew where his heart was.  It was with Anni, his best friend.


“So, up for supper?  I can run out and grab Chinese or something from the muggle plaza down the street,” Scorpius says, changing the subject as he refocused on his empty stomach.


Anni laughed softly. “Whatever you want, Scorp.  I’ve got to finish this and hand it over to Angelina tonight.  It’s not going into the magazine until, obviously, next month’s issue, but she wants them in paced so she has time to go through them herself and to sort it all out.”


Scorpius nodded and grabbed his leather jacket from the seat he tossed it on when he walked in before.  “Want to take a break and come?  It’s only six.  You’ve plenty of time to owl it to her.”


Anni shakes her head, smiling sadly. “Sorry, mate.  I need to talk to her, so I was going to hand deliver it if she’s not busy.”


Scorpius nods thoughtfully and waves as he slips through the doorway.


And Anni, again, was alone with her and her thoughts.


And a pair of hazel eyes inside her eyelids that wouldn’t go away.







Anni walked up the steps to approach the dark oak door of the Weasley-Johnson residence.  It was a towering white building with four windows stretching across the front of the building.  A garden of pink flowers was dimly lit by the lights on the house, and a faint glow surrounded the flowers.


Clearly, it was magic.


The address was 329 Fred Street.  George and Angelina named the road in honor of Fred Weasley the First when they moved there, being the only residence on the street.  Knocking on the door, which was a few feet taller than Anni, she shifted her weight from foot to foot in anxiousness.


Hearing footsteps, she composed herself.  Breathing deep, even breaths, she waited.


To find Roxanne on the other side.


Roxanne, in Falcon Sweats and a cut out tee shirt studied Anni with large, brown doe eyes and an emotionless face for a second.


And slammed the door on Anni’s face.


Anni stumbled backwards a bit in shock and recomposed herself quickly.  It’s not like she shouldn’t have expected that.


Although, it would have been nice of Angelina or George would have answered the door.


“Roxanne?” a faint voice came from the back of the house. “Who was that?”


“Some muggle.” Was Roxanne’s response.


Footsteps stomped down the staircase as Angelina scolded her daughter. “Now, Roxanne, a muggle cannot get on the property.  Who was that really?”


There was no response from Roxanne, but Anni heard footsteps growing nearer to the door.  Soon enough, the door swung open, revealing Angelina on the other side.  Anni gave her a sheepish wave and smile.


“Anni, dear!” Angelina smiles, enveloping her in a quick hug.  “How was your first day?  Come in, come in!”


Anni hesitated before following Angelina into the house and towards the back kitchen.  Anni remembered walking down this hall every summer.  She and Dominique would visit Freddy, and he was always in the kitchen as a growing boy.




Angelina took to a pot of tea as Anni sat at the beautiful mahogany table.  Angelina was quick to fill the silence.


“So, how was it?  Are you going to continue working for me?” Angelina asks, setting the kettle on the stove top.


“Of course, Angelina.  I absolutely enjoy this new job.  It’s what I’ve always wanted,” Anni rushed quickly, assuring Angelina she wasn’t going anywhere.


Angelina nodded. “I must apologize for how Roxanne acted.  She’s a bit of a handful at times.”


Anni shrugged, setting her papers out on the table.  She took in the details of the kitchen, including the clock on the wall in front of her, indicating where everyone in the family was at.


James was at the Burrow, along with Nana Molly, Arthur, Rose and Scorpius.


Scorpius had a hand.


They really must consider him family.


“Now, I’m sure there’s a reason you’ve come other than to stop by and say hello.  So tell me, what may I help you with?”


Anni pushed the papers towards Angelina. “I’ve finished a section you can put in the magazine.  It’s a bit of an intro, introducing all the players.”


And the star player.


Angelina picked it up as she set a glass of tea in front of Anni.  Milk clouded the tea, along with two dissolving sugar cubes.


Just as she liked it.


Anni watched Angelina anxiously as her big, brown doe eyes, the ones Roxanne has as well, skimmed over the section.  A smile slowly crept upon her deeply tanned face.


“It’s marvelous, Anni!  Very well done! You showed no favoritism, nor did you focus on a particular player.  Each and every player has exactly the same amount of attention as the others.  Perfection.”


Anni beamed, extremely proud of herself.  Never had she been this excited or happy.


Not in a long time, anyways.


“Thank you, Angelina.  I appreciate it.”


The thanks was for everything.  Not just for her loving the article, but for giving her this opportunity.  For allowing her to grab at this.  It was going to change her life, and she knew it.


Angelina knew the reasoning as well. “I wouldn’t give anyone else the opportunity, Anni.  You deserve this, despite Roxanne’s protests.  What you did for Freddy?  I could never repay you.  You gave him his dream job after the ‘problem’ occurred, and you hadn’t talked to him in a year, yet you still gave him the job.  And without telling him about it; you didn’t expect anything in return.”


Anni smiled sadly, looking down into the mug of tea, where she absently stirred it with her finger.


“Now,” Angelina started, sitting across from her. “I’m having a party, next Saturday.  All of my coworkers and employees are invited.  Including the family.  I’d be honored if you would come.  Scorpius is coming as well, as we consider him part of the family.  Dominique won’t be there.  She’s visiting Alice in France, along with her Aunt Gabrielle.”


Anni nodded.  “We’ll see.  Thank you, though, for the invitation.  You really don’t have to do that. It’ll just cause a dilemma.”


Angelina shakes her head. “No.  It won’t.  And I’ll personally see to it that it doesn’t.”


Anni nods, covering the concern.  She was terrified to show up to a Weasley/Potter party.  It’s inevitable it’s going to end horridly.


If only Angelina could see that.


Anni stands. “Well, thank you for the tea and invitation, but I must be getting back before Scorpius burns the flat down.”


Angelina stands too, walking around the table. “You’re always welcome here, Anni.  Please, remember that.”


Anni shares one last hug with Angelina before heading out the door and down the road before spinning on the spot, disappearing into the night.


A single tear rolling down her cheek.





Anni, the love of my life! ,


Why have you no written?!


Sorry- I know how improper grammar is ‘Unappealing and immature’.  You’ve only told me one million times. 


How have you been?  I heard you’ve gotten a new job with Angelina Johnson-Weasley.  Just out of curiosity, why would you accept the job?  Dominique will have your head as soon as she’s back from France.


Yes, I know Dominique is in France. Why, you ask?  Because I was up there visiting Alice at the time as well, but left before her.  She’s up there for the next few weeks.  When she gets back to London, you’re in some deep shit.  And for Potter’s team?


Are you sure you’re Anni Powells?  Did Scorpius brainwash you?


It was Albus, wasn’t it?! Damn potions master.


I’ll be in Bulgaria around the same time you’re there with the Falcons, and I’m expecting a visit.  We’re working on a new case and the goddamn man we’re looking for is everywhere- EVERYWHERE, I TELL YOU! We’ve been in France (hence me visiting Alice), Bristol (Where we first started, you know that), Appleby, Canada, Japan and the Netherlands.  We’re anticipating, due to the pattern of his movements, that he’ll be in Bulgaria for the next month or so, which is where we’re heading now.  So, I’m expecting a visit.


Say hello to Scorpy-Boo for me!


-          Ty.






Anni found herself laughing with relief after reading the letter.  It’s been a while since she’d heard from Ty, and she was disappointed Alice hadn’t told her of his visit. 


Perhaps she didn’t want to risk it with Dominique around…


Tyler had been a close friend of Anni’s for forever.  When Dominique caused issues, he stuck by Anni’s side.


He never much liked Dominique.  He used to call her a ‘Fire-Breathing Bitch’. 


In case you haven’t noticed, Ty has a very colourful language, which most of Anni’s friends didn’t have.  So Ty was a very special one. 


Anni was sitting in her bedroom when Ty’s owl had swooped in through the window.  She was in the middle of getting ready to head out to dinner with Scorpius and fell into her closet when the owl flew straight towards her, nearly scaring her to death.


Ty was an Auror.  Every time Anni heard from him, she almost cried with relief.  She was always scared for him, terrified that one day he won’t write.  He won’t come home.  It was silly, but it was true.


Once upon a time, Tyler was one of the only friends Anni had.  He was always there for her.


Which is why every time she heard from him, she was happy for the rest of the day.


He was one of her best friends.




A/N: How’d you like it?  Happy to hear a little about Tyler?  I know I was happy to finally find the opportunity to include him!  He’ll be around eventually, and so will Alice.  Do you think Anni should go to the party?  Why and why not?   Any concerns, questions, comments?  Reviews are welcome!  Tell me what you thought!  Anyone pick anything up from the flashback?  If you didn’t, reread it!  Please!  Let me know what you thought!  REVIEW, loves! 


~ Janelle(:





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